Katie’s Story

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I will get the personal details out of the way quickly. My name is Katie I am 19 and am studying History at University. Oh, and by the way I have always considered myself to be the sort of girl that is only interested in men.

Well that was until I met Suzie. She had enrolled on the same course as me and the first time I saw her I think my heart stopped beating for a few seconds. She was breathtakingly beautiful and I admit I was shocked by the way my body reacted, my nipple were soon erect and my knickers were drenched with my juices. I thought I was going to cum just by looking at her.

At the end of the lecture she came up to me and asked if I would like to join her for coffee. Being social I said yes.

It turned out that we had a lot of shared interests including a love of good coffee and Butterfly Vibrators. We met a number of times for coffee and felt very easy in each other’s company. It was during one such coffee dates that she said “shall we”. I had always wondered what I would say if she asked me this. In fact no thought was needed the answer was “yes, I would love to”.

We made her way back Ankara bayan escort to her flat; when we got there she took of her dress. She was wearing nothing underneath, her breasts were small but very pert and her pussy was shaved and already glistening with her sex. I stripped out of my clothes and we began to kiss, a very deep French kiss, and tongues meeting tongues. We were happy to continue with this for a long time. Our tongues and lips then began to explore other parts of each other’s bodies, slowly at first the more frantically. Finally we began to explore each other’s pussy lips and clits. I had heard about a 69 but never had guessed how satisfying it was, we both came together.

She then asked me had I ever had a real orgasm, I said yes. She smiled and said, I mean one were you squirted, and my face answered the question. Well then just spread your legs and relax. One finger followed by two others began to massage my clit, very slowly and sensuously at first and then she increased the tempo with more and more urgency going deeper and deeper. I had never felt any like this before or made the noise that Escort bayan Ankara I was now making. Soon my whole body was shuddering and the pressure built. Her timing was perfect; when I came her mouth was position to catch my juices. She then brought her mouth to mine and we shared a mixture of my sex and saliva.

Suzie suggested that I was a little tense and that a massage would help relax me. She had me lie face down on a couch and gently applied grape seed oil to my back and legs. Her hands then began to work their magic, her touch was sometimes firm and some times feather light as she explored every inch of me. Every so often she stopped to give my bottom a playful slap. After a certain time she asked me to roll over a lie on my back. She applied some warm oil to my breasts, legs and pussy. Her hands then slowly glided over me as she first paid attention to one breast flowed by the other. She then focussed on my tummy, her fingers swirling in and out of my navel. Her attention then turned to my pussy, slowly moving her fingers through the mixture of oil and my wetness. She took her time and soon I was having Bayan escort Ankara orgasm after orgasm. She then stopped dried my pussy and produced a silk scarf. She began working the surface of my pussy, the silk catching the slight stubble that I had, her movements were slow at first and then she picked up pace, the effect was electrifying and I a began to tremble. Soon the scarf was soaking wet it was at this stage she secured my legs before continuing. She insert a dry scarf inch by inch into my sex until it was swallowed whole and then very slowly removed it in such a way that it stimulated my clit for the whole duration, this process was repeated many times each time slightly faster than the last, my legs wanted to close but they could not do so. It is impossible to describe the experience it was so pleasurable that it was almost painful and I was in a state of continuous orgasm. She stopped released my legs and gently lay me on the ground. She then intertwined her legs with mine in such a way that our vulva’s met.

This I known as tribbing she whispered as her vulva began to slowly grind against mine, I reciprocated the motion and after a time the movement became more frantic, as our now wet vulva’s glided over each other. We both felt a deep pressure growing and we continued the motion until we were both gushing. We made love many more times that night and since.