Kara Ch. 03

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Kara spent the whole day in a fever of anticipation. The note from Andrew lay, unopened, in her briefcase and she kept reaching for it still unsure of the contents. What if it were a simple ‘thank you and goodbye’? A dismissal of her as though he were unaware of his strange power over her. At last, during a hurried, snatched break for lunch of sandwiches and unpalatable coffee, Kara opened the envelope. Unusually the flap had been sealed with a drop of hardened wax, not just gummed and Kara imagined that she could catch the scent of his cologne. She read the note in a combination of dread and delight, her eyes flitting over his words.

“Kara, my dear,” he had written, “You were truly a delight. I believe that I may have found my model for the empty frame in the hallway. First, however, I should like to guide you a little in your search for fulfilment. I should like to help you to learn the pleasure of pain. If this interests you, all you need do is step into the car that Martine will have waiting for you outside the coffee shop at five pm. If you do not arrive at the rendezvous, I shall have to conclude that I must search again for my model. Andrew.”

Kara left the office, claiming a migraine had suddenly come upon her, and dashed home. On her bed she found the corset that, only last night, had bound her and heightened her sensitivities as Andrew had driven his cock into her bottom. She recalled the combination of horror and delight as she had washed herself in the shower and seen the spots of blood from her torn anus.

With some difficulty Kara managed to lace herself into the corset and slip into a fresh blouse and business suit. After a moment’s thought, she decided to leave her legs bare but to slip into the tiniest pair of silk briefs. She knew that her torn anus was still weeping a few droplets of blood and thought that her stained panties might make an interesting offering to Andrew.

Trembling in anticipation, Kara stood by the kerb as, precisely on the stroke of five, Martine slid the car to a halt and swiftly opened the rear door for Kara to slip inside. Martine drove silently through the streets, mute despite all of Kara’s attempts to strike up a conversation. At last, as Kara began to wonder whether she was being sensible about the affair (She wasn’t) Martine coasted the car to a stop outside of the house where, Kara assumed, Andrew lived.

Kara slipped out of the car, mounted the steps to the glossily painted front door and pushed against the smooth surface. The door opened and Andrew turned towards her from where he had been waiting in the hallway. She walked towards him, nervous for a moment, until his eyes caught and locked with hers. She swallowed and summoned up the ghost of a smile. “I came,” Kara said in little more than a whisper.

Andrew smiled and took her arm gently, leading her, not towards the stairs to the bedrooms, but, unexpectedly, to a door leading to a flight of stairs leading downwards, to a basement. The air was cool on her face as Kara followed him down and along another corridor. Opening the door at the end he ushered Kara into the room. It was spartan and the only furniture in the room was a padded bench, about waist high. Kara looked around for a chair or a wardrobe but saw only the bench and behind the door a set of cupboards.

“Last chance to change your mind, Kara” Andrew whispered. Kara shook her head. Something in this room and the way his voice caressed her senses, had stolen every thought of flight or resistance.

Andrew slid her jacket from her shoulders and dropped it onto the floor, and then he was unbuttoning her skirt and hooking his fingers inside the waistband of her briefs. Slowly he peeled the silk away from the smooth shaven mound of her pussy and smiled as he noticed the traces of moisture on the shiny material. Taking her by the hand he led her to the bench and, with her still laced firmly into her corset forced her to bend over the padded surface of the bench. The cool leather made her nipples tingle as he pressed his hand against her neck, holding her still. Turning her head she saw him lift something from the floor, a coil of silken rope and thought, for a moment, that she was to be tied as she had been the first time he had sodomised her.

Instead, he raised the rope higher and released the loop, letting it uncoil, like a snake. The end of the rope had been teased into thinner strands and each strand had been knotted several times along its length.

Kara wondered what Andrew intended to do with this strange piece of equipment, but, raising his arm high, he brought it down across her arse with a loud crack. Kara’s buttocks reddened immediately and she thought that somebody had pressed a brand against her cheeks as the burning pain raced through her body, directly to her clit.

She jerked under Andrew’s hand and cried out, well screamed would be truthful, but Andrew just raised the lash again and cracked it against her taut buttocks.

“Aaargh” she screamed, “That hurts, please, you’re hurting canlı bahis me”

“Ow!, No!” “Aaaah”

By the third stroke, Kara’s moans had deepened from the shrill cry of pain to a lustful groan of frustration.

“What shall I do now, my sweet Kara?” Andrew crooned into her ear.

“Fuck me”


“Fuck me please, fuck me hard, do anything you want, just fuck me.”

Andrew unfastened his dark slacks and pushed them down to his ankles, stepping out of them, Easing his briefs over the length of his shaft he slipped around, behind her. She whimpered as she felt his hands pressing roughly on the welts criss-crossing her tender buttocks and then arched, screaming in pain and frustration as he drove the head of his cock hard against the tight ring of her anus tearing her again.

Andrew’s cock slid deep into Kara’s rectum spreading her and stretching the tight passage. Stopping with only half of his length in her arse Andrew paused, not so she could become accustomed to the feel of him inside her but to allow her to relax so that she would feel his next thrust even more keenly.

“Please, fuck me. Don’t stop”

Andrew tensed and then rammed his cock right to the hilt his balls pressed against the welts on Kara’ tender arse.

“Yes, fuck me, fuck my dirty whipped arse,” she screamed. “Aaaargh! Aaaargh! Aaah! Aaah!”

She screamed again and again as Andrew’s cock plundered her tight arse, stretching her and pummelling her tender flesh until all she could do was sob against the leather of the bench. Andrew stiffened inside her and she felt his cock spraying thick ropes of sperm into her anus, filling her to overflowing and triggering her own orgasm, spraying her juices down her thighs and onto the floor.

Andrew slowly witrhdrew his softening cock, listening to Kara’s pained sobs as she felt the friction of his shaft against the walls of her violated rectum. Glancing down, he saw the thin dribble of his sperm, almost luminous against the dark pucker of Kara’s ring.

Instantly, he felt the blood surging into his cock and it began stirring back to its full length and girth. Slowly, as he swelled in anticipation, Kara’s anus, bruised and tender from his forceful, almost violent penetration, contracted.

As Kara relaxed a little, and Andrew judged that her anus had contracted as much as it could do, he pressed the tip of his now hardened cock at Kara’s ring and leaned forward. Kara’s back arched as she felt the pressure, almost burning, of his cockhead and Andrew reached around to cup her breast and pinch gently at her nipple.

Kara moaned deep in her throat as her belly tightened and she tried to bear down and force the head of Andrew’s cock out of her arse.

“No,” she whispered, “that is too much you’ll hurt me.

“Shhh, I promised to guide you as you discovered the pleasure of pain. This will be your first discovery.”

Andrew pressed harder, listening to the mingled notes of frustration and pain in Kara’s soft moans. The pressure against the head of his cock was exquisite and he knew that Kara would feel her aching anus opening to allow hiss cock access to her rectum, still slick and sticky from his earlier deposit of hot sperm. She moaned louder as Andrew pressed the head, up to the rim, where it joined the shaft into her anus. He knew that her bowel would be churning with the pain of this intrusion and that, soon, she would beg for him to sodomise her roughly.

“Aaaaaah!, not so hard, please, you have made me sooo sore, fucking my arse as hard as you did.”

Andrew smiled and rocked his hips in a short jerk, making her back arch more with pain, even as her nipple swelled fit to bursting under the touch of his finger and thumb.

“Please, that hurts, please fuck my cunt or my mouth, let me show you how good a cocksucking slut I can be,” Kara begged

Andrew listened to Kara begging like a sex starved slut, in her crystal, educated tones and his cock swelled against the tightnus of her arsehole. A devilish smile playing about his lips, he leaned in and, pinching her nipple hard, he drove the length of his cock into her aching rectum. Kara’s belly spasmed and she stiffened against him, heedless of the rasp of his pubic hair or the slap of his heavy balls against the weals that spiderwebbed her buttocks.

Now Andrew began to thrust, long vicious strokes that left Kara feeling incredibly full, almost to bursting and then cavernously empty as his cock slid back, until only the head filled her anus. the slap of his thighs and balls against her backside echoed from the bare walls and she heard her own voice, almost rasping with building frustrations as Andew plunged forward, their sweaty bodies sliding against each other, then chilled as he drew back and draughts of air played over her wet skin.

“Oh God! Yes! fuck me harder, fuck my bleeding arse until you shoot a load of your hot cum into my belly.”

And, as Andrew paused;

“Please fuck my arse hard, please, Sir, I need you to fuck my arse.” bahis siteleri

Andrew squeezed hard on her breast, the nipple jutting between his fingers and pulled her hard against his groin, grinding his cock into her tight rectum. Her backside compressed and flattened against his loins and Kara felt every welt and every sting of each knot, as if Andrew had, just that moment, lashed the rope against her buttocks. It was all too much for her and weeping tears of pain and relief, Kara came hard, her juices running down her legs as though she had lost control of her bladder and was peeing herself.

Kara collapsed, sobbing, as she felt Andrew’s cock slipping from her bruised anus. She trembled as she felt his hands upon her arms, tenderly helping her to her feet and leading her, on weak and unsteady legs, up the stairs to the hallway. There, he guided her to the next flight and upstairs again, to the master suite. the open bathroom door allowed a trace of fragrant steam to escape as Andrew took her inside and helped her to clamber into the tub of warm scented water.

Slowly he soaped her body, his hands spreading pillows of rich, creamy lather, over her shoulders and along her silken skin to her breasts. She felt the warmth of his hands as he cradled the firm tissue and his thumbs brushed her sensitive, hardened nipples, drawing a deep sigh from her slightly parted lips. Gently skimming his hands over her skin, Andrew washed her with long, caressing, strokes his fingers dipping beneath the water to caress her clit.

Kara felt herself beginning to drift, just as Andrew lifted her and wrapped her in a robe of soft cotton towelling. The texture inflamed the welts on her beaten arse and she shivered as she recalled the violation of her tender anus. Andrew laid her gently on the bed and began to pat her dry, his fingertips pattering against the cloth of the robe, until her body glowed within the wrapping. At last, when she was completely dry, Andrew folded the robe aside and leaned over Kara, kissing her mouth gently. Her lips opened and he took the moment to slip his tongue inside, tasting her, as his hand slipped over her belly to cup her pleasingly rounded breast.

Andrew’s kisses moved down her neck to Kara’s breasts, his tongue flicking against her perfumed skin, until he could close his mouth around her erect nipple. Gently, slowly, he suckled on the hard nub between his lips until Kara mewled softly. His teeth grazed the tender flesh as he slid his hand lower, skimming her belly until his fingertips circled the base of her clit tapping his fingers gently against her, Andrew moved his fingertips along Kara’s clit, then around it to slip a fingertip inside her shaven pussy. So far her pussy had been neglected as much as her arse had been abused and the lightest touch sent Kara into an agony of excitement. Andrew’s finger dipped a little deeper and his mouth roamed lower, across her belly, towards her clit.

Kara gasped as Andrew bit her clit gently and then lapped at the tip. His breath was warm on her skin as his lips traced the folds of her pussy, collecting a few beads of her wetness. Lying beside her, his lips nibbling at her pussy and the tip of his cock almost brushing her mouth, andrew slid a hand over Kara’s skin, feeling the slickness of sweat against his palm. His hand cradles her head, holding it still as he thrust the length of his tongue into her pussy and tilted his hips to slide his cock slowly, and gently into her mouth. the taste of Andrew’s cock and the thrusting of his tongue triggered a tiny orgasm in Kara’s body and she moaned loudly, the sound muffled by her mouthful of erect cock

Andrew started to slowly fuck Kara’s mouth, feeling her tongue swirling over the head and along his shaft as he slid it in and out in almost slow-motion, filling her mouth and throat and gagging her a little. His tongue flickered against her clit and then shot deep into her pussy as she sucked noisily on his cock. His fingers twisted in her hair as he forced his cock further down her throat, bruising her lips with his balls and then he was sliding his meat out of her mouth and pinning her to the bed as he straddled her face, lowering his cock into her mouth.

Andrew dipped his head and covered Kara’s tender pussy with a rain of gentle, tender kisses, while he slid the length of his cock into her greedy mouth. She could taste the sweet pearls of moisture that collected at the head, like delicate dewdrops, and then his cock was filling her mouth as he eased down. She moaned around the thickness of his meat, as he tongued her oozing pussy, collecting her moisture and savouring her sweet flavour. Again he raised himself and then plunged back into the silky warm caress of Kara’s mouth. Even though Andrew’s every movement was slow and gentle, Kara knew that her surrender to him would be total, that he owned her soul, at this moment.

Kara whimpered, disappointed, as Andrew eased the length of his swollen cock out of her mouth, the sound changing to a gasp as he spread her bahis şirketleri legs, so wide that she could feel the tendons at the top of her thighs burn in protest, and then began rubbing the head of his cock along the lips of her aching, needy pussy. She felt her belly tighten and her breath hissed between her teeth as she felt the velvet of his cockhead against her silky skin. Andrew teased her with a long, steady, rocking of his hips stroking the head of his cock almost to her clit and then drawing back until it nestled, just at the rounded curve where the crack of her arse began. Leaning forward he kissed her breasts and suckled on her nipples, first one, and then the other, until they stood proudly erect like ripe hazelnuts.

Catching hold of his Andrew’s cock, Kara slowly guided it between the lips of her pussy, arching her back and thrusting her hipss forward to try and impale herself upon him. Still Andrew teased her, listening to her ragged gasps as he kept the tip of his cock just resting between the lips of her pussy and slid it back and forth along the length of her lips. Rocking back and hooking her knees over his shoulders, Andrew drove his cock, explosively into Kara’s wet vagina with a loud squelching sound. She spasmed beneath him as his cock stretched her with a pleasure almost painful in its intensity as he felt the hot wet silk of her body caressing him. Rocking his hips, Andrew slowly worked the length of his cock in and out of Kara’s cunt, the air filled with the sounds and scent of sex as her juices flowed to puddle beneath her arse.

“Fuck me!” she gasped, “however you want, but please fuck me hard and make me cum.”

Andrew thrust harder, filling her pussy with his swollen cock, until their bodies were sliding against each other with sweat making their skins slick and slippery. Each thrust was punctuated by the slap of his loins against hers and another gush, between the cheeks of her arse. Kara trembled as she felt her own juices sliding down over her tender arsehole and a few drops oozing past her ring while his cock stretched and filled her juicy pussy.

Kara almost screamed as andrew eased back, letting his cock slide all of the way out of Kara’s pussy. Taking his cock in his hand he leaned over and began whispering in her ear.

“I’m going to fuck your arse hard and suck your pretty little tits”



“Please fuck my arse and suck on my tits, Sir.”

Andrew pushed Kara’s knees back further, lifting her arse in the air and, watching carefully, pressed his cock against her tender bruised arse, and then rammed it hard and deep Kara whimpered between clenched teeth, as she tried to relax her tender arse, so that Andrew could force his cock between her buttocks and past her bruised and torn anus, without her pain being unbearable. She could feel the heat of his swollen manhood and the pressure as he pushed her legs further back, until her knees were crushing her tender breasts. She could feel the weight of him against her thighs, as he pinned her, helplessly, to the yielding mattress, her knees over his shoulders.

She felt the weight lessen, for a moment, as he shifted position, just long enough to duck beneath her leg and drape them over one shoulder, forcing her thighs together and tightening her back door. Her mouth and eyes opened into surprised ‘O’s, as she felt the nudge of his cock against the bruised ring of her anus and he leaned forward, increasing the pressure and stretching her again.

Reaching down, Kara dug her fingers into her buttocks, heedless of the stinging, now that the effect of the lotion Andrew had spread over the welts was wearing off. Slowly she pulled her bottom cheeks apart, opening her anus for Andrew to take as roughly, or as gently as he wished. Andrew leaned further forward and Kara could feel her arse rising from the bed, as he guided his hardened cock between her burning cheeks.

The lotion was wearing off now and her buttocks burned uncomfortably, reminding her of the earlier torment he had subjected her to. She could not help herself and a low, whispered plea rose in her throat.

“Please, fuck me again,” she murmured, just loud enough for him to hear, “Fuck me like you did downstairs. Teach me.”

Andrew pushed her legs further back, until Kara could feel the muscles burning, and thrust his cock hard into her pliant arse. Kara dug her fingers deeper, more painfully, into the flesh of her buttocks and shuddered, as every thrust tore at her anus. the pain blossomed teasing her nerves until it transformed into ecstatic pleasure and Kara surrendered herself to it, and the man inside her.

Kara felt his body pressed tightly to hers, the length of his cock filling her anus and their heartbeats mingling, even as he rammed harder and harder, the sound of their sweat slickened flesh filling the room, as their bodies slapped together. Kara was grunting with every thrust, her guttural cries an erotic contrast to her normally cultured tones. She felt his cock swell and, for a moment, he was motionless, his cock bathed in the heat of her tight arse. Kara felt the shaft of hs cock stiffen and screamed triumphantly as his balls tightened and he began to spray hot threads of his seed deep into her arse.