Julie takes control (part 1)

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Julie takes control (part 1)Me and Carrie got together about 4 years ago. We met each other on an adult dating site.After we both got divorced, from other people, we agreed to give it a go together.Carrie has two k**s, one lad, aged 25 and one lass, 23.The first time I met her daughter, Julie, she was a bit off hand with me, understandable as she thought I’d split her mum and dad up.All I remember from the first meeting was that Julie was slim and her perky tits showed well through her thin t-shirt. She has lovely thin long legs and fantastically round arse. She never really thought she was good looking but she really is.It was quite a while later until she accepted that me and her mum were serious about each other.Me and Carrie bought a house together and made sure there was enough room for her k**s to stay over if they wanted.One weekend, Julie came home from University and came over for the night to have a catch up with her mum.I had a few beers, Julie headed to bed about 11. Carrie went about 12. I stayed up for a night cap and headed upstairs about 12:30.The bedroom door to the spare room, where Julie was sleeping was slightly ajar, I couldn’t resist peeking in to “check” on Julie I was hoping to catch a glimpse of her young naked body.She was fast asleep facing away from the door. I thought about getting in bed behind her and how her young skin would feel against mine. I wondered what her tits would feel like and if her nipples would get as hard as her mums. I decided it would be wrong for me to do that.As I started to make a move to the bathroom to get ready for bed, I noticed a pair of Julie’s knickers by the door. They were virginal white with black lace edging. I reached out slowly and picked them up from the floor. I headed to the bathroom so I could smell Julie’s juices from the day. My dick obviously liked the aroma coming from her gusset. It smelled so sweet. I decided not to wank to them but rather try to remember the joy that filled my nose, my lungs and what felt like my balls. I wiped the little bit of dampness on my face.I finished getting ready for bed, returned Julie’s underwear and headed to bed with the smell of Julie’s juices on my nose.I cuddled up to Carrie, she was facing away from me so I could cuddle up behind her. My dick was still hard and its way between her arse cheeks. Carrie stirred and moaned a little at the feeling of my hot cock. I went to sleep with my cock pressing against Carrie’s arse and the smell of Julie on my face.The next morning I woke up to a cup of tea made by Carrie. I got out of bed, put my robe on and headed downstairs for some breakfast. Carrie was in the kitchen as normal, naked under her fluffy robe. Julie was still in bed.I’d finished my breakfast when I heard the shower turn on and knew Julie would be naked in the bathroom. I said I was going to get dressed. As I started to climb the stairs, I could see the bathroom door was ajar. My heart started racing at the thought of seeing Julie naked and wet.As I went past the bathroom, my dreams were answered. Julie was stood facing away from the door, in the shower with the hot soapy water flowing down her gorgeous body. Her arse was a wonderful thing to see, small but peachy and looked just right for slap or two before getting stuffed with sinop escort a large dick and giving it a huge load in to the depths of her ring.I hovered outside the door for what seemed like ages just looking at Julie’s amazing frame. She then bent over to pick some shower gel up. I got a more than decent view from the rear of her pussy lips and arsehole. My dick almost exploded. I could see she kept herself well groomed. Her pussy looked bald from behind. I do like a nice bald pussy, it lets you see everything and makes everything slippery when wet.I gazed at one of the most amazing views I’d ever seen in real life. Julie stood up and I thought I better make a move in case I got caught perving over who could be my daughter in law some day.I headed to our bedroom and got dressed. My cock was on fire and raging hard I so wanted to wank over Julie and let her see how big my dick was. I knew I was going to wank later at the thought of ploughing my dick in Julie’s tight pussy and arsehole, I wanted to make her scream for more as she came over my dick.Later that evening, we were all sat watching TV. Carrie was wearing a short summer dress which floated temptingly above her knees and rode up when she bent over almost exposing her cute arse. Julie was in a t-shirt, skirt and sheer black pantyhose.I had a job from keeping a hard on away sat with two beautiful women, even if they are mother and daughter.Eventually Carrie said she was going for a bath which would leave me and Julie alone, the first time since I smelt her panties and saw her naked from behind for the first time. I knew I wouldn’t be able to hide my erect penis from showing through my jeans.Once Carrie had gone upstairs, Julie sat with her feet tucked up under her bum, I could just about see up her skirt but not quite to her crotch. I still wondered if she had a completely bald pussy. I was so tempted to ask her.All of a sudden Julie turned and asked me if I enjoyed the show earlier, I said “pardon”. She said she’d left the bathroom door open on purpose and heard me coming up the stairs and stopping at the door looking at her. She said she’d bent over on purpose so I could see her arse and pussy. She said she’d got wet at the thought of me perving over her and her causing me to get a hard on. She admitted to playing in the shower after she knew I’d seen her and she’d cum at the thought of me seeing her naked.I confessed that I did see everything and it gave me a raging hard on. She smiled and asked if I’d like to see more. I immediately said yes, who wouldn’t.She said her mum had told her about how much I like pantyhose and that’s why she was wearing them today. She then moved her skirt a little bit further up her thighs, my eyes were almost popping out of my head as my dick was trying to escape from my jeans.Julie said that I could only look. She stood up and walked over to me, I could see a little glint in her eye that I’ve never seen before, it was a glint of naughtiness, I liked that.As she got to me, she turned round and bent right over showing me her pantyhose covered arse, it looked even better close up. I could see her sexy panties underneath, they were like the ones I smelled the night before. I still had no idea if she knew I’d smelt her juices. She pulled her skirt escort sinop up to around her waist, I so wanted to run my hands over her bum and explore every crevice of her body with my fingers. Julie stood up and turned round, her pussy was level with my eyes, her mound looked amazing, I so wanted to shove my face right in there and lick her through her pantyhose and panties.She pulled her garments up and gave herself the most amazing camel toe, I almost shot my load right there and then.All of a sudden we heard Carrie coming down the stairs. Julie quickly got back to normal and sat next opposite me with her legs just far enough apart so I could see that little white triangle through her pantyhose, geez, that turned me on. Carrie came in the room wearing just her robe. I could tell she was naked underneath, I hoped she wouldn’t notice my dick at full attention.Carrie didn’t stay in the room very long, she picked up her phone and said if she wasn’t out of the bath in an hour to go and check on her. I wondered what was going to happen in the next hour. I was about to find out if I was finally going to fuck the daughter of my partner.As soon as Carrie had left the room, Julie parted her legs a little further so I could see right the way up her skirt, all the way up her legs to her young pantyhose clad mound.She stood back up and came over to me, pulled her skirt up so I could see the outline of her lips and slit. Such a horny, hot sight to see. She opened her legs, climbed on my lap and sat down, her legs were open straddling mine, her tits were level with my face, I so wanted to bury my face in her chest.She put her finger on my mouth, as if to say stay quiet. I just wanted her now. She slowly started lifting her top, firstly exposing her cute midriff, she’s got such a cute little belly, just right. I could smell her now, her aroma filling my head.Julie carried in lifting her top until it came off completely. Her bra was skin toned and cover her little tits, she didn’t need any support in that department though. I whispered that I would do anything to see them. She unclipped her bra and held it against her front and said, how much would you do again, I said anything. She said that she likes big dicks and she could feel mine pressing on her pussy. That made me even harder.She let her bra drop and she moved it and let it drop to the floor, her tits were now fully out, they looked amazing, just the right size for her petite frame. She took her hands, put them on the back of my head and pushed my mouth to her nipples, I licked and sucked both of them in turn making them hard. Julie’s nipples were almost as big as her mums and stuck right the way out. Her skin tasted so good and it was so smooth. I wanted to lick her all over.Julie knelt up and her groin was now level with my face, she still had her hands on the back of my head. She pushed my face into her covered crotch. Shit, this was an amazing feeling. She said I needed to lick her through her underwear. I didn’t need an invite, I could smell how turned on Julie was. She was getting really wet, I could start to taste her through her now wet underwear.I asked if I could see her pussy and I wanted to know if she shaved it clean. She said, why don’t you pull my pantyhose and panties down sinop escort bayan and find out.I put my hands around the back and slipped them down the back of her clothes, her arse felt amazing, so smooth and pert. I slowly started pulling her clothes down, I wanted to remember the first time I saw her pussy in all its glory.As her clothes moved down little by little showing more of her pussy mound, there was not a trace of any hair. As I moved her clothes further down, exposing all of her clit, I moved my head closer and flicked her clit with the end of my tongue, she squealed a little as she realised what I was doing.She eventually got up and said, bugger this and took off all her clothes and laid on the sofa and said that I had to lick her properly now until I made her cum on my tongue.She was a dirty bugger, totally unexpected from the daughter of my partner, I know where she got it from though.I didn’t hesitate in getting stuck in to Julie’s pussy, it had been ages since I’d licked a bald pussy. I flicked her clit and tickled her hole with my fingers.I gently pushed one finger in her pussy, it slipped into her tight hole with ease. I licked my finger as it came out so I could get a proper taste. It tasted so good. I slipped another finger in, Julie moaned and I knew it wouldn’t take long for her to gush all over my face, I wanted to drink it all and make sure none of it went to waste.I gradually parted her hole so much that I could get my tongue right the way in. My dick was about ready to explode.I pulled her hips up a little so I could get my mouth around all the lips and hole. This was an amazing feeling. My fingers were so wet with Julie’s juices, I pressed one against her arsehole, Julie yelped a little and said no one had ever touched her there. I took that as a sign that I was going to break her anal virginity. I swirled my fingers in her pussy to get them really wet. I moved my middle finger to her arsehole and gently pushed, I moved it around a little and then it popped in. Julie jumped and then groaned with enjoyment. I carried on licking her pussy while I slowly fucked her arse with my finger. After about 20 seconds I heard her moan and her body tensed up. I knew she was going to cum. I was actually going to make the daughter of my partner cum on my face. She shuddered and tried to keep quiet so her mum wouldn’t hear anything from the bathroom.Julie kept shuddering while I licked her quicker and quicker and fucked her arse quicker and quicker. It felt like she was never going to stop.Eventually her body relaxed and gently took my finger out of her arse. I carried on licking all her juices from inside her pussy and then made sure there were none left on her lips.Wow, that was amazing she said. I don’t think I’ve ever cum like that before. I know why my mum likes you so much if you can do that to a woman.I watched Julie get dressed, watched her put her panties and pantyhose back on, she picked up her bra and wrapped her tits back up. When she finally got dressed, she sat next to me and whispered in my ear how much she enjoyed that and thanked me for such a good orgasm. She also said there may be more to come. I looked forward to that. After about 10 minutes, Carrie appeared, we sat and watched TV until it was time to go to bed. Carrie went up first, Julie then gave me a hug, a kiss, groped my dick and winked at me with that naughty little glint in her eye.I didn’t know the next time I would get to feel that close to Julie but I knew I would in the future.