Just a Suggestion Pt. 07

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They had been studying for nearly three hours before Monica got up and moved around the room. As Derrick looked up she was standing behind the couch, leaning over the back, looking to see what he was reading. She had removed her top and her boobs were hanging right in front of him as he looked up. He took that as an invitation and began caressing them. He pulled one towards his mouth and she shifted to allow him to suck on her nipple. “GOD, you make me SO hot!” Then after a few moments more, “Let’s take a study break… in my bedroom!”

His huge cock was once again hard and showing through his boxers. She took his hand and led him her room. As he stood there she did a little dance, allowing her breasts to bounce and sway, then she seductively bent over and slowing peeled off her panties. Her pussy had been on display for hours, but now it was naked as she stood in front of him and rubbed her hands through her beautiful red pubic hair and through her wet slit.

Then she knelt in front of him and pulled his boxers down, allowing his cock to slap against his abdomen when released. As she stroked his massive erection his knees felt weak. But when she slipped the head of his monster cock into her mouth, he thought that he was going to pass out! “Oh,my god!”

She sucked and swirled her tongue around his penis head for just a few moments, but he thought he would explode! Then she led him to her bed. “Have you ever licked a pussy?” He shook his head no. “Would you like to?”

This threw Derrick for a loop! He had almost no experience with sex. Yes, he had seen some porno videos where they did that, but that was just for show, wasn’t it? But she had been sucking on his cock and it had felt fantastic! So why wouldn’t it feel just as good for her? If he did it right. Would he do it right? Could he please her like that? Finally he spoke the truth and shared his fear, “I’ve never done it before, I’m afraid that I won’t be very good at it.”

“I had never sucked on a man’s cock before, did I do OK?”

“If you had done any better, I would have either passed out right there on the floor, or I would have exploded!”

“I will be happy to give you a few pointers as you go along, if that’s OK?”

“I’m happy to try. I just want to make you happy!”

“The two of us trying new things together is a great way to make me happy! Especially sexy things!” Monica lay down in the middle of her bed and spread her legs. Come up here and kiss me, big boy!”

That he certainly knew how to do! As he climbed up onto the bed, his huge But led the way, and he struggled a little to find the right place to put that big thing. The most natural spot was right between her legs, and that thought crossed his mind, but he didn’t think that he was ready for that yet. He ended up placing it across her abdomen, which scared him a little as he saw how far it would reach! But he settled down to kiss and career this beautiful woman.

Soon they were both becoming quite aroused and she encouraged him to kiss her neck, then her breasts. He would be happy to kiss and suck on her breasts all night. They were so big, delicious, voluptuous, sexy,… he really liked her breasts!

Eventually, she encouraged him to kiss lower, across her abdomen, and eventually he was approaching her fiery red pubic bush. He had admired this from afar, and he had run his hands through this luxurious fur. Now he was approaching it with his face and nose. He caressed her sex as he nuzzled his face into her bush. The aroma was delightfully fresh and yet a little musky in a good sexual way. “When you are ready, run the tip of your tongue lightly from the bottom of my slit to the top.”

He followed her suggestion. “Oh, yes! Just like that! That’s so good! Please do that again, and again, and again! After a while, delve your tongue a little deeper as you lick up along my slit, then maybe a little deeper. At some point, use your tongue to lightly caress my slit. Too much, too soon is not good, but once I’m ‘really’ excited it’s wonderful. If you want, slip a finger into my pussy and gently curl it towards my belly. You will feel a little rough area, that is my G-spot. When you really want me to climax, caress that while you lick on my clit!”

There were lots of instructions, but they made a logical progression so Derrick began. But he loved the intoxicating aroma so much that he had to linger a few extra moments nuzzling in her bush. It was the most delightful scent he had ever known!

Then he shifted slightly and extended his tongue to lightly run it up along the very opening of Monica’s pussy. His tongue collected a large dollop of her juices; to his surprise it was delicious. As his tongue made that first pass, Monica exclaimed, “YES! GOD YES!!” He decided that he must have done it OK.

He lightly ran his tongue along her sex again and again. Monica was exclaiming her joy and encouragement over and over. As he continued to lightly caress the outer folds of her sex, she began to ask — no, plead — for more. “More, please! MORE!!”

He was really enjoying ankara eryaman escort this, and Monica seemed to like it too. He dipped his tongue just a little deeper into her slit as he licked her pussy from bottom to top. His tongue accidentally flicked over her clitoris and Monica jerked upwards, shouting, “YES!! OH, YES!!!”

He continued to lap up her delicious juices, diving slightly deeper as he licked her pussy, flicking her clitoris on each trip. Monica was now constantly crying out, “YES! MORE!! PLEASE!! OH!!” and on and on in a continuous litany. He was doing it right! He was really pleasing her!

“OH PLEASE!! MAKE ME CUM!! PLEASE!! PLEASE!! PLEASE!!!” He slipped one big finger into her pussy and gently pumped it in and out, eliciting more whimpers and exhortations. He curled his finger slightly and felt the spot Monica had described. Then he began to lightly caress that spot while swirling his tongue around her clitoris.

Her body seemed to levitate off the bed. Her body arched, she let out a huge stifled scream. She shook, he could actually see her abdomen undulating and he could actually feel her vaginal muscles contracting on his finger. She was cumming! He had brought her to a powerful orgasm!

He continued to lick her clitoris and stroke her G-spot, and her climax rolled on and on. Finally he paused and she collapsed onto the bed, panting. “Wow!” She said between painted breaths, as she wiggled her fingers for him to come to her. Derrick moved beside her and took her into his arms. Monica kissed him fiercely and held him tightly against her. When she had sufficiently recovered she said, “Thank you! You are a wonderful man! You are already a great lover, and we’re just getting started! I have never experienced an orgasm like that! You took me to places that I didn’t know existed! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!”

“I tried to do what you said. I guess I followed your instructions OK?”

“If you had done any better, I would have passed out right there! I can’t imagine a more powerful orgasm than that! And if there is, I want to experience it with you!”. She snuggled up against Derrick and he held her, his huge, hard cock pressed against her side.

After resting in his arms for quite a long while, Monica raised her head and asked, ” But what about you? “

“I didn’t know what to expect, but I really liked it! I will want to do that again and again with you! And it even tastes pretty good!”

“I am very happy to hear that! I certainly want to do that again with you…. But what I was really asking was, I just had an amazing orgasm, shouldn’t we do something like that for you?”

Dark as his skin was, Derrick blushed. “You don’t have to do anything for me!”

Before he could continue Monica cut him off. “Have to? I don’t have to do anything for you, is right. But I want to do something for you! I want to give you at least some of the pleasure you gave me! I want to, not I have to!”

“OK!” He responded. “What do you want me to do?”

“I want you to lie back and enjoy. I don’t have any experience, so if I do something wrong, or hurts, or whatever, please say so. Otherwise, just enjoy!”

When he had settled on her bed, she climbed up onto his body, her breasts dangling below her, and she began to kiss him while her breasts caressed his chest. Then she moved lower on his body and began to kiss and suck on his nipples. She could feel his cock jump against her stomach as she sucked and nipped on his nipples. “God, I didn’t know that a man’s nipples could be so sensitive!” He said.

As she moved still lower, she wrapped her huge, dangling breasts around his rigid cock and moved them up and down along his long shaft. As she moved, he began to pump his massive cock between her beautiful breasts. Then she moved even lower.

Monica grasped his powerful, massive erection with both hands and stroked up and down, again and again. She could see clear fluid beginning to form at the tip of his huge cock. Then she licked it off with her tongue. She began to lick the bulbous head of his penis as if it were an erotic ice cream cone, swirling her tongue around it again and again. Then, she popped that huge knob into her mouth, her tongue lavishly swirling around and around. And she began to suck! Really suck, life she wanted to suck his entire life force out through his cock. Both hands pumped his cock, up and down in synchronized motion with her mouth and tongue.

Her hands pumped vigorously up and down while her mouth sucked and her tongue swirled. Harder and faster she pumped and sucked. Derrick was gripping the sheets, a strangled moan emanating from his throat. Still Monica sucked harder and harder and she pumped her hands up and down his cock shaft faster and faster. “Aaarrrggg!” was all he could say as his hips lurched upwards and he began to spray his seed into her mouth. She continued to suck and pump his massive, erupting manhood as blast after powerful blast shot into her mouth. She sucked and swallowed, sucked and swallowed, draining every drop of his semen and escort elvankent swallowing every drop. As his once proud member began to soften, she took her finger to wipe a little semen that had escaped her mouth and popped that into her mouth as well. Then she cuddled next to Derrick, pressing her huge breasts against his side, and kissed him on the cheek.

Derrick, the strong, powerful athlete, had been reduced to a quivering mass of flesh. He was sure that there was not a solid bone in his body; he had been reduced to Jello. It was many minutes before he could speak or move. Finally he turned to Monica and kissed her deeply, crushing her body tightly against his. “I didn’t know anything could be like that! I couldn’t imagine anyone giving me that much pleasure. You give me so much, and ask nothing in return. You are a saint, and I’m just a poor sinner. Just name it and I will give you anything I can!”

“I’m not a saint, just a woman who wants you to be happy, and hopes that she will be able to be with you for a long time to come. I want to make you happy, as you make me happy!” Then she kissed him fiercely. She wrapped her body around his and soon they drifted into contented slumber.

Sunday morning I awoke wrapped around Elaine. I smiled, remembering out passionate love-making of the previous night. The sheets were stiff from where our combined fluids had dried. (Note to self: buy more sheets.). Her hair was in glorious disarray following the wondrous sex we had shared. I knew that I loved this woman; loved her like I had never thought possible. But here she was, lying in my bed, and I knew that I was hers, and I hoped that she would be mine.

I gently stroked her soft cheek and placed delicate kisses on her forehead. Finally her eyes fluttered open. She saw me, and she smiled. It was a beautiful, heartfelt response and nothing could have made me happier! “Good morning, my love!” I said.

She lifted her arms and invited me into her embrace. It was like coming home, only much better. I held her and kissed her over and over. I was starting to get hard, but I also really needed to use the bathroom. Before I could say anything she said, “Hold that thought. I need to go pee!”

The spell was broken, we needed to start the day. After the bathroom I began to change the sheets while Elaine started the coffee and toast. Then we settled on couch to study, feet and legs touching or intertwined.

After we had studied for about three hours or so, Elaine said, “Damn! I don’t have one of the books I need! And there’s a test later in the week!”

“Well, it is after 1 PM. I suppose we could go get it.”

“You mean, put on clothes???”

“I know, it was a lousy idea! Let’s just stay here, naked. We’ll think of something to do…” I suggested.

“I know what you’re thinking about! And then I’ll never get my book, which will cause me to be stressed to get ready for the test! Put on some clothes and let’s get going!”

“Yes, dear.” I said with a smile.

“Don’t give me any attitude, you!” She replied, laughing at me.

When we reached the ladies apartment, we knocked on the door, not wanting to walk into the middle of anything. When there was no answer, Elaine unlocked it and we walked in. There was no sound, but we noticed one of Monica’s t-shirts lying on the floor, and there was a neat stack of a large man’s clothing on a chair. Elaine walked to her room to find her book and noticed that Monica’s bedroom door was wide open. Lying naked and sound asleep on the bed were Monica and Derrick, curled up together. She quietly slipped into her room and found her book, then she returned to the living room.

She had a devilish smile on her face and whispered, “Remember the morning when she found our clothes all over the living room?”

I whispered back, “For Derrick’s sake, don’t.” But I smiled at the thought. Apparently we had made enough noise to rouse Monica, and we heard the rustling of the sheets. A few moments later she came into the room, her hair wonderfully disheveled, wearing a different t-shirt and panties.

She blushed, smiled and said, “Let me give these things to Derrick,” as she picked up the pile of his clothes.

When she returned I said, “Things are progressing well, it seems.”

She blushed again as she said, “You could say that.” Then Derrick entered the room, dressed but wearing a two day beard and a contented smile.

Elaine said, “I really didn’t want to interrupt, but I had forgotten a book that I needed to prepare for an exam this week.

Monica blushed more fiercely than before and said, “We had been studying all morning and were just taking a little break…..”

I interjected, “Have you two had lunch yet? Maybe Derrick and I could get some sandwiches? Maybe from the deli down the street?”

He jumped on the idea. “That sounds great! What shall we get?”

Orders were taken and he and I headed out the door.

As we walked he asked, “I don’t want to pry or ask anything inappropriate, but….”

“It’s OK. I consider us etimesgut escort bayan to be friends, so you can ask almost anything. If I don’t want to answer, I’ll just say that.”

“OK. A. Um. Well. How many… How much… How often do you and Elaine have sex?” I could see the blush showing through his dark skin.

“In the early stages of a relationship, after it becomes sexual, there is a period of rather intense sexual activity. Elaine and I are still in that period, so it is not unusual for us to have some sort of sexual activity several times a day, often two or three, sometimes four or five times. Each couple will be different, and it changes depending on availability and circumstances. Does that help?”

“Oh, yeah! Monica’s such a sexy woman, and when she’s around it seems like all I can think about is her, and then I get all excited, and…. stuff.”

“Yes, she is definitely a sexy woman. Studying in the same room with her must require Herculean concentration and control.”

“Yeah, sometimes it is hard. Actually, ‘everything’ is sometimes hard!”

“I am certain of that! How do you feel the relationship is with her?”

“At first I was afraid to even think about it as a relationship. But it really is one, and we are getting along very well. She is such an amazing person! She just makes me feel good — about her, about myself, about… us. She makes EVERYTHING seem so natural!”

“Have you investigated sexual activities together?”

“Well, we haven’t fucked yet, if that’s what you mean.”

“And from my perspective, I hope that you never do.”


“Let me explain. To me, ‘fucking’ is to have sexual intercourse without any emotional connection. It is only completing the physical sex act, and that is crass and basically meaningless.”

“Like those girls did to me, back then.”

“Exactly! If you are having intercourse with someone you care about, and you share an emotional connection, that is something far greater than simply fucking. While this term may carry too much weight, I prefer the term ‘making love’ or love-making. That is certainly the way I think of what Elaine and I share.”

“Well, we haven’t had intercourse yet, although I expect that we will before too long, but we have had some beautiful, emotional sexual activities that are definitely building our connection. It’s a little scary, but it is also amazing.”

“I am happy that the two of you are growing together!”

“How do you juggle it all?”

“It can certainly get complicated. Simplify whatever you can. I have a set of toiletries and a few clothes at the ladies apartment, and Elaine has the same, plus more clothes at my place. I have extremely busy days on Monday and Wednesday, so we don’t try to get together those evenings. Each of us having an understanding of the other’s schedule and needs helps establish reasonable expectations.”

“That makes sense. Then you aren’t running around with a two day beard!”

“Right! Spending time together is important, but so is managing and meeting your other obligations. You will be starting regular basketball practices soon, right?”

“Yes. So far it has just been weight training and conditioning. Thanks for the suggestion about playing some pick-up games. I started having fun playing again!”

“Remember, basketball is a ‘game’. If you do it for the fun, and really enjoy what you’re doing, everything else about the game will fall into place. You have the ability, you just need to get your head in a good place, let go, and have fun.”


We arrived at the deli, got our food, and started back to the ladies’ apartment. Derrick asked, “So how long have you and Elaine been together?”

“Really not that long, about 3 or 4 weeks. But we just clicked. We spent a great deal of time walking and talking at first, then everything just seemed to fall into place for us. She is a really beautiful person, as well as being a beautiful woman! Sex between us, in all of its forms, has developed naturally and is really spectacular.”

“Well, Monica and I are not that far along, but what we have done sexually has been amazing! She’s sort of taken the lead, which is good, because I was so hung up on stuff.”

“As long as you both agree, and it is not harmful to the other person, there should be few if any bounds to your sexual exploration.”

“We’ve done things that I would never have suggested! And both of us have really enjoyed it. She’s such a sexy lady, I couldn’t say ‘No’ to almost anything she might suggest. All she has to do is waggle those big boobs at me, and I’m a gonner!”

“I can understand your sentiment! She ‘does’ have some delightfully large and attractive breasts. And she enjoys the attention you provide them?”

“Yes, indeed. I have wondered if she could climax just from my caressing and sucking on them!”

“I guess there is only one way for you to find out!”

“I guess you’re right,” Derrick said with a smile. “That sounds like a delightful experiment!”

When we walked into the apartment, the ladies had both stripped down to just their panties. “We thought maybe you would enjoy a little entertainment during dinner,” said Elaine. The nipples on her bare breasts were hard and erect; Monica’s were even larger and harder points, emphasizing her spectacular large breasts.