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JANICEI met Janice in my freshman year of college. We had a few courses together, so we had some talking points to get to know each other better. Janice was beautiful with a soft smile that just someway brightened up the day. Her hair was an auburn color, which she wore down to the tops of her shoulders. She often wore shorts which highlighted strong straight legs that were quite long. Janice was about 5’6″ and 125 pounds of pure sensual energy. Her skin was soft and she got enough sun to give her that slightly bronzed look. Janice was about a 36C (ok, I peeked once) with a great shape and firmness to her tits.We were soon dating and before to long became lovers. Not being very experienced, my lovemaking was novice at best. Janice and I kind of learned from each other as time went on. We were both quite horny, and if time permitted in our day, we would rush back to our dorms and get it on. I didn’t feel we were anymore amorous that any other couple.After graduation, we both got jobs and lived together. The fucking intensified, more so by Janice who demanded shagging often. She said she had a horny bug in her puss. I enjoyed meeting her requests and very rarely opted out of sex. My job progressed more rapidly and so we could afford to get married. We soon bought a home, Janice quit her job and she got pregnant with our first, a boy who we named Brian. Less than two years later, our second son, Jeff was born. During this time I had to travel more in my work and thus was away from home for some periods. Janice was always occupied with the boys, but when I was home, she wanted sex all the time. I chalked it up to her missing me during my absences. I started to worry a little when just after a fuck she wanted to go again and was frustrated when my dick wouldn’t get hard within five minutes of coming.If I joked about her being a nymphomaniac, Janice would get pissed and blame me for not putting her fire out. I pretty much dismissed her anger and usually wound up working more which gave the arguments more retread value. Things remained under wraps until the boys were old enough for school. Once she was alone in the house, Janice would get the itch and call or even come by my office for some quick copulation. This initially had the excitement value, but also soon became a point of contention. Janice, with my knowledge and ok bought a number of toys to help herself along when I just could not.However by the time the boys got to middle school, Janice was like a mare in heat. It was impossible for me, with the help of the toys to quench her sexual thirst. Reluctantly we discussed her having an affair or even swinging but concluded that was a little too dangerous and risky. It was decided that maybe a fuck buddy would be the solution. The question was who could we trust and who would be available when needed.I suggested Ted, our next door neighbor. Ted is a little older than us, no k**s, and is an international airline pilot. We played golf and tennis together at the club so I knew him pretty well. Due to his work he had lots of time off and after seeing him in the locker room I knew the man was hung. Ted was about six ft three and 200 pounds or so, in great shape. His wife Ellen was just the opposite. About five two she was maybe 160 pounds, mostly in her chest and ass. She was a great gal and a good friend to Janice so if any couple could help us out it had to be them. Janice readily agreed to try and she would approach Ellen while I laid the groundwork with Ted. But before we were going to take this step we made an appointment with a leading doctor specializing in sexual disorders. After a battery of tests it was determined that Janice had FHSDD. That stood for Female Hyperactive Sexual Desire Disorder. This was a fancy way to say the Janice had a constant desire and need for sexual activity. We could not pinpoint the cause so the doctor wanted to try some medications primarily serotonin inhibitors and also clominpramine.After trying these remedy’s during the time cycle, we noticed little if any improvement plus it appeared to make Janice more moody and agitated. The doctor wanted to run some more tests but we decided to hold off. We also decided to pursue our plan to involve Ted.First Janice told me the response she got from Ellen. Ellen was very supportive and commented she was concerned with Janice’s problem and felt since they were friends, any help she could offer they would. Ellen did put in the caveat that if she felt slighted in any way that she could avail herself of me; of course I was delighted to hear that, since her big ass and even bigger tits often had made me drool. Next up was Ted and he couldn’t have been more supportive as well as telling me his fantasy was fucking Janice.So all seemed to be set and it was decided the best way was for Ted and Janice to connect while I was at work and the boys in school. This arrangement was working good as Ted would fuck Janice several times during the day and when I got home it was my job to continue to the next day. We started to have some bumps when Ted’s flight schedule changed; of course being an international pilot, Ted would be gone for stretches of time, usually 10 days. This forced all the fucking back on me. You can imagine Janet’s heightened state during Ted’s absences but even then his first duty was Ellen when he got back. It wasn’t long before we knew this arrangement was not sustainable. We would have to enlarge our circle or try something else.One day we had Janice’s sister, Polly and her husband Ray over. Polly is 12 years younger than Janice, physically opposite; she is a hair over 5 feet and might hit 100 pounds. Even with that, she has a full gorgeous ass and a nice B cup. Ray is a big burly guy about 6’2 and probably 230 pounds. Ray is kind of gruff and he works in the oil field pipeline business. We really like them both, they are outgoing and funny.Well, during the conversation Janice let it slip about Ted and Polly replied that she knew already. This took us back a bit, but not anymore than when Ray announced that they were swingers over the past couple years. Ray continued by saying he wouldn’t mind helping out if we needed help. Polly concurred by asked for the same caveat as Ellen next door, would I be available for her if needed. Dancing in my head was the thought of petite Polly spinning on my dick. I liked the idea. Nothing else was said for several moments, and then Ray asked do you want to try to Janice.Considering Janice’s condition, this is like asking a k** if he wants candy. Janice stood up and lifted her skirt to expose her pussy (she never wears underwear anymore, irritates her) and bent over the arm chair. Ray took this for a solid yes, opened his jeans to expose a short but ever so fat cock. The best description would be a tapered beer can. It was that thick and only slightly longer with a slimmer head. Ray got behind Janice and worked that ramrod in. Janice was moaning as the thickness was new to her and was probably hitting areas that hadn’t been touched before except during c***dbirth. It wasn’t long before he was imbedded to the root and was pounding away.Polly took this as cue and took my hand and told me to lie down. I did and she knelt over me and opened my shorts and fished my cock out. She lifted her dress (no underwear either) and straddled me. Hovering over me she grabbed my cock and wet it with her pussy before sitting on it. She then straightened her legs so I could hold them and balance her entire body just on my cock. She did push ups with her hands off of my knees. Talk about a spinner event. As my ass flexed up, I fucked her pussy while raising her whole body.Glancing over to Janice, Ray had removed the rest of her clothes and was cupping her tits and flicking her nipples. His cock was still working hard into Janice’s snatch. Both Ray and I came into our respective partners. Later on Ray had two more bouts with Janice.So now with Ray included we had a little more help with Janice. During the days, Ted was up, Ray and I operated in the evenings and weekends. This activity was keeping Janice satisfied for the time being, but I already had the sense that we needed to do more. Remember the others had to service their wives as well as being on beck and call for Janice’s heavy demands. Janice was now being fucked a minimum of 6 times a day and as much as 10 times. This as well as the use of various vibrators and dildo’s, she was having probably 20 orgasms a day. We were also trying some herbal supplements that we read about, all in an effort to make her condition tolerable.Problems began again when Ray called to say he had been placed on night shift for the next six months. That minimized his activity during the day and left me as sole provider in the evenings. Janice and I had another talk on options. We read up on so called gangbang squads, swinger groups and everything in between. It all came down to a safety issue and discretion. We just could not get comfortable with any scenarios. Ray even brought up some in his semi regular group and Ted thought of other pilots. Ellen and Polly were no help, shit they wanted more themselves.It was then that Janice mentioned the boys. “What,” I astounded. “You cannot be serious Jan”. Janice then laid out the scene. Both boys would be discreet, they were young and virile (Brian was now 21 and Jeff 19), they did not have steady girlfriends, they lived at home going to college. Plus over the years they had spied on mom and often commented how hot she was. I told her that they would not go for it, the i****t factor, and what would this do to the family diametric.We continued to discuss this for weeks, with us always having the same conclusions — Janice for, me against. We finally got feedback from the others in our group, surprisingly all for. Ray and Ted could perform better with help; Ellen aghast at first thought it kinky and Polly, well her caveat again was to be included. I began to wonder if this nympho thing was a family issue. Being outpolled I finally gave in, if Janice could convince the boys, I wouldn’t interfere. Needless to say what the outcome was.Here now is an average weekday. I wake in the morning and Janice either blows me or I fuck her. While I’m shaving and showering, she goes to Brian’s room and gets another fuck. Brian replaces me in the shower while I go down to make coffee and breakfast. I pass Jeff’s room and he is bulldozing his cock in Janice’s ass. She loves it because Jeff has 7 inches that curves upwards and hits spots in Janice that drive her crazy. During breakfast in the kitchen we all take turns fucking mom again. She bends at the counter and one after the other we ram her. When the boys and I leave, Ted comes around by mid morning and does his part.By the time the weekend arrives, we have a full blown orgy on our hands. Ray and Polly come over and Polly gets her share of action. Being so petite she is constantly being carried around by one of the boys on their peckers. She also has a double penetration in this position which I had to film it was so hot. Of course we are joined by Ted and Ellen. All in all I think we have this nympho, sex addict thing under control that is until I heard my wife on the phone with her mom.Janice did not know I was there, but I heard her give a fairly detailed accounting of our activities sex wise. I was surprised to say the least because her mother was very prim and proper and would best be described as a pillar of society. I was even more surprised when Janice told her mother in a loud voice that no she could come over when we entertained. What’s up with thatI confronted Janice after she got off the phone with her mother. “Why did you fill her in on all the stuff going on around here? Your mother is really prim and proper and I don’t want any trouble from her or your Dad”Janice’s Dad has his own energy firm which is quite successful. However to keep it running smoothly he is constantly on the road, mostly overseas. We seldom see him even for holidays and I can count on one hand the number of birthdays he’s attended for the boys. Our interaction with the in laws is primarily thru the mother in law, Margaret, or as she likes it, Maggie. She has always doted on Janice as well as Polly and they have remained a close knit group, often telling each other almost everything. My boys are also spoiled by Grams; however Ray and I as the sons in law are merely tolerated as appendages of our spouses. One learns to adjust and accept.I continued to push Janice for an answer to my question. She finally relented.”Mom is going thru some issues now and I wanted to help her out” Janice said.”What kind of issues and how airing our lives do anything to help?” I retorted.”Mom thinks Dad is cheating on her, Janet hissed out. She suspects it has been going on for several years with one of his assistants who travel with him overseas. She has found some notes and gift receipts for some expensive items””That’s no proof. I rebuffed. Depending what’s on the notes could describe something innocent and as for gifts, could be rewards for good work””Well all in all, mother is convinced that it is real and she started to do something about it but is not convinced she is handling it correctly. She wanted my opinion and I gave it to her and thus informed her of our unique arrangement” Janice finished.I was puzzled. “What did she start that she’s not happy with?””She’s cheating back. But she is concerned about privacy and people being discreet””So what is she doing about that? She’s not going to clubs and bars is she?” I asked.Janice took a deep breath and said,” No, a close female friend and her hire an escort. They either go to a hotel or a club in another town. But the friend wants to stop and mother does not want to do this alone. Plus they have had one incident already when one of their dates recognized them at a party he was helping to cater. Mom could have died but luckily nothing happened. But it’s making her nervous””Then why doesn’t she just stop and demand your dad to stop or just divorce him. I’m sure she can be set for life and then she doesn’t have to worry about sneaking around”‘She will not leave my dad. They have too much invested in the business, each other and the community to break up. She just figures if he’s playing around so can she””So what are you proposing for her?” I quizzed.”Well we can provide the discretion and safety by letting her in with us” Janice just laid it out.”Janice are you nuts? Your mother hates Ray and me, the boys are her grandc***dren for Christ’s sake, plus she barely knows Ted. Plus I doubt she has any interest in sexual relations with us. I think you better nip those thoughts right out of your head” I remarked.”On the contrary, honey. Mom knows the details and she’s fine with it. It would be your hang-up if you don’t want to”Janice had me there.Now my mother in law, Maggie was over 60 exactly how far over I couldn’t tell you. She had all the trappings that wealth could provide. She went to the gym regularly and I know she had some medical tune-ups over the years. Plastic surgery for sure on her faces eyes and boobs for sure. I even think she had a butt lift. Now all this has made her appear 10-15 years younger and the hair colour and makeup helped. Her hair was highlighted with blonde streaks in light brown and she kept it in an attractive perm. Yup, she is an attractive lady; somebody who would make most male dicks hard.Janice brought me out of my daze.”Honey, there is something else. There is something she will not allow to happen””What could that be?” I questioned.”Mom will not do any vaginal intercourse. She’ll do oral and anal but nothing with her pussy” Janice just stated nonchalantly. ‘What! I hissed. Your mother is cheating sexually and won’t let anyone straight up fuck her? What in the world is all that about?””She’s convinced herself that by reserving her pussy for dad, it’s not cheating in the same sense””Janice that is horse shit. Your mother is having sex with other men, it doesn’t matter if she uses one hole or the other; it’s still cheating. I’m not judging on the merits of sex outside marriage, he’ll look at us, but having sex and trying to call it something else is weird””I know, I know baby, but that is what Mom wants to see as real. So what do you say? Do we include her?””Janice let’s wait and see. Test the waters with the others, let your Mom think it thru again and you and I can sleep on it a bit. What do you say?””Alright. That seems fair. I’ll tell her where we stand for now”I went into the kitchen to get a beer and in walked Brian. “Where’s Mom?” asked Brian.”In gaziemir escort the living room son” I replied.I stayed in the kitchen enjoying my beer. Brian had gone in the living room to see Janice. I started to mull over our earlier conversation and was daydreaming about giving my MIL a wicked ass fuck. It all visualized good in my head but it was still far too peculiar. Finishing my beer I went into the living room to see what we were going to do for dinner, and there was Janice spread eagled on the floor taking our son Brian’s hard cock in her pussy. He was hitting her sweet spot as those sounds she makes when she’s about to orgasm were filling the room. Brian was trying to drive his rod in as deep as possible as he had Janice’s ass cupped in his hands pulling her body up just as his cock dove in.I decided to see how Ted was doing next door. Exiting my patio door, I spotted Ted over the fence in his backyard tending to some scrubs. “Hey Ted, you got a minute?””Sure neighbour, what’s up?”I didn’t want to beat around the bush, so I went straight out with what was on my mind.”Ted are you Ok with all the stuff happening, the sex and the group?””Hell yeah, good buddy it’s great. Why would you ask me that? Is something wrong? You haven’t cured Janice have you?” Ted asked with a deflated tone.”No, no it’s not that. What would you think about adding to the group on the female side?””Whoa, my good friend. I thought the idea was to keep Janice satisfied. By adding another wouldn’t that make things more stressful? But if it was up to me, Ted added, the more the merrier. By the way who are we talking about?””Janice’s mom, Maggie” I responded abruptly.”No way man, Ted chirped out. I’ve only seen her a couple times. She is hot for an older woman and built nice, but she doesn’t care for you and Ray too much, does she?””Yeah, we certainly have had our difficulties. It’s not that we don’t like each other, but she always gives me the sense that Janice could have done better. I guess it’s the old in law thing.””So what are you guys going to do? Ted inquired. And what about her husband, the big oil guy?””Oh he’s supposedly cheating so this is to pay him back, I replied. And there is something else to. She won’t get fucked in the pussy. Only wants anal and oral””That’s weird, but cool, said Ted. By the way what is Janice up to now? All this talk has given me a major hard on””She was in the living room when I came outside. Brian was cooling her jets, if you know what I mean” I responded.”Great I’ll go see her” said Ted.”Where’s Ellen, I think I’ll get her opinion also” I asked.”She was dusting the curio cabinet last time I looked” remarked Ted as he was walking toward my house.I entered Ted and Ellen’s house and found Ellen in the dining room just as Ted said. Ellen was leaning down dusting the shelves in the cabinet. Ellen’s wide ass was protruding out of her housecoat and since all the talk today, I got hot. Saying hi while walking up to her, she startled a bit, but continued on her work. I came up behind her, told her I had something to ask her and started to rub her ass. Now Ellen also has these great big tits and her reaction to me playing with her ass was to straighten up. When she did that, I reached into her housecoat and began to massage her tits, making sure to rub my forefinger and thumb on her nipples. Ellen reciprocated by rubbing my cock thru my shorts. Since she was naked under her housecoat, my fingers did a little walking down to her hot steamy sex hole. Once my fingers hit her clit, Ellen started to shake and her breathing became more rapid.From all the talk earlier today, I was just too hot to slow down. Lifting Ellen’s body and ass up on the dining room table, I pulled my cock from my shorts, pushed the housecoat aside and impaled my overactive cock into Ellen’s hot box. She was relating to my aggressiveness with that of her own, pulling my head towards her tits to feast on them. Never say no to a woman, I did just that, sucking the nipples hard and chewing on them with little love bites. Her pussy was super-hot and was causing my dick to pulse and throb. Knowing that I was going to unload soon, I fingered Ellen’s clit while continuing to fuck her. About the time my balls started to shoot jets of cum into her, Ellen was having her orgasm also due to her engorged clit being stimulated. I continued to empty myself while still chewing on Ellen’s tits. We disengaged when I was drained.Ellen got up and straightened herself out and blurted out “Damm what got into you, whatever it is or was, thanks!”I then filled Ellen in on the day’s discussions with Janice and Ted while we sipped on iced tea at the table we just fucked at. More than surprised at first, she started to get some intrigue and interest at the possibilities. I was having the feeling that I would be the only holdout to adding Maggie to our harem and thus be outvoted, if it ever came to that.Thanking Ellen for the fuck and tea, I went back over to my house to find a wailing but ecstatic Janice being wildly fucked by Ted. Janice was on the floor, head, neck and upper back on the carpet. Her legs and ass were stuck up and forward with her toes almost touching the ground. Ted was between her legs driving his demon cock straight down into her clutching pussy. Besides the noise coming from her throat, the distinct sound of a squelching pussy was at a high decibel level. Where the hell was my camera or cell phone I said to myself? What a picture.Both Ted and Janice had a sheer coating of sweat on their bodies due to the excess carnal activity. I watched as Ted pulled his dick half way out of Janice, throb several times as he came inside her. Slowly and gently they separated all the while laboring with their breathing. Janice grabbed a towel from nearby (we always had them laying around now) and wiped the excess fluids from her body, both sweat and cum.Ted did the same and then threw on his shorts and shirt. “Better get back and finish my chores he stated. Have I told you lately I love my neighbors?””Every day Ted, everyday” I answered with a chuckle.After Janice got her wind back, she told me that obviously Ted was all for including Maggie in our activities. She also had thumbs up from Brian as she was screwing him earlier as well as our other son, Jeff. I told her I wasn’t surprised. Why was I the only one not thinking with their dick?”So what are your plans now Janice,” I asked her fully knowing the answer.”I thought we could have Mom over for dinner Friday night. Dad doesn’t get back in the country till Sunday, so we have plenty of time” Janice stated.”So the regular group on Friday then.” As in laws and neighbours.”No, I want to wait and tell Polly later on. So just us, no Ray, Polly or Ted and Ellen, Janice made clear. Mom wants to make sure she and we can handle this before it gets any further” she added. I guess I won’t know Ray’s reaction until he’s told.First thing the next morning, Janice was on the phone with Maggie talking about Friday. It sounded from the one sided conversation, that Maggie was thrilled to be coming over and playing with us. By the time the phone call was over, Janice was in one of her moods and I gave her a hard reaming. During our fuck, just to get in some practice, I popped my cock into her ass for a good 10 minutes of loving. After popping my seed in Janice’s pussy, she got up and left. A few minutes later I could hear the headboard pounding in Jeff’s room as Janice was getting fucked again.Friday eventually rolled around and we had informed the others in our group that our regular activities were off and they were on their own. They all knew that Maggie was coming over but just for dinner and conversation.Dinner was set for 7pm and a few minutes before I started prepping the steaks on the outdoor grill. Most of the other food and been completed and the house percolated with wonderful food aroma’s. I didn’t see my boys or Janice and assumed they were still getting dressed upstairs. A little after 7, the doorbell rang and I hollered out to come in, door was open. Coming in thru the house and out back to the patio was Maggie, dressed to the nine’s in a black cocktail dress, showing curves and cleavage. She could pass for late 30’s the way her legs, ass and tits stood out in that dress. I was impressed and I didn’t hold back the adulation.”Maggie you look absolutely beautiful tonight” I let out with a slight wolf whistle.Maggie placed her hands on her hips in a motion to shimmy down her dress and replied, “Why thank you. That is so sweet of you to say and thanks for the dinner invite””Well I really mean it, you are sizzling hot” I sputtered back with. I was really eyeballing her hard. She had a push up bra that was making those tits stand straight out, she was darkly tanned and her tush was round and hard and was also riding high. Capped by high heels, she would have gotten top dollar as an escort. Between turning the steaks and checking the baked potatoes, I had to rearrange my hard cock often to keep it from sticking up or to the side.My staring was interrupted when Maggie inquired where Janice and the boys were. I told her I suspected they were still upstairs. I offered her some wine if she wanted to wait inside while I finished up the steaks. Instead she went inside, got some wine and came back out to join me on the patio. I thought a little small talk would do.”So when does Big Al (referring to my FIL) get back in from Saudi?” I inquired, already knowing the answer.”Should be a little after 10 at night on Sunday, unless the contract is not signed, and as of this morning it had not been. He could be gone another few days” answered Maggie.Of course what I really wanted to ask Maggie, about the cheating and her actions, I just couldn’t get it out of mouth. Maggie kind of read my mind after seeing how uneasy I was acting.”All right Russ, what’s really on your mind?” Maggie asked with an agitated tone in her voice.”Maggie, it’s this whole thing about joining us and the fact that you having sex outside of your marriage is not cheating, and you won’t pussy fuck” I rambled out.”Wow, you really blew your mind open with that fuselage of words. Well first I want to feel safe and secure and at least have loving relations with people I can trust; my family. Second I know that oral and anal are sex, but I need to know that I saved the primary object for marriage sacred. If by any chance Al is not cheating, I can recover within myself more quickly if I save something. I hope you can understand that. And last, wait till we ass fuck before you decide it’s not great. Now, just so we are clear, no pussy fucking but you can eat and finger me all you want if that gets your jollies. Any more questions?” Maggie concluded.I stammered a weak “Okay, whatever you say” “Now where is my daughter and grandsons?” Maggie inquired.I took the steaks off the grill and plated them. I then took Maggie’s arm and led her back into the house to find Janice and the boys. Nobody was in the kitchen, den, dining or living room. We did hear voices down the hall in the rec room. As we entered the sound of smacking wet bodies and gyrations of three people greeted us. On the pool table lay Brian who had his cock impaled in Janice who lay on him chest to chest. Crouching over Janice’s backside was Jeff who was driving his cock roughly into her ass. My boys were doubling up their mother with precision thrusts and synchronized timing.Glancing at Maggie, she had a severe blush going on and her heart rate must be up since her chest was heaving almost forcing her tits out of her dress.Meanwhile the action on the pool table was getting more intense by the second as the boys alternately drove their cocks into Janice and then would also go in together. At those insertions Janice responded the most at she was getting a foot and a half of cock rammed into her orifices at once. It was clearly halting her breath.The action on the table was certainly getting me charged up; looking again at Maggie it was working the same on her. Our eyes met and at that moment the fuse was lit. Maggie fell into my arms and began passionately kissing me and darting her tongue into my mouth. Our hands began to grope each other and I soon had her g****fruit sized breasts out and exposed. I kissed down her neck only to latch onto one of those impressive tits for a much more personal inspection. Meanwhile Maggie was rubbing my crotch and clutching at my balls thru my shorts.The action on the table had shifted as Jeff had withdrawn from Janice’s ass and was forcing his cock into her pussy alongside Brian’s. I had never known my wife to try a double vaginal, but here it was coming to life. The elasticity of her pussy was being tested for sure.Even though the table was fascinating, the heat with Maggie was getting explosive. We had stripped most of our clothes off and were now exploring other orifices. Maggie fondled my ass while I was playing with her clit. She was getting quite wet below and was turning on strong. I leaned her onto the pool table and then did something I’ve never done before and still don’t know why.Pulling her thong away from her ass crack, I spread Maggie’s ass cheeks wide and placed my lips and tongue on her rosebud. I darted my tongue 2-3 inches into her ass and did my first ever rim job. I don’t know if Maggie ever had that done before, but her response was cataclysmic as her pussy juice ran down the inside of her thighs. It was loud enough that the other three on the pool table did not stop their fun, but looked long enough to take in Maggie’s delight. In fact it seemed to intensify their efforts and the boys were pounding their mother harder.By now my cock felt like a diamond cutter, I don’t believe anything could get harder. With my saliva and the pussy juice I was catching on my fingers, I began smearing Maggie’s ass hole. I also inserted one then two and finally three fingers to the first knuckle into that searing hot hole. Maggie was urging me on to fuck her, she needed it so bad.Positioning her better on the table, I slowly took my prick and began to sodomize her. Then the most amazing thing occurred. Once the head of my cock was planted and another 2 inches or so had gone in; Maggie started her rectal muscles and they sucked the rest of my cock in all the way to my nut sack. I stood there with arms at my side, being fucked only by an ass; Maggie’s visual movements were minimal; internally she was working it. Only the slight flexing of her ass cheeks gave away that she had a boner inside there. Nothing, nobody has ever fucked me like that. This was the ultimate ass fuck. I have never experienced any sex quite like this. I’m sure if I looked in to a mirror I would find my eyes rolled back in my head and my body a pulpy mass.The other three had finished their sexual romp, the result being Janice’s pussy was flowing out a stream of chunky seed from the dual deposits she got. They basked in the afterglow but intently followed the action of Maggie and me.Even though the convulsions on my dick were enthralling, I still had the primal urge to fuck. Grabbing Maggie’s smooth hips, I began fucking her ass with abandon. I would withdraw my cock to the tip and then ram back in till my pubic hair disappeared in her ass crack. The build-up of my load was electric, my toes felt like they were curling and when I finally exploded, I made sure I was in as deep as humanly possible. I shot like I did as a teenager on par with the first time jacking off to a skin magazine. I was not alone, unless Maggie was a great actress, she too came hard and was still shaking when I had my cock dislodge from her anus. I didn’t have strength to stand up at first and lay over my mother in laws back like a deflated balloon.Next to us the boys started clapping and expressing how hot our act was. It was then it hit me that dinner was missed and cold by now.Everybody threw something on and we went to the kitchen to salvage dinner. When it was reheated the feeding was similar to a pack of wolves as we all knew that we would return to the action as soon as possible.The rest of the night was one hot orgy. The boys could not pummel Maggie’s ass enough and their energy level was inhuman. The highlight though had to be with Jeff fucking Maggie’s ass, me fucking Janice’s ass and both women sucking off Brian.But as one would suspect, exhaustion seeped into our bodies, but the mind stayed willing. We said our goodnights; the boys in their rooms, Maggie in the guest room. As I turned off the light, I heard a floor creak and knew someone got up again. A few moments later the banging of the headboard gaziemir escort bayan in the guest room could be heard. One of the boys obviously needed some more asses. Couldn’t blame them, wish it was me.But tomorrow is a new day. Night.Consider reading stories Janice and Janice’s Mom before this story to familiarize with all the characters.I woke up early on Saturday morning following our introduction to the carnal delights of my mother-in-law. Contrary to all the activity of last night, I arose with an avid boner, not so much for needing to piss, but with anticipation for the day ahead and that ass of Maggie.After relieving myself in the bathroom, I returned to gaze at Janice sprawled out on the bed, her nude form gorgeous to the eye, still very much sound asleep. I decided not to disturb her and after retrieving my sleeping shorts and putting them on, I headed out to make some coffee and to see how the rest of the family was this morning.Coming to the guest room where Maggie was camped in, I gazed into the cracked door to find an interesting site; Maggie was sleeping on her chest with her rear arched in the air. I could see the hard remains of dried cum on her ass and the underlying sheet. Her rose colored posterior looked beautiful and inviting and I could have sworn that her rosebud winked at me as I wet my lips, thinking of that taste from last night.Waking out of my funk, I softly said to my appealing mother in law, “Morning, Maggie. I’ll be down making coffee if you want any”I got an even softer “ah huh, that’s nice” in return.I gently closed the door and continued down the hallway, passing Brian’s room first. His door was open; he lay on his bed sideways with his naked ass facing the door. His sheets were off the bed and he looked like he had a wild romp in his room last night.Looking across the hall into Jeff’s room, it looked the same, like he had a rough night. Jeff however was lying on his back, his dick upright like a curved flagpole, out like a light. As I was grinding the beans for coffee, I heard a tapping on our patio door and really wasn’t to surprised to see Ted standing there with a sheepish grin on his face. Ted is probably worse than many women; he’s very nosy and likes gossip more than most.I knew he was dying to hear about last night and the outcome of our party.After letting him in, it the cross examination began.”Well neighbor, tell me everything, and don’t leave one thrust out and when can I play?””Gee Ted; you don’t want one answer at a time do you?” I remarked.”Man, I saw Margaret arrive last night, I was checking out the front window. She was dressed hot and she looked super hot. How old is she anyway?” Ted inquired.”She’s in her early 60’s I think. Man, wasn’t Ellen a bit peeved with you being a perv, spying and all? I’d tell you to get out more, but hell you’re an international pilot, the only place for you to go new would be outer space” I chuckled. Ted poured himself some coffee and sat down to await my retelling of our action from last evening. I gave a glossy overview of how things went; he wanted more details as he started to play with his cock thru his shorts. I continued to give a little more detail when an odd phone was ringing. Looking around I discovered a cell phone as going off; it didn’t look familiar, so I assumed it was Maggie’s.I decided to answer it.”Hello, this is Margaret’s cell phone” I announced.”Russ? This is Al. I haven’t been able to reach her at the house. Do you know where she is?” The call was from my father in law who was currently overseas on business.”Yes Al, Maggie spent the night with us. We had dinner and I guess we opened one wine bottle to much, so I suggested she just crash here to be safe” I lied thru my teeth.”I appreciate that Russ, Al answered. I just wanted her to know I had a slight delay and I’ll be a day later. Same flight and time but on Monday, not Sunday as scheduled”I wasn’t sure but I thought I heard a feminine giggle in the background. The phone was still for a fraction of time, I don’t know if that was a delay being an overseas call or if someone had covered up the phone to minimize any sounds.I assured Al I would inform Maggie of his call. Then Al changed the topic, something he normally doesn’t do.”How are Janice and the boys?” Al inquired. “Fine, fine I replied, everyone is doing well””Good, give my best to Maggie and everybody. You’ll be seeing Polly soon to?””Yes, I’ll do that Al”. This was not an average conversation with my father in law. He basically never brings up regards for people. Something was amiss. With that I faintly heard several unintelligible sounds, again higher pitch, definitely more like a woman than a man. I suspected Maggie’s suspicion of cheating by her husband in a new light.After a few more unnerving pleasantries, Al hung up as did I.Ted was quick to swoop in and yearned to know what was up. I told him of the conversation and what I thought I heard in the background; he concurred that it did sound true about Al’s infidelity.Ted was inquisitive, “Are you going to tell Maggie everything?””Only about the phone call” I said.”Tell me what?” said a voice just coming into the kitchen. It was Maggie, wearing one of my dress shirts, buttons open to mid chest, exposing the inside portions of her tits. The shirt went to less than mid thigh, really highlighting her tanned and beautiful legs. She crossed the room and as she lifted up to get a cup from the cupboard, the shirt hiked up to reveal the lower portion of her buttocks. They gave a slight jostle as she retrieved the cup and placed her feet back flat on the floor. I glanced back at Ted who had a flushed look on his face and hand still in his groin. Maggie poured a cup and joined us at the table.”You remember Ted our neighbor, Maggie” I gave as a convoluted greeting.”Yes, good morning Ted””Good morning to you, Margaret, I mean Maggie” Ted corrected himself.”What were you going to tell me again?” Maggie wanted to know.”Oh, yeah. You left your cell down here. It was Al; he is going to be a day later, some delay on the deal. All the information on the flight and time is the same, just coming in Monday now” I let her know. I was looking at my shirt she had on; she noticed that I was looking and said sorry, she didn’t have a robe, and she saw my shirt in the clothes hamper and just thru it on. I told her no problem; I would run up and get a robe from Janice so she could be more comfortable.Bounding up the stairs I heard the distinct sound that only fucking makes. I t was coming from Jeff’s room, peeking in there was Janice, reverse cowgirl on top of Jeff, both hands playing with his balls as he drove up and out of sight in to her wet snatch. Jeff had a complete look of ecstasy on his face as his mother was working hard for a cumload.I left them and popped into the hall bath to grab a robe, when I ran into Brian shaving. Brian asked me to stay a little he wanted to ask me something. I sat on the edge of the tub as he continued to shave.”What’s up” I asked.”Dad isn’t Grams great? Nothing bad about Mom, but I’ve never fucked or been fucked like that in my life” Brian was fawning.”Brian, I’ve had a little more experience than you but I must agree with you. Your grandmother has magic in that ass. Your mother will not be slighted in the least, in fact I suspect the more Grams is around, your mother will pick up on those muscle control things that she does” I concluded.Brian started grinning thru the shaving cream and said how great that would be, almost like a fuckoff contest. I liked the sound of that myself.”Are Aunt Polly and Uncle Ray coming over later?” Brian questioned.”Yes, I’m sure your mom will contact them. Ted is already here and I’m sure Ellen will be over later to” I filled him in.”I knew that hound dog Ted wouldn’t be able to wait, Brian laughed. Dad I have another question. Would you consider some more people in our group? I’m thinking of a friend of mine and his sister, so it wouldn’t be our family, but still family per se. Would you have a problem with that?”I was taken aback a little with the question since we just had some turmoil with Maggie being included. I was thinking thru a proper response as I formulated an answer.I took a deep breath and started, “Son you know why we’re doing this right? I mean your mother’s condition is the primary reason we do this. Secondly we do not want any unnecessary attention drawn to us, so we are keeping this as tight and controlled as possible. If we didn’t we would be in a giant swing club with the world to know””I know that Dad, but you know my friend Leon?”I had met Leon before; he has been to our house a number of times. He plays football with Brian at university; he is a starter, Brian a reserve. He is also about 6’4 270 pounds plus of muscle, black muscle. I know they were tight, but I couldn’t believe he had told him about us and the things we were doing.Before I could utter my worries, Brian interjected, “Don’t worry Dad he doesn’t know about us. I would never discuss that with anyone unless we all had the green light, like you did with Grams”I drew breath with a silent thank you blown out. I didn’t like how this was playing out but I inquired why he would even contemplate this.”Leon has a problem similar to ours Dad. His little sister Kiesha is 19, just starting out in college this semester, also with urges like Mom. She was a terror in High School and when Leon went to college first he couldn’t watch out for her anymore. He’s just afraid for her being taken advantage or of her being used because of her affliction. I just thought that we could help since we’re in the same boat if you will and if nothing else, Mom might have some encouragement or advise to offer which might help Kiesha control herself better” Brian finished.In a weird way I was proud of my boy thinking along the lines of helping someone, even when it is so odd an affliction as nymphomania, when the most common reaction would be, let’s party.”Son, since this would affect everyone in this house, and others; we can’t make any decision concerning this. If you want we can discuss this with the group at the appropriate time and go from there. I am proud that you would want to help out” I concluded.Brian had finished shaving and told me thanks for my input. I grabbed the robe and headed back downstairs, both Janice and Jeff were no longer in his room so I assumed they had gone downstairs to start breakfast. I needn’t have thought about that.Both Janice and Maggie were chest down on the round kitchen table, fingers interlocked with each other, bent at the waist getting their asses plowed by Ted and Jeff. Ted was using his pipe to torque the rear of Maggie while Jeff was doing the same to Janice. Ted’s jumbo size pecker was going down to the root in Maggie’s dynamic ass as his face reflected pure ecstasy. Boy I knew full well what he was feeling and I envied him right now. Maggie was still wearing my dress shirt which was now open against the glass table top; the constant rubbing of her tits on glass had her nipples hard and pointy. Janice occasionally placed her hands on top of Jeff’s who held her by the hips; she made it like she did not want him to miss a stroke.I refreshed my coffee and leaned back on the counter to enjoy the show; Brian had come down now as well and immediately grinned from ear to ear, and joined me. We watched in anticipation as both guys were gunning toward the point of no return. Ted lost control first and announced his impending sperm shower to everyone within three blocks of the house. He held Maggie’s ass flush with his groin as he emptied his tank in her rear, shaking violently as the final throes of passion abated. Ted once disengaged from Maggie ass, slumped weakly back into a kitchen chair.Jeff meanwhile was trying to release his load to the constant urges of his mom. In the old naval days of Roman war ships, they would in order to sink their opponent, call for ramming speed, well this is what Jeff was up to as you would get dizzy watching him go. Finally with a giant exhale, his orgasm was underway and he to tried to place every drop of his nut sauce inside Janice. Brian and I could only applaud the guys for their superior efforts.Brian was overcome and as Jeff and Janice separated and Janice stood up, Brian reached her, took her hand and led his mom to the kitchen counter. He lifted her up and spread her legs and sank his hardened cock into her pussy as sperm from her ass leaked out onto the floor. My boys were into keeping their mom happy that’s for sure.I turned my attention to Maggie who was still sucking for air on the kitchen table after her anal pound from Ted. I helped her slide into a chair next to the deflated Ted, where I offered her my rigid member to suck on. She took a deep breath and inhaled my bone and gave it the spit and polish routine.All the prior activity had been too much for Brian, after just a relative few number of strokes was cumming inside Janice. She eagerly was accepting the explosion in her hole and had grabbed his ass to keep him deep.Maggie intense sucking on me was also to much, and I to emptied my self on her tongue and down her throat. Looking around the room, if we weren’t naked you would have pictured us all having run a marathon, we looked that winded and beat.We uniformly decided once we got our senses back, to have breakfast and relax. With everyone pitching in we had and assembly line of food humming along and when done, scarfed it up like it was our last meal.Ted decided to go next door and get his wife Ellen; I had to chuckle as he was wobbly and bowlegged as he left thru the patio door. Maggie’s ass still had him in the recovery mode for sure.After a few orange juices, the boys had recovered enough to be energizer bunnies again and made a beeline for Grams. After kissing and fondling her, they got Maggie on her knees again and started spit roasting her; Jeff with a blow and Brian burying the bone in her ass. I was beginning to think that Janice’s sex issues might be more genetic than first thought. Besides Maggie’s sex drive, I also considered Polly, my sister in law, who also had her insatiable moments.I took Janice aside in the living room and decided to ask her about what Brian and I had discussed earlier. She was quiet as I explained the issue with his friend Leon and his sister, but I could see the little fire in her eye as she though of that immense black man and what fire he may be able to put out. In the end she agreed we had to be careful and really think and work this through. In the end I felt better in her knowing and she could explore that with her mom and sister in the future.Arriving back in the kitchen area, we noticed that the boys had switched on Maggie, whereas now Jeff with his unique curved boner was exploring her anal depths and Brian was getting a wonderful tea bag job as they had Maggie on her back, Brian hunching over her face with balls on the forehead, driving his cock in her mouth.Janice had the urge again and started by playing with my balls thru my shorts while sucking on my earlobe. I laughed internally because I realized it had been almost half a day since we fucked. Here it was almost noon and we hadn’t hooked up yet. I swept Janice up in my arms and carried her to the den and spread her out on the sofa. We had a slow, sensual lovemaking session with plenty of kisses and love nibbles something we both enjoy.After everybody had finished, the lust was abated, and the order of the day was being set. Everybody got cleaned up; the boys both left and Janice and Maggie decided to do a little shopping, and they to left. This left me alone in the house which quickly felt very empty and isolated but also peaceful. I started to pick up for the day; most noticeable were the sperm tracks left on the kitchen tile floor when the girls were being slammed on the table. It brought a new meaning to the term, runoff to me.The phone rang and it was my brother in law, Ray. Quite naturally he wanted to know how our dinner and evening went having no idea of the orgy we enjoyed. I told him all was well, Maggie was very pleasant and she treated me well (how well he would find out later) and all in all it was a good night. We re-confirmed of Polly and him coming by later.I finished tiding up around the house when I noticed Ted and Ellen at the back patio door. Ted had put on a fresh pair of shorts and a new tee; Ellen was covered in a loose fitting housedress. Her large tits stood out proud and obviously were braless and swayed ever so sweet when I opened the door and let them in. I gave Ellen a quick kiss and a short escort gaziemir squeeze of her ass, while offering them something to drink.Ellen wanted to know where everybody was at; I filled her in. She especially wanted to see Maggie because based on how Ted came home from his morning romp with Maggie; she wanted to see how she did it. She commented that she never saw Ted that beat before in her life and wanted to learn what tricks there were to doing that again. Ted looked on with a sheepish grin while I laughed at the joke.I poured everyone some wine as we sat on the couch to relax and talk while waiting for the return of the others. I broached the subject of Leon and his sister; both Ted and Ellen had previously met Leon in passing; they listened intently. Ellen started to comment there must be something in the water to have so many women with these uncontrollable urges for sex. Of course Ted and I saw nothing wrong there; if by any remote chance it was in the water we would want to patent and distribute it. Ellen at that point slapped Ted on the knee and waved at me, saying you men are all alike.Ted started to play with Ellen’s giant tits thru her dress, trying to flick at her nipples thru the fabric; she rubbed up and down his thigh. I politely asked if they wanted privacy; Ellen told me not to be crazy and get my ass over next to her and work on her other tit.Its funny what men need to hear only once to grasp, I would have made the green lantern proud with the speed I used to cozy up to Ellen and her welcoming boobs.It didn’t take long for Ted and me to pull those melons from the dress and latch our greedy mouths on to those big nipples. We lifted and squeezed those hefty orbs of love flesh with passion made obvious by the flagpoles being raised in our shorts. Ellen made our discomfort worse by rubbing our pricks on the outside of our shorts, making them get stiffer with no place to go. Ted released the tit he was working on and stood up to drop his pants and offered his prick to his wife’s open mouth; she did not hesitate and inhaled him in.This left me both her beauties and I took full advantage by pulling my shorts down and placing my steel bar between her ripe breasts for a titfuck. Ellen’s size and softness of her tits was mesmerizing, I could stay this way all day. We were working double duty on Ellen’s upper torso and doing so with gusto. As our joint lust increased we went to an all out fuck session; Ted stopped getting a blowjob instead by grabbing Ellen’s head with his hands he was face fucking her; meanwhile I was rubbing a path between her tits with the constant rubbing of my dick in her tits. We almost burst our dams at the same time.Ted came first, firing torrents of sperm into Ellen’s mouth where the overflow was running down her chin. I meanwhile was shooting cumloads onto her tits with the first two jets so strong they hit her chin to co mingle with Ted’s juice. When we both pulled away we commented how sweet our glazed donut woman looked. Ellen slapped at us while looking for a towel to clean up with.As the afternoon progressed, the laziness of the day took hold and we began to nod off in our respective seats. I don’t know how long we were out, it must have been some time as the outside light darkened somewhat.I was awakened when the phone rang and it was my son’s; they had run into some friends and they would be a little late in getting home. I said I hadn’t seen anyone else yet, so get home when you get home I uttered. Looking at our neighbors Ted and Ellen still snoozing on the couch, I decided to head upstairs and splash some water on my face and clean up a little.Moving quickly I did not at first hear the voices coming from the master bedroom, but once in the hall bath, I distinctly heard people talking thru a closed door. I decided to investigate and found Janice and Maggie on our bed talking. “When did you get back?” I asked.”We’ve been home about 30-40 minutes, responded Janice. We saw everyone sprawled out on the couch and thought it best to let you all sleep””So what are you two doing up here?””Mom and I are talking about stuff. You know, Dad, last night, the future, just stuff” remarked Janice with a shrug.”Well, about the future, Polly and Ray should be along soon. What plans for dinner?” I piped out.”Polly is going by Olive Garden and bringing some entrees and salad. Is that going to be ok?””Sounds like a winner to me” I agreed.”Russ, we also talked about Brian’s friend, Leon and his sister” Janice meekly spoke.”Ok and how do you feel about it?” This time Maggie spoke up, “I don’t know about everyone else, but it sounds like they could use some help from people that can relate to their dilemma. Of course that’s just my opinion and you are all free to make up your own minds”Before I could respond I had an internal vision of Leon black cock boring thru Maggie’s ass cheeks. It certainly left an impression in my mind. An interesting one for sure.”I appreciate your input Maggie. As soon as everyone else can review it, I guess we’ll make a decision” was all I could muster out.I had sat on the bed by now and I noticed Janice begin rubbing her pussy thru her shorts. This was a clear sign that she was experiencing that itch again and it needed addressing.I slid her shorts then her thong off; then I stood up and removed my shorts. On the other side of the bed, Maggie was undressing and as soon as her bra was off, began fondling her round titties. I began playing with Janice’s pussy by sliding one then two fingers in, then by rubbing her clit. She responded by splaying her legs open to allow as much access to her hole as needed.Next to us Maggie was toying with her clit also and a slight moan was eliciting from her throat. The action of my fingers on Janice had her juices making her slit wet and slick allowing me to add a third finger up to the knuckle. Here breathing was started to labor and she was working toward and orgasm. By the time I inserted a better part of my whole hand; Janice was shuddering and thrashing on the bed. Janice’s ass started to rise off the bed and a slow wail began as her orgasm was hitting her in waves. With her eyes closed she was urging me on with my hand manipulations of her pussy as her orgasm hit its peak.I took my other hand and replaced Maggie’s in her pussy and soon was stroking her clit till it became engorged. I now had my wife and mother in law both being partially fisted by me simultaneously and loving it. Again, a camera would have been priceless at this point.Janice’s orgasm was slowly subsiding and I had to address my hardness at this point. Grabbing her by her thighs, I pulled Janice up to me and then placed her legs on my shoulders while lining my pulsing cock to her quivering pussy. Rubbing the helmet of my cock up and down her slit, getting all juiced up, forced Janice to huff out, shove it in.I pushed in all the way to my balls, withdrew slowly and pushed again all in. I was now making sure that my entire length would enter on every thrust. Maggie had removed my hand from her hole and actually left the side of the bed to slide a little beneath and to the back of me. I held my breath as her mouth engulfed my sack and then delicately took each ball in and lathered it with her tongue. The sensation was divine and I had the feeling my cock was getting harder and longer if that was even possible. My mother in law’s sexual talents evidently knew few limits of which I was most thankful.I don’t know about most men, but to be buried in your wife’s hot hole while her mother is licking your nuts is on a pedestal by itself. There was gonna be no way I wouldn’t blow my load and do it soon with this much action. Within a couple minutes I was shooting what felt like a decent load of sperm deep into Janice. I pulled out before really finishing so that hopefully I could deposit a few dollops on Maggie’s tongue, which I did succeed in doing.A few moments later the doorbell rang, I got up and put my shorts back on and told the girls I suspected that was Polly and Ray with dinner. I’ll get things set up and pour some wine if they wanted to throw something on and come down.I got to the door by their second time ringing and let a spunky Polly and Ray in who was saddled with multiple bags of food. Polly gave me a quick cheek kiss while I took some of the load off of Ray as we entered the kitchen. Ted and Ellen looked like they just had awakened and came into the kitchen at the same time rubbing their eyes. Hugs and greetings were done by all, Ted managing to grab an ass cheek of Polly’s while getting a kiss. Janice and Maggie had now made their appearance and a startled Ray looked befuddled as Maggie gave him a big hug and a quick peck on the lips. He was absolutely clueless on what tonight would bring.We quickly set up a food line and everyone helped themselves to the trays of spaghetti and ravioli while picking up a glass of wine. Polly kept peeking over at Janice and Maggie as if some sage advice would be uttered from the mountain, but there was just general conversation.I was over in a corner with Ted whispering if we should have fun with Ray or let Maggie just have him; he was all in for some fun at Ray’s expense.After our dinner, we sat around with some casual conversation, when Ted stood up and walked over to Maggie and sat next to her. Moments later he placed his arm over her shoulder, all within view of Ray, whose eyes got big as well as darting around, looking for some explanation. Ted leaned into Maggie and licked and softly bit on her earlobe causing Ray to coil back.I was sitting across the way trying desperately not to laugh out loud, the others were watching the scene with interest, though not the alarm mode that Ray was in. I could tell that both Ellen and Janice were stifling a chuckle also.As Ted now began to fondle Maggie’s tit, you saw Ray mouth the words, “holy shit”, and when he commenced to give her a great big wet kiss, the expression on Ray’s face was priceless, and probably close to passing out. I reached out for Polly, who seeing my outstretched hand, came bounding over from her seat. Standing in front of me, I lowered her pretty blue shorts to reveal her oh so wet panty less pussy. I lowered my shorts to bounce out my throbbing cock and had Polly sit on my lap as well as my cock. This was all lost on Ray as his eyes remained glued to the sight of his mother in law and good neighbor Ted.Rustling behind us were the boys, Brian and Jeff who had just come home. It was funny watching them try to pile food on their plates while watching the action, especially the reactions of Uncle Ray. Half the food they were piling on was missing the plates completely as their attention was more on the visual delights than their accuracy.Maggie lay back in the sofa with her head deep in the top cushion when Ted stood up and removed his shorts. He then stepped up on the couch and with his back and ass to us all, planted his large dick to Maggie’s lips. A quick glance toward Ray showed a man who just may have received religion at that point. His face reflected a look of a man who may have just discovered the origin of life. Again I cursed not having my camera.Maggie was making wet and sloppy sounds as she literally ate Ted’s cock. Ray had by now pulled out his beer can thick prick and was giving it a good and steady wank. Janice and Ellen slid over to lend a hand if you will, so that Ray could remove his hand and just rub the backs of his helpers.My little spinner Polly was giving me a wonderful screwing, bounding up and down on my dick while I gazed from side to side to not miss any of the current action on the other side of the room. My sons, Brian and Jeff had finished their dinner and shed their clothes, coming into the den to announce comically; “We’re with the dick police. We’re here to help. Be advised we will be inspecting the females closely”Ellen and Janice had left a throbbing Ray, literally leaving him at the explosion point to join my boy’s on the carpet. Both the women got into the doggy position and were effortlessly mounted by the horny lads.So there we were; Polly and I, the boys and Ellen and Janice, and Ted ramming down the gullet of good old grams. This left poor Ray in an uncomfortable space between unabated lust and the hardest cock in the room. His poor face was contorted into what I do now expression. My compassion took over; I couldn’t let him languish any longer.Lifting Polly up and carrying her on my dick with my hands holding her ass, I walked over to Ted and Maggie and sat down again. I let my fingers prod into Maggie’s pussy and let my thumb push in her ass. Maggie’s response was too slide further into my hand which almost made her lose contact with Ted’s dick.I then told a bewildered Ray to come over to me, which he did trance like. His sights were transfixed on Maggie’s ass and my thumb all the way inside it. He wasn’t holding his thick cock anymore; it was waving like a bobble head in the air, looking to zone in on a target. Ted finally got off the sofa and this allowed Maggie to turn over and really expose her backside to all. Polly had dismounted me now and joined Ted, while I grabbed both of Maggie’s ass cheeks, pulling them apart and abruptly told Ray to “do it”Ray placed his cannon head to Maggie’s gaped ass and inserted it slowly. Now having seen Maggie enjoy the other men’s ass fuck, this was something new; her expression was off the wall as Ray’s super thick weapon sank further in her bowls. I doubt she had experienced this width before in her rear channel. When Ray was in to the max, Maggie’s face outlined a look of pained joy. When Ray held her hips and began humping harder into her ass, she shrieked out encouragement as the pitch of her voice became octaves higher.When Ray would pull out entirely to rearrange his body, the gape of her ass was so big; a silver dollar would have fallen through. I also had the funny urge to call out my father in law’s name to see if he would answer from that dark and deep hole.The coupling on the sofa had everyone else in limbo as they observed the mother, son in law thrashing before them. The idea of a son in law literally fucking the shit out of his mother in law gave justification to all the cruelty that in-laws inflict on one another. Whatever the relationship and feelings between these two was being forever changed before our eyes; this was fornication at its purest form, an a****l desire that had to be fulfilled. Ray was now beyond any control, if an army had tried to pull him from Maggie’s ass it would have failed. His body jolted and convulsed as he injected his molten cum into the confines of Maggie’s ass. Her ass in turn was in spasm mode as it milked all he had.The two of them collapsed from exhaustion after their theatrics subsided. The rest of the folks, as if on cue, went back to their activity as if nothing had stopped them earlier. I had to have some relief, so I looked around who might assist me in that regard. Ellen and Janice were still being drilled by the boys; Ted was pile driving Polly deeper and deeper into the sofa cushions. My best recourse was the girls, Ellen and Janice, so I got between them and had them take turns sucking me off. Trust me; it didn’t take much before I erupted with long ropes of cum high in the air to finally rest on the foreheads of these two women.A chain reaction began as the men; one after the other would explode and bring their partners to shattering climaxes as well.The orgy continued well into the night and following morning. Everyone was encouraged to spend the night; however Ted and Ellen decided to go home right before dawn. Against my judgment they stumbled out the back door over our backyard to theirs. I fully expected to see them pasted out in the backyard maybe with fire ants crawling over them. I didn’t know if I would have enough energy myself to help them if they did. No worry they did make it.The rest of us played on till sunrise. All the women got double penetrations, but in Maggie’s case, the pussy was off limits. Ray spent most of his time with Maggie as expected.One of the funniest sites was when Ray and I took a break and got in the kitchen to refresh ourselves with drink. It was after about his third fuck with Maggie. He placed his arm around my shoulder and I did the same with mine, as he thanked me for letting him participate, referring to Maggie. What a picture, two brother in laws, arms around each other, hip to hip, naked with our dangling dicks swinging in the breeze, watching my sons fuck the hell out of his wife.Some of us stumbled upstairs to bed with partners, others just passed out in the den. On the way upstairs, Brian turned to me and said,”Oh Dad, by the way, Leon is stopping by latter, we’re going over some plays coach wants us to study. Perhaps we can talk about his situation with everyone since there all here”It’s not easy being me.