John fuck my wife at work

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John fuck my wife at workMy wife’s boyfriend John schedules an appt to see my wife at her work. He typically schedules the last appt of the day so they can spent time together. He comes in as he usually does closes the door behind him. The shop is small about 200sqft. With two service chairs and a shampoo chair. Blinds are always closed. Wife removes her mask as does he. He grabs my wife and kisses her. They are both so happy to be in each other’s arms again. John doesn’t get away from his wife very often. They make out heavily. Lots of passion and sexual chemistry between them. My wife and I haven’t had much sexual chemistry since my ED issues. They stop kissing and she performs the usual services. After the services John grabs my wife and removes her work shirt. She typically wears a small tight tank top under her scrubs. John prefers no bra so she never wears one. He removes her scrub shirt and expenses her tight little tank. Her breasts are quite large and her ısparta escort nipples always pleasantly hard for John. He kisses her again and rubs her breasts in his hands. Pinching her nipples slightly. I haven’t felt or seen my wife’s breasts since her and John began making love. She feels it’s disrespectful to John. Since John is the alpha male now I comply with her wishes. He begins rubbing her pussy through her scrub pants. She never wears underwear. My wife has very thick labia. Underwear always rub her to discomfort so she doesn’t wear them. Not wanting to get her scrubs soaked she pulls them down and exposes her pussy to John. I have also not seen or touched her pussy since John began having her. He begins to rub her clit softly sliding his fingers inside my wife and back up to her clit now that she’s nice and wet. She removes Johns belt and pulls his pants down as he removes his boots. His cock is fully erect and ready escort ısparta to penetrate my wife again. He slides down in the chair a bit and she whips her leg over him and straddles him. He grabs his cock and directs it up to her wet pussy and she sits down on him as his cock penetrates inside her fully. She moans quietly to let him know how good he feels inside her. He says, “oh my god baby”. She smiles and asks him “yeah?” She begins to grind her hips with his cock as deep inside as it can go. She moans as she grinds. My wife has organisms very easily it doesn’t take much effort in the right positions with the right guy. She grinds him until her first orgasm. She lifts herself up and turns around, but John has had enough, he wants to be in charge. He takes her and bends her over the side of the chair and forcefully penetrates her. She loves when a man is alpha and takes her how he wants. John is very good at this. He begins ısparta escort bayan to pound her, his hips slapping against her big round ass. She reaches back and says shhhhh….too loud. He tells her to arch her back. She arches it as much as she can exposing her asshole to him to see, but interest isn’t in her asshole just yet. He wants to watch his cock penetrate my wife’s pink pussy. He begins fucking her watching the ribs of his cock head penetrate my wife’s pink labia. He begins thrusting harder and breathing harder. My wife can tell he’s about to unload his semen deep into her pussy. As he grabs her hips he moans quietly and presses his cock as deep into her as he can go and ejaculates his semen into my wife. My wife smiles as she loves when a man marks his territory with his semen. She also knows how much I enjoy knowing another mans sperm is inside my wife. He slowly pulls his cock out of my wife and grabs one her her towels for her to clean herself with. She sits down on the towel for a few minutes as she semen leaks out. Once most of it is out they get dressed and kiss each other passionately and leave the shop together. my wife comes home and tells me all about it. Keep in mind I’ve barely even kissed my wife in her shop. No sexual contact at all.