Kidnapped Ch. 04

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Lauren turned over in her sleep.

Soft, plush pillow, warm covers. And a warm body under her arm.

A warm body??

She jerked awake. It was dark and the room was cast in dark blues. Jack lay asleep next to her, breathing evenly. His long hair fell over his eyes. Lauren removed her hand from his chest and slowly brushed the lock of hair back.

His hand reached up and gripped hers tightly.


“Oh.” Jack loosened his hold. He rubbed his other hand over his eyes. “I’m sorry. I didn’t know it was you.” Lauren blushed furiously at being caught. Silently she thanked the higher powers that were that he couldn’t see her properly in the dark. She pulled her hand away but he held on.

She could see a roguish smile on his face even in the shadows.

“Where’re you going, mm?” Jack tugged on her wrist lightly and she fell against him. Gasping, Lauren tried to right herself but her body came into contact with his. He looked deep into her eyes. His chest was bare against hers and she felt something stirring lower down.

“Um. I can’t stay.”

“Why not?”

“It was supposed to be a one-time thing, remember?” Lauren said almost-pleadingly.

“I guess. But why does it have to be?” Jack placed a hand on the small of her back, pressing her against him.

“Ah..What do you mean – It’s just not the sort of thing I do.”

“What sort of thing?” His hand caressed Lauren’s face gently and she stilled.

“ kidnapper.” Jack leaned up and pressed his lips softly against hers.

“I can be just a man.” As he said so, he spread his thighs and bucked up slowly against Lauren. She leaned into him for a moment. Her mind caught up with her body soon after and she pulled away.

“I can’t. It’s just too. Difficult.” Lauren reached for her clothes on the floor and started pulling them on.

Jack watched her quietly. He sat up and turned the bed light on.

“What – don’t do that.” Lauren struggled with her dress.

“Do what? Turn on the light so I can watch you dress hurriedly?”

“Yes. That.” Lauren slid the straps in place. “Where in hell is my-“

“Looking for this?” Jack held up her black lace undies. She flushed furiously and made a snatch for it but he held canlı bahis it out of her way. “You have to try harder, love.” Jack smiled. Lauren bit her lip and walked closer to him.

“Oh come on Jack don’t be childish.” She leaned in to grab her panties but Jack shifted it to his other hand and held it away. He laughed heartily at her desperate attempts. “Jack!”

He pulled her near with one arm and whispered in her ear.

“Say that once more.”

Lauren felt her breathing grow deeper.

“Say it like you did when I was inside you,” Jack moved his lips to the delicate shell of her ear. Lightly, he traced it with his lips and took her lobe into his mouth.

When Jack licked his tongue into her ear Lauren shivered and tried to pull back.

With one swift motion Jack turned her over and pressed his body onto hers.

Her arms held up against the bed, Lauren could feel Jack’s skin warm against her clothed body.

A wicked smile appeared on his face.

Raising himself off the bed he brought his hips closer to Lauren.

“I have something you seem to be lacking..” Jack held her down with one arm and used the other to draw her dress up between her legs. “Ah see here. You’re missing one piece of clothing.” He ran his hand up the skin of her inner thighs. “It simply won’t do for you to run around without underwear,” Jack said roughly, his face close to Lauren.

She breathed hard as he touched her deliberately.

He was naked above her and without meaning to she raked her eyes over his body. He was hard and primed to go.

“Oh you have naughty eyes for such a sweet lady,” Jack grinned. His fingers pressed into her moist lips and she gasped softly. “How sweet, I have to find out. Again.”

Lauren watched his dark-haired head move lower, between her legs. The muscles in her stomach trembled.

Jack kissed the soft dip in her belly, then looked up at her. His eyes were dark and a fire started in them. He rubbed his face slowly between her legs and Lauren moaned deep in her throat.

“I thought you had to leave,” Jack breathed. He brought his head down and drew his tongue over her musky wetness. Lauren arched against him. He smiled against her flesh and then curled his tongue over bahis siteleri her clitoris.

Lauren fisted the blankets around her as she felt Jack’s tongue spear through her slick folds and sweep hard over her.

“Oh Jack,” her voice came out soft and husky, alien to her own ears.

“You taste so good,” he answered. When he looked up Lauren leaned down and pulled him up to her. The puzzled look in his eyes brought a smile to her face.

“What? You can’t be the only one having all the fun.” She turned him on his back and he let her, watching her movements all the while.

He was beautiful. His skin stretched taut over his lightly-ridged muscles, a fine smattering of hair on his chest and starting from his belly button.

Lauren looked at the evidence of Jack’s arousal.

He fidgeted.

“What..what are you looking at,” he muttered.

“Nothing. Just you.” Lauren smiled. “You made me stay so I have to return the favour of feeling uncomfortable. Although I doubt you’ll find this very uncomfortable.”

She leaned in and ran her tongue around the skin of his balls.

Jack shuddered and placed a hand in her hair. He looked down to see her eyes watching his, as she ran a moist tongue around the head of his rigid cock.

“You taste good, too,” she whispered, circling his hardness with her tongue before taking more of his length into her mouth.

Jack groaned and bucked up into the wet hold of her mouth. The pleasure that spread from her lips was exquisite. Lauren held his cock with one hand, slowly pumping him, while the other hand cupped his balls.

It was amazing. Her mouth wet and warm, gently sucking on his aching flesh while her hands rubbed over the sensitive skin between his thighs.

“Get up here.” Jack leaned down and pulled her up on her knees. With a single movement he got behind her and slid into her slick flesh.

Lauren gasped and arched back against him.

He slid one hand down between her legs and rubbed her clit as he sawed his cock in and out of her clutching pussy.

“Does that feel good,” he said against her ear.

“Yes,” she answered with choppy breaths, “Yes, Jack,” her eyes fluttered as the sensations overwhelmed her.

Jack lifted bahis şirketleri himself higher on his knees and fucked her with short, hard strokes.

“Oh god,” Lauren moaned. He pumped in her, faster and faster. His hard cock sliding in and out of her sensitive flesh, his hand insistent on her knot of nerves.

“Come for me,” Jack whispered in Lauren’s ear. She trembled against him. As he said those words he fucked her faster and kept his fingers circling her clit. Then Lauren felt Jack insert his tongue into her ear and the sharp pleasure shot through her body. Crying out she came in shuddering convulsions. Jack leaned back and pounded hard into her. Faster, faster, once, twice, thrice.

He pulled out and came over her back.

Lauren blinked slowly as she came down from her sexual high. She heard Jack walk into the bathroom and re-emerge. He wiped a towel gently over her back and then pulled her close.

“Don’t leave me.”

Lauren looked at him.

“You know I have to. We can’t stay here together. I can’t stay with you, and we can’t do this again.” She sighed through her words.

“But why? I don’t understand – because your parents will object? We can run away, find another place all our own-“

“No it’s not just that, it’s the whole situation it’s just too fucked up don’t you see?” Lauren took the panties that had fallen and pulled them on. Jack stilled.

“The situation is fucked up,” he repeated. Lauren turned to look at him.

“Yes. It is. You kidnapped me and now you’re fucking me.” A strange look flickered over Jack’s face.

“Well. If you really are so against it I really can’t tell.” He searched for his clothes and started pulling them on as well. “As I recall you offered to return the favour at the warehouse,” a hardness came over his voice and features.

Lauren cringed at the memory. She reached out and gripped Jack’s arm. He looked at her emotionlessly. Before she could say anything he spoke first.

“I understand. You wouldn’t be with someone like me.”

He turned away and walked into the bathroom.

“Close the door on your way out.”

Lauren stood there, her hair dishevelled. She looked at Jack’s back as he shifted through clothes in the bathroom. An odd sadness came into her heart and filled her mouth.

“Goodbye Jack.” It came out as a whisper and she wasn’t sure if he heard it.

When she closed the door to his apartment Lauren felt something close inside her as well.