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I’ve known Karen for well let’s just say a long time. The first time I really noticed her was when she was walking to her car on her way to exercise class. I lived two houses down and across the street. Even at that distance I could tell that she had a short sleeve black leotard on black tights with seams up the back of her legs. Her sister-in-law was with her and she had on the same thing. Karen is the one that stood out in my mind the most, though.

I ended up waiting outside for another hour before I got to see them come back home. No shorts, no shirt on over there little exercise outfits. It’s been almost thirty years and I still remember that day as if was yesterday. After that night I made it a point to go over and meet her and her husband. We became best friends for the next ten years until we moved. I knew she was aware of the reason I was always over there. It didn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that whenever she was dressed for her exercise class or in her bathing suit I was there.

I was there with or without her husband being there. She used to tease me by walking around all day in her tights and leotards or saying she was going to sit in the hot tub and end up sitting in the living room with me drinking wearing her skimpy bathing suit all day. We never did anything in fact we never even talked about doing anything with each other. Sometimes after we moved we had a pool at our other house they would come over and she would grab me and she even went skinny- dipping. For some reason we never got together. Moreover, we’ve always kept in touch.

Now I was divorced and had been thinking about her. I wanted to call her but I thought it might be too obvious. Then she called me one day. She had been divorced for about a year. We talked about the old times but not about us getting together. I promised to call her back in the next couple of days so we could meet for lunch the next weekend. The last thing I asked was if she still had that pair of tights and leotard. She just laughed and hung up. Talk about feeling like a fool.

I called Karen back the next day. Nothing like rushing everything was it? We decided to go out and have a few beers that coming Saturday instead of me picking her up or just meeting reality kings porno somewhere she wanted to come over to my house. That was fine except that it meant I had to clean everything in the house for once. Moreover, I only had two days to do it. It would be worth it to see her again.

I got out of bed early that Saturday morning made coffee and drank the whole pot. I took a shower and just put on a pair of shorts and waited for her to show up. Right on time she knocked on the front door. I almost ran to the door and almost died when I opened it and saw her standing there with those tights and leotard on. Only this time she did have a pair of shorts on. She said she didn’t want the neighbors to talk too much right at first.

I finally remembered to ask her in. She looked so good I forgot everything I was going to say to her. We walked back in the living room and before she sat down she unsnapped her shorts and let her shorts drop to her feet and then kicked them off. I could see her little mound sticking out of her crotch. “You haven’t changed a bit, have you,” she said as she caught me looking at her crotch. I didn’t say anything as she sat down next to me on the couch.

She put her feet up in my lap and made herself comfortable. I could feel myself growing under the weight of her feet on my crotch. I looked down and saw her feet and her toes moving around the way that women do when they have hose on I just wanted to suck every one of her toes. “Have you been drinking already this morning?” I asked her. “No, I just thought we’d do what we’ve been wanting to do for twenty years,” she answered as she moved her heels around on my swollen penis. I was about to shoot off in my shorts so I had to do something.

I put my hands down on her feet and started rubbing them and then we off to the races. I slowly moved one of my hands up her leg to her crotch, which was already damp even through her tights and leotard. She spread her legs so I could get my hand up between her legs. As she spread her legs she picked one up and put her foot at my mouth so I grabbed it with my free hand and started sucking her toes through the tights. She must have been reading my mind. I sucked sexmex porno and licked her toes until they were sopping wet. All that time I had been rubbing her vagina through her outfit and actually had my fingers with the fabric of the tights and leotard up inside her.

Karen reached up and started pulling her leotard down and exposed her perfect breast. Small but perfect. When she got her leotard down to her waist she grabbed the tights and pulled everything off at once. I didn’t miss a beat. I kept sucking her toes and slowly moved up to her crotch. I shifted my position and put my head right between her legs and sucked and licked and fingered until she couldn’t take anymore and came. Not just a small orgasm but a real screaming bucking bronco orgasm. She grabbed my head and wouldn’t let go until she was finished. She smelled so good I didn’t want to move anyway.

Once she had finished she pulled me up further on her and took my penis in her hand and guided it into her. She was so wet but it was still tight. I tried to hold off as long as I could but I didn’t last too long. I think my orgasm lasted longer than the actual working up to it. And it felt so good. We were both so wet from sweating by the time we were through. I could feel my heart beating in my head. Afterwards we just lay there until we were both ready to move.

Then we just moved into my bedroom and by then we were both ready again. At least I was and she could see that. Wasting no time Karen laid down on her stomach so her firm butt was staring at me. I started at her feet again and worked my way up to her butt kissing the backs of her legs all the way. Especially that spot behind her knees. That had to be one of her hot spots. She couldn’t keep still when I was there.

I made it up to her butt and put my hand down between her legs and began rubbing her vagina. She was still wet with both of our juices from our session on the couch. I had her moaning softly now. I was kissing her but all over and running my tongue up and down her crack. Before I did anything else I moved around so my crotch would be in her face hoping she might take the hint and take me in her mouth. She did and it sent chills up and down my spine.

That sindrive porno just made me work harder on her and I buried my face in her butt and found her tight little butthole. My tongue was working its way up and down her hole. I was trying not to think about what she was doing to me because I didn’t know how long I would last, it felt so good. Her lips were so soft running up and down my penis. I took my hand and rubbed my fingers against her vagina to get them slippery and put a finger on her butthole. She didn’t seem to mind so I gently eased it inside her butt. That just seemed to make her work harder on me.

After moving my finger in and out of her butthole I made my decision. I switched positions again before it was too late for me. I moved in behind her and pulled her up on her knees. I pushed my penis inside her vagina to get it good and wet then pulled back out of her and put the head of my dick on her butthole. First I put my hand back on her vagina and found her clit and began massaging her to take her mind off what I was going to do.

Her butthole was already lubricated from my fingers so there wasn’t much resistance as I pushed my penis past the lips of her butthole. It was so tight I didn’t even want to move. I just wanted to stay there and feel the tightness forever. She didn’t want me to just stay there she wanted more. She pushed her butt back against me and suddenly I was all the way inside her.

I started moving my finger more swiftly against her clit as I began to move in and out of her butthole. She was matching my thrust with her own making a smacking noise as her butt met my crotch. I don’t know which got to her first but she started having an orgasm. She pushed back against me as hard as she could to get me inside her as far as I could. That was all it took for me. I could feel my sperm moving up my shaft and shooting out inside her butt. I didn’t even have to move anymore it was just coming out on it’s own.

Karen finally collapsed back down on her stomach with me still inside her butthole. I was going to pull out but she still felt so good I stayed inside her until I shrank enough. Nevertheless, it still felt good even though I was smaller now. She rolled over and we kissed. Those long sensuous kisses that can get me hard again very quickly. I’d like to say we did more that day but we didn’t. She had to leave not long after that. However, we did and are still getting together as often as we can. I did find out that she can be a very bad little kinky woman, thank goodness.