Kim Submits to her Craving

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Abella Danger

Kim Submits to her Cravingblood Test with Poking Later…Strapped to a chairKissed and fondledRestrained on her KneesVibrated and Zapped with a Ten’sPoked with Needles and more…I got up and skipped my breakfast so I could go get a fasting blood test for my doc visit next week, it’s a short drive and ample parking to the office but sometimes a wait so I go late after the early people. It’s a big company so the place is always changing employees and today is no different when I get there, the office person is always nice and checks you in and has you sit down and wait until called. Several minutes pass and the other girl calls me into the room then dashes around a corner to get some supplies so I sit with my arm forward, She appears and introduces herself as Kim and asks if I have an arm preference.I tell her I don’t and glance discretely at her hair and down to her waist as my mind runs wild, Kim asks my name and then tells me she has to get four vials from my arm and I remark I have plenty. She leans forward and inserts the needle and I go Mmmm as it slides into my vein and she smirks and takes the first vile, then remarks that I enjoy this and I banter back that she enjoys sticking people all day at her job. Meanwhile my eyes glance to her slightly open work shirt at her pale round mounds and lace plunge bra as she says Oh yeh I got this job because I like watching people squirm. She is at the third vial and I comment that this is fairly vanilla for me and it’s just a diversion for the moment, she asks me courteously if she can ask something personal I tell her it’s just fine so she says she’s blunt and am I far from vanilla and like kinky?Kim brushes down my arm to my hand but I grab her finger and she looks at me with her piercing brown eyes saying nothing, I say to her Ok – Truth, you L o v e this job and you take your work home with you don’t you? She swallows and dashes to the front desk and then returns remarking that no one is waiting, holding my hand she tells me that every time she sticks someone she pauses and imagines it is happening to her only to go home and go to her kinky place. I go Really – you don’t have someone to share this with and she nods No so I say to her that we should meet up sometime and see how close from a One for Vanilla you are and Kim smiles and says with a shuddering voice that she is far from One and we should meet hopefully soon.I get up from the chair and she leans forward for a half- hug and my hand goes around her back feeling rabbit fur soft skin, accepting she turns and faces me fully moving in nuzzling in my neck holding firmly. She whispers that a list of items is needed if she has to bring stuff for our meeting, I whisper that the needle in my arm was kind of short and small and one is not enough so you will need to get a box. Moaning in my ear she asks me what sizes I want to use so I tell her that I have heard that most woman have this Bigger is Better idea, She quivers in my arms and says she will try to get some items and then she tells me that she hopes her slim body will be enough for the contents of the boxes and that she gets off work at three if I am around.I came back and sat in the waiting room imagining her soft pale skin and then started a new sign in and put my name down and she came out to check for patients, reading the sheet she gleemed and called me inside then disappeared for a moment. Kim returned and brushed her body against mine and said I should have sat down, my response is did you lock the door and she said Yes so I gasped her arm and led her to the chair and sat her down. Looking on the table I tell her good girl for getting some items and to place your arms on the chair arms, I brushed my hands up her arms and informed her that I am the doc now as she takes a breath. Brushing her arm and cheek my finger goes down her chin and stops at her larynx, then I look at her and she smiles and leans and kisses me taking her hand and sliding my finger deep into her cleavage.My fingers are paired to enjoy the software as I plunge down her miniature valley then sideways over the soft flesh, then my finger stops at a pert outcrop and closes getting a purr from their owner. My hands move to the chair arms and she looks at me with pleasure as I secure her wrists to the arms then stoop strapping her ankles to the legs. My hands trace her thighs and then pulling up her shirt she tenses her stomach showing that a short woman can have a six pack, then I take my fingers and give her sides a good pinch rewarded by shivers then I brush upward to her chest. Shivers as my palms arrive at her sides I kiss her deeply and whisper that I will be doing a blood draw of several vials for a full blood panel.Kim closes her eyes knowing she is in a pickle as I loosen her shirt and pull it off her shoulders to hang on her elbows, then I turn to a table and return with a needle and pinch her upper arm and insert. Looking in my eyes I tell her always the other side for balance as I move higher to her shoulder, pinching skin just above her clavicle I plunge several through her milky flesh getting a gentle hum as they pass through and exit joined by several more as I head downward along her scapula. I mutter about her darn bra strap in my way and plunge my fingers down her cleavage again enjoying the softness and her steady breaths, then I play with all the needles getting her to lean her head back at the tingling sensations. In several minutes I remove all the needles watching drips contrast against her pale skin as I lean in for a kiss, hungary she gives me a sloppy response while trying to get close to me held by the restraints even with my fingers tickling her tightened stomach.Between breaths she mutters that I should look in the cabinet for our supplies so I turn and see a box of stuff and once inspecting I smile, Good Girl Kim as I retrieve several items and drag them across below her bra getting an anticipating growl from inside her chest. These are just what I wanted so you did some good shopping, then I opened a two inch number twenty and passed it over her thin cotton bra cup getting a deep breath only to pinch and insert one on each side of her scapula. She stretched her body upward enjoying the sensation so I went behind her and rubbed her shoulders then around her stomach, upward cupping her boobs under her shirt she stretched more as I kneaded her flattened english muffin sized boobs. Her purring stopped and she muttered that they have not ikonbet giriş been caressed for months, I told Kim this was just the beginning and this was the gentle grip and she purred and said Bring It. I untied her ankles and wrists and got her redressed and she looked concerned as I led her out the door, holding her hand I put Kim in the truck and several blocks away I pulled over and rummaged for something behind the seat. Lean forward I told her and the clicking made her mutter Handcuffs? I said Yep – Want you to Know your Mine! Then I produced a blindfold and she went Oh My I Like where this is going… I told her our destination is secret and just for you as I attached her seat belt and we continued into the hills by a park where I hike, it was evening and we walked along a dirt road and down a path where I had her stand and wait. The cool air was refreshing as I returned to lead her down some stairs into a stone building, it has water sounds being located under a waterfall operated by the local water department.Standing in the middle of the room I looked at her for several minutes then went behind her and open hands grabbed and kneaded her boobs again, a long inhale as she leaned back against my body she whispered that they are craving much more that a good caress. I walked her over to a wall and pushed her against it and kissed her, all tongue holding her head on the wall I brushed her stomach and upward. Two fingers trapping her nipples poking through her bra Kim lets out a long gasp and kisses me more vigorously, the more I twist and tug the harder she kisses then her body starts moaning and moving sideways. I move grasping firmly leading her by her nipples across the room then push her on a mattress, pulling down her pants and underwear I pull out my pole and thrust inside fully getting a giant groan. Her legs wrap around me and hold me firmly as she tosses around the mattress, several minutes of tossing she mutters between strange sounds for me let it out cuz I’m on the pill so fill me up – I shoot a long jizz and thrust for several minutes pinning her by her shoulders to the mattress while she wiggles and then relaxes.Kim tells me between breaths that now her pussy is happy so what about above her waist, I stand and clean and tell her that she is gonna be here for a while and that won’t be a problem so be patient. I pull her pants off and grab her arm to get her standing and take her to a table in the middle of the room, like one on TG I get her up to kneel then one arm at a time I remove her shirt and attach her wrists outspread at shoulder height and secure her ankles and add a waist belt and secure it to the table. She breathes long and soft as I pause and admire her smooth body and pale skin, Kim is still in her lace plunge bra and blindfold her shoulders slightly red from the previous needle session.I ask her if she would like a gag to replace the blindfold and she says Then I won’t be able to protest when I am not happy – Yeh right with lots of sarcasm then she says give me the gag but can I have a mouth guard too? I remove the blindfold and her eyes dart around the room seeing the stone structure she is inside, I kiss her deeply then tell her at least you can see it coming but won’t be able to do anything and she says in a soft voice Yeh- I know…I want ALL of Them, I want to Pant and Squirm. I tell Ok by Me!Kim gets another deep kiss from me as I brush her thighs and insert my finger into her pussy then play with her lips, then a gentle pinch as she breathes on my neck then harder breathes as I pinch then another kiss as I grasp both and pinch hard. She lets out a deep groan as I hold then descend and add clamps on her pussy, now her mouth is open as I give them a pull she has her eyes open and big looking at me. Letting go I get close and whisper that this is the gentle part and it Will be Sustained, Your mind Will get fuzzy and it will please me to see you in prolonged suffering and she gathers herself and swallows and mutters – Anything to Please You because I have been sticking people for years and its time for My payback from someone Experienced.Sticking the gag into her mouth and securing the strap from behind I grab several more clamps and pinch flesh, attaching them to her back she moans and leans forward only for me to add more on each side. Adorned with a dozen on each side her pale skin reddened as her skin realizes its predicament, I just stand and watch as she sways then brush her arms to give her chills then grab a clamp pulling her back. Lots of panting as she passes through the moment as I grab another and twist a little getting a squeal then smacking her ass with a ruler, Meeps with each strike she holds her body up straight proving she can take the sensations.I go around and face her telling her that this is nothing and that her pale skin is gonna be pink and pleased when I am done and you’re gonna pant good, I brush her tensed stomach as I am telling her and she leans forward as if giving herself to my kinky thoughts knowing it will be good. I have all those clamps on her back so I grab the tray and a deep breath ensues as I insert the first of many needles into her back, lots of panting as I work my way down with several dozen adorning her pale skin then removing the clamps getting her to arch.My open palm gripping her stomach and twisting the needles my hand gets shudders as she processes the sensation, after twisting them I start removing them with each one having a trail down to her waist. With all of them removed I kiss her cheek and run my fingers down her chest brushing the thin material of her bra, she takes a long breath as I pause over her muffin size mounds then continue south my fingers inserted inside her pussy. Kim starts to wiggle on my fingers so I reach over and insert a dildo and she just wiggles more, whimpering as I remove it she makes noises to convince me to put it back but I tell her No.The clamps from her back are put on her pussy lips getting a soft growl with wiggling so I grab several and pinch, deep groans as it pinches the tender flesh but distracted with my finger inserted inside rubbing. Then all at once I remove all of them and smack her inner thighs getting her to posture from the stinging, I tell her pleading is not tolerated and conformity is rewarded as my finger teases her insides getting several gasps of pleasure. Grabbing a vibrator on a pole I stand it and insert it a small amount setting ikonbet yeni giriş it to low and Kim’s eyes flicker like fluorescent lights as her insides quiver, then I smack her thighs and her stomach getting her six pack hard then her ass getting her to lift higher.She holds steady taking the harder smacks trying to keep a little vibrator on her pussy while panting through each strike, I peek around her body seeing her stomach is tense and her arms are relaxed so I pause and make adjustments. Pushing her impaling her on the vibrator I give her several moments for some wiggle and panting while I move a bar above her head, Kim pants and moans her eyes squinting shut I trace my eyes down her body as she tenses through several orgasms all the while her lace bra barely containing her pert points I relish to torment.Like a snake she sways sideways riding waves of sensation so I figure I grab a wrist and move it securing it to the higher bar, the other joins and her elbows just above her ears my hands run down her elbows then pinch her sides down to her waist. Kim still is impaled on the vibrator so I figure I turn it up and get more wiggle, hips bucking while my hands brush and pinch her back and sides pulling hard sideways getting a gasp then tickling her tightened stomach as she bucks backward.Unaware of the special options of my vibrator I prepare to add a ten’s pulse inside her pussy setting it to two, I give her some tickling on her stomach then grab her sides and hold then press my foot on the remote pedal. Kim gasps and freezes holding her breath looking in my eyes blinking as the current courses through her moist pussy, then a long low growl from inside her body then she quivers and shakes riding like a bronco. I lean in to her bra and close my teeth trapping one pert nipple in my teeth she instinctively pushes it inside my mouth, I do what any good man would do and move to the other and grasp getting a long gasp as the current courses through her pussy.Kim’s eyes flicker as she descends into a deep orgasmic place while my hand turns up the current a notch, her hips twitching I grab a remote pen attached to the vibrator and run it up her stomach the current traveling down to her pussy. Her bra moist from my mouth with her pert nipple I apply the end of the probe and she just sucks in air and leans forward pushing it against her nipple, grabbing scissors off the table I cut the bra straps and the cleavage band and the entire bra falls to the floor.The coldness of the room makes her tense and shiver while my mind relishes her muffin – sized boobs while Kim’s oversized areolae tighten before my eyes from the coolness, there owner’s eyes rolling back as she leans forward surrendering them to me while purring. I continue to alternately suck each of their hardening suppleness inside my mouth with little bites, Her body swaying from the sensations so I lean back and grab her swollen nipples. My horizontal grip restricting her movement while she twists and jerks tugging them until she grunts, pulling I grip harder as panting and jerking increases another orgasm crests through her body.Applying a line of clothespins to her nipples holding them horizontal they are oversized taking nearly five with her pebble peeking between the middle ones, then she has balance as both are pinched their owner breathing. Gripping all five I pinch and pull them getting a sigh as she follows leaning until her arms are stretched panting through the last of the twinges, I pinch a little more and she just leans and relaxes her body hanging with eyes rolled back.I grab a large clothespin off the table the end ground flat and the inside sawed open for nipple tissue occupation, one last notch down the middle for the vein that runs to the nipple pebble so it has a safe spot. quickly removing one set I apply the big one checking for the vein then the other giving both an initial grip without response, Kim seems numb so I add a clamp and get a cringe and a moan as I take string over a bar and add weights sitting on a table. Now if she leans back they will lift off the table so now a smack on her stomach gets a yelp, I grasp her short hair and pull back getting a growl as her nipples lift the weights my eyes watch as her boobs sit flat and firm.Tickle a chest and around nipples Kim just leans forward so I add another weight and brush my fingers around her soft flesh, my mind is thinking of taking her several levels upward now that she is relaxed and seemingly internalizing her torment. Several tens pads around her boobs and her stomach I add some pulses and get some twitches, my finger inserted into her wet pussy coaxes her into a lazy long orgasm understandable after multiple dozens she has had for the last hour. Kim’s stomach twitches slightly but her boobs quiver with each impulse so I add higher on her stomach and she leans back a small amount lifting the weights, my mind decides it is time for something more fun for me and exciting for me to see happen to her pale soft flesh as I add a strap holding her back nipples held out by the weights.On the table next to me is a tray of my favorite pointy things that Kim has likely wanted all her life, she has stuck many people but has encountered me and my items of torment while she hangs groggy and unaware of my next actions. My hand reaches and then drags a thin metal item upward from her stomach without response, soft breathes emit from her open mouth then turns to a soft gasp as the number eighteen long needle enters her flesh. I push it driving the three inch needle from her side to behind her nipple and push the plunger, arms and stomach tense while I squeeze and slowly pull the needle leaving saline under her nipple repeating several times then remove.Refill the syringe then inserted to repeat on her other boob while Kim’s wide open mouth sucks in air as the saline fills her tissue, approximately 25 cc’s under each nipple I figure when I take off the clothespins her ample aureole’s with stand puffy tall. Plenty left I insert again and press while removing adding saline above and below her nipple repeating on the other with an additional 25 cc’s around the perimeter, panting softly I add another weight to the strings getting her to tense her body and breathe unaware I am just beginning.Raising her hands slightly to straighten her posture I whisper if she is comfortable and she mutters Yeh – In Your Eyes! I lean close and tell her she being Kinda ikonbet güvenilirmi Sarcastic and thats Fine! I pull up a little more to hold her in the air adding a cloth in her mouth and one more weight on her nipples getting a good exhale, my fingers brush her soft pale skin as I wait several moments then in one motion I grab the clothespins removing them freeing her nipples from their captivity. Muffled noises and jerking as she deals with being consumed with the release finding very little range of motion, I take a crop and smack her all over as she pants attempting to spit out the rag to breath then I stand back and wait for several minutes for her to calm down.The view of a pale skinned woman with flattened english muffin boobs with extra saline that creates a puffy nipple is a sight to imagine, the next minutes are even better as I take two inch number eighteen needles and mercilessly insert them a small amount around the perimeter of her nipples. Kim swallows and moans as nearly eighteen needles have been inserted into her rock hard firm boobs but the box is not even close to empty, I look in her eyes and tell her This is for All the Patients you have Poked but your sarcasm to me is later. I watch her swallow but then blink apparently not worried as I continue with the fortieth needle, the saline has created a puffiness around her nipple but also holds it tall and firm waiting for its unknown fate in the near future.Brushing her stomach Kim moans deep inside her body as I add some zaps to her pussy getting some hip twitches, then I brush her stomach and her nipples getting a purr that changes as I push several needles all the way into her pale flesh. Jerking and holding her body frozen I push in several more twisting them and look at her to tell her its time to give me some of your juices, then I open several of the lure- lock ends and she gives a nice trail contrasting her pale flesh. A deep groan as I still push in more needles as she jerks and quivers her hips seeming to achieve several more orgams, I remove the rag and she breathes deeply as I grab a long number sixteen and approach her left side clamping her nipple in my fingers poised and ready.Kim now quivering and riding through countless orgasms now will likely go even higher as the long needle begins its trip, poised at the base of her nipple I push and feel her skin giving away to the hard sharp steel as it passes through her flesh. Her head back and long groans as the steady path then exiting, thinking its over she takes a breath as I push past her cleavage releasing her left nipple only to grab her right. Head back she mutter Oh Fuck as I plunge it into the base of her other nipple sliding it through and out the other side, I scold her Don’t even think of relaxing as I grab a second and like lacing plunge a second long needle back through her nipple at the bottom.Now gasping long breathes and hips shaking I slide the long steel though her nipple and cleavage and through the other, I scold her again and tell her OK – Slut that was Live & Laugh and now what? I ask you… Kim pants and hold her head back and mutters Oh FUCK – you mean LOVE!I grip her nipple and plunge another long needle right under her pebble feeling her flesh snap as the needle invade her virgin nipple, she grunts and exhales her stomach tensing hard and holding as she makes a growling sound deep inside her body. Her large nipples take slightly more than an inch of needle before it exits and she postures as I slide it through, grasping the other and plunging it into her flesh she tenses stretching her body high as the sensation consumes her fully. Now that Kim is adorned with three long needles through her nipples I brush her pebbles getting shudders, the smaller needles still making tracks down her pale flesh as she jerks and shudders through seemingly endless orgasms fluttering her eyes.I sit down and watch her decorated body and work my pole teasing the head while watching her hips undulate from the pulses, then shoot a great load as I appreciate my handiwork with all the needles inserted into her pale skin. The great pleasure for me is being able to poke long needles through her virgin nipples to bring them into the world of alternative pleasure, all while watching her twitch from the pulses of the ten’s zapping her pussy and stomach.Kim is calming after nearly fifteen minutes so I turn off the tens unit and remove the clamps and pads, then with her groggy eyes she asks for a kiss and she is so calm that I play with the long needles with little response. At her waist I have gauze that will checked later for a donation all the while I kiss her more, then separating I begin to remove the needles twisting them just before. She purrs at the stinging and moans softly with each removal until all are out and little red dots appear on her pale flesh, then I take the long needles and play with them twisting them and pulling both her nipples for torment.I brush her stomach and kiss her deeply and tell her to Posture and breathe in deeply, she lifts and takes a long breath and then full of air she holds her body tight and tall. I a slow motion I twist and slide one long needle back out of her nipple with a small trail, causing her to posture even more as it exits and she gasps and twitches through the sensations. Then the second as she stretches tall as it slides out and leaves a trail, she pants in short breathes like a dog holding her posture knowing the last will please me the most. I twist and pull her nipples still attached by the long steel teasing the pebble and pinching it making her squeak, then I grasp her pebbles and pull skyward stretching them lifting her getting a growl. She mutters OMG that feels so good but then I release and twist the needle for several moments as she hums softly, then in one swift motion I slide it out quickly then brush her nipples teasing them until she leans forward to kiss me.Then I grasp them and hold to make her moan while she kisses me sloppy then tug them to make her groan and pant loudly, I lower her arms and release her legs laying her down on the table. I have a pole to pick with you I tell her as I slide in full and hold. Kim mutters Oh Crap I didn’t think I had anymore energy as she wraps her legs around my back holding me inside, I climb on the table and putting her arms above I thrust slowly her moist pusssy making slurping sounds as I get another load to release. Leaning down to kiss her I start thrusting steady and kiss her as her tormented nipples start poking my chest, she only moans louder as I thrust and release my load inside her then lay on top of her as she lets out a moan of pleasure and smarting nipples – My favorite! This is a story of what I Love to do to Small Boobs!