Jennie at Bar Louie

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Author’s note: This is a fantasy story detailing one of my dreams and wishes of Jennie… the girl I’ve loved forever! Enjoy!!

I was meeting Jennie at our usual place, a bench outside the movie theatre at the mall, and really had no desire to do anything special. We meet monthly or so, and generally have nothing planned, other than to spend a few hours in each other’s arms. Sometimes we see a movie, other times we’ll walk in a park, and other days we just sit in the car. Bottom line is that we love each other, but are both married to someone else, and just truly enjoy our peaceful, and romantic time together. We are actually funny, and kind of cute, if I do say so myself. We’re both in our mid-fifties, and while there is a very physical attraction between the two of us, up to this point our love affair has consisted mostly of dancing around the edges of sex, without really having sex. We threaten all the time to actually “get a room” and have a night of unbridled love, but for one reason or another we continue to do the dance. A psychologist might be able to find something significant in that, but for us it works… usually.

Today, was a little different, however. As stated, we met at the bench. I arrived first and was twiddling on my phone as I watched Jennie cross the great hall. She is fucking beautiful, and I never fail to get a tingle in my pants when I see her. She is the picture perfect definition of a GILF. (Grandmother I’d like to fuck for those unfamiliar with the term). She’s still blonde, relatively thin, 5′-6″ or so tall, with a “treadmill” tight body, and a very sexy, but casually elegant look. Today she was wearing tight blue jeans, a woven white sweater with thick weave that left a tantilizing view of her skin and bra, and sexy, ankle high, booty heels. I am partial, but I love her look.

Anyway, she sat herself down next to me, casually, but always discreetly, and began rubbing elbows and making small talk. Today I think we were both in a weird space. Sometimes we get together and the emotions and conversation just flow. Other times, like today, it is a little harder to get to the comfort zone. Neither of us felt like a movie, nor was the park readily available, so we decided to take a little risk and have a drink together in a new bar that just opened outside the mall.

Bar Louie was the name of the place, and it turned out to be a very suitable place. An open seating plan, kurtköy olgun escort one removable wall, allowing sunshine and fresh air throughout the place, and no one inside that recognized either of us. Perfect! Jennie ordered a vodka-cranberry, and I had a chilled shot of vodka and a Bud Light. Then we had another, and a little flat bread appetizer, and finally a third drink for each. As the drinks went down, we slowly warmed up to each other and began inching closer, and closer, until we ultimately began our flirtatious dance by touching each other both above and below the table. The drinks and ambience both finally had us relaxed, and typical for us, we were having a great time together. She talked of her family, and friends, and a recent work reunion she had attended, and I blathered on about work and my coaching career. All good, and harmless, and fun, but like always, laced with a heavy sexual under tow.

Finally, the flirtatious banter had to end as my fifty-seven year-old bladder had enough Bud Light and needed relief. I excused myself and headed to the rest room. Entering the bathroom, I noted that there were numerous bathrooms, all unisex – for one set-ups, and my specific unit had a functional lock, with additional hasp and keeper for safety. I thought that set-up was rather odd for a public restaurant this large, but then thought no more about it as my focus turned to personal relief. Finishing, and feeling better, I took a quick hand wash, and made my way back to Jennie.

“Everything come out OK?” was her wise-ass greeting upon my arrival.

“Perfect,” I responded. “I only wish you had joined me,” I continued. “All of the bathrooms are private unisex rooms, and you could have followed me in and had your way with me.”

“Oooohhh, I might have liked that”, she countered. And with that, the waiter entered the scene cleaning up dishes and checking on our drinks, and effectively killing the conversation that was heading in a nice direction.

Ultimately, we went back to our drinks, and our flirtatious dance, but the seedling thought of us in the bathroom was beginning to take root in my mind. And speaking of taking root, as these thoughts were growing in my head, I was beginning to notice the discomfort of a hard cock trying to find available room in my pants. As with many things, timing is everything, and at that very moment where my mind and tuzla escort penis were meeting to fantasize about fucking Jennie in the rest room, she excused herself to go to the rest room herself.

After walking away about 4- steps, she turned back and said, “I won’t lock the door if you promise to give me a minute to do my business and watch that no one else comes in,” she offered, to my utter astonishment.

“Fuck, I do love her,” I mumbled incoherently to myself.

“Go ahead,” I told her. “Your best man will be guarding that door!” I promised.

After Jennie entered, I positioned myself outside her selected room, and did my best “Big guy standing in line waiting to pee” impersonation, allowing Jennie her minute or so to finish her business. But this left me with a slight conundrum. I know that Jennie is very personal about her bathroom activities, and in no circumstance does she get a thrill out of combining her toilet and sexual needs. I, on the other hand, would fucking-love catching her with pants down, making a golden deposit in the bowl. So, a decision had to be made about how long of a minute did I need to give her? Being a complete dog in situations of this sort, I rationalized my short minute decision by convincing myself that she would rather me arrive early than to be kept waiting in a lonely bathroom.

My entry was quick, if not all that stealth. Upon entering, closing, and locking the door, I found Jennie right where I wanted her; pants down, in mid-stream, with a slightly perturbed look on her face. I mumbled an apology, but soon was rendered almost speechless by how beautiful she looked sitting on that bowl. The only thing I could think to do was lower my pants and pull out my hard cock for her to suck, which, God bless her, she did.

I was holding her half by her ears and half by her hair, and guiding her head back and forth along my shaft. This beautiful woman went up and down on my cock like she was possessed, which given the circumstances, I thought quite possible. Saliva was slobbering all over as she went up and down, all the while her hand was pumping my cock, and the whole thing was just so perfect and surreal. I asked her “What do you want Jennie?” Do you want a mouthful of cum, or do you want to get bent over this bowl and fucked?” Huh, which is it, Jennie?”

In reality, Jennie could hardly respond given the hard dick in her mouth, pendik escort and the vigorous sucking, but somehow, I managed to understand her saying “I waw ge fud.”

“Oh, you want to get fucked, do you?” Well, keep sucking this dick for a little bit and when I am convinced you’re ready I’ll give you that fucking you want,” I promised. I loved the feeling of her sucking my cock, but way more than that I loved the vision of her with her pants down on that toilet while she was sucking my dick. As the old saying goes, “priceless”.

But I was not going to last very long at this pace. My excitement, and her enthusiasm, had me near the edge of exploding, and I truly did not want to cum without Jeannie getting the fucking she wanted and deserved. So, I slowly pulled my dick out of her mouth and asked again, “do you want to get fucked Jennie?”

As I was rubbing my wet and slobbering cock over her face, she nodded her head yes and responded, “Oh Jaime please fuck me, please”. So I helped her stand up, turned her around, spread her legs on each side of the bowl, and began rubbing my very hard and wet dick up and down her pussy crack. “Oooooohhhhhh Jaime that feels so good.” “Fuck me Jaime, Fuck me baby.” As she begged for it, I slid my cock all the way inside her in one shot while she groaned “faaarrrrrggggghhhhhhuck me.” I did not need to be asked twice. I fucked her hard and reached my hand around to her clit at the same time, and in a matter of only a minute or two we both came together with an explosive “UUUUURRRRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHH,” which lasted a good minute or two, leaving us both on the verge of collapsing in that tiny bathroom.

“Fuck that was hot” I said to her. But before she could respond there was a knock on the door.

“Are you alright in there?”

“FUCK,” I shouted to myself silently in my head. “Yes,” I responded verbally, “we’re OK, just a little sick. We’ll be out in a minute.”

Jeannie and I both buttoned ourselves up, then cleaned up her face and clothing a little, and did a quick check in the mirror before opening the door and doing a beeline back to our table.

Jennie told me to “pay the bill and I’ll meet you out by the car,” then ran out of the restaurant.

After giving the waiter my credit card, I took a moment to gather myself, and bask in the glory of what had just occurred. This woman that I love, and had been pursuing for near thirty-five years, finally gave in and allowed me to fuck her in the rest room of a crowded restaurant. And we both fucking-enjoyed the hell out of it. FUCK, is she the best or what? When the waiter returned, he asked me if my lady friend was OK, and I replied, “Oh yea, she’s better than ok my friend,” but thanks for asking.