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Subject: Kathy and Samantha, part 4, a walk in the woods [Kathy and Samantha, part 4, a walk in the woods.] Kathy stood, picked up her t-shirt and pulled it on. As Sam stood Kathy picked up Sam’s t-shirt before Sam could and said, “Let me.” Kathy rotated the shirt in her hands and held it open before Sam. Sam rolled her eyes as she pushed her arms in and Kathy pushed the shirt over her head. “One last look,” Kathy said before slowly sliding it down her. Sam smoothed her shirt as Kathy picked up her pants and stepped into them. As Kathy tucked her shirt in and buttoned and zipped up her pants, Sam said, “No undies?” “Why not?” Kathy said. “It’s warm. And it feels nice.” Sam agreed. With their hiking boots on and out the door, they got their bearings and saw an inviting trail leading into the woods. They walked briskly, shoulder to shoulder, not talking very much. After a mile or so the path left the woods and entered a grassy hill overlooking a small pond. “It’s beautiful,” Sam said, falling behind. She followed Kathy to the edge. Kathy stopped and Sam came up beside her and patted Kathy’s behind. “Hey,” Kathy said, turning to her. “What’s that for?” “I liked watching it,” Sam said giving it a rub. “It’s nice.” “Silly,” Kathy said, leaning into Sam. Sam slid her hand away and sat down. Kathy pushed her legs out and leaned back on her hands. Sam held her knees up. After a minute she was leaning against Kathy’s shoulder. “This is nice,” Kathy said. “The view or us?” Sam asked. Kathy leaned her head to Sam’s and said softly, “Both.” After a moment of silence, Sam leaned further against Kathy, leaning her knees on Kathy’s thigh. “Why is it,” Sam asked, “That your nipples…” and she stopped. “I think I know what you were going to ask,” Kathy said. “They do. At times.” “Like when?” Sam whispered. “You know, when…” “You mean like when… stimulated?” Sam asked. Kathy just nodded. “Oh,” Sam said. And after awhile she moved her hand to the edge of Kathy’s pants and slowly ran three fingers over to Kathy’s stomach and over the far breast and rubbed them over the nipple. “Um, what are you doing?” Kathy asked. “Shhh,” Sam said, leaning even further on to Kathy. “You’ve been so interested in mine, let me see about yours. Only fair.” “I guess you’re right,” Kathy said and she leaned on her back, putting one hand down her side and the other down behind Sam. Sam snuggled onto Kathy, resting her head on Kathy’s chest so she could look down at Kathy’s breasts, prominently outlined underneath her t-shirt. Sam rubbed two fingers round and round a nipple. “They’re bigger than mine,” she bursa escort bayan commented. “Wider. Firmer.” She continued to circle it beneath the fabric. “And I think…” Sam then flattened her fingertips over it and slid them down and back over it. Slowly at first, then a little faster, then a little firmer. “Um,” Sam began, stopping her fingers and then flicking Kathy’s nipple with her thumb, pushing it down and letting it rise back. “Um,” Kathy mimicked, bringing her left hand to her mouth, sliding her right to hold Sam’s hip. “There it goes,” Sam giggled. “My oh my, they do get bigger.” “Um, yeah,” Kathy let out, sliding her right hand up Sam’s arm and to Sam’s hair, gently combing her short hair around an ear. Sam stilled her hand, lightly holding the bottom of Kathy’s breast. “Can I see ’em?” Sam whispered. Kathy ran fingers around Sam’s ear, down beside her cheek and back. “Of course,” She said. Sam started pulling Kathy’s t-shirt out from the pants, tugging out the left side and then the right. She then pulled the cloth up above Kathy’s breasts, both of the nipples springing out. “Ooo.” Sam said. “Ooo?” Kathy asked, stroking Sam’s ear. “What?” “They’re pretty cool, you know,” Sam said, touching a nipple. “If you say so,” Kathy said and then she shivered and pushed her hand into Sam’s hair. Sam was holding the growing nipple between two fingers and moving it around. “They’re pretty big now!” she said. “Sammy, I…”, Kathy said, leaning up, “I think you should stop.” Sam pulled Kathy’s shirt higher. “Look at ’em,” She said. Kathy looked down at her breasts. Her nipples were big and the tips flushed red. Sam strummed her fingers back and forth over the nipple she had held until it grew bigger and firmer. Sam then played with it, twisting it between thumb and forefinger, pulling it, sliding her fingers over it. It was warm and stiff. “Oh Sammy. I…” Kathy breathed out loudly. She was shivering. “Kathy?” Sam asked, stilling her hand with the nipple under her palm. “Ah…” Kathy let out, her breathing was loud. Sam slid her hand away and she embraced Kathy. “You okay?” Kathy wrapped her arms around Sam and pulled her tight and her shivering stopped. With her cheek against Sam’s ear she whispered, “I’m fine. I’m fine. Just hold me.” They sat holding each other tight for many minutes. Kathy was the first to slowly relax her embrace and lean back. “Hey,” they both said into each other’s eyes. Kathy slid her hands to Sam’s shoulders and Sam to Kathy’s. Then they both looked down between them, leaning close, touching their foreheads together. Kathy’s breasts, subsiding görükle escort back to normal, were still exposed. It began to rain. Sam slid her hands down Kathy’s sides and tugged Kathy’s t-shirt down, smoothing it over the breasts, letting her hands linger. Kathy leaned away and tilted her face up to the sky. Sam watched it getting wet by the rain. Sam stood. Kathy wiped the rain from her face and looked at Sam, and then lifted a hand to her. Sam grabbed it and helped Kathy up. They held hands and smiled at each other. “We better get back, eh?” Kathy said. The rain fell harder and in waves as they hurried back, this time hand in hand. Nearing the cabin Kathy led Sam to the doorstep and through the door. Kathy let go of Sam’s hand and leaned back against the door laughing. “Wow,” Kathy said. “Look at us. We’re soaked.” Their t-shirts clung to their bodies and water dripped from their hair. They pulled and tugged their t-shirts off at the same time. Giggling as they saw that their nipples were both standing out and they were covered with goosebumps. Kathy sat on the couch and struggled out of her boots and socks. Sam did the same stitting on the floor. Kathy stood and tugged down her pants, sitting back to tug them from her legs. Sam, on her back, pushed down her pants a little at a time. “Here,” Kathy said. She stood and stepped to Sam. Sam lifted her legs up to Kathy and Kathy grabbed each leg and tugged and pulled Sam’s pants from her legs, letting them fall along with the rest of their clothes. Sam brought her knees up and held a hand out. Kathy helped Sam up. They stood near one another, gazing at one another’s nakedness for a moment until Kathy said, “Come on.” Kathy grabbed Sam by the hands and walked her backward to the bathroom. Letting go of Sam Kathy turned and found two towels, tossing one to Sam before starting to dry herself off. Sam quickly dried her hair, then her breasts and legs. She slowed to watch Kathy rubbing her towel between her legs. Kathy looked up, placing the towel over her breasts. Sam turned sideways and slowly rubbed her towel over her behind. “You tease,” Kathy called out, stepping close to put her towel on top of Sam’s head before she left the bathroom. Sam finished drying off then shook out and put the towels to hang on the shower curtain rod. She went out and gathered up their clothes and brought them back to place them beside the towels. Sam found Kathy in the kitchen, wearing one of the robes, taking stuff out of the refrigerator. Letting the door swing shut Kathy put the stuff on the counter, and looked over at Sam. bursa escort bayan “Hey,” Kathy said. “Found stuff for ham sandwiches. Want one?” “Sure,” Sam said. “Where’s the other robe?” “I don’t remember,” Kathy said. “In the den somewhere.” Sam went back to find it on the edge of the couch. With it on she went back into the kitchen. “Sit,” Kathy said. “I’ll feed you this time.” Sam sat in a chair and it was not long before Kathy brought over two plates each with a sandwich. Placing them on the table Kathy’s breasts hung out behind her open robe. “Now whose teasing?” Sam asked. Kathy just grinned a bit as she sat, pulling the robe partly closed. “Thought you liked them?” she asked. “I said they were cool, if I remember,” Sam said between bites. “It felt like you liked them. My nipples any away,” Kathy said, laughing a bit. “I was feeling one of your nipples,” Sam laughed. “And I guess you can say I liked it.” After a chew and a swallow Sam added. “You seemed to like it.” Kathy made a slight coughing sound and brought a hand to her mouth. Sam saw that Kathy was blushing and looking down. She finished her sandwich in silence and then noticed that Kathy looked like she was ready to cry. “Oh, Kathy,” Sam said getting up and going to her. She rubbed Kathy’s shoulders and placed her chin on her head. “You sure you okay with it? With what we’ve been doing?” Kathy nodded her head and then turned and looked up at Sam. Kathy was smiling. “It was… It was just that I couldn’t believe how… good it felt.” “Oh…” Sam let the word out long and soft. “I’m glad. I was worried for a bit that you suddenly didn’t like my touching it.” Sam stepped back and leaned on the counter. Kathy turned back and finished of the last of her sandwich. “Well,” she said. “It was more like you were fondling it!” “Um, yeah,” Sam said. “I was trying to get it aroused. And it seemed to work!” “Um,” Kathy said getting up. She leaned over the table and picked up the plates. “Yeah!” she chuckled bringing the plates to the sink. She then leaned her hip on the counter and looked at Sam, her robe wide open. Sam gazed down Kathy’s body to the patch of hair between Kathy’s legs. When she looked back up Sam reached up and pulled Kathy’s robe closed, while her own robe parted a bit. Kathy’s gaze went downward and Sam pulled her own robe closed. “It’s cool when we get little glimpses from time to time,” Sam said. “I’ve always enjoyed that.” “As I,” Kathy said. “I always figured you did too!” “I’ve been giving you glimpses of myself for years!” Sam said. “And you for me? And I thought I was just getting lucky looks!” They were both blushing now. Kathy touched Sam’s cheek and Sam turned to it. They both had sheepish grins. “Um, what now?” Sam asked. “There’s a TV you know,” Kathy said. “I do,” Sam said, and they both wrapped their robes tighter and went into the den.