Jen’s Exhibition Leads to New Adventures

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Jen’s Exhibition Leads to New AdventuresHi, my name is Jen. This is a true story, honest. I came home one night from being out with a few of my girlfriends, had a bit to drink but wasn’t drunk as such. There was a car in the driveway that I didn’t recognize and when I got inside the house I could hear the TV was on in the living room. I walked into the living room where I found my husband Bill and one of his buddies from work, Dan, watching a porn video. Now I’m not a prude but it did catch me by surprise. Bill and I do watch porn together and I do not have any problem with it at all. I even have some of my own favorite videos that I’ll put on and watch when I’m bored and horny. But we have never watched porn together with anyone else besides just Bill and me, and then it’s usually when we’re going to have a few drinks and make a real night out of it.I’ve only met Dan a few times but he seemed like a nice guy so not wanting to appear flustered by what they were watching I just breezed in and said “hi, everything ok”. My husband replied “yeah all good, just watching a bit of sport babe” (that was his name for porn). My response to that was “I’ll leave you both to it then, night”. I then spun on my heels and headed out the room thinking how well I’d just played that….lol.No sooner was I out of the room and my husband called out “could you grab a couple of beers out of the fridge for us hun, you can have one yourself if you like”. Now there was a challenge if I ever heard one. I thought to myself, right… I’ll show him. “Ok” I shouted back and headed for the kitchen. I got three beers out of the fridge, took the tops off them then picked up two and went back into the living room. I handed the two beers to my husband and he in turn handed one to Dan. “Not having one yourself?” my husband said with a stupid grin on his face. I said nothing as I turned and left the room, I could hear quiet school boy type laughter as I left the room which made me more determined to go back. So with that I went and grabbed the beer that I had left in the kitchen and coolly walked back into the living room.”OK, I’ll have one with you guys before I go up” I said much to the amazement of my fella. I then sat myself down in an armchair off to the side of the room, crossed my legs, and said “so what have you two been up to then” in a rather inquisitive tone.Dan had looked a bit uncomfortable ever since I got home, and even more so now that I was sitting there with them. The girl in the porn video was getting fucked doggy style and was quite vocal about it. Poor Dan didn’t know where to look. He glanced at me then the TV and then at his beer. It was quite funny really. My husband couldn’t have cared less and said “we went down the bar, played some pool then came back here with a pizza and put the sport on. Don’t mind it being on do you”.Still playing it cool I said “whatever… what you want”.It all went quiet for a while except for the porn playing on the TV. Then my husband piped up, “oh come on, look at her, does she know what’s she supposed to be doing with that dick”.I glanced at the TV to see a young lady holding a guy’s cock. Dan mumbled something but I wasn’t sure what he said.”Jen can do better than her and she’s (the porn actress) meant to be a pro” my husband said as he gestured towards the TV.My husband then took a swig of beer and laughing said, “Do you want to prove it babe” as he grabbed his crotch.”Don’t be ridiculous” I said.Laughing even more my husband said to Dan, “she’s shy bless her”. Dan said nothing but his face was beet red. My hubbies comment really annoyed me for some reason. “Well, come on then, get it out.” I said.My husband looked at me with a smirk on his face and said “Don’t say what you don’t mean”.I took a sip of my beer and with a little bit of attitude in my voice said, “I wouldn’t have said it if I didn’t mean it”.My husband laughed again and said, “OK then, come on over here” as he undid his jeans.It had all been just a bit of playful bickering up until that point, and I never thought for one second he’d actually do it. But Bill was now sitting there with his cock hanging out of his pants, looking at me with a ‘well, what are you going to do?’ look on his face. Now I was in a quandary. I can either back down and make myself look like a fool in front of his friend or I go over and play with his dick in front of Dan. I thought what the hell and got up, stepped over to the sofa and sat down between Dan and my husband. I turned myself away from Dan to try to shield his view and started to stroke of my man’s cock.Nothing was said by anyone for a few minutes and I thought I should say something just to break the tension. “Feel better now do you” I asked. “I’d feel better with my jeans off” my husband replied. And with that he quickly removed pants and undies. He settled back down, his legs wide apart. That actually made it a bit easier for me so I then used two hands on him, one stroking his cock and the other playing with his balls.”My wife is pretty damn good at this don’t you think Dan” my husband said.Having my back to Dan I couldn’t see him istanbul escort but just heard him say “looks like she knows what she’s doing” Apparently Dan could see more than I thoughtMy husband soon moved one of his hands up to my breasts and started to squeeze them. It wasn’t long before he started to fiddle with the buttons of my blouse.”What do you think you’re doing” I asked.”Nothing” he said with a stupid grin on his face.I felt the first button release followed by the second and then the rest. He then slipped his hand inside my blouse, took hold of the center of my bra and pulled it up to expose my tits. Once they were free he then started to play with my tits making my nipples stiff. I still had my back to Dan so I figured ‘what the hell’. My husband said nothing and just carried on groping my tits while I continued stroking his cock.A minute or so past then my husband said “hey Dan, have I told you what great tits my wife has”? Dan replied with a little laugh and said “yeah once or twice”.”Hey” I said, “I’ll thank you for not talking about me like that with your buddies”.As my husband continued to pull on my nipples he said “don’t be like that babe, us guys do it all the time. Take it as a compliment, and besides it’s true, they are lovely”.”That may be” I said “but I’d rather you kept those thoughts to yourself.”My husband’s cock was now stiff as a rock from the attention I was giving it. I figured another few minutes of this and he’ll be shooting his load. Then I could finally leave them to their video and go to bed. Bill asked me if I could take my bra off as he said it was getting in the way. I’ll admit that it was a bit uncomfortable pulled up like that so reluctantly I did as he asked. Making sure I kept my back to Dan, I undid the clasps on the back strap of my bra. I slipped one shoulder strap off and down my arm then did the same with the other shoulder strap pulling the whole bra off and down the sleeve of my blouse, tossing it to the side. My husband’s hand slipping once again between my open blouse and he continued fondling my tits. I in turn wrapped my fingers around his stiff pole and carried on stroking his dick.The guys made small talk for a few minutes commenting on what they were watching then my husband said “Jen’s tits are way better than hers.”Dan replied with something like “I could only imagine but I’m sure you’re right.””Come on babe, show Dan your tits. Give him a quick look.” “Oh shut up” I said “don’t be so stupid.””Who’s being stupid” came his reply, “you have a lovely pair, you go topless on the nude beach at the resort so what’s the big deal”I kind of agreed with him about the beach thing and thought what the heck. I already had my husband’s cock in my hand, stroking him in front of his friend. A quick flash wouldn’t hurt. Letting go of my husband’s cock I grabbed either side of my blouse. I then turned to face Dan and in doing so I held open my blouse for a few seconds then quickly turned my back on him again.My husband laughed, “What the hell was that, did you actually see anything Dan” he asked.Dan laughed a little and said “no not really, I blinked and missed it””Come on babe you can do better than that can’t you.”I sat for a second and then said “oh for crying out loud” and with that I turned back to face Dan. I pulled open my blouse again exposing my tits to Dan while also arching my back a little. The arching of my back not only pushed my tits forward but also made them point up a little too. It was a pose that I had done many times for my husband so it came naturally to me.”There, happy now” I said, my stiff nipples pointing directly at Dan.Dan stared at my tits for a few seconds and then said “wow they look fantastic”.Next thing I knew my husband reached a hand around and cupped one of tits.”Nice and firm too” he said. “Have a feel Dan, Jen won’t mind will you babe.”Dan was paying full attention and moved so fast I had very little choice in the matter, immediately cupping my tit that was closest to him. My husband removed his hand from my other tit and Dan took advantage of this, using both hands to grope at my breasts.”Lovely nipples” he said as he played with them.”My wife getting you hard is she?” my husband asked. Dan smiled and said “damn right she is.””Did you hear that babe, you got Dan all hot and bothered now, why don’t you sit back and relax and stroke both our dicks while we watch the sport on the TV.I was still in a bit of a daze thinking about suddenly being fondled by a bit of a stranger and all I could say was “sorry!” in a questioning way. “Come on babe, sit back and get comfy” my husband said as he pulled at my shoulder. Meanwhile Dan was busy getting his dick out of his jeans. My husband took my hand and placed it on his cock, my fingers instinctively wrapped themselves around his shaft. Dan had slid over and was now sitting very close to me with his cock sticking out of his zipper. I wasn’t really sure what to do as events had changed very quickly for me.My husband gave me a little nudge, “go on babe he won’t bite” he said with a little laugh.I slowly moved zonguldak escort my hand towards Dan’s dick and rested the tips of my fingers on its shaft. I then just gently stroked up and down its length, while trying to remember to stroke my husband at the same time.It was all a little much and I started to feel a bit strange and said I needed to get a glass of water and with that I got up and went to the kitchen. I filled a small glass with water and drank it down. I stood there for a second as my head slowly stopped spinning. Refilling the glass I started to head back to the living room without thinking of what I was walking back onto. My mind was still reeling with what had just happened, not thinking about what was going to happen next. Feeling the air on my breasts, I remembered that my blouse was completely open and my tits were fully on show. I was greeted by the site of not only my husband naked from the waist down but Dan also. Both my husband and Dan still had their erections when I walked back in, their cocks laying flat against their bodies as they leaned back in the sofa.”Are you ok babe” my husband asked as he patted the middle seat of the sofa inviting me to sit back down between them.”Yes, I’m fine now” I said quickly, lying a little, as I nervously sipped a bit more water from the glass I was holding. I then placed the glass on a nearby table and took my seat in between the guys as directed.I looked in the corner of the room where the TV was and on the screen were two young ladies licking up and down the shaft of a stiff dick. I looked down from the TV and fixed my glare on the DVD player below trying to keep focus on something else. As I stared straight ahead at the DVD player I placed one hand on my husband’s dick and the other hand on Dan’s. The palms of my hands were face down and I started rubbing their shafts with the heel of my hand as my fingers played with their balls.After a while I took hold of both my husbands and Dan’s cocks pointing them to the ceiling and started to stroke them up and down slowly. Out of the corner of my eye I could see Dan not looking at the TV but instead alternating his gaze between my hand working on his dick and my tits. I was starting to get more comfortable with the situation and began paying more attention to what I was doing, stroking them both slowly, using my thumb and forefinger every now and again to rub around their swollen cock heads.I felt as though I had to say something so quietly said, “Is this ok for everyone?”Both men gave me the reassurance I was after, obviously enjoying the attention they were getting.Feeling a little braver I said, “Now we’re not going to make a mess are we because it will be me that has to clean the sofa afterwards.” My husband laughed a little and said “don’t worry it’ll be fine.”The three of us must have sat there for a good 10 minutes or so, me all the time stroking their dicks with the porn video continuing to play. My husband then leaned over and whispered in my ear “would you mind sucking me for a little while babe.”Now I’ve never refused to suck my husband’s cock because honestly I enjoy it almost as much as he does. So without giving it a second thought, I bent over to my side and lowered my mouth onto his erection. I swirled my tongue around the head and started to bob my head up and down. I managed to keep hold of Dan’s dick but couldn’t do much with it considering the position I was in. My husband played with my hanging tits as I continued to give him head. After a short while I had to sit back up as I found it to be a very uncomfortable position which I mentioned to my husband. “How about if you kneel on the floor between my legs then babe” my husband suggested.At this point there was no modesty left so I said “That would be better” and I got myself on the floor and into position.Kneeling in front of my husband I took hold of his dick, pulling back on it to point the cock head straight at my face. I licked the head of his cock then took it in my mouth again. It wasn’t long before my husband spoke again.”Are you going to suck on Dan’s cock as well” my husband asked.I wasn’t quite ready for that question and was unsure how to answer him. I pulled his cock out of my mouth but kept my head lowered, and without thinking I quietly said “I’ll suck him if you want me to” “I think you should babe” he replied, “Go ahead and suck him now”.Keeping my head down I backed away from my husband and crawled over a bit on all fours to where Dan was sitting. Dan shifted his backside to the edge of the sofa and then spread his legs as wide as he could. I moved in between his legs my face now inches away from his erection. I took hold of Dan’s cock and looking at my husband I said, “Are you sure you want me to do this”? My husband just nodded in approval and so with that I started to lick up and down Dan’s shaft. I lifted up his heavy balls with my fingers and gave them a lick too, half thinking that any second my husband would put a stop to it. After a minute or so I realized he wasn’t going to stop anything so I licked and kissed my way up escort bayan Dan’s shaft again but this time I stroked his cock head with my lips a few times before I slid his cock as deep into my mouth as I could take him and just held him there for a second.Dan’s cock was a little bit bigger than my husband’s but not by much. It was a nicely shaped cock I thought to myself as I slowly started sucking away at it moving my head up and down the his now very stiff pole.My husband moved towards me and took hold of the blouse I was still wearing.”Let’s take this off” he said. Keeping Dan’s cock in my mouth I released my grip so my husband could slip my blouse off completely, revealing my tits that were hanging down as I worked on Dan’s erection.My husband then sat back in his seat and said, “I’m sure Jen won’t mind you having another feel of her tits, that ok babe?”Not being able to speak I just gave a little um-hum as acknowledgment.Dan didn’t need a second invitation. He managed to slide a hand under me and started to grab eagerly at my boobs. Pulling and pinching at my nipples until they were as stiff as his cock, or so they felt. I continued to concentrate on Dan’s cock, one hand wrapped around the base of his shaft and the other hand playing with his balls as my mouth, tongue and lips worked on his now very bulbous cock head. I glanced over and caught sight of my husband; he was no longer interested in the TV but instead was looking intently at me and what I was doing to his friend, all the while stroking his own rock hard cock.There was just a few more minutes of this action before Dan said “Fuck…. I’m going to cum soon”. My eyes darted back towards my husband. What was I supposed to do I thought. My husband obviously picked up on my anxiety straight away and simply said “you’re in charge babe.”Before I could make up my mind what to do, Dan’s cock started to pulse and almost immediately a shot of cum hit the back of my throat. I quickly decided that I wasn’t going to swallow him but kept his cock in my mouth so he wouldn’t shoot cum everywhere.Six or seven jets of cum flooded into my mouth causing me to cough and gag just a little, and quite a bit of it leaked out, running down his cock onto his balls.Once Dan had finished cumming, I moved my mouth off from his dick and released the grip I had had on it, my hands covered in cum. I could then see the combination of my saliva and his cum running off his balls onto the sofa cushion. I quickly grabbed my blouse of all things and went to shove it under him asking if he’d lift up a bit. Raising his hips I slipped my blouse under him so no more of the gooey mess went on the sofa.I then sat back on my heels on the floor feeling quite ridiculous for what I just did with my blouse and not quite sure what to do next.I had the taste of another man’s cum in my mouth and asked my husband to hand me the glass of water I had brought in earlier. I drank it all down as Dan continued to catch his breath. Having finished my water I then said that I’d go and get something so Dan could clean himself up. I hurried into the kitchen and grabbed a roll of paper towels; I then headed straight back into the living room, and handed the roll to Dan.Feeling rather awkward I told my husband that I was going to head upstairs. Not waiting for a reply I shot upstairs at double quick speed. My mind started to race thinking that things had gone way too far. Ok I knew my husband had encouraged me but what was I thinking, sucking Dan so intently that he came and then allowing him to cum in my mouth.These thoughts whizzed through my head as I entered the bathroom. I looked at myself in the mirror and to my horror I had some of Dan’s cum stringing down off my chin, how did I not notice that before. I washed my hands and face then brushed my teeth. Walking back into the bedroom I took the rest of my clothes off and got into bed.I could hear the guys downstairs talking but couldn’t make out what was being said.Then I heard the front door close and the sound of my husband’s footsteps coming up the stairs.”Are you ok babe” he asked in a concerned tone as he entered the bedroom.”Yes I’m fine, how are you feeling, did it all go too far” I asked worriedly.My husband reassured me that everything was fine and when he got into bed we talked for quite some time.It turned out much to my surprise that my husband had wanted for some time to watch me blow another guy. He also confessed to me that he liked watching me perform more than he thought and asked if I would be willing to do it again and on a regular basis. I agreed in principle along with a few conditions, one of them being that Dan was our only other partner. Once we finished talking things over my husband was quick to bury his face into my pussy making me cum almost straight away. I then sucked his cock for a short while before he screwed my brains out.So guess what, Dan was invited over the very next evening. I felt quite awkward when he first arrived since it was obvious that he was only invited over because I was going to suck his cock again. That awkwardness soon disappeared though once I had his cock in my hands. He also became a very regular visitor as well.And I’ve come to really enjoy having him cum in my mouth. I still don’t swallow his cum – I save that for my husband. But Dan has also gotten better about warning me before he cums so that we don’t make such a mess – LOL.