Kelly and a month without birth control

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Kelly and a month without birth controlOnce again, this one was from Kelly’s journals. By this time, our neighbor Becky already had a daughter by me. Half the time, you would have thought Heather Marie was Kellys baby! I think she had her more then Becky did after she was born! Kelly used to say that she was just giving Becky a break so the two of us could spend some time together and Kelly would take Heather to the mall and show her off! Dear babe, By the time you get home and read this, I will be in Fresno for my training class. So I have finally reached my decision. If you really and truly want me to stop taking my birth control and fuck another guy for a month and always let him cum inside of me, as long as this is something that you really want, I think I will just go ahead and do it. I can’t believe I am saying this, but I want to do this for you (and for me). But you have to always promise that no matter what happens you will never get upset or mad at me later for doing it. Even more important, if I do get pregnant, neither of us will ever doubt that the baby is yours and mine. I want both of our names on the birth certificate and you have to promise if I have a baby from another guy and later, you and I have another baby, you will always treat both of them equally. And we both have to agree on the guy that I will be fucking. If you have another guy in mind, we can talk about it, but we both have to agree on who it is. If it someone you want and I don’t really want him taking a chance of getting me pregnant, I will tell you okay babe? And if I want a guy and you don’t want it to be him fucking me without birth control, I want you to tell me. As long as we both totally agree on that, here is what I would like. Ever since I was 12, my periods have been so regular that I can set my watch to them. My period will start next Thursday. If we have chosen a guy by then, when my period ends, I will not take my pills after that. I hope you are ready for this because they say the best way to get pregnant is to have sex at least every other day for a full month. I should be ovulating between 11 and 21 days after my period and that is when I should have sex the most. If you can accept that and want me to fuck the same guy for one month, I will. Just to make sure you really get your dream come true, if you want me to, I will talk to Becky and I can get you and Becky together for that month and I will keep fucking the guy we choose all month. I want to make sure that you are still satisfied and then, sometime around the 14th day, I also want to fuck you. This way, we will know the chances are great that it is the other guys baby inside of me, but having you fill my cunt at least once when it is most likely I am ovulating, we will always have that night and just maybe, the baby is yours and that is what I want to have us remembering.So I do really like Jason. From the very first day he come over and helped us work on our house, I knew I wanted him. When we invited all of the neighbors over and he came over too, I know I made it obvious when I told you I wanted him to stay. Oh babe, him and I had so much fun in bed that night! I know he has been with me since then, but just that very first night, I got so hooked on his cock! If you would like me to fuck Jason all month, I know I would really enjoy that. Here is how I see things happen. I would see Jason or call him and invite him over. You can have Beckys aunt watch Heather for a night and Becky could spend the night with you. We would all be out by the pool and I would give you a signal to take Becky inside or something. When you are not around, I would tell Jason that I really want to fuck him. I know this will get him turned on and then I will tell him that I want to fuck him a few times a week for the next month. I think he will get really hot by this time and then I can spring it on him. I will tell him that I talked it over with you and I was the one that told you I wanted to fuck him with no birth control all month along. I’m sure he’s going to be asking if we should and how you feel about it and I will tell him that I know you have a baby out there with another girl (I think he knows its Becky, but he has never asked about it, but how else would Becky get pregnant way after her divorce? And he knows she spends a lot of time at our house!) And if you can produce a baby with Becky as cute as Heather is, I think Jason can too with me.I picture you and Becky sitting in the bahis siteleri kitchen and since I have already told Becky I am going to be doing all of this, I see you two in the kitchen looking out at us and knowing what we are talking over. I think Jason will do it. I told him before I forgot to take my birth control and it didn’t stop him back then and he really flooded me. The signal that he says he wants to get me pregnant will be me taking his swim trunks off and I will start giving him head. Then, you and Becky can come back out. Or you can take her to bed and fuck her brains out! I know you wouldn’t mind doing that. (haha) At first, I was thinking that I would not let him cum in my throat because I will want all of his cum deep inside of my cunt, but I know he really fucks me good after I deep throat him and swallow his cum so I am just going to do that for him. I picture you and Becky coming out and that is when I tell you in front of Jason that after our talk, I have decided to fuck Jason all month with no birth control a all. Babe, I know we joke a lot, but instead of joking, I hope you just say something like “It’s okay with me if you want to.” I will tell you that I really want to and that I have just talked to Jason about it and want it to be him and I think Jason will not be worried about it once he hears you say it is okay without joking.If you and Becky stay at our house that night, can Jason and I have our bedroom? What I would like to do is go buy some really sexy satin sheets and maybe a bunch of roses. And guess what? You are buying me the sexiest fucking see through babydoll ever! Well, I will be wearing it, but you are actually buying it for Jason. Thinking about that, Jason would look so funny wearing that wouldn’t he? (Haha) His big cock and balls inside of that tiny thong! Of course, we could get him some high heels to go along with it! (Haha) Just k**ding. I am going to take the rose pedals and have them all over the room and on the bed. I want to lay two red long stem roses on the bed with the rose on the pillows. I will tell Jason that stands for him and I in bed. Babe, you and I have talked about this before, but I need to make sure that we both still agree on this part. I had you tell Becky that you loved her so she would fall for you and want to have your baby and I think I should do that with Jason too. And no, I am not in love with him. I am only in love with fucking his cock! I just think if I make it as romantic and sexy as I can, he will really fuck me with all he has. I will tell him that I am madly in love with you, but I love him too. This way, he won’t think I am trying to get him to take me away from you or anything. Remember when you told Becky you loved her in bed and she turned right around and said she wanted your baby? Look how that turned out? That is what I want Jason to do too.If you and Becky went inside first and take the downstairs bedroom, leave the door open. I picture Jason and I walking in and sitting in the living room for a minute and he hears you and Becky fucking each other. Then, I will tell him I want to go upstairs because I have a surprise for him. And while Jason is still hearing you fucking Becky, I will be upstairs putting on that babydoll and some thigh high stockings and I want to put a garter on too. Wouldn’t that be sexy? Then, I will stand at the top of the stairs and call him and I want to see his face when he sees how I am dressed for him. Because I already took his swim trucks off out by the pool, I think he will still be nude and I see him and his hard fucking cock walking up the stairs to me with his big cock swinging back and forth. (Yum!) When he gets to the top of the stairs, I am going to wrap my arms around him and tell him that I can’t wait to feel his big cock inside of me. Just to make sure he is as hard as he can be, I will drop to my knees and take his cock all the way down my throat right there. And we still haven’t made it inside of our bedroom yet! I’m not going to get him to cum yet. I just want his big balls to start aching to unload inside of me. He pulls me up and carries me into the bedroom and lays my on the bed. I think by now, his cock will be throbbing and his balls will be getting even bigger because they are so full.I think because I swallowed his cum out by the pool, he will eat me before we get started. We are french kissing and I feel him taking my thong off and then we stop kissing and he crawls between my canlı bahis legs and removes my garter and stockings. I hope he tells me our bedroom looks romantic. I picture him taking my babydoll top off and kissing my boobs and my neck. Then I see him kissing my stomach and works his way to my cunt. I am sure that by now, my cunt will be on fire wanting him and I feel his tongue go inside of me. If he does, I know it won’t take too long and I will clamp my legs around him and tell him that I want to cum. I picture telling him that I’m going to cum and his tongue goes even deeper in me and I start cumming hard on his mouth and tongue. Just like he did last week, I see him sucking on my cunt and darting his tongue so deep inside of me while I am cumming and my body is shaking and he won’t stop and makes me cum so fucking hard! I love that! After that, I will only need a little break to catch my breath and he climbs next to me and we are holding onto each other and we are kissing and he keeps kissing my neck because he knows that turns me on so much. If I am going to have his baby, I want his tongue as far in my throat as he can get. How would it look if I swallow his cum and he swallows mine and I won’t take his saliva? (Haha)When I want his cock inside of me, I picture we are french kissing and hugging and when we stop kissing, I will look him right in his big blue eyes and say “I love you.” I picture after I say that, I will feel his big cock trying to poke a hole in my waist to get in me! Then, I think he will roll over on top of me and I guide his big cock to my cunt. The first one, I want him to go so slow and I am going to be slowly gyrating under him. I want to feel his cock slowly fucking me and I want to feel him getting deeper and deeper as we are fucking. When he hits my cervix, I want to slowly fuck him like that before he goes past it. Once he is beyond my cervix, I think we will both start fucking a little faster. As he is fucking me, I will be thrusting my ass up to him so I can get his cock so deep in my cunt. I picture us fucking like this for so long and he tells me that he will be cumming in me soon. I want to cum with him, but I also want to look up at him and in a soft voice, I will tell him I want his baby. (Remember how you said that you exploded when Becky said that to you? I’m going to make Jason explode in me when I tell him that!) As soon as I feel his cock explode, I am going to cum so fucking hard on him. I have to be honest and tell you that inside my mind, I will be a little scared about getting pregnant by another guy, but I am going to be so fucking horny for Jason that I won’t care or do anything about it. And once I feel his cock shooting his cum deep inside of my cunt, I won’t care anyway! His cum is so fucking hot and I want that hot, thick cum deep in my cunt. His loaded hot sperm will be heading for my fertile eggs by then.I will make sure that Jason is on top of me the first time, so if you and Becky hear us fucking and feel like sneaking upstairs and seeing us, it’s okay because he won’t be looking that way to see you. But I think it would be better if Jason didn’t know if you were there because he might not cum as hard as I want him to. I think him and I will be cumming so hard and I picture him asking if I will take his baby when he starts cumming and I will tell him “Oh yes! I want your baby!” Would you really like to hear us saying that? That should make his balls really send his cum deep inside of me! Over and over, I want to feel his hot cum pumping inside of my cunt. And if he thought I used my cunt muscles on him before, I am really going to town this night. I am going to hold my cunt as tight as I can on his cock and make myself as tight as ever and I think his balls will unload so hard in me when I do that.For the entire night, we will be fucking and resting and then fucking again. And just to show him that I really do want his baby and I will do anything for him, if you want me to, I think sometime during the night, I will let him fuck my ass and cum there too. Of course, he’s a little bigger then you so we will have to use a lot of lube to get him in my ass without hurting. What a feeling that will be having his big cock deep inside and I make him fill my ass with his hot cum! If I am going to do this, do you agree that I should have every hole in my body filled with his cum? I think it would let him know he can have anything he wants. (Haha)All night long, I will güvenilir bahis be fucking him babe. If we do make this happen, I will make sure that Becky keeps you in bed so you are not wondering what we are doing. If all goes according to plan, even when you and Becky get up the next day, I am hoping I still have Jasons cock inside of me and we don’t get out of bed until late the next afternoon. Is this what you would like me to do? If we do that, you will be okay with me staying in bed with him won’t you? I think Jason and I will also make plans for him to come over at least a few times a week for a month to fuck me. If he asks me to spend the night with him at his house a couple of times during that month, do you want me to do that? It might also make it even better and if he knows that you are not around, and I think he will really fuck me with all he has. Maybe a couple of times, you can spend the night at Beckys while Jason is in bed with me too. Make sure that Heather is in her room and is she keeps you two awake and wants her daddy to hold her at two in the morning, you will know what to expect if I get pregnant. Are you ready to help me with a baby at all hours of the night? That is what happens.Babe, when I get home, lets really talk this over. I am ready to do this and I am prepared to fuck someone all month long without my birth control if you want me to. I just want to make sure this is what we are both ready for and I would like it to be Jason if that’s alright. And just so you know, if I do get pregnant, I get to go back having sex with some of the guys I like after that okay? And two weeks ago when we went with that couple to the hotel and Lisa didn’t do anything with you. Maybe we can have her and her husband over at our house and you can finally fuck her! Maybe at our house, she will feel a little easier and will let you do more then just kiss her. I felt so bad that night. Here I was in another room fucking her husband and he was cumming inside of me all night long and the next morning I find out all you got was a fucking kiss on the lips! My poor baby didn’t get his cock emptied! But I am proud of you babe. Some guys might have forced themselves on a girl and fucked them anyway. Now that she sees you as a true caring person that really wants her to enjoy it and won’t do anything she doesn’t want to do, maybe if we are in a more relaxing atmosphere, she will spread her legs for you. If we can get them over, hopefully, if she sees her husband I together, it will help her see that it is just sex and nothing else and she will fuck you good! Would you like that? I know you like that tight little body of hers and you want to fuck her! Just picture yourself on top of her with your cock buried deep inside of her cunt and just before you start cumming, you look into those pretty brown eyes of hers and then flood her insides!Babe, I will see you in a couple of days. I will call you tonight before I go to bed. And no, I won’t have anyone with me! (Haha) Well, I better not say that yet, because I don’t know who will be there! I’ll just say that if I find anyone, I will call and ask you first. Becky is coming over early in the morning and wants to cook you breakfast before you come downstairs for work. I think I know what you would like for breakfast, so if you want, go ahead! She has a key, so I told her to just go ahead and use her key to get in. I love you so much babe and I always hate leaving you because I start missing you as soon as I walk out of the door. I am so glad you are my husband! I know that never ever, could I ever love someone as much as I love you!Love, Your Princess, KellySo this was a letter I found that Kelly wrote me when she went to Fresno for an IRS meeting. We have been talking about this for so long and she always had some doubts about doing this and then I got home one night and seen this letter on the table. I called Becky and she came over and brought the baby. But as Kelly and I always agreed, I didn’t touch her until after she called me that night and I asked if it was okay. Kelly didn’t fuck anyone while she was gone. Becky and I were another story. And Kelly and I did talk for an entire night until the sun rose the next morning about all of this and how we feel, how we will feel as it is happening, and what we want from it.I am going to California to celebrate my daughters Birthday. And after all of these years, I will be staying with Becky, so who knows what will happen? Well, I know a few things that will happen! So you will have to wait until I get back to find out if Kelly ever did go through with this for an entire month. Or if either of us backed out at the last second!See you soon everyone!