Kirsten’s New Year Party

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Kirsten’s New Year PartyThis is a continuation of “A couple of quiet days away (Final Part)”, at the end Kirsten had sent my a small video of her naked and rubbing her hands all over her body, asking me “If I was wanting this?” and I replied to her text “What do you think”. Well when she phoned later on, I had asked regarding the video and Kirsten replied “Well once you had gone and I was getting ready for work, Alison was asking me what we had been getting up too”. Kirsten continued to say “Once she had finished, Kirsten could tell that Alison was turned on slightly by her flushed cheeks and she had been rubbing her thighs. And when we had seen your car outside the shop, Alison had said “My turn for Coffee”, I had gone into the office, had seen me talking to Alison and then seen her grab your hands towards her breasts and into her panties and this turned me on, so I stripped and made the video for you as I knew Alison would be about 20 minutes in the shop.” At first I didn’t say anything but began to laugh. Kirsten said “Behave yourself but think you should come to my New Year’s party, which was actually on the 2nd of January”. We talked for about 10 minutes then Kirsten said “She needed to sleep but did say what she was or rather wasn’t wearing to go to bed”, which got my cock twitching.When I went to bed, all I could think about what Kirsten had said, so had to bring myself off and feel asleep. Every couple of days Kirsten would phone me to have phone sex, describing how she would slowly do this and that to me and I would say what I would do to her. Just before Christmas she phoned just to check I was coming on the 2nd and I said “Yes”. She was excited and said “You will not be bored”. As we finished our conversation both turned on, I said “Have a great Christmas and your present is waiting for you”, Kirsten replied “So is your’s”. We did not speak between Christmas and New Year but Kirsten did text me to ask “If I could try and be at her’s for a certain time and to bring some food items”.I was looking forward to see Kirsten again and at work was getting so stick about it from the other Chefs with the usual Kitchen talk. I showed them some of her video and that soon shut them up. On the morning of the 2nd, I was up, washed, dressed and ready to go when Kirsten phoned, I thought oh no party is cancelled but she was asking me to try and get something else. I left the flat and went and got everything Kirsten needed. Again it took slightly longer to get there due to the weather and an old guy slowly driving 10mph below the speed limit and overtaking was no possible for a certain amount of the road. As I arrived outside Kirsten’s house, I could see her looking out the window for me but I also saw Alison peeking out another window. Kirsten then came running out the house to greet me. As she reached me and embraced me, the smell of her perfume and hair, turned me on and she whispered “I think someone is happy to see me”, bumping her crotch against mine. As we entered her house with my bag and shopping, Alison was downstairs and had the kettle on. She came up to me and gave me a hug and kiss on the check but squeeze me more than just a hug and she could feel edirne escort my erection next to her leg. Alison was ever so slightly bigger in size to Kirsten not as athletic body but ok, her bust was bigger also but not too big and her jet black hair was at this point in a pony tail. We all sat for a while chatting before Kirsten said, I need to give you a tour of the house. Her house was a 4 bedroom Victorian style house with an extension at the back and en suites had been put in to 2 of the bedrooms mainly her’s and Alison’s room. It had been Kirsten’s parents house but do to ill health they were in a bungalow just down the street. We finished the tour and then got lunch before organising the food and house for the party. Her sitting room, dining room and extension could be made into one room with partition walls, Kirsten then said “Food will be here as well as the bar/drinks, there were seats put against the wall so we had enough space for the ceilidh. Then we went and got ready, I had my kilt with a nice shirt with Kirsten and Alison wearing suitable dresses to dance in but still sexy. When the rest of the guests arrived, which was most of the village, the party started. Everyone had a great time dancing, singing as well as the food and drink also chatting. Around Midnight the party was over and everyone headed away, which just left Alison, Kirsten and me. I was clearing up some things when I suddenly felt a hand move under my kilt and move up my thigh to my cock and then could feel someone’s breathe on my cock, I could not see who it was but just then Kirsten walked in and I realised it was Alison. Kirsten come over and passionately kissed me and we could hear Alison giving me a sloppy blowjob. Kirsten stopped and asked “Alison to come out from underneath my kilt, my cock was semi hard and could be seen lifting slightly my kilt up.Kirsten and Alison without saying anything grabbed my hands and they pulled me up the stairs to Kirsten’s room, which was the biggest. She had a king size bed with some built in wardrobes on either side. When we were all in, Kirsten removed my kilt and Alison pulled off my shirt then they pushed me on the bed. They then chained my hands to the bed posts. As I lay on the bed, Kirsten and Alison moved to the bottom of the bed in front of me. They turned to face each other and embraced with their tongues moving in and out of each other’s mouth. They occasionally would look at me and see my cock standing rock hard. They separated before doing a striptease as their dress fell to the floor they were completely naked. Their breasts looked amazing standing side by side and their nipples were hard and slightly puffy. As I looked down their bodies, their pussies looked great and aroused, Alison’s lips were slightly open and her clit hood was visible, I think she had been rubbing it when under my kilt. Kirsten’s looked amazing but not as aroused. They climbed on to the bed moving up to me, their breasts swinging freely as they came beside me.They began kissing my cheeks then neck before moving down to my chest, licking my nipples before going down to my crotch. While Alison began licking my balls, Kirsten licked the head escort edirne of my cock before putting it her mouth and bobbing up and down a couple of times then they swapped places. Alison did not seem to be as good as Kirsten as she bobbed up and down but it still felt good. They both stopped and Alison moved up to my head, lowering her pussy onto my mouth, I flicked my tongue up and down her outer lips, touching her clit as she relaxed more. Out the corner of my eye, could see Kirsten sitting on a chair near the bed with her legs open but only caressing her breasts. I could now feel Alison’s juices dripping down onto my chin and felt her muscles start to try and grip my tongue as I licked the inner lips, she was bouncing up and down, she had cupped her breasts and was playing with her nipples when she stopped and her legs closed tightly against my head. She shouted out “Oh my God” as her orgasm erupted through her body and she squirted over my tongue and mouth before running down my chin. She stayed there briefly before slowly getting off, her pussy was very red and her clit could clearly be seen. She sat down on a chair with a big smile on her face and winked at Kirsten.Kirsten then stood up and came over to the bed and stood on it but above my cock before lowering her pussy on to it. Although she had not been visibly playing with it, she slipped down taking my full length and began riding it as though on horseback. I was rocking my hips with her as we were building both up to climax. Kirsten began moaning loudly, I then saw Alison move behind Kirsten rubbing her breasts and nipples as she orgasmed, she was still riding me as I shot my come up her. Alison let go of Kirsten’s breast and Kirsten fell onto me, passionately kissing me while I was still inside her. I could feel Alison began to lick my balls and shaft as well as Kirsten’s pussy when my cock slipped out and Alison licked it clean. As Kirsten moved and lay next to me, my cock was semi hard and Alison then positioned her pussy lips over my cock and began rubbing it up and down my cock which sprang back to life. Alison guided it into her pussy and began to ride it. Her pussy shaft was not as tight as Kirsten’s so I could not feel her pussy walls as much but I could feel her clit hitting my pubic area. Kirsten then moved her hand down to Alison’s clit and began rubbing it as Alison bounced on my cock and she was certainly very vocal and I was glad the house had thick walls or the neighbours would have heard her. While rubbing Alison’s clit, Kirsten began kissing me again and I could feel me about to exploded into Alison’s pussy. Alison could also sense this and began moving faster and faster, she suddenly wailed as she came which set me off. Kirsten stopped rubbing her clit but Alison was still riding me as her orgasm subsided. Kirsten stop kissing me to be replaced by Alison’s lips. I could then feel Kirsten release my wrists and then snuggle down next to me as Alison did the same. Kirsten then lick my cock clean before resting her head on my shoulder. I kissed Alison first before moving to Kirsten, Alison fell asleep straight away feeling and content. As I kissed Kirsten I could taste edirne escort bayan all the juices in her mouth. I played with her hair as she fell asleep then I dropped off.We all slept till about 9am, when I woke again both girls had a hand resting on my cock which was slightly erect and I glance to see both girls with their eyes and looking at me. Kirsten was the first to say anything with think we need breakfast, so Alison and Kirsten moved of the bed and as they left the room, wiggling their asses as they went. Alison turned to me and said “See you soon but not clothes allowed”. As I headed down and into the kitchen, there was no sign of the girls but could hear then in the extension with the partitioned wall closed. The girls were sitting on a rubber sheet with breakfast laid out including pancakes, bananas, chocolate sauce, honey and whipped cream. As we eat the pancakes and toppings, Kirsten suddenly drizzled chocolate sauce, honey and the whipped cream over her breasts, as Alison took one breast, I took the other and licked it all off her, then Alison did the same and Kirsten and I lick her breasts clean. Alison then grabbed my wrists while Kirsten covered my cock with chocolate sauce and honey topping it with whipped cream. The girls then licked everything off my cock, which began to stir. The girls then went into a 69 position, eating out each others’ pussies, I then positioned myself behind Kirsten’s pussy slowly guiding it into her and could feel Alison’s tongue moving running along my cock as it went in and out of Kirsten’s pussy after a couple of minutes I moved around so that I was entering Alison’s pussy while Kirsten licked my cock with her tongue. I then pulled out and sat watching the girls climax in front of me. They then sat on their knees as I stood in front of them and began rubbing my cock, when I was about to come the girls opened their mouths as I erupted, the stream of come hitting both of the in the face and chest. Once finished they embraced rubbing the come into their bodies. We then finished breakfast before heading up to share a shower. As we showered, we each climaxed again rubbing our bodies before drying ourselves and got dressed. We then went back down the stairs to finish cleaning up not just breakfast but the party from the night before. It was about mid afternoon when I finally left Kirsten’s, we were all sexually happy and when Kirsten received her Christmas present which was a sexy little number, I was then given a dvd but not told what was on it. When I left I got a passionate kiss from both of the girls and a slight fondle on my cock from both as well. As I drove away they both were waving their hands. When I arrived home, I put the dvd into the player and began watching it. There were a number of videos on it some were with each girl by the selves and some in lesbian acts with toys but the final one was of the night’s before antics. Just then Kirsten phoned asking about the dvd. I said “I had viewed some of it but not all”, Kirsten shouted to Alison “He has watched some of it already”. We talked a bit then before hanging up. For a number of months after the three of us would have some more fun every so often making sure it was recorded. Not long after this Alison moved away and Kirsten was fairly busy with the Warden job so we slowly hardly saw each other, we decided to call it a day but we still do talk occasionally and had one more evening of fun.