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Chapter 2

As usual, my eyes popped open at damn near dead on five AM, it has been that way for as long as I can remember, and then Baby Gaby sauntered in only a few minutes later to come get his good morning kisses and cuddles, something that we both enjoy equally. This is the first morning that I got to wear just my diaper to bed, I have worn pajama pants since Baby Gaby moved in, but I prefer sleeping in just my baby diapers.

“Good morning Baby Gaby, did you have a good sleep?”

“Mmmhmm.” He sighed as he cuddled right into me, nearly purring like a kitten.

“That”s good Baby. What would you liketa do today?”

“Not sure. Will Jasper come over again today?”


“Can we wait “til he gets here and ask him?”

“Sure Baby. Let”s get up in just a minute and go for our morning workout.”

“Okay, what are we gonna do today?”

“How”s about Karate today?”

“Okay, I like that.” He said happily.

We usually go out and do so under the gazebo in the back yard, and since I now can, I too will do so in just my diaper, like Baby Gaby always has. Granted, when the weather is warm enough, that is always where we go, and that is all Baby Gaby usually wears during our workouts. Occasionally we will go down to the lake and go for a swim, but, I honestly do not like swimming in lakes, and have wondered at least half a million times why I did not put a pool in when I had the place built. Baby Gaby loves swimming though, hence my buying him a wading pool, mind you, it is not deep enough even for him to swim.

After several more minutes of cuddling, we got up and headed outside in just our wondrously soggy baby diapers, and I started leading Baby Gaby in the workout. One of my friends had started teaching me when I was thirteen, he was in a class, but of course I could not afford to go, so he taught me, and when I moved, I found a class that would teach me, for the cheap price of blowing the master at least once per class, and allowing him to fuck me at least once per month. Of course that all ended when it was found out that he was abusing a few other boys. Yeah right, abuse, I know for a fact that he never initiated anything with any of us, and every last one of us wanted it, but one of the parents found out, and the shit hit the fan. We all swore that he never did anything to us, but because I was already eighteen at the time, I was never forced to say anything like a couple others were.

It was only maybe five minutes after starting, that Jasper came and joined us. He grinned brightly, and stripped down to just his soggy night diaper as well, and followed along. As we worked out, we talked.

“So, how”d it go Baby Jasper?”

“I think you already know, don”t you?”

“Yeah, I do, but how was it?”

“Shocking to find out that my mom”s a gay baby girl diaper lover, but it”s awesome as well. We went around in just our soggy baby diapers, though thankfully she wore a sports bra, I don”t even wanna see her boobs, like never.” He said.

“Excellent. So, what would you liketa do today? Baby Gaby didn”t have any ideas.”

“As I was laying there last night after going to bed and reading for a while, I started to think about all the property you have here. You have way more than I thought you had, so, why not make some really nice running and hiking trails for us. That way we never haveta leave here to do so?”

“Sure, we could do that, but, if we never leave here, we don”t grow either.”

“How so?” He asked curiously, so I explained it to him, even Baby Gaby says he understands now too.

“Okay, that makes sense, but, when we go for a run, it”s not like we ever actually talk to anyone anyway.”

“True.” I had to concede.

“So, if we make trails here, that”d be easier in the long run. And the long jog.” He giggled at his own joke.

“I suppose that we could look at it and see if we can make that work. I have markers showing where my property ends, so we should be able to keep it all inside our property easy enough.”


“That means that we haveta ensure that we go out at least once a week and do something else somewhere else as well though.” I said.


So, we worked for a little under an hour more, and as usual, Baby Gaby did well. I started him on this almost as soon as he could walk, so he has had lots of practice.

“Okay, soggy baby bum changes, then dressed for working in the forest today I guess.” I called out.

“Yippee.” Baby Gaby said, and led the way into the house.

I laughed and we followed, and as soon as we made it to my bedroom, I called out the instructions.

“Now, since we”re gonna be out in the forest working, we”re gonna need lotsa water, but, to make it easier on us, I think I have a treat that both of you”re gonna enjoy. Both of you go lay down on the bed in soggy baby bum change position, close your eyes, and enjoy.”

“Okay.” They both said, and then went and did as they were told.

I have always loved double, triple, and even occasionally quadruple diapering myself, but neither boy will have ever experienced such a thing, so today is the day they get to find out how great a massively soggy baby diaper can be. I grab all the supplies to quadruple diaper all three of us, and then start with Baby Gaby first. When I pulled off his Pampers baby diaper, I exposed his happy little soldier, standing at attention. Ignoring that for the time being, I first sucked dry his diaper, and then got started on lotioning and creaming him up good and proper, just the way he likes, but not letting him cum. I then proceed to diapering him up like a good gay baby boy deserves, and yes, I told him that he is not yet, but I truly know he is.

As soon as I have Baby Gaby all diapered up, I switch to Jasper, and do for him the exact same thing, including not allowing him to cum, we can save that for later, much later, which will make later much better. He did groan in frustration when I started taping him up, though, when he realized I was not going to let him cum.

“Okay Baby Boys, how do you like your quadruple thick baby diapers?” I asked.

“This is awesome.” Baby Gaby said first.

“And then some.” Jasper added.

“It sure is. Now, it”s my turn, you baby boys getta change me together, but absolutely no playing. You may share my diaper if you so desire, and lotion and cream me up properly like I deserve and did for the both of you, but no playing.”

“Okay.” They both said.

They proceeded to change me, and when Jasper pulled out my super soggy baby diaper, he and Baby Gaby buried their faces in it together, and sucked it very nearly dry by the sounds of it. They did do a really good job of quadruple diapering me, and I only had to stay their hands twice, each, but that is okay, I was not in any danger of exploding. Once they had me properly diapered, I got our clothes all ready to go, and then we helped to dress each other. Once more, I have clothes here for Jasper to fit over even this thick a diaper, and I had known that Baby Gaby would soon be enjoying this, so I already have the proper fitting clothes for him too.

We then went and had a good filling breakfast of oatmeal and fruit, lots to drink, including two large mugs of tea for Jasper and Me, and one for Baby Gaby. We then cleaned up, and headed out to get to work. Because I do have a tractor, we will use that for the majority of the work that we have to do, but we will not likely need it today. I even have my own gravel pit, it had been a natural one already in the lower section of the part of property that I do not use, and during the excavation of my property to not only build the house, but tier the front part of my property for growing on, any and all rock that could not be used was piled there as well, but lots got pulled out and or used as well. My property has pretty good soil, for the most part, but it sure was rocky, and a lot more rock got added to it than taken away I swear. We will now get to use a lot of this to make our trails. We will use the larger ones to essentially make retaining walls where necessary, and the smaller ones to fill in depressions and level things out, and then we will put soil and maybe even mulch back over top of any areas like that to make it more comfortable for running on.

Because my property is essentially the side of a decent sized hill, we started at the bottom, and started looking for already pretty natural trails, and with the flagging tape I had brought with us, we started marking our route first. We want it nice and wide and easy to navigate, so several trees will have to come out, but we are going to try not to take too many out. We cut across as far as we could, until I see the markers signifying the edge of my property, then turned back, this time going further up the hill, and for the rest of the day, we zigzagged all the way up and across my property. We stopped several times for snacks and drinks, and really, even though it took us right through to dinner time to mark all the trails, we are not tired, because we just walked the entire time, talking, joking, laughing, and having a great time.

“Wow, we”re gonna have some amazing running trails when we”re done.” Jasper said happily once we were done for the day.

“That we will. You”re still coming to spend the weekend tomorrow, right?”

“Oh yeah, it is Friday tomorrow already, isn”t it, so, yeah.”

“We”ll get lotsa work done this weekend, but nowhere near all of it This could take us weeks to finish.”

“Yeah, I know, but I bet that we do it in two weeks or less if I come over every day and help.”

“Possibly. Just remember, you still haveta spend time with your mom too.”

“I know. She told me that if this trip goes well, though, that she might haveta do a bit more traveling, so I”m so totally staying with you guys when she goes away.”

“Okay.” I said happily.

“Well, I guess I gotta head home now.”

“Yeah, you better. Your diaper should last you through to bedtime, no problem.”

“Yeah, but I would”ve preferred you to change me.”

“I know, hold off “til morning.”

“If I can.”

“Hold off “til morning, I promise it”ll be better.”

“I wish I believed you.”

“No kidding. Well, have a good night Baby.”

“You too.”

As soon as Jasper was gone, Baby Gaby and I headed inside, and stripped down in my bedroom, until we are only in our nice super thick baby diapers. Baby Gaby and I decided on what to make for dinner, then made and ate it. As soon as we were done, we went and curled up on the couch and watched a movie, and Baby Gaby passed out shortly before the end. I took him to his bedroom and changed him, putting him into just one of his Pampers, and then because I need a change, I too went and changed, then laid down to read until bedtime.

Baby Gaby came and crawled in with me again shortly after waking up, and I kissed and cuddled him, and as always, he melts right into me and purrs so softly. After several minutes of this, Baby Gaby scooted up to kiss me, only, he tried slipping me the tongue.

“No Baby, you”re not allowed to do that, sorry.”

“Why Daddy?”

“There”s lotsa reasons why you”re not allowed to do that Baby. Some of them you don”t needta know yet, but some I think you already know. You know you”re not allowed to do that already, and why, don”t you?”

“Yeah, but, well, I really wanna kiss you like that, and feel you put your peepee in my baby bum hole.”

“I know Baby Gaby, I know. I love you so much, my entire world now revolves around you and only you, but those are feelings that I don”t have for you.”

“Yeah, you want Jasper in that way instead, don”t you.”

“Oh god yeah, he”s so sexy, and I want him so bad.”

“Yeah, I do too, and I know he”d really liketa do that to me too. When I bent over like that for you guys, his peepee went so hard, he totally forgot to breathe, and he almost fell over.” He giggled cutely.

“Ah, so you did know exactly what you were doing!”

“Yep. Was funny.”

“You”re a naughty baby boy. I like that.”

“Thanks Daddy, I still love you lots and lots, and I”d really liketa do all that with you though.”

“I know Baby, I know. You”re not even five yet, and thoughts and feelings like that aren”t even supposed to be known by a boy your age.”

“But you said you were about the same age as me when you started playing with your bum hole too.”

“Yeah, I guess we”re just blessed with naturally dirty thoughts, but I was at least a little older than you.”


“Well Baby Gaby, shall we get up and get started on our day?”

“Okay. When”s Jasper coming over?”

“I”d be shocked if he wasn”t here soon. He knows what time we”re usually up for, so I expect him to show up soon for a really good soggy baby bum change.”

“Will you give me a really good soggy baby bum change too please.”

“Afraid not Baby Gaby, today you get to give yourself a really good soggy baby bum change.”

“But I prefer you baby diapering me.” He pouted.

“I know, and if you can hold off after your play time, I will diaper you, but Jasper and I”ll need some private time, and no, you”re absolutely not allowed to sneak over and watch.”

“Ah nuts.”

“Yes, play with those too. Learn what makes you moan and sigh extra good, since I doubt you”ve really done that yet.”

“No, you mean it though?”

“Oh yeah Baby, learn all the amazing areas of your body, not just your cute little baby bum hole and peepee can give you amazing feelings. Your cute little nuts will feel just as good, and there”s possibly other areas as well that”ll feel just as good, but, explore and have fun.”

“Okay.” He said brightly.

We were in the kitchen making breakfast only a few minutes later when Jasper walked in. Clearly he had had to change his quadruple diaper, but he is clearly wearing his thickest one, possibly with a doubler, and the pajama pants that he slipped over top of them were probably too small for him last year, but fuck, it looks hot. He is carrying his backpack with him, as usual, only now I assume it is filled with extra supplies for staying for the weekend.

“Hi, you like?” He said, spinning slowly so I can get all the good views.

“Oh yeah.” Baby Gaby groaned.

“Not you Baby Gaby.”

“But you look reeeeeeeaaaaal good.” He grinned.

“Fuck, yeah you do. My god, that”s hot. Hope no one else saw you like this.”

“At not even five thirty in the morning, I seriously doubt it. No cars passed as I came over, and it didn”t look like anyone was awake at any of the houses across the street. Only my mom saw me, and she laughed and asked what I planned to do looking like this. I told her make you go instantly hard. I hope it worked.”

“Oh yeah.” Both Baby Gaby and I said at the same time.

“Like you weren”t hard already Baby Gaby.” Jasper giggled.

“Well, I went harder.” He giggled başakşehir escort cutely.

“Probably.” He snorted.

“Would you like breakfast Baby, we”re making enough for you?”

“Yes please. I just got up and got ready to go, said goodbye to my mom, and headed right here.”

We finished making breakfast, then sat down to eat, cleaned it all up, and then headed to our bedrooms. As soon as Jasper and I made it to my bedroom, without Baby Gaby, I explained to him how that happened, and he grinned, saying he absolutely needs a very good soggy baby bum change.

Jasper and I did change each other, sucking and drinking of each other as fully as we could provide, even I had been so fucking hard I have not peed since getting up, so Jasper got to enjoy it, but then, we both enjoyed each others soggy diapers as well anyway. We each came three times, draining each other very well, if I do say so myself, and then Jasper asked to be quadruple diapered again, so, clearly he had to twist my rubber arm and force me to do so. Finally we dress each other in only just barely enough clothes to hide what we are wearing.

When we went across the hall to Baby Gaby”s bedroom, his door is open, and he is up on his knees, but the side of his face is pressed to the bed with his eyes closed, he has a hole in the seat of his soggy Pampers baby diaper, and is in the process of fucking himself rather deeply with his Lightsaber. He is using one hand for that, while his other is rubbing his cute little Pampered peepee and baby balls, and it is hot. He is muttering under his breath, though we can just barely hear him over his moans and pants and squeaks, saying mmmm, yeah, fuck my tiny little gay baby pampered pussy with your big fat fucking gay diaper loving daddy cock. And then he came. I reached over and patted Jasper”s diapered erection, for I know for a fact that this will have made him supremely hard. Again. Jasper fell to the ground in another massive orgasm, and though he made plenty of noise, I doubt Baby Gaby heard, because not only is he making plenty of noise himself, but it appears that he totally zoned out for at least a couple minutes.

“Wow, it was like you hit me with a train.” Jasper gasped when he came to, and stumbled into a standing position again.

“I bet it was. Was a pretty hot show though.”

“Man, was it ever.”

Just then, Baby Gaby came down, and rolled over, and that was when he finally noticed we are there. The look on his face bordered delirious, he looks so well ravished and relaxed now.

“Have fun Baby Gaby?”


“How many baby boygasms did you give yourself?”

“That”s the good feelings Daddy?”


“Six times.”

“You know you”re supposed to close the door, we shouldn”t have seen that.”

“Sorry, didn”t think you”d be out so soon.”

“You”re lying Baby, I know full well you wanted us to watch you, you”re hoping that you”d make us so hard that we”d just fuck you without thinking.”

“Ah poop, sorry Daddy.”

“It”s okay Baby Gaby, I understand, truly I do, but close your bedroom door when you play from now on, okay.”

“Okay.” He said, but he is not happy about it.

“Would Baby Gaby like another quadruple thick baby diapering again, we already are.”

“Oh, yes please.” He said happily now.

And so, Jasper and I both went forth, and as I prepared Baby Gaby for his quadruple thick baby diaper, Jasper was in the process of preparing his diapers for me to be able to do so. Before too long, Baby Gaby is baby diapered just like he likes. We then both help to get him dressed, something that he has always loved, and rarely, if ever, dresses himself.

Today I want to try and drop all the trees that we had marked the day before, so to get them out of the way. In order to do that, though, I first have to teach Jasper how to drive the tractor, because he has never done it before, and I will need his help. Baby Gaby gets his little bow saw to take branches off, and I also hand mine to Jasper. We get all of our fire wood in the land behind our property, I had cut a road in years ago to do so, and we always go out in early to mid spring, once the snow is mostly gone, to gather what firewood we will need for the next year, so Baby Gaby has gotten used to removing branches from trees, and though he still is not much help, it is still good for him, and he loves feeling like he is being a huge help, which I always tell him he is anyway.

We have only twenty two trees that need to come down, most of them are not very large, so they should not take much time, the time consuming part is of course because none of them are actually close to each other. I have a two meter wide bucket on the tractor, so, as soon as the trees are de-limbed, I will cut them to just under that length, so that they fit in the bucket, and with the grapple arm on the tractor, Jasper will be able to hold it all, so that it does not bounce out of the bucket as he drives it to our firewood area to offload.

Jasper loved getting to learn how to drive the tractor, and because it is really rather easy to operate, I have no fears, and really, what can he hurt. Even if somehow he managed to tip it, with the roll cage and the five point harness style seat belt, there”s next to no chance he would get hurt anyway, just ring his bell real good and learn him to never do that again.

I have my chainsaw with me, and I lead the boys up to the furthest tree first. There were a few tight spots for the tractor, and Jasper had to go around to make it, but, most of my land is fairly even, even if it is on a slope. Sure there are large rocks all over, and of course the trees are in the way, but any underbrush slows him down none at all. It was a good half hour walk to the first tree we need to take down, but, within minutes, I have it down, making sure that Baby Gaby is standing with Jasper behind the tractor, well away from where the tree could possibly go. As soon as it is down, I instruct the boys to go ahead and start cutting all the limbs off, and I head to the next tree in line.

We will keep all branches and the tree tops as well, what cannot be cut and burned, will be chipped and put into the compost pile, so, the boys pile all this into the bucket as they go. Jasper is clearly able to go much faster than Baby Gaby, but Baby Gaby really is getting pretty good at this by now, especially for such a little guy. By the time I have my third tree dropped, the boys are ready for me to buck that tree up and help them to load it into the bucket, so I go and do so. Jasper then takes off to offload, while I lead Baby Gaby to the next tree.

We managed to stop for only a slightly late lunch, and by that time, half the trees are now dropped, but the boys are only on their fifth tree themselves. Jasper had grabbed my cutting axe at one point, and tried that, and found that he preferred it, it was much faster, but I warned him that that is a true cutting axe, and if he swings and misses, and hits any body parts, that might be the last time they are attached to his body, because I keep it deadly sharp. He understood the risks, so I taught him how to properly use it, and he is doing even better. Baby Gaby grabbed my much larger saw to try, and he said he prefers it, so stuck to it.

By dinner time, I have all the trees dropped, the boys are working on their twelfth tree now, but both are getting good and tired. That is good. Jasper had done excellent on the tractor all day, and had only managed to get it stuck once, not bad, actually, considering the amount of times I have managed it before, and I had to go help him out, but I let him do it, I just told him how to use the bucket and/or the back hoe to get himself unstuck.

On our trek back to the house, I had Jasper gently grasp all the tools in the bucket with the last load of logs, and I carried a much more important something back, my beautiful baby boy, who claims that he is getting pretty tired, so he must be very much so, so I offered to carry him. Jasper went and offloaded the last load of logs, after Baby Gaby and I removed the tools, cleaned and put them away, and then Jasper came and parked the tractor. I topped up the fuel on it, of course we had to refuel it once already, and then we closed up the shop for the night.

We made and ate dinner, ravenously I might add, but I know that both boys are getting both tired and sore, and even I am as well. Chainsaws are difficult tools to use, and give a full body workout like most cannot even imagine. Even though we could easily last until bedtime in the diapers that we are wearing, I deem it more than prudent enough to call out bath time.

“Can I bath with you Daddy?” Baby Gaby asks.

He usually does, though I have had to pull his hands away from my toy many a time, telling him that that is my toy to play with, that he has his own that he gets to play with in private. Well, I had wanted Jasper to bath with me, then I realized, my bathtub is actually designed for two full sized adults anyway, so two little baby boys and an adult, well sort of, should be no problem. I know I sure want the jets and the soothing bath salts I was going to offer both boys anyway.

“I suppose so, as long as you don”t mind if Jasper joins us, and as long as you can promise to behave yourself and not play with our toys.”

“Okay, I think even I”m too tired to play.” He said, accentuating it with a big yawn.

“Me too.” Jasper laughed.

“Me three.” I added.

So, we headed to my master bathroom. This was one of the three areas of the house that I truly splurged on, first was my shop, second was my amazing kitchen, and then here, my bathroom. Like I said, an extra large jetted spa tub with so many jets it is silly, heated air bubbles, and super comfortable loungers, it is definitely overkill. Then my shower at nearly two meters by to meters, twenty four spray nozzles, and steam. The rest, really, is just normal, though my counter top is a truly spectacular piece of live edge spalted and beautifully figured western red maple. I started the bath as hot as I thought we could take it, dumped in probably twice as much relaxing bath salts as we actually need, and then led the boys back to the bedroom, so that we can relieve each other of our super soggy, mega thick baby diapers.

As soon as I had them all off, mine was last, Baby Gaby grabbed Jasper”s, Jasper grabbed mine, and so, I grabbed Baby Gaby”s, and we all enjoyed each others delicious baby diapers. It always amazed me just how sweet Baby Gaby”s pee always is.

By the time we made it back to the bathroom, the water is high enough that we can slip in, turn on the jets, and not have water spray all over the bathroom, trust me, done it before, it sucks. So, we climb in, I take the one lounger, Jasper takes the other, and I set Baby Gaby in my lap. I start the jets, and we all lay back and sigh deeply.

As soon as the water was at maximum depth, I shut it off, and then we just laid there, until the jets shut themselves off after their one hour maximum. I finally stood Baby Gaby up, and then washed him down well, then had Jasper stand up, so that I can wash him too, and finally, I stand up, and I have both boys, and their wondrously soft hands washing me. I only had to slap hands three times. Honestly thought it would have been more, but, both boys are incredibly tired, and neither is even fully hard, though they are chubby.

We dry each other off, brush our hair and teeth, and then head back to my bedroom to get diapered for bed. It is still almost half an hour before Baby Gaby”s bedtime, but I know he is fading fast, it is always the same when we do this, he just has not got the stamina yet, though I am absolutely certain that he does far better than any four year old, well, most.

“Can I sleep with you tonight Daddy, you and Jasper won”t be playing anyway right?”

“You”re right, and I see no reason why not Baby Gaby, we”ll tuck you in, and then we”ll come and cuddle up to you in a bit, I”m not quite ready for bed yet, but you are, aren”t you?”

“Yeah, I”m getting super sleepy now. I didn”t get a baby bottle with dinner, would you make me one now please Daddy?”

“Of course Baby, you probably shoulda had one, that”s for sure, and you could certainly use one now, so try and stay awake, then I”ll come and feed it to you and play with your hair as you drink your baby bottle down like a good baby boy should.”

“Okay, thanks Daddy.”

Jasper came with me.

“Would you think it weird if I asked to try one as well?” Jasper whispered.

“Of course not Baby, would you like me to make you one as well?”


So, I make two baby bottles the exact same way, warming the milk slightly in the microwave, then adding some of the toddler formula to them, and as soon as they are ready, I lead Jasper back to my bedroom, and I end up with one baby boy on either side of me, I passed both baby boys their baby bottles, and as they took hold of them, I started playing both their hair at the same time. Baby Gaby always purrs so cutely when I do this to him, and Jasper is no different, he seems so content as well, and most certainly enjoyed his baby bottle as well.

“All better now Baby Gaby?” I whispered once I moved and laid Baby Gaby down.

“Mmmhmm, thanks Daddy. Love you, night night.” He said, his eyes already closed, and I can tell that he is nearly asleep already.

“Love you too Baby Gaby, night night.”

I tucked him in, and then Jasper and I left the room.

“That really was very nice and relaxing.” Jasper admitted.

“Whenever you need that, you only haveta ask. I don”t normally drink a bottle, but even I do occasionally. I prefer my baby bottles to be attached to a hot baby boy, draining him of all his baby milk and baby juice.”

“Mmmm, me too.”

We went and curled up on the couch, and watched TV for only a short while, since Baby Gaby is sleeping in my bed, and I prefer reading in bed, that is usually how I unwind from a day, but I doubt I really need to unwind, I am pretty tired after all.

Jasper and I ended up going to bed half an hour early ourselves, we each cuddled up to Baby Gaby, and he sighed in his sleep extra deep, and then, that was the last thing I remember before finally waking up.

When I woke up, I could instantly tell that it is a little later than normal, since there is more sunlight coming in than there usually is, hopefully it is not too late. The boys are both starting to wake up as well, and as soon as they are, I kiss both good morning, and ask them both how they slept, and they both claim amazing.

We got out of bed, went and made and ate breakfast, then came back for soggy baby bum changes, got dressed, and then headed back out to get to work.

Both Saturday and Sunday were very long busy days for us, but we did get a lot of work done as well. Both boys are doing amazing, but, by the time I felt that Jasper should be heading home to see his mom, we have all the trees taken care of that need it, including all roots torn out. Jasper happily went home in his quadruple thick baby diaper again, and Baby Gaby and I had a quiet relaxing night in.

Every week day, halkalı escort for the next two weeks, Jasper came over and helped us, and we got everything all done, and it looks amazing. I made him spend the weekends with is mom, since she is home and it is only fair, and honestly, we all need the rest too. We have all worked very hard for the little better than two weeks that it took us, and the boys more than likely worked more than they strictly should have, but because Baby Gaby will not complain, I had to watch him very carefully to ensure that he did not overwork himself too. Our running and hiking trail is now almost every bit as nice as the horse trail that we all liked best, only it is not quite as wide, but I figure that it is pretty near exactly the same ten kilometers long, since it winds back and forth through our property a lot.

We had a nice relaxing weekend, Jasper at home with his mom, Baby Gaby and I only went out on the Saturday to go shopping and get everything else that we would be needing, including getting all of Baby Gaby”s school supplies, and I had a meeting with someone.

“What was that meeting for Daddy?” Baby Gaby asked once we had left, I had left him in the play area while us adults talked.

“Oh, nothing, you know, just thought maybe we”d finally put in the pool I really shoulda when I built the place.”

“Really, you mean it?”

“Yep. And guess what!”


“It”s gonna be an indoor pool, so that we can use it all year.”

“Pampering.” He giggled, he uses that when he is super excited about something.

“I thought you”d like that. I”ve already been emailing back and forth with him, started almost two weeks ago already, the permit”s already done, we were just hammering out the final details. They”re actually gonna come and start tomorrow.”


“Really really Baby Gaby. He figures that it”ll take a month, maybe slightly more to do, so we”ll haveta wait a while to getta use it.”

“Okay. Do I haveta wear shorts in there Daddy, can I just wear my baby diapers?”

“I don”t plan to wear shorts, so why would I make you Baby Gaby?”

“Pampering.” He giggled again.

The next morning, when Jasper came over, we happily told him what was going to start happening that very day, and he too was happy. He asked that as soon as the crew are here and started, and no longer need me, if we could finally test out our new running trail, and I said certainly.

We did not have long to wait, and as soon as they were started and no longer in need of me, we got suited up and headed out for our run. Baby Gaby did about as well as he did the last time we went, so that is excellent, and when we made it back, the owner of the company asked what we had been doing, since we are all sweating.

“We”re all runners, long distance, though we can sprint well as well, and so, we just finished a really nice running trail through our property, and were giving it its maiden run. It”s about ten k long, so all the way, there and back, we run about twenty kilometers.” I said.

“Twenty kilometers, holy crap, you weren”t even gone four hours.”

“I know, we just usually do a nice light jog, mostly because Gabriel here”s not quite big and strong enough yet to keep up to us, but he does shockingly well, but when he”s in his pack on my back, we go faster. Sometimes I”ll get all three of us going at a full sprint, and even Gabriel managed to hold a good almost fifteen k an hour pace for about three or four minutes today, possibly one of his better times.”

“Yikes, not even sure I could jog twenty k to start with, let alone in only four hours.”

“The speed is relatively slow, really, you just haveta build up the stamina. I learned to run to outrun the bullies, Jasper”s the same, and well, Gabriel never learned how to walk, he”s always just ran.”

“Hah, that actually sounds like my son. He”s seven now, and he never walked, just ran, quick little booger actually, I should bring him out here with me one day and let him run with you guys, see if maybe you can help him burn off some of his energy.”

“Go for it, just let us know which day you plan to do so, we don”t run every day, we try and do it every other day.”

“Then how about the day after tomorrow then?”

“Sure, just make sure he”s got good quality running shoes.”

“Already do.”

We chatted for a few minutes more, and then headed in to get a drink, and Baby Gaby wanted a soggy baby bum change, a baby bottle, and then a light nap, which I gave to him. Jasper also asked for and received a baby bottle as well.

As soon as Baby Gaby was waken up, we headed down to the shop to have some fun, and played until dinner time, when Jasper had to go home.

“Oh, almost forgot, with the excitement this morning, that my mom hasta go away for the weekend again, mind terribly if I come and spend it with you guys again?” Jasper said just as he was about to leave.

“Not at all Baby.”

“Goody.” And then he was gone.

The next day, since we have lots of wood that needs to but cut, split, and stacked to take care of, we did all that. Baby Gaby can barely swing the small splitting maul I have, but he can, he just cannot seem to split anything but the smallest logs, which I usually leave whole anyway, so he is relegated to picking through all the branches and cutting to length any that are good enough to burn, and throwing the rest into the chipping pile to be taken care of later. Jasper though can wield the big splitting maul with no problem, they too use wood heat, so he has learned well how to split wood. I was on chainsaw duty, cutting everything to burnable length, but that was pretty fast, and so, I grab my other splitting maul and helped Jasper.

Baby Gaby switched to stacking wood when he had done all the branches he could, but the longer he goes, the more tired I can tell he is getting. Finally I point at the hammock on the front porch and tell him to go curl up and have a short nap, he does so instantly without complaint, and falls asleep probably instantly, and I let him sleep for an hour before going and getting him.

We did not manage to get all the wood prepared, but easily seventy five percent of it before Jasper had to head home, and Baby Gaby and I are in desperate need of food, drink, and soggy baby bum changes. After dinner we go have a nice hot soothing bath, and then I put Baby Gaby to bed once he is starting to nod off.

The next morning, shortly after Jasper arrived, so did the pool crew, and as arranged, the owner has his son with him. He too is a cute little guy, but he has the most orange hair I have ever actually seen in person. It is wild, curly, and probably really long when pulled straight. He also has probably the milkiest skin I have ever actually seen in person, and I bet the poor little guy burns like over cooked bacon if he is out in the sun for too long. He also has thousands of freckles all over his face, and I can see some on his neck, and even a few on his chest where his shirt does not cover. He is surprisingly tall for his age, but he is every bit as slim as the rest of us are, which makes him look really gangly, but, I think he is cute.

“Good morning Guys, this is my son, Alex, I asked him if he”d liketa come for a run with you today, and he said sure. He”s a little nervous though, he”s not normally so good around others.”

“It”s good to meet you Alex, I”m guessing with your hair and skin, the other kids in school tease you lots, because that”s not normally the sort of colouring we see a lot around here.” I said softly.

“Yeah, you sure can say that. I”m the only redhead in the entire city it feels like.”

“Maybe you are, but, I personally think that makes you more special. So, you liketa run too huh?”

“Yeah, Daddy says I started running before walking, and just never stopped.”

“Same with Baby Gaby here, his name”s Gabriel, but he”s still my baby.”


“And this here”s Jasper, he lives next door, and while he doesn”t need a babysitter any more, he just prefers to come spend the days with us while his mom”s at work. Gabriel”s just about five, and Jasper”s just thirteen. Your dad told us you”re seven, right?”

“Yeah, just turned seven at the beginning of summer. Tried to have a birthday party, but no one came, again.”

“Sorry to hear that Buddy, no one deserves that. You can call us friends though.”

“Thanks.” He said happily.

“Now, I see you”re all set for running, good shoes, and a backpack with supplies. I trust you have lotsa water and snacks?”

“Yeah. Daddy says you go for like four hours, that”s even more than even I”ve ever ran for, at least at once.”

“I”m sure you”ll be fine. We mostly keep it to a light jog.”

“Okay.” He said happily.

“You go have fun Alex, I think you”ll enjoy this.”

“Yeah, I think so too.”

So, I started the jog once we had everything ready to go, and led Alex through our trails. He did shockingly well, and only had to take four five minute breaks. We did go just a little slower over all, and even Baby Gaby jogged almost the entire time this time, and only asked to be carried for about half an hour, which puts this time at his longest single jog so far. We let the two smaller boys lead though and set the pace. I still made us do a few good sprints though, which is good. When we made it back, Alex”s dad came over.

“So, how was it?”

“Really nice, I did the whole thing with only a few short breaks.” He smiled tiredly.

“Good, you finally tired?”

“Mmmhmm.” He sighed happily.


“We”re gonna go get some lunch and a good drink, would you liketa come too Alex, you can just spend the rest of the day with us “til your daddy hasta leave?”

“Can I Daddy?”

“Sure, go for it.”

“Thanks.” He said, and I led him inside.

As soon as we made it inside, I turned to Alex and said, “You”ll haveta excuse us for just a few minutes, we”ll be right out. If you haveta go to the washroom, it”s right through that door there.” I said, pointing to the powder room.

“Thanks.” He said, and then headed right there.

I took both my baby boys to the bedroom, and we stripped ourselves and as quickly as I could, I changed them both, and then they changed me. For obvious reasons, we did not play, nor did we get into more than just one diaper. As we worked, though, I talked.

“Now, Baby Gaby, Alex is a cute little guy, but I don”t believe that he”s gay, there”s to be no fooling around with him, nothing at all, understood.”

“I thought he was gay Daddy.”


“Yes Daddy.”

“Good. You”re not allowed to lead him where your hard little cocklett is telling you to go, I will punish you if you do so.”


“No, you”re not allowed to do that in your diapers either, you know I don”t clean up poopy bums.” I teased.

“You know that”s not what I meant, and you did when I was really sick.”

“True.” I said to both.

As soon as we were done, we headed out. I told Baby Gaby to go play with Alex while Jasper and I went to make lunch. As soon as Baby Gaby was out of earshot though, Jasper turned to me and grinned.


“What?” I asked in the best who me voice I could.

“That boy”s flaming gay, and I know you know it too, don”t you?”

“Yeah, but I haveta try and temper Baby Gaby somehow. If I didn”t do that, they”d probably already be in his bedroom, losing their virginity right now.”

“No kidding. He probably doesn”t even realize it yet though, he”s shockingly innocent, not like I was, I knew exactly what I wanted at that age.” He laughed.

“Yeah, exactly, so I wanna try and have him hold off for as long as possible, which will also mean I cannot possibly allow Alex to spend the night, not for at least a few months. I don”t want him moving too fast, not like I did at his age. It took me a long time to understand what and why I was feeling what I was, even though I was already having sex.”

“Yeah, you probably have a good point there.”

As soon as lunch was made, we called the boys in, and we ate. I played games with the boys, and we had fun. Alex is a pretty bright and inquisitive little boy, with a pretty sunny disposition considering what he has already had to deal with. Fortunately he has not let it get him down too much yet. When his dad was done work for the day, I took him out.

“So, how was it Alex?” His dad asked.

“It was awesome, if I”m allowed, can I come back again?” He asked, looking to me mostly.

“Absolutely, we”ll go for another run the day after tomorrow, so you”re welcome to come then, but you”re also welcome to come any other day with your daddy as well, but we always do some work, such as tomorrow is finishing off the firewood we”re working on, and then cleaning up all that mess.” I said.

“I don”t mind, better than being stupidly bored at home all day with the lady from next door, who sleeps half the day, and watches the most boring TV possible, even when she”s sleeping.”

“Then if it”s okay with your Daddy, it”s okay with me.” I had to laugh.

He just looked to his dad, he nodded, and Alex cheered. So, I turned to his dad and asked, “When do you need me to start bringing all the gravel you need?” Because it had been agreed upon that I would provide all the gravel fill that he will need.

Since the new pool is going on the side of the house where it was pretty much already nearly a cliff wall, the concrete shop wall on one side, and then the slope of the yard was there, he just needed to excavate a little, and put in the huge concrete retaining blocks, that would then get the interior of it filled with gravel for him to put his pool system in, and then filled further. I told him that I have more than enough gravel on the property to do it all, so he would not have to pay to have it trucked in.

“I”m probably gonna start needing it in just a couple days. Tomorrow we start putting the concrete blocks in, and that usually takes two full days to do.”

“Okay, then the day after tomorrow, after our run, we”ll get you all the gravel you”ll possibly need, and if you need more, we can easily get it.”

“Perfect. Well, I guess we”ll see you tomorrow now.”

“Okay, have a good night.”

Jasper also said goodbye to us at the same time, and he too headed home. As soon as they were gone, we headed inside to change our diapers and make dinner, so we took care of the soggy baby bum changes first, now getting to stay in just our diapers, and then started making dinner.

“Daddy, I think you lied to me earlier.” Baby Gaby said only a few minutes after we started cooking.

“What makes you think so Baby Gaby?” I asked, but of course I know.

“I really think Alex is gay too.”

“But I don”t feel that he is, so it”s not a lie Baby Gaby.”

“But, I saw how you looked at him, the look you had was like, oh yeah, you”re gay, and I”d so şirinevler escort fuck you.”

“No, it was more, if you were a hot gay baby diapered boy, I”d so fuck you. You”re pretty perceptive to have even seen that at all, but you know you”re not supposed to say that word Baby Gaby. You don”t want your mouth washed out with soap, do you?”

“No, but that was definitely the look you had, and there”s no other way to say it.”

“Be that as it may, you”re still not allowed to talk like that. Now, end of conversation Baby Gaby, no taking that boy somewhere and doing what your little cocklett”s telling you to do.”

“Fine.” He pouted.

We had a nice relaxing night in, and just after I put Baby Gaby to bed, I too headed to bed to read for the rest of the night.

The next morning, Alex was here with us again, and we took care of getting all the rest of the firewood cut, split, and stacked, and then the rather large pile of branches that could not be burned was put through the chipper, but, of course, we aimed the output of the chipper right into the compost pile to save some work. Still, it took a long time to do. Finally we cleaned everything up, pretty much all that going into the compost pile as well. Both little boys were good and tired by the time we were done for the day, and shortly after we were done, it was time for Alex and Jasper to go home, leaving Baby Gaby and myself alone for the night again.

The next morning Alex was once more there, ready and raring to go for another good jog, and as soon as we were all ready to go, we headed out, and had a really nice run. This time Baby Gaby did the entire twenty kilometers on his own, he and Alex led the pace; they were talking, joking, and laughing the entire time, Jasper and I stayed well behind to give them their privacy, and I do not think that Baby Gaby even realized just what he had done until we were in fact done, he was having such a good time. It took us nearly an hour longer because of that, but that was perfectly okay too. Of course, Baby Gaby was totally wiped once we were done, though, and actually asked to go for a nap, so I changed his soggy baby bum, and laid him down. I asked Alex if he would like to lay down for a bit as well, he said yes please, so he got the spare bed.

As soon as the boys were sleeping, Jasper and I headed out to go start getting gravel, and we put it where it was needed. We let the little baby boys sleep for an hour, and got them up, and then they too came out and played outside as Jasper and I continued our work. Jasper was driving the garden tractor with the trailer on it, so I would load the trailer, then grab a bucket full, and we would take and dump it, which a little more than doubled how fast I would have been able to do it alone, since the trailer holds one and a half buckets full. Thankfully it is a dumping trailer.

Before we know it, it is the end of the day, and we are done all that needs to be done. The concrete blocks are also all placed, so, now is the slow and tedious part I am told, but that is okay by me, that is totally someone else”s job.

The weekend came and went, Jasper stayed with us from Thursday night until Monday afternoon, since his mom was away for that long this time, and we had a great time. Jasper and I are keeping each other very well drained, at least twice per day we are each having spectacular orgasms, and that is amazing. So far Jasper has not even hinted at us making love, but, I think he knows that that is going to take some time, and is okay working into it slowly.

Baby Gaby is also enjoying himself a lot more now too, since he finally learned the joys of orgasm, and he is a very vocal little guy when he is cumming as well. Funny considering that even still, he is as quiet as can be normally, almost never speaks unless he needs to, again, I think that stems with how he was raised for his first two years.

Alex was with us pretty near every week day as well, and has been thoroughly enjoying joining us on our runs, or when we do our martial arts as well, granted, we too are really enjoying our new running trail though, it really is very nice. It is funny though, every time Alex is nearby, I have to cough to Baby Gaby to get his big head to re-engage, though so far Alex has not really noticed the looks that Baby Gaby has been giving him. While I too am certain the little guy is gay, I do not believe that he has realized it yet, nor do I believe that he has realized just what his little penis is for either. I have to constantly remind Baby Gaby not to push Alex further than he is capable of going yet.

As far as diapers are concerned, when Alex is around, we wear only one diaper, never more, and as far as I can tell, he has not yet found out. Weekends are a different story though, we have started quadruple diapering almost all weekend when he is not around.

For almost the entire month that our pool was being built, this was the case, and pretty near exactly how it went too. We did a lot of running, we worked in our shop a lot, had lots of fun, and we have even had to start picking all our plants. The kids all go to school again in just a week, so very little time left now, but Baby Gaby was stoked when he found out that both he and Alex are actually going to the same school, the same private school that I had sent Baby Gaby to for his preschool. Jasper had went there as well, but now he goes to their high school, which is across the road. I agreed to drive Jasper each day now, since I am going anyway, and this way his mom does not have to pay the outrageous fee they want to bus him any more. Little Alex was actually a little upset when his dad told him that they were no longer coming out every day, because our pool is done, and I must say, it looks spectacular. We had done it so that when you are in the pool, right at the edge overlooking the valley and lake below, that it is completely unobstructed, it goes almost right to the very edge, so it is perfect.

Baby Gaby had asked, of course, to have Alex spend the night a few times, and I always said no, and why. The last time, the day our pool was finished, he actually got quite mad at me, and I had to tell him that he needed to go to his bedroom to cool down. This is actually the first time that he has thrown what I would call a temper tantrum, but even then, it really was not that bad, and nowhere near what I have seen some kids pull. I left him to cool down for half an hour, then went and talked to him, gently telling him that not only is behavior like that simply not acceptable, but that he already knows and understands the reasons why I am not allowing Alex to spend the night. He tried to say that he would behave himself, and when I asked him if he truly believed that, he meekly said no, that I am probably right. Like I told him, he has seen that Alex has no clue what Baby Gaby is doing, how he is acting, he doesn”t know or understand anything about that yet, as it should be for a boy his age, or Baby Gaby”s for that matter, and he admitted that I am right. I finally took him outside, so that he could say goodbye to his friend, and Baby Gaby hugged him tight and told him that he will see him in just a week.

“I”m sorry I hadta be so tough on you Baby, but, you do understand why I haveta rein you in with Alex right?”

“Yeah, and I”m sorry I acted like a spoiled rotten brat.”

“Thanks Baby Gaby, but that was just a little spat, you”re most certainly not a spoiled rotten brat. I”ve seen those, and I”d certainly never accept that sorta behavior at all.”

“Yeah, me too. Brittany was horrible. Even I told her she was being evil to her mom, with her mom standing right there.”

“Good, the vile little brat needed to hear it, her mom sure wouldn”t say it to her.”

“She tried to give me poopoo for telling her perfect daughter that, and I told her that if I acted that way to my daddy, not only would he probably punish me badly, but would likely wash my mouth out with soap for a month for saying what Brittany was to her, and that even I”d never let someone, anyone, ever talk to me like that, and that if Brittany ever talks to me like that, that she”s not gonna like me very much at all. So, she tried, and I told her that she”s a very mean person, and that she needs to go sit in the corner and think on why it”s not nice to treat people like that.”

I admit, I could not help but to laugh.

“That”s great Baby Gaby. What”d her mom say?”

“She tried to give me poopoo again, but Ms. Adams told her that I was not only right, but that if Brittany continued to act like that in her school, that she wouldn”t be welcome to come any more, because, quite frankly, she”s sick of being treated like a slave by a four year old herself, and how she could raise a child to be such a monster like that was beyond her. Oh boy, she yelled, a lot. Ms. Adams just smiled at her the entire time, then politely asked her to never come back.”

“Oh, is that why I never saw the foul brat the last two months?”

“Yeah, almost everyone even thanked me. The teachers most of all.” He giggled.

“Good, they should too. So, I know you still think it”s mean of me not to let you spend extra time with your friend, but you”re already starting to understand your body and what it”s capable of, Alex isn”t, and to rob him of his own private learning, could be to rob him of very valuable knowledge. Sure, all boys play with their little erections, but so few play enough to experience an orgasm. You were already almost there, I”d seen the signs, heard the signs, you were so close to going over the edge, so, I allowed Jasper to give you that last little push. Alex hasn”t even gotten near the top of that hill yet, maybe he won”t for a long time yet, but you can”t lead him there, he needs to learn to climb that hill himself.”

“Oh. I guess I kinda did play, a lot, didn”t I?” He grinned brightly.

“Right from the day I brought you home. It was one of the few things you actually did, you couldn”t walk yet, you could barely crawl even, so, you always had your hands inside your diaper, front or back, it never mattered. As far as I can tell you started playing with both front and back well before you were two. When it came time to lotion and cream you for your soggy baby bum changes, you always whimpered and moaned when I rubbed it in, but that was the only time you fussed, when I didn”t slip my finger in to lotion you up. It clicked when on your third diaper change, you reached down and started fingering yourself. So, on your next soggy baby bum change, I did that for you, and you were far happier. I never let you cum though. You were always satisfied as long as I did so for at least a minute or so.”

“Oh. I don”t remember that.”

“No, you probably wouldn”t. That was a little more than half your life ago already.”

“True. What do I do though Daddy, I want Alex so bad. He”s sooooooo cute?”

“Yeah, he sure is a little cutie pie, isn”t he.”

“Mmmhmm. I want him to fuck me and piss in me so much.”

“Mouth, first of all, and second, you”re not even supposed to know anything about that, and Alex almost certainly has no clue anything about that at all.”

“No, he doesn”t.” Baby Gaby said sadly.

“And what about Diapers Baby Gaby. I know you”re a full on baby boy diaper lover, but he doesn”t wear. You can”t force him to.”

“Yeah, but I think he knows that I do, and possibly even you two as well.”

“How so Baby Gaby, we always wear diaper shirts and proper clothes?”

“Just the way he”s checked out all our baby bums before?”

“I”ve seen the looks as well, and maybe he”s wondering.”

“Well, it”s either that or he”s starting to understand who and what he is,” Jasper said. “Because I”ve seen the same looks.”

“Maybe, hard to say.”

“So, Daddy, the pool”s finished, are we allowed to swim in it yet?”

“Was wondering when you”d ask.”

“And is that why Jasper”s still here too?”

“Yep. As for your question, yes, we”re allowed now.”

“Can we please?”

“Sure Baby Gaby, come on.”

“Yippee.” He said and led the way there.

We all stripped down to just our diapers, showered off, and dove into the pool, with our diapers on. Yeah, mine did not take that well, and it came off. Jasper”s barely stayed on, and looks spectacular, and Baby Gaby”s Pampers baby diaper stayed on him, and so he left it, but Jasper just took his off and threw it on the pool deck where I threw mine.

Other than the pool and the hot tub, there is still nothing else inside the pool house, but we will go and get some things probably tomorrow. It is really nice though, the glass is so lightly smoked that you can hardly tell that it is, but it cuts the glare, and from a distance, you cannot see inside at all, but we can still easily see out. It cost way more money than I truly wanted to spend, but it is exactly what I had wanted as well. I did not buy a pool that has a replaceable liner, it is a full tiled pool, more expensive up front, but the overall cost savings are better because of it.

The next day, after our run, I took the boys shopping for accessories and whatnot for our new pool house, and they had a blast choosing things for us to enjoy in there. When we got home, we unpacked everything, and then went for another swim and enjoyed it all.

This morning, Jasper asked me if he could go for a run himself today, and that he wants me to time him, that he wants to try and do the entire run in three hours or less. I am not ready for another run yet, and it probably is not a good idea for Baby Gaby to do so yet either, so I said sure, and so, he took off, and I started my timer. He was back fifteen minutes shy of two hours, so, if I am correct in that our trail is twenty kilometers long, he maintained a speed of about eleven kilometers an hour. Sure, I know that he can sprint way faster than that, but, for his age, I think that actually maintaining that kind of speed is pretty fantastic.

“That”s pretty impressive Baby. How you feeling though, that was some pretty decent pushing I”m guessing?” I asked once I told him his time, and calculated his approximate speed.

“Actually, I feel really good, I”m not winded or more tired than normal. When we run together, I always haveta slow myself down, quite a bit.”

“Good to know. Maybe tomorrow I”ll keep Baby Gaby in the pack the entire time, and I”ll see how fast the two of us can maintain it. I of course always haveta keep a little slower because of Baby Gaby, and I”ve never wanted to really push you, so I always held back a bit as well. Even with Baby Gaby on my back, I”m certain I could maintain that speed myself.”

“But I wanna run too Daddy.” Baby Gaby whined lightly.

“First of all, no whining, second of all, I wanna test that out, and we could probably still afford enough after that to take you for a shorter jog anyway. You”ve started doing really well, far better than I”d expect the average boy your age to manage, and you”ve actually managed to complete the entire run on your own now, so we”ll keep on going “til you can easily keep up to us, but still, at this time, you just don”t have the power in this tiny little body of yours yet to do that, so don”t worry, okay.”

“Sorry Daddy, okay.” He said.

I know that Baby Gaby wants to be able to keep up to us, and he does do shockingly well, but, he just does not have the stamina yet.

“It”s okay Baby Gaby. Just remember, I don”t accept whining of any sort, for any reason.”

“I know, I”ll try and remember.”