Jenny and Tanya – part 5: private club

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Jenny and Tanya – part 5: private clubLeaving the cabaret-club Casablanca, where the ladies had so much hot fun for their fannies and bums, Mr. Peterson helped his gorgeous guests in their coats and next opened with his friend the cab-owner the doors of the car. After they seating the ladies, Pete introduced his friend: “Meet Joe, he´s a real gourmet!” While Joe drove off, he consulted with him in Dutch the possibilities. They quickly agreed on the first proposition.”Dear Ladies, our friend Joe will take us to a private BDSM club indeed, as Jenny wished. Luckily, it´s quite special and we´ll have it on our own … or at least almost” … Although excited by the idea of more fun, the girls hardly heard him, as they both looked to the lights of Amsterdam night life in old town they were slowly driving by. Feeling he temporarily lost their attention, Peterson returned discussing some details with their driver. In between, he pointed out special spaces to the ladies, which they passed on their way.Outside old-town Joe could speed up a bit, while he talked on his phone in Dutch. Soon we crossed city limits and suddenly stopped in a suburb just beyond in a quiet small street. Where´s the club, the girls wondered, looking around at the row of low story private places. grandbetting yeni giriş Joe invited them in. It looked rather a private house, than a club of BDSM afficionados. “This place is very private indeed”, Peterson explained the young loving couple of ladies, “… It´s Joe´s. He´s a club member, but of ´Cuisine Culinair´. Food lovers, who cook hot meals for each other. We´ll be served bits.But in this place anf for this special occasion, men tend to get more than women, my dears”. The girls were puzzled by his words, but eager for another bite after they only got some soup in Chinatown before the exhausting experiences in ´Casablanca´, so they happilly agreed and sat down, while Peterson proposed them some choice of red wine to recover a bit from the delicious shocks earlier at Casablanca-club.It turned out, Joe had been talking to his daughter, to ask her to prepare for a few guests and some amuses de geule for them. Peterson had overheard him in Dutch, asking the girl to help him set up things quickly, but leave him alone for a private meeting… When we arrived, she was still busy, so Joe couldn´t help but to introduce her to his guests. Rose is only 18, a well-built and tasty looking reddish blonde beauty, whose cheeks blushed grandbetting giriş a bit.Joe understood our priorities well. First he offered the ladies nice little things to eat, to make them feel comfortable and happy. Meanwhile, Peterson informed the ladies on the intended scenario. “This table is large enough to serve dinner to a dozen people, but today it´s the floor for you two. Eat as you like, and next please undress and lay on this table. You will be covered with ´amuses de geule´, little tapas and other small hot bites Joe has in store for us.” As soon as the girls understood the proposition they seemed to lose their appetite for food, as the new dimension of being eaten out started to occupy their powers of imagination. The lovely looking ladies undressed and eagerly spread themselves on the table.Soon they got covered by all kinds of tasty looking small bites on all sensitive parts of their beautiful bodies. Feeling, she might be too young for such fun, Joe thanked Rose for her help and asked her to retire to her room, as he got really eager for getting to gourmet from these warm special plates.Pete wasn´t sure which ingredients he ate, but it tasted very good and the effect on their plates was amazing. Breasts rose and nipples grandbetting güvenilirmi as well. In between we kisssed the ladies on their mouths, sharing the tastes of the delicacies they offered. Neither of us even left milligram there, we were still sucking when the food was gone.Until we remembered more good food on even hotter plates, more spicy now.Making both us and the ladies thirsty.Luckily, one of the rules of the Cuisine Culinaire club of Joe, is that there´s a matching wine for every course. Which meant, that we all four got a fair share at every new taste. When we finally had eaten out their pussies, the girls were both pretty pissed and very wet. We needed only to try to lick them dry, for them come … and get wetter than they were.With her father facing opposite direction, he hadn´t noticed Rose had been watching all the time, praying something would be left for her, while eagerlygetting hot and wet herself. Only old Pete had noticed and smiled to her with a large eye-wink. It was a great turn-onto see her come, while she tried desperately to remain silent… Unfortunately, when her father had regained his senses, she´d disappeared back to her room. Joe made some coffee, which we all sipped eagerly playing with pieces of pure chocolate as candies, which we exchanged in giving kisses. While we gave the girls time to get dressed again, Peterson went outside with Joe for a smoke.Joe called his son, who is so smart to avoid hard-d**gs like alcohol (in favour of softer ones 😉 to ask him to drive us to our final destination of our tour.