Jump Me

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Jump MeA work of fiction about sex with a stranger and is intended as entertainment. Like all stories I have written every word of it and the images are those found on abandoned on XH.I didn’t ask her age, perhaps I should have I thought for a brief moment. But my cock was doing the thinking for me as I watched this cute young blond strip out of her skin tight shorts and pulled her top up exposing her shaved pussy and round tits that begged for attention. Her green eyes seemed to look deep into my soul and knew that my arousal was begging to take her right there in my car.Just 20 minutes before this it was closing time at my local watering hole and a young woman at the end of the bar had been chatting me up most of the night and had me hornier than a ten puckered Billy Goat. But just as I was fantasizing about suggesting we take a ride a guy comes over from the video machines in the back and glares at me. “Got a problem Buddy?” He asked as she pulled her off the bar stool and headed for the door.I took my last gulp of whiskey, dropped a ten dollar bill in the tip jar, and left the bar wishing I wasn’t such a fool to get horned up over someone’s wife or girlfriend. Why I let any woman get me so horned up was my failing, but this young woman had a way of looking at a guy that just made me think we could get something going. “But what the fuck old man,” I thought to myself as I unlocked my car, “you are 71 and she is, well who fuck knows how old she was.” I got into the car and decided to take the long way home by staying on the surface streets instead of taking the expressway as I usually did. I wasn’t under the influence but I sure didn’t need any trouble at this time of night with a couple shots of whiskey still on my breath. I circled around the bar leaving the parking lot and switched the radio on to have some noise in the car.Not more than a half block away from the bar I approached a big box store that had closed much earlier. I saw a car with the hood up under a parking lot light and a person bent over looking into the engine compartment. There wasn’t another vehicle in the lot and from the slender legs poking out of skin tight shorts I knew it was a woman. I pulled in and using the window control rolled the window down on the passenger side and asked, “Got trouble?”I heard a voice, “Yes, the damn thing won’t turn over. Can you jump me?” Obviously it was a young woman from her voice and she made no attempt to straighten up. There was something familiar about that form lying half under the hood, the tight blue shorts had ridden up between her ass cheeks and her legs begged to be touched by hand or cock. “Fucking A I would love to jump you,” I thought as the form twisted at the waist and I immediately recognized the young woman from the bar.“Can you jump me?” she asked again and then, “Hey you are that cool old guy from the bar.”I had no way to process being called a “cool old guy” by a young woman. I had no problem with being referred to old because I am 71. From my experience anyone past the age of 30 for this younger set was ancient and clueless. In fact I had been made aware of the veiled insult by the millennial crowd of “Ok Boomer.” It seems that for some reason the differences in our minds had produced this instant reaction on both sides of the divide. Boomers didn’t think much of millennials and vice versa.I looked all around the parking lot and didn’t see the guy that had dragged her out of the bar and asked, “So your guy friend? I don’t need trouble with him.”“Oh that’s my older brother and he seems to think he is the boss of me. He saw his buddy in this lot with two women in the car and had me pull over. Well when the talk of blow jobs started I came back to my old car and then he took off with his buddy and left me here with the car. He didn’t even wait to see if this old wreck would start again after we had trouble with it at the bar. I have had nothing but trouble with the starter thingy, do you know where it is under here?”I shut off my car and got out to see what I could do. “What buca escort is it doing, or I guess what is it not doing?” I asked her.“It just sort of rattles when I turn the key.” She said standing up and thrusting her tits out at me. My immediate thought was this movement was meant to be some sort of enticement to help. I needed none, she was out here after 2:00 AM in the dark with a bum car, no one should have that sort of problem. And I knew that like me she had a few whiskeys before leaving the bar and the scent of booze was never a good thing if you were calling for help.“Get in and turn the key, let me hear the rattle,” I said as I leaned over the hood unable to see a thing in the dark.I looked back at her as she walked around to get in the car and as she got in her tight little shorts pulled up so tight between her legs I saw a pronounced camel toe and my cock rose to the occasion. She had one foot in the car and the other out and those stretchy thin shorts, almost like tights with no legs, had me thinking of anything but her car. She turned the key and I heard what I immediately knew was a starter drive assembly problem.“Okay, that’s enough,” I said waving my hand to stop with the key.“Can you fix it?” she asked still setting in her car with her camel toe prominently displayed by the interior dome lights. “Can you jump me?” She asked again. And just like the first time she said it I imagined having her bent over the hood of her car with my cock shoved deep inside that beautiful camel toe she continued to display so prominently.“There is no fixing this tonight, not out here.” I said. “It’s not a problem with the battery.”“Shit,” she said and put her head on the steering wheel, “I am going to be in deep shit. My dad told me not to take it but my lame ass brother insisted and promised we could get us home. I guess him getting a blow job from some skank was more important that keeping his promise.”She got out of the car and the camel toe vanished from view. “Look,” I said, “you don’t know me so here is what I suggest,” I said keeping a safe distance from her so that she wouldn’t feel like I was coming on to her. “I can call a tow truck for you or….”“No, no, I can’t do that, my Dad will kill me. Can I beg a favor?” she asked and batted her eye lashes at me and again thrust out her tits under the thin t-shirt. “Can you take me to my friend’s house? I can make it worth your while if it is out of your way.”I looked around the lot again, “I am not sure what to do,” I said, “after the way your brother acted in the bar I don’t need trouble.” I said knowing I wouldn’t leave her out her alone.“Can we get in your car and talk about this,” she said, “it is kind of cold out here.”I opened the passenger door for her and circled around and got in. By the time I got in the car she had turned her back to the door. Her left foot propped up on the seat and the camel toe outline was back in plain view and just inches away from me. My cock took over all rational thought as it throbbed at the sight of her crease showing through the shorts.The skin tight fabric of her shorts was pulling around the edges of her pussy and made it bulge out as if being squeezed between my fingers and my lust for that cunt drove me to distraction. There was no way to look away from the display in front of me and yet my instinct was to try to ignore it. “This could all be a set up,” I thought, yet my thinking seemed be centered in the tip of my cock that was more than likely a noticeable bulge.“I guess I could drive you to your friend’s place, but I hope you know that I don’t need trouble. I mean you appear to be a very nice young woman but how do I know you are not setting me up to get beat up by you brother?” I asked figuring I just as well let her know that all her sexuality was not preventing me from have a bit of caution.“I really need your help,” she said as she gave me that little girl pouty look that woman never forget how to use at the right moment. “Okay,” I said opening my door, “let me shut your car hood, anything you need out escort buca of your car?” “Just the keys, oh yeah my cell is lying on the seat” she said as I shut my door and went to her car. I shut the hood and looked for her cell phone and grabbed the keys locking the doors. I went back to my car and when I entered the young woman was setting nearly naked in the passenger seat.She had stripped out of the skin tight shorts and pulled her t-shirt up showing me her beautiful naked form. Her shorts, such as they were, lay on the floor. I didn’t see any panties or thong so suspected she skipped them when getting dressed. My dirty old mind told me that helped show off her crease. “I told I’d make it worth your while Daddy,” she said as she smiled and wigged her hips. She was shaved and her smooth white skin was flawless and begged to be touched. Her tits were round and I could almost feel her nipples between my lips.“Well uh,” I said not sure what to say, “I didn’t mean that you needed to do this.” I said as my eyes focused on that smooth beautiful pussy that had been a perfect camel toe under her shorts. Now it was soft pink flesh and I could clearly see her clit waiting to be teased.I looked up and noticed her green eyes as she held her t-shirt in her teeth. She released the shirt half covering her tits and said, “I love older guys they really know how to treat a girl.” She rolled across the seat and pulled her knees under her as she ran her hand across my cheek and down my chest.“I noticed your bulge in the bar, were you thinking about fucking me as we chatted?” She asked. When I didn’t answer immediately she said, “Maybe you thought that a young woman wouldn’t want a man your age.”Her hand came to rest on my cock that was aching to be released from my jeans. “Well I will tell you Daddy,” she said as she fumbled with my belt and zipper, “I love older guys because they know how to use their tools so well. And it feels like you are ready to use yours.”My hand instinctively went to her tit hanging under her t-shirt and massaged that silky soft mound of flesh. “I knew it,” she said, “You’re a booby sort of guy, right?”“Yes, but I also love pussy.” I said as I ran my hand down under her and cupped her smooth hairless pussy. “You did know your shorts were showing me a perfect outline of this?” I said as I ran a finger along her slit that was wet and slippery.“I know, young guys call it a camel toe.” She said as she released my cock and immediately put her lips around the tip and I felt her tongue circle around it. “Oh that poor thing,” she said as she pulled off, “He has been all cramped up in your jeans.” She said as she tugged at my jeans to give her more access.I continued sliding my fingers along her slit and found her clit and massaged around it and felt her tremble each time I passed over it. “I want to make you cum,” I said, “I want to feel you lose control as I bring you to that point of no return.” And as I finished speaking I pushed a finger inside of her and felt the smooth wet walls of her womanhood.She had her lips around my cock again and bobbed up and down and I knew I had released a bit of percum which didn’t seem to bother her. I pushed her head down with my free hand and felt the tip of my cock hit the back of her throat and she moaned on my cock.I felt her try to pull off my cock and let go as she smacked her lips when she released my cock. “I don’t think a blow job is ample payment for being such a nice guy.” She said as her hands circled my now wet cock and jerked me a couple times. “If you come around to my side I’d love to ride that cock of yours and you will know just how hard an orgasm I have.”I didn’t need to have her repeat this as I jumped out of my side of the car with my cock pointing the way, and opened the passenger door. She stepped out and shivered with the cold night air. I got in and reclined the seat with my pants down to my knees. She got back in and with a little fuss was straddled over me. I pulled the door shut and admired her smooth young body as the dome lights dimmed buca escort bayan and went off.I felt her wet pussy slide along my length. She was so wet and my cock slipped along her slit and I bumped her clit with my tip. “Oh fuck Daddy,” she said “You cock is so hard, your little girl wants to be fucked with it.” Normally I don’t go in for the daddy talk but she played it perfectly and I arched my back and my cock penetrated her wet hole and with the dim lights from the parking lot I saw her eyes widen as my tip passed into her.I could feel her pussy tighten around my shaft and then she began moving. She rocked her hips as she moved and I knew she was a well-practiced lover. Her moves were varied and perfectly timed to bring us both pleasure in the cramped front seat of my car. She placed her hand on the seat back on either side of my head which let her tits hang down seductively. I tugged at her t-shirt and felt her stop moving and pull the shirt off. “Sorry,” she said smiling down at me, “I should have known you needed something to play with.” And grinned like a school girl that had first discovered the power of her budding tits.She returned her hands to the seat and began rocking on my cock as I played with her nipples bringing them to hard nubs that I found with my lips. At the moment my lips touched them I knew I found one of her hot buttons. She stopped moving on my cock and pressed her breast into my mouth and moaned and then began moving again.I felt my body responding to her pussy gliding on my cock and released her nipple and whispered, “I am so close to cumming,” and watched for her reaction. I saw a gleam in her eye but she said nothing.She quickened her rocking on my cock and as I felt my cock explode inside her pussy she bent close to my ear and whispered, “fuck yes Daddy, plant your seed in my fertile pussy and make a baby in your little girl’s tummy.”My mind reacted immediately and I tried to pull out of her but she pushed hard against my cumming cock and I felt her orgasm begin. Her orgasm took over as she held me deep inside of her and my cum squished out between us. As her orgasm faded she looked into my eyes, “Relax Daddy, I am on the pill. I just love pretending that an older man gets me pregnant. My Dad and brother would kill me if I came home pregnant. Not that either of them would love to be the one that got me pregnant.”I looked at her setting on top of me with my cock still buried deep inside her and tried to see in the dark if she was making that last part up. “Are you telling me that your brother and Dad have had sex with you?”“Yeah, my brother was the one that popped my cherry and when Dad found out he really kicked his ass. But then he came into my room and well if he hadn’t of pulled out I would probably not have known which one knocked me up.” She said as if none of this really mattered. “We got the Plan B pill the next day and then Dad got me on the pill.”I felt her move and looked down in the darkness with the parking lot light slightly illuminating her sloppy wet pussy. My cum was oozing out of her as she slid back a bit, “look at all those little baby makers you planted in me, I just love the feeling of warm cum sliding out of me.” As she looked down I watched her dip her fingers in the mess and then sucked the cum off her fingers.“Has anyone told you how sweet your cum is?” She asked as she dipped a bit more from her wet pussy and smeared it on her lips. She smiled and bent forward and our lips met. I had never had anyone do anything like this and my cock responded immediately. She felt it, “I knew I could get you hard again, can I go to your place so we can fuck again?”Again, I should have asked her age before getting so out of control. Setting in the bar she looked older than she did now and she was nursing a whisky sour with an empty one setting beside it. And now I had fucked her in my car and she admitted her dad and brother had used her as a sex toy. “Exactly how old are you?” I asked that seemed a little like shutting the barn door once the horse is down the lane.“Old enough and when we get to your place maybe you will want to spank me for being late getting home and having a sloppy cum filled pussy.”If you enjoyed this single chapter story I’d appreciate a thumbs up.