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Subject: Job Seminar, Chapter 2 Job Seminar, Chapter 2; the Return Trip I’m Billy. I’m 28 years old, 5’7″, short light brown hair, blue eyes, former gymnast. I work as a Chemist in Quality Control for a manufacturing facility. My job sent me to a seminar on a new kind of spectrophotometer which we were getting the lab where I work. My seminar was over around 4:00 PM. I had checked out of my hotel room during our morning break and my bag was already in my car. I stopped by a drugstore on the way out of town and bought a bottle of lube. I had been thinking about my experience at the truck stop on the way to the seminar, and I had already decided to stop there again on my way home. It was around 5:30 PM when I got to the truck stop. I picked up the lube and headed inside. I was wearing my usual sparetime attire, athletic shorts and a t-shirt, no underwear. My athletic shorts have a small waistband pocket into which I put my car key. I left my wallet and everything else locked in the car. There were a few men in the men’s room when I arrived, but no one interesting. I claimed the center toilet stall where I had found cruising success on the first leg of my trip. I stepped inside, dropped my shorts to my ankles and took a seat. I sat there and waited with the stall door open to see what I might attract. From my seat in the stall, I could see, in the mirrors over the sinks on the opposite wall, men coming into the restroom, and I could see some of the urinals. Several men and some boys came and went without showing any interest in the guy (me) in the open stall. Then Tyrone came in. Tyrone didn’t go to a urinal. He came straight to my open stall and stepped inside and closed the door. He knew what he was there for. Tyrone was a tall, lanky black man with a big friendly smile. He immediately unbuckled his belt and opened his pants, exposing his mammoth prick. I grasped the rubbery cock in my hand, not believing how big it was. I stroked it and it began to stiffen in my hand. I had heard that black men were well endowed, but I wasn’t expecting this. Tyrone’s cock was circumcised and at least twelve inches long with average girth. I leaned forward and took the dark plum-like head in my mouth. It swelled inside my mouth. I was going down on my first black cock and it was huge. I swirled my lips and tongue around the juicy knob, then lowered my head until I felt the fat crown pushing into the start of my throat! I relaxed my jaw and forced the head to slide into my throat. Tyrone gasped at the feeling of tightness as his monster cock slid into my esophagus. I was surprised at myself, taking such a huge cock down my throat. I slowly pulled back up the spit slick shaft until I was sucking sweetly about the head, swirling it about in my mouth. Then I went back down again, repeating the move as I slowly took the full prick back into my mouth and throat. I was getting used the size of Tyrone’s monster meat going down my throat, when he suddenly asked, “Do you fuck?” “Yeah,” was my eager reply when I pulled my face off his huge pole. I had placed the bottle of lube on the toilet paper dispenser. I retrieved it and applied a liberal amount to my fingers which I transferred to my rosebud anus. I poked my finger into myself to wet the inside. I wasn’t concerned about the girth of Tyrone’s cock, but I wasn’t sure about the length. I then applied a liberal amount of lube to the twelve inches of man meat before me. Then I stood up and turned my back to Tyrone. I leaned forward with my hands against the back of the toilet stall and arched my back, offering my ass to Tyrone and his stiff, black snake. I felt the head of Tyrone’s fat cockhead at the entrance to my mancunt. He pushed forward and I took a deep breath and felt the head slip past my anal ring. I had taken cocks this diameter before so his entry was not bad. I was still concerned about how I would accommodate his length. I continued to relax my sphincter by inhaling and exhaling as Tyrone’s pole continued its journey through my bowel. Soon, I felt his wiry, black pubic bush tickle my white bubble butt cheeks. He was in to the hilt. He rested there for a few seconds before he began to fuck me. When he began his thrusts, he would pull back until his plum-sized cockhead was almost out of my rectum, and then he would plow back into me to the root. He was there for the orgasm and he was anxious to get there. He pounded my ass with his fucking. I was beginning to regret that he was my first fuck of the day. If there had been another cock inside me first, I would have been better lubricated and more opened up, but that wasn’t the case. I was also concerned about the effect his huge tool was having on my insides. I hoped he wasn’t tearing up my colon. The positive side was that he was massaging my prostate with every stroke and it felt really good. My hard, throbbing, six inch dick was flowing precum into the toilet below me. Tyrone fucked me relentlessly for about twenty minutes until he finally slammed into me and I could feel his balls unloading his manseed inside my sore ass. He pumped about six times discharging sperm deeply (twelve inches) inside my colon. After grinding his hips against my bubble butt to drain all his ejaculate into my ass, he pulled out. I collapsed, sitting on the toilet seat. His slimy cock was in my face expecting me to clean him up. I opened my mouth and he shoved the slick cock in and down my throat. He face fucked me until he felt he had wiped his cum and my ass juices from his long cock. I tightened my lips around the shaft as it withdrew from my mouth. Tyrone pulled his pants up and stuffed the softening monster back inside. He reached out and tousled my hair as he opened the stall door and stepped outside. I sat and watched in the mirrors as he went to the urinal to piss before washing up and leaving. I wasn’t sure I could take another cock after the violation I had received from Tyrone. But as I was thinking that, a handsome college student walked in. He went straight to the urinals and relieved himself. When he turned to go to the lavatories, he saw me in the mirrors. He almost did a double take. There I was sitting in a stall with my shorts around my ankles and the door open. He took a step toward my stall and looked as if asking, “You giving blowjobs?” I nodded and motioned for him to come inside, which he did. He was about 5’7″, same as me, with medium length, dark hair, brown eyes, wearing tight fitting Levis and a red t-shirt. The Levis tightly outlined a nice sized package. He closed the stall door and offered his groin to me. I reached out and unbuttoned the fly of his Levis, exposing pink boxer shorts. I tugged the tight fitting Levis down over his hips and then the boxers. A fat , semi-erect, cut cock flopped out in my face. It was nestled in a dark brown bush of soft pubic hair. I pushed his t-shirt up revealing a dark brown treasure trail leading up a flat stomach to his navel. I leaned forward and took each of his furry balls into my mouth and bathed them with my tongue. I then took the pink mushroom head of his expanding cock between my lips. It swelled inside my mouth. The young man leaned toward me offering me more. I grasped his bare butt with both hands and pulled him toward me so he was standing between my legs as I sat on the toilet. I pulled his butt toward me again and his fat, veiny cock shaft slid all the way into my mouth and the head went down my throat. “God!”, he exclaimed grabbing my head with both of his hands. I began to work my tongue around the cock shaft getting it really wet. I pulled my head back allowing his cock to slip most of the way out of my mouth before diving down on it again. “Oh, wow!” he exclaimed this time. With one hand I reached under his furry ballsack and gently massaged his hen egg sized testicles. “God,” he said again, this time not as loudly. I continued to work my tongue around his firm, manmeat and I moved my head back and forth, swallowing the pink cockhead each time. I kocaeli escort could taste his pre-cum and feel his balls working up his cumload to feed to me. I pulled my head back and let his stiff, wet cock fall from my mouth. “You want to fuck me?,” I asked. He looked a little shocked. “What do you mean?,” he asked in reply. “I mean do you want to shove your cock up my ass and fuck me.” I answered. “Wow,” he said. “I’ve never done that.” “Now’s your chance,” I told him. “How about it?” “Sure, I guess so,” he replied with uncertainty. I pushed him back from me so I could stand. I got the lube bottle from the toilet paper holder and applied a little to my ass, even though I was still slick from Tyrone’s assault. I had wet the young man’s cock sufficiently with my mouth that it didn’t need any lube. I turned my back to him. I reached behind me and grasped his throbbing, precum-dripping cock and guided it to my swollen asshole. I pushed back toward him and the fat, pink cockhead slipped past my anal ring. The young man gasped. “God,” he said again. I began to work my hips back and forth, wetting his hard cock inside my colon. He soon got into the action and began to fuck me. He grasped my bare hips with both his hands as he began to ram his manhood into my hungry mancunt. He was getting a little rough and seemed desperate to achieve orgasm. I let him have his way. He could have his first man fuck however he wanted it. Surprisingly, he didn’t cum as quickly as I thought he would. He pounded my ass for about ten minutes before he finally shoved deeply into me and I could feel his blasts of warm manseed shooting into my bowel. He backed off and rammed into me again delivering another blast of his semen. Then again. I think he unloaded five or six times before he relaxed and pulled his softening cock out of my cum-dripping asshole. He leaned back against the stall door while I turned around and sat on the toilet seat. I put my hands on his hips and pulled him to me. I took his cum-covered softening cock into my mouth and cleaned his nice, fat, young cock. I tickled his piss slit which caused him to giggle and pull away. “Wow, that was fantastic,” he said. “I’ve never done anything like that.” “There’s always a first time,” I told him. I helped him pull up his boxers and stuff his manmeat back inside. We pulled up his tight-fitting Levis and tucked his package snuggly inside before buttoning up. “Thanks,” he said as he turned and opened the stall door. I patted him on his cute ass as he walked out. I watched his ass, tightly packed into the Levis, as he walked to the sink to wash up. Although I consider myself strictly a bottom, I would fuck that ass given the opportunity. Other men came and went to the urinals and a couple used the stalls on either side of me. No one seemed to pay any attention to me sitting in the center stall with the door open. Then a guy who looked like he might have played football walked in. He used the urinal and went to the sink to wash his hands. He saw me in the mirror. We made eye contact. When he had dried his hands, he turned and came to my stall and stepped inside. This guy was about 38 yr old, 6′, 220 lbs, sandy blonde hair with a lightly trimmed beard and mustache. He closed the stall door and opened his pants. A thick, circumcised cock fell out. He wasn’t wearing underwear. He stepped forward and offered me his hefty manhood. I wrapped my right hand around the hardening shaft and felt it growing in my hand. I leaned forward and tickled his piss slit with my tongue. The cock throbbed and grew some more. A little urine leaked out . I licked it off. I placed my lips around the cockhead and ran my tongue around the head getting it really wet with my spit. It continued to swell until it reached a thick 8 inches in length. Heavy veins stood out all around the shaft. The cockhead was like a large purple plum. It looked like a mean cock. I wanted it. I took the cock in my mouth and went down on it to the root. His sandy bush was pressed against my lips and nose. The purple plum had pushed into my throat. I bathed his shaft with my tongue. The guy rested his hands on my shoulders, trusting me to provide his pleasure. I worked my mouth up and down the thick shaft of his rod. He moaned softly as I provided pleasurable sensations to his reproductive equipment. “Can I fuck you?,” he asked as I was working his manhood in my mouth. I pulled back and let his big cock fall from my mouth. “Yeah,” I answered enthusiastically. I stood up and turned to face the back wall of the stall. I arched my back offering him my twice used ass. I knew with the action it had seen this evening, I didn’t need anymore lube. I felt the guy’s cockhead against my rosebud hole as it pushed to enter. The anal ring gave way and the plum sized head was inside me. He slowly pushed forward until his sandy pubes were tickling my white, bubble butt cheeks. He rested a few seconds to allow me to adjust to his fullness in my colon before he began to fuck. He fucked me with slow deliberate strokes. Slowly all the way in, and slowly out until only the plum was inside my sphincter. He moaned softly as he savored the sensations of my velvet lined bowel on his thick manhood. He fucking was like a train engine starting up. It started slowly and very, very gradually picked up speed. It was so gradual, we were fucking for five minutes before he reached top speed for climax. When he did, he slammed his body against mine and I could feel warm cum flooding my guts. I was slammed six or eight times with blasts of thick man juice before his pace began to slow, again like a train coming to a stop. He held me against him for several minutes after his orgasm had subsided, before slowly withdrawing his softening cock. “Man, that was great. Thank you,” he said. “You weren’t bad yourself. Thank you,” I replied as I turned to face him. He stuffed his meat back into his pants and closed them. He started to turn to leave the stall when he suddenly turned back to me and kissed me. It took me by surprise. It happened so quickly, I didn’t have a chance to kiss him back. He turned again and left the stall and walked out of the men’s room. There were other men in the restroom at that time. A few noticed he had walked out of the stall where I was standing with my pants around my ankles. One of those men was an older man wearing a suit and tie. He was very distinguished looking with white hair, sixtyish, about 5’9″ tall, maybe 180 lbs, clean shaven face. He looked at the other men in the restroom before he walked into my stall and closed the door. I sat down on the toilet. He unzipped his suit pants and fished out a flaccid uncut cock and a pale ballsack with large goose egg sized balls inside. He shook the cock and it began to come alive. I watched it grow in front of my face as he continued to shake it. I was surprised as it continued to grow until it was about 10 inches in length. It never got totally hard, but it was hard enough. When he was satisfied at his tool’s stiffness, he offered it to me. I took the foreskin covered cockhead in my mouth. I pushed my tongue inside his foreskin and ran my tongue around the cockhead. He was already leaking precum. I placed my right hand around the shaft and jacked it as I proceeded to take his length into my mouth and down my throat. He stood quietly as I swallowed his older manmeat. I began to go up and down on the cock. My hand on his shaft helped control and guide the not-totally hard cock as it fucked my face. I could feel his precum running down my throat. He massaged his balls with one hand while I blew him. His was a really nice sized cock. I hated to miss a cock this size up my ass, even if it wasn’t totally hard. I pulled my mouth off the slobbery, wet cock, still holding the shaft in my hand. “Would you like to fuck me?” I asked him. “I would enjoy that,” he replied. I stood and turned my back to him, offering him my ass. He placed his hands on my hips. I felt him push his kocaeli escort bayan uncut cockhead against my hungry hole. I relaxed and the cockhead slipped inside. He continued to push forward until his manhood was completely buried in my colon. The older man began to work his tool inside me. This man knew how to fuck. He hit nerves in my ass chute I didn’t know I had. He would shift his body and the angle of his entry to sensitize new places. He would shift gears and go into a different fuck speed. I had never experienced a fuck like this. My 6 inch dick was hard as it had ever been and precum was flowing into the toilet below me. Regardless of the speed or the angle, his cock hit my prostate with every stroke. I was going to cum and it was going to be a big one. “I’m going to cum!” I shouted, unconcerned about who might hear me in the restroom. The older man shifted gears again and went into “maximize Billy’s orgasm mode”. I don’t know what he did, but I felt like my ejaculate would shoot through the wall, I came so hard. He continued to fuck and I continued to cum. I had never had an orgasm that intense. I didn’t want it to stop, but I eventually ran out of seed. The older man, sensing that I had completed my climax, shifted gears again into “cruise”. He continued to stroke in and out of me at a leisurely pace. My dick was deflating and the dregs of my cumload were dripping into the toilet. After “cruising” for about 10 minutes and allowing me to recover from my mega-orgasm, he shifted into “overdrive”. Again he was hitting places in my colon I didn’t know were there. My dick was coming to attention again. I could tell I was going to cum again. “Umph!” was the sound he made as I felt him begin to pump his cumload into me. “Umph” was accompanied by hard thrusts against my bubble butt. I could feel his balls banging against the back of mine. My own dick began to pump cum into the toilet again. This orgasm wasn’t nearly as strong as the first, probably because I didn’t have any sperm left to shoot. But it still felt really good. He must have unloaded ten volleys of ejaculate into my already cum-filled ass. When he was finished, he rested against me for several minutes, before slowly withdrawing. Even though it never got totally hard, it still comfortably filled my bowel. I hated to lose this one. It “popped” when it slipped out of my anal ring. I could fell cum running down my legs. By the time I turned to face him, he had returned his organ and gonads inside his suit pants. He was straightening himself to regain his look of dignity. “That was fantastic!” I told him “Glad you enjoyed it,” he said. “I enjoyed it too. Thank you for having me.” With that, he turned and opened the stall door and walked to the sinks. He washed and dried his hands. He smiled back at me as he walked out of the men’s room. Again, there were other men in the room as he left. One who was obviously waiting for his opportunity, was a biker. He immediately strode to my stall, stepped inside and closed the door. Biker was probably 35 yr old, 6’2″, short black hair, blue eyes, black mustache, 230 lbs, wearing a white t-shirt and motorcycle leathers; leather pants, leather vest, leather cap and motorcycle boots. He had tattoo sleeves on both arms of skulls and naked ladies, and one side of his neck was tattooed with Mighty Mouse. He opened his leather pants and pushed them to his knees. He was wearing a leather jock strap underneath. It looked like it was about to burst with what was contained inside. He pushed the jock down releasing a thick, semi-hard, uncut cock and big balls. These were surrounded by a bush of wiry black pubic hair. He didn’t say anything, but turned me around and pushed my head toward the back wall of the stall. I arched my back and offered him my ass. He took it. I felt the head of his uncut cock pressing against my rosebud anus and, without any hesitation, he shoved it inside me to the hilt. My ass muscles wanted to eject this foreign object that had so painfully forced itself inside me, but biker held my hips tightly against his groin. I could feel his wiry pubes scratching my butt cheeks. He didn’t waste any time and began to ram his hard manhood in and out of my sore ass. After awhile, my well-cum-lubricated ass chute accepted his cock and I began to feel the pleasure of his rod massaging my prostate. I was leaking precum again. Biker liked to fuck roughly. He also liked to change angles and speeds, but not as well as the older man. I could feel cum from my previous encounters leaking down my legs and biker plowed my ass. In short time, biker was grunting and breathing heavily as he began to cum. He slammed into me harder with each thrust of ejaculation. His warm manseed mixed with the seed of my previous four partners as he emptied his heavy balls into my bowel. When he finished cumming he pulled out abruptly and spun me around to face him. He pushed me down onto the toilet seat. “Clean me up,” he ordered, shoving his thick, six inch, cum covered cock in my face. I opened my mouth and he shoved his slimy, cum-covered cock inside. He held my head to keep me from pulling off his cock. I bathed his cock with my tongue, tasting the cum of him and my other breeders. I ran my tongue around inside his foreskin. I sucked to ensure I had all the cum from his balls. I moved my mouth up and down the thick, veiny shaft sucking it clean. When he seemed satisfied that I had cleaned his softening cock sufficiently, he pulled it from my mouth and stuffed it back inside the leather jock strap which, in turn, was stuffed back inside the leather pants. He adjusted his junk, turned and opened the stall door and walked out of the restroom. There was no one in the restroom at this time. Good, I needed a rest. I think I had had enough cock for this visit. As I sat with the stall door open, allowing the five loads of cum to drain out of my ass into the toilet, a highway patrol officer walked in and went to the urinals. I saw him in the mirrors, and he saw me. He was about 6’3″ tall, 200 lbs, buzzed hair, clean-shaven face, wearing a crisp, clean, tan uniform with black boots. I quietly closed the stall door and proceeded to clean myself up so I could get dressed and leave. Suddenly, there was a loud banging on the stall door. “Open up,” a voice demanded. I stood and opened the door, my shorts still around my ankles. It was the highway patrol officer. I just knew I was busted and was going to be arrested. The officer stepped inside the stall and closed the door. He didn’t say anything. His steely blue eyes just stared into mine, as he proceeded to unbuckle his belt which he withdrew from his belt loops. He turned me around to face the back wall of the stall and pushed my head down. I offered him my ass. Next thing I knew, he slapped my white, bubble butt cheeks with his belt. “OW!” I screamed, as he swatted my butt again. He must have hit my ass with his belt ten times before he stopped. I screamed every time. He turned me to face him and pushed me down to sit on the toilet. It hurt to sit, my butt cheeks were so sore. He proceeded to open his pants and pull out an already-hard, 7 inch, cut cock. The angry, pink, swollen, mushroom head was leaking precum from his piss slit. He aimed it at my face and, with one hand on the back of my head, forced me to go down on it. I took the dry cock as far into my mouth as it would go in its dry state. I slobbered my spit all over the heavily veined shaft. As it became wetter with my spit, it slipped further into my mouth and down my throat. His hand was still on the back of my head moving my head back and forth to suck his cock. When the officer decided his cock was sufficiently wet, he pulled his cock from my mouth and jerked me up off the toilet. He spun me around and bent me over the toilet again. I was expecting another belting. Instead, I felt his cockhead at the entrance to my mancunt. It shoved brutally inside. His hips slammed against yahya kaptan escort my severely sore butt cheeks. He held my hips as he fucked my raw ass. He was not a subtle fucker. He rammed in and out of my ass, as if trying to punish me for being there. I felt like there was nothing I could do but take whatever he wanted to dish out. He was the law. This was a long lasting fuck. I could feel the head of his cock sliding against the walls of my colon. Fortunately, I had plenty of cum from my previous partners to well-lubricate my anal canal. His cock was also massaging my prostate, so in spite of the discomfort, I was aroused. This rape of my ass by the highway patrol went on for about fifteen minutes. The stimulation of my prostate by his cock had me dripping precum again. I was going to cum again. My dick began to shoot my warm, sweet, sticky gism into the toilet. When I came, my ass muscles began to squeeze and stimulate the officer’s man root and he began his orgasm. He ground his hips into my painful butt cheeks. I could feel his orgasm as his cock exploded load after load of semen into me. With every spasm of my ass, he would shoot another glob of cum into me. Finally, my orgasm subsided and the officer’s did also. He slowly withdrew his cock from my ravaged hole. I could hear him tucking his cock back inside his uniform. I was afraid to move, not knowing what to expect next. He grasped my shoulders and slowly turned me to face him. I was scared. Still holding my shoulders, he leaned in and kissed me gently on my lips. “Be careful, kid,” he said, and he turned and opened the stall door and left the restroom I was never so relieved in my life. I collapsed onto the toilet seat. I relaxed, as best I could, considering how sore my butt cheeks were and the fear I had just experienced. I let my ass drain into the toilet. Then, much to my surprise, guess who walks into the men’s room. The young shirtless, curly blonde headed trucker who started this activity yesterday. He was still shirtless as he went to the urinal to relieve himself. When he shook off his cock, he came straight to my stall without putting it back in his pants. He smiled at me and I smiled back at him. I was glad to see him. He stepped inside the stall and closed the door. I reached out and took his cock in one hand and pulled him toward me. His cut, seven-inch, heavily veined semi-hard cock looked as good today as it did yesterday. I leaned forward to took the pink mushroom head in my mouth, swirling my tongue around it, tasing some residual piss. The cock was growing stiffer, to its fully erect size. I went down on his hard, veined shaft pushing his cockhead into my throat. I felt his cock throb and swell. He began to fuck my face. His blond wiry pubes were tickling my nose and lips each time he bottomed out in my throat. I massaged the shaft of his manhood with my tongue as it plowed in and out of my wet mouth. His low hanging ball sack slapped against my chin and neck with each forward thrust of his manmeat. I wanted it in my ass, but I wanted to taste his ejaculate. I wondered if I could have both. I continued to suck. I cupped his low hanging nuts in one hand and massaged them as he face-fucked me. I gently squeezed, encouraging them to give up his seed and feed my throat. He began to moan loudly as he picked up his pace and slammed my face faster. I squeezed his balls a little harder and tightened my lips around the pistoning shaft of maleness. I could feel his nuts draw up toward his body as his cock swelled and there was an explosion of cum into my throat. He continued to piston in and out as more and more of his sweet/salty manseed filled my esophagus. I could feel its warmness as it ran down into my stomach. He gave a few final jerks of his body as his climax subsided. I sucked the softening cock clean as he pulled it from between my sore lips. When it fell from my mouth, I grasped it in one hand, not wanting him to get away just yet. “Want to fuck me?” I asked. “Of course,” he replied. “Give m a few minutes to recharge.” He leaned back against the stall door with his cock going limp, hanging out of his pants. We exchange small talk for a few minutes. Finally, I reached out and grasped his limp cock in one hand and pulled him away from the wall. I didn’t exactly pull him away by pulling his cock, but my pulling on his cock certainly encouraged him to come toward me. When he was close enough, I took his soft, limp member in my mouth and began to massage it with my tongue. Soon it was coming to life again. I massaged his nut sack with one hand, gently tugging, encouraging the two testicles inside to produce another load of sweet, creamy cum. It was not long before my tongue attention to his manhood had it hard again and ready to plow my hungry ass. When I was sure his cock was sufficiently wet, I let it fall from my mouth. I stood up and turned my back to the shirtless stud and offered him my white bubble butt and the tight, well-used orifice contained in the crack between them. Shirtless didn’t waste any time aiming his wet, hard cock at my swollen hole and pushing inside. He sank to his blonde pubes in my anal chute. I heard him moan in pleasure as the tightness of my mancunt enveloped and swallowed his shaft to the hilt. He was still for a few seconds savoring the tightness surrounding his cock. Then he began to fuck. He was a very vocal fucker, grunting loudly with each powerful thrust into my ass. He slammed his groin against my butt cheeks as if trying to go deeper than the length of his cock would allow. I was enjoying the feel of his cock plowing my hungry ass and would have taken him deeper if it were at all possible. Since I had swallowed a good load of his gonad milk, only a few minutes ago, shirtless was taking a long time to work up to another climax. In the meantime, I was enjoying the ride. I met every thrust of his loins into my butt. His hands were holding onto my hips as he rammed his drill rod in and out of me. My own hard dick was swinging back and forth dripping precum all over the toilet and stall floor. I could feel his low hanging nuts swinging against the back of my nut sack with each forward stroke. After a good twenty minutes of ass pounding, he finally screamed and began to unload his balls into my mancunt. I milked his cock with my ass muscles encouraging him to give up every drop of his manseed. Make a major deposit in my hole, which he was doing. He must have shot another six or eight loads into my sucking asshole before he collapsed his weight onto my back. I supported him until he regained his strength to stand and withdraw his drained cock from my wet ass. I collapsed onto the toilet seat. I held his hips and pulled him back to me and sucked his cock clean of cum and ass slime. When he was completely soft and clean, I released his manhood from between my lips and tucked his cock and balls back inside his pants. He fastened his pants and smiled at me as he turned and opened the stall door and stepped out into the men’s room. There were several men in the restroom who had heard the noises shirtless was making. They watched him stroll leisurely out of the men’s room. They could see me sitting in the toilet stall, so they probably had a pretty good idea what was going on. I had had enough for the evening. My ass was sore and full of cum from seven different men. I closed the stall door and allowed my ass to drain into the toilet before pulling my pants back up. I stood and opened the stall door and walked across to the sinks where I could wash up and ensure I wasn’t leaving with cum all over my face and hair. The men in the room didn’t say anything. I’m not sure what they were thinking, and I didn’t care. I had had and enjoyable evening and was headed home. Maybe I would be sent to another job seminar soon. If so, I knew I how to entertain myself on the way there and back. ************************************************************************** Please consider making a donation to fty to help keep the website free. It costs to lease the server space. If you enjoyed my story, send me an e-mail and let me know. If there is something you want Billy to experience, let me know. Thanks for reading. Billy ook Shirtless guy from story 1