Krista, the Anal Cum Queen

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Krista, the Anal Cum QueenI had placed an ad in the old CL when you could still get laid. I was seeking an adventurous or curious lady for anal play. I had forgotten about the ad. A few months later I got an email from Krista in reply to that ad. We agreed to meet at a Starbucks near her.She was pretty nervous, stating that she had never done anything like meeting someone in such a manner. But we chatted in her car in the parking lot for a bit. She invited me to smoke a bowl of pot; it had been about 20 years since I had gotten stoned due to my work. We drove around a bit and toked up a bowl or two. Wow, was I fucked up as later I could barely manage to drive home. Before I headed home I invited Krista to join me at a hotel near the airport as I was flying to Chicago on business soon.I was pleasantly surprised to hear back from Krista that she had decided to meet me at that hotel. She got off of work that evening and it took awhile for her to get there. I met her in the parking lot and we walked arm and arm through the lobby to the elevator and then my room. She asked if I wanted to smoke a joint (for the most part Krista always had really good pot); as the hotel was non smoking we sat on the balcony and toked. Again I was almost hallucinating.Soon we were in bed making out and I worked my fingers, mouth and tongue to her pussy and then to her ass. Almost as soon as I touched her anus Krista began izmir escort to cum. Hours and hours of my tongue and fingers probing her ass then to sucking on her clit then back to her ass had Krista cumming so loudly that I was sure the hotel desk would be calling about noise complaints. Into the wee hours this continued until I had to sleep, so I rolled Krista onto her back and pushed her legs up in the air holding her ankles I began to fuck her and she began to moan even louder. Finally about 2 am I came in her pussy and we nodded off for a bit as I had to get up at 4 to catch my flight.Krista gave me a ride across the street and dropped me off with a hug. When I returned Krista invited me to her home, telling me to get there about 8:30 after her son had left on the school bus. She shared that she had not cum like that in a very long time and wanted to play some more. I was early so I drove past her home and circled back; Krista greeted me in the drive way with a hug and a smile. She led me in the door and directly to her bedroom. We spent the morning as I concentrated on her ass and clit for hours. Again Krista was cumming so loudly that I was sure her neighbors could hear her as her bedroom window was open.We played this game after her son left for school a few more times. Each time heading directly to her bed. One morning she was wearing the sexiest pink escort izmir baby doll pajamas (these became my favorite and she would wear them for me often). I had her bend over as I sat on the side of the bed and ate her ass pulling those pj’s to the side. She began to instantly cum as soon as my tongue touched her anus.Krista shared that I would get her cumming so hard and long that her vision would turn red then black and she would be unable to see or hear as she was overwhelmed by her anal orgasm.During Deer Season I would hunt at sun up then head to Krista’s about 9 ish play all day then before her son returned from school I would head back out to hunt. Staying at a local motel and smoking a joint alone I would think about that day’s play – repeat for days on end.Over the years we stopped playing when Krista would be dating someone and once she even got married for a short time. Upon her divorce we began to meet again.Once we met at an Indian Casino Hotel with a Hot Tub. We took her favorite drink, Raspberry Vodka and Sprite along with a Hash Oil Vape Pen to the Hot Tub. From above the bubbles I hoped we looked like a couple intimately making out, vaping and drinking from our plastic cups. Below the bubbles I fingered her anus and had her cumming almost the entire time.Our play grew to include dildos inserted into her pussy and anus simulating DP.As her izmir escort bayan son had now grown we could no longer meet at her home for play but we did begin to meet at the same deer hunting motel. The upside was she would spend the night and as the motel was a dive we could smoke in the rooms. One time on Halloween we took a break from me sucking her clit with my fingers in her ass and headed to a nature preserve to enjoy the evening weather. We walked arm in arm to the board walk and then out to the end well out into the bay. As we were alone and could see anyone coming for about 150 yards we got stoned and soon were embraced as I again worked her her hard nipple with one hand and her responsive anus with my other.We kept this up for about 20 minutes until I noticed a woman and her c***d walking toward us on the boardwalk. We continued to embrace and kiss a bit and as they drew closer we walked arm in arm back to my truck. Once we were back on land Krista drew me off of the path and again we began to play with her instantly cumming as soon as my finger touched her anus.We played this game a few more times before I moved away. The last time we got a Non Smoking Room. We would take a break and walk about the parking lot, Krista was wearing a pair of loose sweat pants over her Pink Baby Doll PJ’s. She would hold the joint for me to hit as one hand was working her hard nipple and the other had my fingers inserted into her anus. When we returned I soon had by entire hand all but my thumb buried in her ass as she came hard.Darn I miss those play dates. And for a cigarette smoker and frequent pot smoker Krista had the sweetest mouth. A great tasting kisser and a good cock sucker.