Key west

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Key westI just got back from key west after ten days of insane times. A bunch of old friends met there for the big Halloween party. As soon as we got off the plane we were drinking and I don’t drink so we get our hotel and drank more. It’s about ten at night and I’m done , I just want to go to bed. I’m 55 yrs old and a none drinker. My friends all gave me a bunch of crap but I went back to the room and crashed. I awoke at about one to pee and realized my friends never came back so I though I’m awake now and went looking for them in the bar I left them in. Sure enough they were there acting really stupid and drunk as hell. I sat at the other end of the bar to just watch as it was funny . The funny part changed when they started getting mean to this gay couple just minding their own business. It izmir escort got so bad that they were thrown out of the bar. As a good friend I went and apologize for their stupid behavior . They bought me a couple drinks and now this light weight is drunk again. They were getting ready to leave and invited me to tag along .turns out they were in the same hotel and I end up having another drink back at their room. They started asking questions about me and I explained that I’m married over thirty years and only been with one other girl. He then threw me a curve when he asked if I’ve ever been with a guy and I said no. He told me we re all guys and we all like blow jobs don’t we? Yes we do but my wife stopped blowing me and for that matter stopped fucking me too. Then the smaller of the guys got escort izmir up and went to the bathroom and apparently took a quick shower and came back with a towel wrapped around him. The other guy starts rubbing him and I’m thinking , time to go and got up to leave. I figured they need time alone when the bigger guy says, you don’t have to leave , you can watch if you like. With that he started rubbing the little guy and off came the towel. For a skinny little guy he had a big dick that truthfully I kept staring at. I got up made another drink and when I turned around they were both naked. I was turned on ,big time and kept watching until the one asked if I would like to get a blow job? That was it for me as both of them took turns licking and sucking me. I’m thinking I’m not going to last izmir escort bayan long when I felt something touch my face. Yes it was a cock and I just opened my mouth and took him in. It felt strange ,it was hot and smooth but erotic too. I was going to stopped but I couldn’t . I was this sex starved guy and I just let go and let them do what ever they wanted. This lasted about a hour and had a great time. I did things I’m not proud of nor would I repeat to my best friends either. I had the best experience in a long time. A lot of firsts for me that night. There is more to this story as this was our first night . The next day my friends and I saw them by the pool but my drunk friends didn’t even remember them. I had two more encounters with them and one with the skinny guy alone. They taught me a lot in those few days. I have their number and we will get together. They live about five hundred miles from me and I drive too much on my job. It’s just a matter of time before I see them again. I’m a changed man. More to cum