Joy in Canvassing

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My name is Juicey Labia. I am 58 years old, reasonably attractive with a well-toned usually tanned body. I am a community activist, an Advocate for Women’s and minority rights and a fiercely independent, ultra- liberal liberated Feminist and totally Avant-garde. I sometimes canvass for progressive women candidates for local and national office. Occasionally I write articles for Alternative women’s magazines… I was married once but never had any children. Dating was rather sparse for me after the divorce, despite my good looks which was evident in my long mirror as I came out of the shower…The full salt and peppery hair, the facial Anne Bancroft look-alike, the semi-firm breasts, concave belly, the thick black bush, shapely ass and legs. I look sexy, too bad the men cannot see that.

The Longest Day

I was assigned by my friend Lisa Pagan’s special election campaign for Congress to canvass in the Avon Trailer Park on the outskirts of town. It is a well-kept leafy neighborhood with some racial, ethnic and culturally diverse residents. It was late morning on a hot day of the Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year, when I set out to canvass. There was an air of festivity in some parts of Avon. The first two contacts were dismissive but the third responded favorably. His name was Rex, originally from the Caribbean, about 40 years old, athletic looking and easy on the eyes. The décor in his spacious cozy trailer was such a delight and filled with the sound of modern Jazz.

He offered me some wine and cheese and grilled lobster which he claimed is an aphrodisiac. Rex was very well informed, knowledgeable and very much Avant-garde. We talked we laughed we shared a joint; I was very comfortable with him and apparently my name turned him on. I became tipsy as I drank more wine then I felt sweaty, hot and horny…I went into the bathroom to piss and Rex followed me. When I got up Rex wrapped me in his arms and kissed me deeply for long moments. I could feel his hardon against my belly. I began to tremble, my cunt clenched and my clitoris throbbed. I did not resist as Rex undressed me in the bedroom then quickly removed his clothes.

My eyes were fixed on his huge, super thick 10-inch cock jutting out like a sword. I lay on my back my legs drawn up bent at the knees and spread wide open…Crouching between my legs Rex stroked my opened cunt from anus to clitoris with his cockhead feeling the fire inside my cunt. I made whimpering, cooing noises as he plunged into my soaking pussy and my inner walls promptly sucked his dick in all the way to my womb. Searching the deep secret places inside my cunt, the hard cock plunged symphonically into my soaked crevices. I felt the rising heat, the enveloping, the stretching, the swallowing, the total pleasure in my resonating flesh. My pussy moaned and grabbed; it was a fiery furnace. I felt the sun coming thru the window, illuminating Rex’s bronzed flesh, flushed with a sheen of sweat. The heavy scent of cunt filled the room as his cock thundered in and out of my twat. And I wanted it harder, rocking my hips, tightening my grip as Rex fucked me and fucked me harder, deeper, relentlessly. “You love it, don’t you Juicey?” asked Rex. “Tell me”.

Oh, God I was so full of his cock, choking with pleasure as I suddenly exploded in a thunderous, screaming orgasm, my body thrashing about on the bed, triggering Rex’s own powerful release flooding my cunt to overflow with hot cum. I heard Rex whispering to me “Oh baby, baby, you came so beautifully”. Much later the bedroom was drenched bonus veren siteler with sunlight. “I want you again” I whispered to Rex, pushing him onto his back and taking his cock in my mouth. I felt his own passion re-ignited as I sucked and sucked him into granite hardness…Then I mounted him, slowly lowering myself onto his solid erection. I watched it disappear completely into my hairy grotto.

“You’re so good to fuck with” I whispered, rocking back and forth slowly, rhythmically. Rex sucked my nipples, I moaned, my wet pussy riding his dick expertly, slamming against his crotch. My breasts quivered, rising and falling with my panting. My cunt squeezed his cock tighter, then suddenly I screamed in orgasm, collapsing on top of him, my body a quivering mass. He held me there for long moments, stroking my back, my ass. “Please let me stay with you awhile” I pleaded, then fell asleep.

After more wine and another joint, Rex fed me some delicious Caribbean dish…Standing naked by the window I gazed at the vermilion sunset, sipping wine when Rex wrapped his arms around me his hard cock wedged into my ass crack as he nibbled my ear lobes, then slowly put me on all fours on the beach towel covering the rug. Pushing his huge dick into my wet twat we fucked desultorily; long lingering thrusts and withdrawals, alternating with strong, sustained thrusts into my warm cunt, my asshole…He stroked my breasts, clitoris, my ass; blending, merging, fucking; in an abundance of free-flowing juices…Creating multi-sensory images in my head, cascades of mountain streams avalanches. Torrents of unrelated textures; fur, rock, tapestry…Our bodies hot, opening into celestial distances my body wracked with powerful spasms as I came and came, triggering Rex’s own orgasm as he flooded me with a torrent of hot cum. It had thus far been one of the most memorable and important experiences of my life. I felt incredibly good about myself as I drove home…


The Sunday morning was alkaline, dampened with primary colors, heavy with the scent of cloves and jasmine. It had been ten days since my tryst with Rex and I missed him sorely. I was tempted to call and ask him over to fuck me. Alone with no visitors, no distractions, rhythmic compulsive thoughts ferment and vibrate in my mind. The previous night was fractured into pieces, the darkness outside stiff and bland and unreal. My dreams were wild that night. In my sleep I dreamt of massive hard cocks on huge muscular men waiting in line to fuck me. I finally decided to call Rex when the phone rang. It was him asking me over, my anticipation was at fever pitch…Rex had company, his best friend called Duke an uncanny mirror image of Rex in both looks and intellect; he was a bit more muscular with a terrific sense of humor. He exuded such sensuality and magnetism that made me fall for him easily… His touch, kisses and caresses thrilled me, my cunt ached my thong was soaked with juice, I desperately wanted to be fucked by Duke and Rex beamed with approval.

When Duke stepped out of his clothes his massive horse cock the color of mahogany and much bigger than Rex’s, sprang out looking ferocious swaying from side to side ready for action…Strong rays of mid-Sunday morning sun came thru living room window. I stood facing the window, naked, soaking in the heat sipping the strong herbal brew Rex had made. I had been on fire all night long, my sexual appetite utterly prodigious. I felt rejuvenated and totally rediscovered my capacity for pleasure and joie-vivre as Duke rubbed bedava bahis his massive dick against the crack of my ass while fondling my soft breasts; I was all passion and enthusiasm.

“There is joy and magic in copulation for self-healing, empowerment and transformation” he said, quoting a Tantric adage. “Tell me about it” I whispered. Duke began to whisper obscenities into my ears while rubbing my clitoris. “I love it when you talk dirty” I said, grinding my ass into his groin, making his cock swell up, bigger and harder. It felt delicious. Eager and impatient, I helped Duke settle between my thighs, clutching his massive hard dick and guiding it into my steamy pussy. I moaned, squeezing his ass as he thrust deeply into my yielding flesh. Bouncing frantically at the feel of the large cock, I raised my legs and locked them around his waist. “Oh, Duke” I crooned, savoring his long, deep thrusts. I was lost in the riptide of his powerful lingering strokes. I clenched then loosened my thighs rhythmically, opening and closing my cunt to his expert pounding of my twat. I swallowed his entire length and girth inside, licking his ears, moving with him, my cunt gripping the dick very tight. Duke fucked me with dedicated expertise as tremors spread thru my body, from my cunt to my belly and thighs. Spasms of tightness opened and clamped down as hoarse rhythmic groans issued from my gaping mouth. My legs were flexed and spread wide.

Powerfully Duke drove deeper into my womb staring down at my agonized face, I was totally abandoned to the exquisite pleasure, calling his name, begging him not to stop. Then I began to shake and tremble violently in orgasm, screaming continuously. My body became limp as the tremors subsided. I could feel Duke’s throbbing cock as he rested inside me for a while. I was utterly calm and at peace. Outside the trees were a waterfall of birdsong. He began to fuck me again…My gut heaved, my clitoris screamed, the cock was alive and very hard, pounding into my depths skillfully, relentlessly until I screamed and buckled in a gut-wrenching violent orgasm again. I came and came, on and on; and still I came. I felt a big puddle beneath my ass; Is it cunt juices, is it blood I wondered.

While I was still shuddering and bleating, Duke pulled back some and aimed his cock at my G-spot and began to stroke me there smoothly, luxuriantly, leisurely while tears ran down the sides of my face. And still I came and came, again and again…The fucking was exciting, exhilarating and poignant. Heat, lust and pleasure spilled and bubbled until Duke with a roar, unleashed a torrent of hot creamy semen into me, gallons of it. We entered another dimension, and then dissolved into a long, throbbing moments of liberation, silence and oblivion.

Several hours later Duke and Rex fucked me sandwich style round the clock. They fucked me senseless. I have never been fucked like that in my entire life and never will be again. They opened up and stretched my cunt and my asshole permanently. It was fucking that will last me a lifetime…I was in a daze, disoriented and could hardly walk when they were done with me. At last I’d finally discovered my prodigious sexual appetites and at my prime age of 58 years, and a fucking voracious, raging cunt to boot. Did someone say that the Huge Black cock and its marvelous, indefatigable performance is a myth? Well, they better read this story!


Duke’s call one Friday afternoon coincided with a strong desire by me to get into some serious fucking, after two weeks of abstinence. deneme bonus Rex had to fly to Trinidad for a family emergency and will be gone for a while. Meanwhile he was available for a get together. I was over at his town house in a flash. He offered me some cognac and showed me his collection of African carvings and artifacts. They were simply stunning.

He wasted no time as he began to kiss me passionately and fondle my breasts, his hard cock pushed against my crotch. My knees wobbled and I began to tremble; I was a goner! He laid me back on the bed and opened my legs wide. I reached down and spread open my soaking cunt to his gaze. My clitoris was hard with liquid heat. Slowly Duke began to enter me, giving me an inch of his massive cock at a time until it was all the way inside my very buoyant twat. I writhed on the bed like an eel as he filled me with the granite-hard cock and began stroking deep into my cunt. My hips squirmed fast and furiously like a burning snake as my pelvis made circles on the bed and thrusting my swollen, drenched pussy in the air, pushing it against the drubbing dick.

“You’d like me to play in your cunt for a long, long time, don’t you” he asked. He fucked me and fucked me with dedication and determination for a very long time. I began to gush juices as Duke pushed deeper and deeper into my twat, stirring my cunt in circular motion while rubbing the base of his cock against my hardened clitoris. My legs flew up in the air, kicking erratically as I lifted my cunt up for more. “Oh Jesus Duke, this is too much” I muttered then convulsed violently screaming, my body twisting every which way.

He rested inside me, supporting his weight on elbows and knees, looking down on my happy face. “Fuck me some more” I urged him and he started to move inside my pussy again. My cunt was still hot, luscious and sticky like the breezeless afternoon. We were lost in the rhythm of our movements, fucking radiantly. The hard contractions of my pussy, squeezing the hard cock; squeezing and pulling, I moaned and moaned with pleasure. I cried out in delirium as his cock breached my cervix. The man was indefatigable fucking me harder and harder while I cried out my juices streaming down to form a puddle beneath my ass, ripe, pungent cunt juices. Lifting me, moving me, sensations broke over us, the tension rose and my body whinnied as we became ignited with a blinding explosion. I came a third time screaming, I was breathless as I felt Duke’s, gushing semen like a geyser in my trembling body. Peace and quiet returned.

I was in a rapture; I felt a spiritual presence around us as I embarked on a long journey into my woman’s being, my divine femaleness where a thousand orgasms awaited. We came and came, a myriad times, with Duke pumping gallons of spunk into my cunt; our abundant love juices formed a puddle beneath my ass. Finally, we lay in carnal glory; I continued to tremble until we fell asleep exhausted. Duke kept me over the weekend, fucking me senseless round the clock, all over the house. His huge hard cock, driving, carving into my cunt-flesh, my throat, my asshole, spearing me, regaling me storming my G-spot again and again…His cock moved thru waves of a remote fire in my pussy, bewitched, holy. I glowed, a very wet tumult; he made me scream and heave and moan and melt beneath him. Letting out long animal cries as he spurted, ejaculated and gushed thick milky spunk, juices of joy into my womb. Into my throat, my asshole. And I came and came like a chain reaction of explosions…On the third day the heavens broke into a loud thunder, as the downpour from the murky sky pounded the window panes…”You were wonderful Juicey” said Duke.

“And you buddy, know how to fuck a woman into rapture,” I said stroking his cock. The canvassing had become a distant memory.