Jesse (Jane) and the Landlord

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Jesse (Jane) and the LandlordJames was in guy mode, but sitting like a prissy princess, browsing his favorite online crossdresser store, looking at lingerie, breast forms, and sex toys. He was just about to hit the “check out” button, when suddenly he heard someone at the door.Knock. Knock. Knock.James quickly shut his laptop lid. He cleared his throat and checked the door. It was his Landlord, Ronald. He wasn’t supposed to be here for another fifteen minutes. He guided him in to the kitchen. It was rather hot that day, so James was wearing an old gym short-shorts. James could feel Ronald’s eyeing his legs.”Would you like some water?” James asked his landlord.”No thank you, I need to talk to you about rent. You have fallen behind a couple months.” He said, scratching his beard. They walked over and sat on the couch adjacent to one another in the living room.”I know; I have been trying to get you some cash. I am really sorry.” James said, looking down at his hand, twiddling his fingers.”James,” Ronald started, “We can’t keep falling behind. Do you have any thing bursa escort you can pay for rent at this moment?” He asked as she sat down on her couch.James reached over to the table and checked his wallet, “I got about two hundred.””Okay.” Ronald said, “That is a start, still leaves a balance of six hundred seventy-five.” He said. He began smiling a bit. He had the experience to know where this was heading. Still, he played the innocent act, waiting for James to make the proposition.”Here you go, I will have more for you in a few days.” James said.”Um, sorry James. There really isn’t any other option. We’re going to have to evict you.” Ronald said, “unless, you can think of another way…” and he man spread his legs.”What are you suggesting.” “As a landlord, we monitor your browsing history. It’s in the contract. I know what you’ve been upto.”“And what’s that?”“Please, James, don’t act coy. I know you want to something to be shoved down your throat. And I can help you with that. Get dressed or get packing. I’ll be back later tonight.”Ronald walked out of the apartment bursa escort bayan like he owned the place—which he did. James sat there, opening his wallet again, hoping money would magically appear. Yet still, there was only $200. His only option was to perform for his landlord.Come to think of it, he wasn’t that bad looking. He was a bit older, balding a bit, but he was probably a hunk back in hay day. It didn’t hurt that he was tall and a successful land owner. He went into his room and opened his closet and picked out a blouse, skirt, stockings, high heels, and a neon-pink wig. The thought of trading a favour for rent started getting James hot. He felt his cock chubbing, and his nipples became hard. He began rubbing them slowly until he calmed himself and told him he would need to save the enthusiasm for a little later.It was night time, and he heard the doorbell again. James’ heart rate increased. He looked in the peak-hole and saw this landlord dressed in a wife-beater and shorts. For some reason, this disgruntled look turned James right on. escort bursa He loved the idea of pleasing a sleazy landlord as a sissy tenant who can only do one thing right: satisfy the sexual pleasures of men.When the door flung open, Ronald’s mouth dropped to the ground. The old “Listen to what I say or else” mentality was gone, and he was completely soft. Ronald played right into James’ hands, and this made James feel powerful—and horny!James led Ronald by the hand into the bedroom, and told him to sit at the edge of the bed. James started by putting on his favourite sissy porn music video that had an awesome upbeat mix playing in the background. This made him feel playful and stripper-like, so he began dancing for Ronald. He put on a bit of a show for him.I started by dancing at a distance, showing him what he was getting.“You’re amazing, what is your stage name?”“Call me… Jane” Original, I know right? But I always imagined myself as a girl, and so Jane was the girl name I came up with early on when I first started crossdressing as a boy growing up.// End of StoryANOTHER FUN ONE TO WRITE! I love you all, thank you so much for your kind encouragement. I love xHamster and it’s community. Please msg me with more compliments. I’m also looking for readers to look over my drafts BTW, so hit me up!