Kelli Gets Prepared

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Kelli was beginning to like her job for Mr. Smith. She was fed and paid well, had a place to sleep every night, and pretty much had the sex life of a whore without the worry of cops, bad dates or STDs. And that suited her just fine.

She liked playing hard to get, especially with Mr. Smith. It was quite a turn on to the guys at the house that they were able to make her submit, and she secretly enjoyed the submission routine. It came in handy when she wanted a certain guy to fuck her brains out, because she knew her Brittney-Spears-looks, small-town-girl charm, and hard-to-get attitude made it very hard for any guy to resist her. Hell, if it made a guy fly halfway across the country to fuck her and her best friend, it could make any guy do anything.

Kelli was looking forward to this upcoming weekend. It was Mr. Smith’s birthday, and the rumor was that he usually picked his favorite girlfriend as her personal sex toy for the weekend. Kelli desperately wanted it to be her. She knew her chances were slim because she had only been in his employ for a few short months, but ever since his cock first came in her mouth, she ached for it to pound the hell out of her pussy.

Mr. buca escort bayan Smith had sent up a box to her room. The hired help that brought it up waited until she opened the box. On top of the white tissue paper that was inside, she found a note that read: ‘Wear this tonight. You have 25 minutes to get dressed, but wear no makeup nor do your hair. Signed, Mr. Smith’

“And I suspect that you are supposed to watch me get dressed, right?” Kelli asked the man at the door.

“Yes, ma’am. Mr. Smith’s orders. I’m to make sure that you don’t put on makeup or do your hair,” he said.

“Nothing else?” she asked coyly, raising an eyebrow.

The man didn’t answer and just stood there watching her.

Kelli sighed, turned to start getting undressed, but it was really to show him her firm, round ass. She made a big show of slowly taking off her denim shirt and black bra, covering her chest with her arms as she shyly turned around to look at her watcher. He had not moved from his sentry position, but the bulge in his workout pants turned her on. She was wet from the semi-strip tease, but seeing how his cock made his escort buca pant fabric expand thrilled her even more.

She turned around again, slowly and purposefully bent down to ease off her denim mini-skirt. She stepped out of her mini-skirt, and noticed that her guard was still standing at the door. She reached back up to take off her black thong, and as she was stepping out of it, she heard the unsnapping of her guard’s workout pants. ‘Good,’ she thought. ‘Just what I wanted.’

With her thong still around one stiletto, she felt his large cock thrust into her dripping pussy. “WhatÉ?!” she mockingly exclaimed.

“Oh, quit your whining, ” he said as he pulled out and thrust in her again. “The way you were acting and turned me on, be glad that you got me in your pussy and not your ass.”

“Oooohhhh, “she moaned loudly as he thrust in her again, reaching forward to lean on the bed with both hands.

“That’s right, let me hear your scream, you dirty little slut,” he said, reaching around to grab her swinging breasts.

She liked the feel of his rough hands on her breasts, and the pain that came with him pulling on them buca escort for leverage and then his big, thick cock stretching her tight pussy. “Fuck me, oh yes, fuck me. Harder, harder,, puck my pussy harder!” she screamed.

“Oh, you like that? Well, have some more!” he said as he thrust in deeper.

She screamed, never imagining that he could thrust in that deep. She came at once, coating his cock and dripping to the floor below. Her orgasm lasted as he kept thrusting, making her wonder when he was going to fill her pussy.

At that moment, he pulled out of her, pushed her down to the bed, and flipped her over onto her back. He came to the edge of the bed and stood over her. “Stroke me off bitch,” he grunted, he voice deep with lust.

She sat up and put both hands around his large cock, stroking him from head to base. Slowly at first, then faster each time, her juices coming out from between her fingers. He thrust his hips forward as he came, squirting his cum all over her beautiful breasts, face, and neck. “Rub that in, ” he said, watching her again. She did, rubbing his cum over her chin, lips, chest, and nipples. Every touch on her sensitive skin made her pussy came alive , and when she reached her nipples, she came again, dripping her juices down the edge of the bed.

“Good, ” he said, retrieving his pants. “Get dressed, you have five minutes left.” He walked out the door and Kelli collapsed on the bed in pure ecstasy.