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Subject: Kim’s education. Part three, for adult/Youth section. Again I would encourage readers to make a contribution to Nifties expenses in order to help them keeping our stories going for us. It is a truly great site. I helped Kim up from his prone position so he stood upright before me, looking down at his caged cocklet in the little steel mesh cage! “Wow sir, how long have i got to be like this Sir? It is going to hurt me when I cannot get hard.” I explained to him gently as i took his slender young naked body into my arms, and felt his chest pressing against my own raging cock, savouring the sweet scent of his slightly sweaty body as I ran my hands down his warm smooth back that i so admired. Soon maybe I would be adding a few red stripes to it! He smelt sweetly musky and it reminded me of how he had tasted when I sucked him. He was in a word, the perfection of boyhood! “You are to keep that on until the weekend boy, it will make you really horny and by the time my friends come down for one of our sessions you will be about ready to do anything to please them! But that, my boy, is the idea, and we will plan a real show for them. They will relish the thought of a young boy, oh yes Kim, you are a beautiful young boy, being punished in front of them!” “What will you all do to me Sir, will it hurt a lot, or will it be really sexy so it won’t matter so much!” I paused for a moment to think of the right answer. “We will plan it together boy, but I will want you to put on a good show, and after a few days in that cock cage i suspact you will be only too willing! I am going to show you a whole lot of videos because I know you have already looked at porn, and we will choose a good scenario together to act out for them!” I put on my slacks over my red thong, still with a hard erection, and was now only too ready for a meal, and I was looking forward to watching Kim’s reaction as he met my two local favorite boys, who were due later in the afternoon, as a surprise for him. “For now boy, this has been one hell of a day for you, and me, come to that. First we will catch up on eating and have a late lunch, then I will give you a pair of my speedos which should just about cover your cock cage and tha stripes on your butt, because later this afternoon I am letting two of my favorite local boys in to use the pool and meet you. They will of course wear my regulation design of speedo the same as you. From now on Kim, there is another thing, I want you to wear a collar. Wear it with pride as it denotes you are special to me now. You are my boy, and any visiting boys will respect you for that!” I produced a black leather collar with silver studs around it. Kim leant forward excitedly as I placed it around his slender neck, buckling it in place, leaving him plenty of room to breath. I fastened the buckle and added a tiny padlock to prevent him removing it, but to anyone looking at him they would think it a boyish fad and decoration. He looked simply stunning with the black leather and shiny studs against his slim neck, and smooth tanned shoulders. We had a wonderful spread for lunch of local cheeses and bread with thick salted butter, and pickles, but before we went to the pool area I picked out a suitable pair of the speedos I kept for the boys. I picked a size larger than would have been normal for him because of making sure that his cockcage would not show, or at least not too much! Also to cover the red stripes on his butt, fading a bit but not yet twelve hours old! The speedos i picked were bright ankara otele gelen escort yellow and like all the others, unlined and with just the thin elasticated waist strap to hold them up. Kim took them from me, pulled them on, and the transformaton was immediate. Before me now stood a young boy in a yellow speedo, adorned by a fancy neck collar. he gave me a shy smile, “Do you like what you see Sir!” “Turn around boy, let me check your butt end.” When he did this I could see the faintest of marks either side of the rather skimpy back, but nothing that would cause too much comment! “You look fabulous boy!” was all I could think of to say, as my cock throbbed in my pants! “Come on then, let’s see how you swim.” I encouraged him, and he did just that doing a pefect shallow dive into the pool to come up laughing and starting a well practised crawl stroke to do some lengths while i watched. Shortly after that i heard bikes and chatter in the drive and my two term time pupils burst around the corner of the house. “Go and grab your speedos boys, and come and meet Kim.” They soon appeared again, both wearing my specified speedos in shiny bright red! Kim swam to the side and looked up at me and the boys. “Why are they wearing red Sir?” I explained that it was to seperate the age groups when the pool was busy in the term time. Most eleven/twelve year old’s wore red, twelve/thirteen yellow, and over thirteen maroon. The ten year olds wore a different pattern with even briefer front and back panels, and were in green. “Come on out Kim, and meet Rex and Tim.” In one smooth movement Kim slid himself up and out to stand grinning at the two slightly younger boys, while i explained to them rhat Kim was here for the school summer holidays and they would see him again soon no doubt. As Kim stood dripping in front of the boys, and did a cursory handshake, I was able to look at his wet costume, unlined as were all the speedos, so I could inspect how his cockcage was covered! Well it was covered, but gave him a very large bulge and to me, who of course knew what lay beneath the thin yellow material, i could make out the distinct lines of the small steel cage. Max was first to start chattering. “Hey Kim, I like your collar, real cool!” I saw his eyes take in Kim’s bulge, but apart from boyish interest and maybe jealousy, he soon turned to dive into the pool. Tim followed and soon they were fooling about as only boys can do! Kim came to the edge first and pulled himself out just in front of Max who seemed to take a lot of notice of Kim’s butt, and when Kim turned away from me i could see why! There was a good part of his butt showing on one side of the skimpy yellow costume and the six red stripes were visible even to a casual glance. I saw Max go and whisper to Tim and they silently giggled. I decided to make myself scarce for a moment to let the two youngsters ask Kim what they would certainly want to know. Kim told me later when they had gone off home on their bikes, that they had asked if I had caned him, and when he told them yes, he had been very naughty at home and that is why he was here, they asked if he had been naked and tied up because they had heard from one of the older boys that he had been caned that way! Kim told me he could see by the way they fiddled to adjust their speedos that they both got hard talking about it! When the two young ones had dressed and gone off, I called Kim over, saying that I had selected two videos to judge tonight öveçler escort and we would watch them on the big screen in the viewing room. “Shall I get dressed Sir, or am I okay like this?” “You are still wet you silly boy, so strip off your speedo and come with me, naked but for your cock cage!” he obediently stripped and stood, I thought rather proudly, and putting my hand behind his head, ruffling his hair gently, I guided him to the viewig room. I sat on a couch in front of the screen and made him sit beside me so i could better guage his reactions. Putting my arm around his shoulders I pulled him close, pressing “Play.” Onto the screen came a boy, around Kim’s age. All my videos were of such boys and therefore a highly guarded secret. The boy was bare foot and had a simple length of white cloth wound around his middle but was otherwise naked. His young body was unblemished and lightly tanned. his hands were tied behind him and he came slowly, being goaded and encouraged by the well built man behind him who was stripped to the waist and a wonderful muscular specimen. Further more, he had a multi tailed lash hanging around his neck! Kim was already fully focused on the action and had noticed the stout round post set up centre stage, adorned with several rings near the top. The man came to the boy, pulled him roughly to him, before untieing his wrists, then refastening them in front of him before passing a thin rope through one of the rings and pulling the boy up so he had to stand tightly against the post. The strip of cloth was pulled away to show that the boy was highly sexually aroused, his small uncircumcised cocklet pointing high, and now being crushed and rubbed against the post! Poor Kim was wriggling under my arm as he tried in vain to ease the pressure in his cock as it pushed agaist the confines of it’s small steel cage! He was pushing himself against me as he watched the action, and when the man flexed the whip and landed the first blow, I could feel Kim shudder against me! “Sir, you are not going to let your friends whip me, are you Sir? “Probably not boy, probably not, but you and i will choose from half a dozen videos as to which one to act out for my friends! We watched together as the young boy was whipped and during it all Kim hugged me closely. When the scene finished and the man released the boy, he then went in turn to both of them, giving them a hug and a kiss as they leant down to his sleight form! Both then congratulated the boy on his courage Next up I had put on a show where the boy was stripped, tied over a sawing horse and fucked by two men who took it in turns. Kim turned to look up at me and firmly declared, “That was gross Sir. No way do I ever want that, I am sorry Sir, you can do what you like to me, but please never never that!” I gave him a friendly squeeze before putting his mind at rest. “Kim, my boy, I agree with you but you had to see it for me to confirm we both do agree! Anyway I think the next video may be more to your taste and it is one of my favorites though so far I have never found a boy to act it out for me!” I pressed play and we both relaxed to watch. Onto the stage came another young boy. This one was dressed only in a loose fitting ankle length thin white robe, and bare footed. Resting on one shoulder he carried a wooden cross, the upright of which which trailed on the ground behind him. With him, spurring him on with mild blows from short whips, were two men, dressed in baggy white pyjama like pendik escort clothes. They came to mid stage where a short sturdy post was set up, adorned with a couple of rings from which short chains ending in manacles! At the post the boy stopped and the men took the cross from him, laying it down on the floor. “Strip boy, get that robe off you for your preparation for crucifixion!” It was a delightful sight as the boy struggled to pull the robe up and over his head and as he did so his superb lithe young body was revealed, all but for a tiny loin cloth which was clearly showing his arousal. The men grabbed his arms and holding them over the post chained each wrist to one of the rings so that the boy now stood, facing the post and unable to protect himself. We could now clearly see a sheen of sweat forming on the boys back, as he leant towards the post and we could also marvel at his superb young body that must have been right on the cusp of puberty. Again Kim snuggled up to me as he wriggled beside me on the couch, and as the lash landed on the boy’s upturned waiting back I could feel him flinching. “Wow Sir, are we going to do that for your friends!?” “Oh but wait Kim, until you see the next part!” After the whipping was finished the boy was released and his cross placed back on his shoulder. He was now naked and wonderfully asoused and erect but it was also clear, as I pointed out to Kim, that although the boy’s back was red and mildly stripped he had not been damaged in any way. This would always remain important to both Kim and Me. The boy was now led over to where his cross was to be erected, but with him on it! The cross was laid down and the boy forced to lie back on it, while soft leather straps were buckled around his wrists and his arms spread wide along the top beam. Now the two men heaved the cross with the boy on it, upright, where it was dropped into a socket in the ground. A noose of rope was put round each of his ankles which was pulled up to rings waiting ready on the upright so his legs were now slightly bent and he could push up on them to relieve his arms and torso. My god, what a sight he made, as he started to struggle, and then crying out for mercy. Even at his young age the sweat was soon running down his face onto his chest until it arrived at his cocklet to drip steadily from the end even as it started to go limp! They let him struggle, up on his bound legs before collapsing onto jhis arm straps but after ten minutes one of the men went to him and started encouraging him with gentle masturbation. He grunted and cried out and gradually started trying to help by humping against the man’s hand. Finally, with a wild shrill cry of, “Yes. oh yes,’ he shot a small jet of clear boy cum for over a metre in front of him. The men, who were not aiming to be overly cruel immediately lowered the cross and released the boy. The boy went to each man and gave him a hug and a full blooded kiss on the lips before they put his robe back on him and he left the stage. The video finished! “Sir, do you think we could do that show!?” My heart skipped a beat when Kim asked me, and i felt sure we would do just that! However, he had to see the alternatives and so I told him he had more to see tomorrow and he should hold his decision Tomorrow I planned a day around the pool, and a chance to teach him the use of some carpentry tools. After all, that is what he was here for and we needed to keep his Mum sweet on her nightly calls to see how he was! little did shw know! It was essential Kim told her that it was great here and he reall wanted to stay for the holidays! End of part three which hopefully some of you enjoyed reading. Again I have really enjoyed your feedback so do keep them coming, good or bad. Don’t forget, it is but a fantasy even if based on longing! Regards to all, Jon