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Life in The Village, through the eyes of a student at the remote school.

This is an original work of pure fiction (just an expression of a fantasy)
by Robert A. Armstrong (a pseudonym)

Copyright 2013-2022.  Robert Armstrong.  This complete work of literary art is protected by US, Australian and International copyright law. It is the sole property of the author and may not be reproduced in any form whether in whole or in part without the prior express written consent of the author.  
License is granted to Nifty Archive Alliance, Inc. for electronic publication on the Nifty website. All rights reserved.

The resemblance of the characters by action, name, location or description to any real person is purely coincidental.

If it is illegal, or offensive, for you to read stories involving interactions of a sexual nature between adults and youths, then what are you doing here?



From Chapter 79:

We proceed to swap clothes. It helps that we didn”t dress identically today! We also swap a couple of hints, and he tells me how he and Jacko have planned to `send me off on some wild goose chase” so that they can be alone together in one of the workers” huts for a while.

As we head past the kitchen, Karl, as I suggested, asks, “Helen, are you sure that you don”t want any help?”

She looks at my brother, in my clothes, offering to be helpful like I do, and she replies, “Thank you Kurt, but I”ll be fine. You go and have some fun.”

Then she stops and stares at us, shaking her head as if there is something which doesn”t quite add up. Can she read auras too?

Ron wouldn”t be fooled by the switch! And neither would Andy. Maybe not even Mr Grant.

Hey, this is going to be fun!


Chapter 80 � The Great Deception

I think that the clothes do it!

Apart from what my brother and I were wearing when Jacko saw us earlier, I”m sure that he hasn”t a clue about who”s who!

“All good?” Jacko whispers to me.

“It”ll work for sure!” I whisper back to him. “I have a brilliant plan to get rid of him for a while.”

“The others went north,” Jacko comments aloud. “So, I reckon that we should head south.”

“Just so that the bikes don”t scare the horses!” I add, as an excuse for keeping away from them.

It”s something like what Karl would say. In fact, I think that he was just about to.”

We ride around for about fifteen minutes, sometimes chasing each other; sometimes heading in different directions and then coming back together.

We all pull up at the workers” hut for a drink.

“Hey, Kurt,” I say to my brother. It sounds weird calling him by my name! “How would you like to play a game?”

“Like what?” Karl replies, grinning. He knows what”s coming. Kind of!

“Fox and hounds,” I tell him. “One person gets five minutes head start as the fox, and then the other two have to try to find him. They are the hounds.”

“Yeah! Cool!” Karl replies. “Bags being the fox!”

I look at Jacko. He”s grinning one of his goofy grins. He probably didn”t believe that it was going to be this easy!

Then Karl, as me, adds, “Hey, is five minutes enough? Ten would be better. At least, then, you probably wouldn”t be able to hear my bike and just head in that direction after me.”

“That sounds fair!” Jacko says, obviously trying not to look too excited being given extra time alone with me, thinking that I am Karl.

“But, I reckon that you two should go inside,” Karl tells us, playing our game well. “That way you can”t see exactly where I”m heading. And no peeking through the windows, either!”

I try to be helpful. “Don”t go too fast, or the bike will be loud, and easier for us to follow.”

“Gotcha!” he says. I”m not sure whether that”s one of the expressions he uses when he”s with Jacko or not. I hope that he hasn”t just given Jacko a hint about us swapping.

Jacko and I take off our boots at the door and go inside. Then we hear my brother zoom off, loudly, in the direction of the rubbish paddock.

“You wanna pee first?” Jacko asks.

“Yep!” I tell him. I drop my jeans to the floor and head for the toilet.

I start peeing. A few seconds later, Jacko is alongside of me, blasting his stream into the bowl as well.

I get my first, up-close view of Jacko”s tool, apart from when we were all in the shower. Nice! Big too.

He looks at me and grins. “I didn”t think that he would fall for it so easily. Great game! How did you come up with that idea?”

Not knowing how Jacko and my brother normally interact, I say, “Hey, Kurt”s not the only one with brains, you know! He just gets the credit for everything.”

“He”s a good kid,” Jacko answers. “Don”t be too hard on him. I wish I had a twin brother like him!”

Jacko has just earned `Brownie points” in my opinion!

“I suppose!” I answer. Then I add, “He does deserve the credit for teaching me how to suck your dick though!”

“Bloody good teacher, I”d say,” Jacko replies, finishing off.

We flush and head back out towards the beds.

I comment, “I can hardly hear Kurt”s bike. Maybe he took my advice about going slowly.”

“At least we”ll know if he”s coming back this way!” Jacko says, and proceeds to get totally naked.

I follow his lead. Now what? I think that I”ll just let him do whatever he wants and then copy him. I reckon that”s what Karl would do.

He gives Junior a quick squeeze and a few jerks, then spends time playing with my balls.

His ones hang low and are heavy. I give them a feel and a jiggle, like I would do with Mr Grant”s shorter but much rounder ones.

Jacko suddenly drops to his knees, grabs Junior then pulls it into his mouth and starts sucking. At least Ron and like I like to play a bit first!

What would Karl say, or do?

“Shit, that”s nice!” I tell Jacko, and grab the sides of his head.

“Yeah. We both know that you like this, don”t we?” he answers, pulling his mouth off.

“Fuck, yeah!” I say, hoping that I”m not overdoing the language.

He goes back to sucking, and I don”t need to pretend that I”m enjoying the feeling!

It”s different to how Ron would do it, or Mr Grant. Jacko”s a bit more hurried and a bit izmit escort rougher but his `different” still feels good.

I start to moan, for real.

“Righto!” Jacko says, pulling back and standing up. “I reckon it”s time for your turn!”

“Wanna lie on the bed?” I ask him.

He doesn”t answer but lays himself, face-up, on the nearest one, hands behind his head. Waiting.

What would Karl do now? Play with him, or get straight into it?

No delays. I sit on his legs, with one knee on each side and lean my face toward his pole.

However, instead of just wrapping my mouth around it, I decide to do what Ron does. I lick his balls, take one at a time into my mouth, then run my tongue up his stiff shaft and lick around his head a couple of times. Then, I suck it in.

“Fuck, mate!” Jacko says. “That bit”s new! Did your brother teach you that? He gets extra credit from me for that!”

I must remember to have Karl do that to me!

I proceed to do my best to please Jacko, with a few things that Karl and I do together, not knowing exactly how my brother does it to him.

It doesn”t take long before Jacko starts lifting his hips and pushing his dick into my mouth.
I try, for real, to take it as deeply as I can.

“Oh, mate!” he pants. “Hell, yeah! Wow!”

Oops! That”s another lesson that I need to give Karl! For a moment I was forgetting that I”m only supposed to be him and do only what I”ve taught him. I was starting to get carried away!

Jacko then says, “Stop, mate, or I”m gonna spurt!” and he hugs my body down onto his and grips my glutes with one hand.

We rub our bodies up and down against each other, and I enjoy the feeling of his saliva-covered dick sliding on my stomach, and mine on his. I can tell what is about to happen!

“Sorry!” I tell him, and I let Junior unload, excitedly, between us.

That obviously pushes Jacko over the edge. I feel his body shake then his massive dick starts to throb and spurt.

“We didn”t make it to the toilet this time!” Jacko tells me, ruffling my hair with one hand and holding my glutes with the other. “But, fuck, that felt good! Was it good for you too?”

“Fuck yeah,” I tell him. “I”ll get some tissues. I know where they are.”

I grab the box of tissues from in the bathroom and glance into the mirror. What I see is a copy of Karl”s goofy face grinning back at me. I”ll have to ask Ron if that”s how I look after he and I have played together. It could be a dead-set giveaway! And I definitely wouldn”t want to be wearing that expression after I”ve spent some time with Mr Grant!

I need to be more careful, or I”m going to get somebody into serious trouble!

Jacko and I clean up, pee, flush and get dressed.

“Do you reckon that he”s had enough of a head start?” I grin.

“Yeah. Let”s go find him,” Jacko replies.

Then I say, “What will we tell him when he wants to know what we did for ten minutes? You know what Kurt”s like. He”s bound to ask!”

And I actually would too!

I head for one of the drawers and take out the pack of cards which I know are here.

“Cut the deck,” I tell Jacko.

“Nine of hearts,” he says, showing me.

“Five of spades!” I show him, putting the cards onto the table. “Now we can say that we were playing cards. And it won”t be a lie!”

“I swear that you”re becoming more like your brother every day,” Jacko tells me. “At the wedding, I couldn”t tell you apart. Or in the showers this morning! One day you two could swap places and I wouldn”t even know it.”

I grin, even if it is more on the inside.

“Fat chance of that happening!” I tell him. “Or you might end up liking him better than me!”

My brother would be devastated and hate me forever if Jacko preferred to muck around with me instead of him! I think to myself that Karl”s and my little trick needs to be a `one-off”!
At least now we know; Jacko has no idea! However, there are now a few new things that I must make sure that Karl can do with him.

I tell Jacko, “If you head down towards the rubbish paddock, I”ll head straight out past the river and circle around. If we hear two different bikes, we”ll know that one is us and the other one is him. We”ll get him!”

“And so that we don”t just find each other, what if, every now and then we give three revs in a row, so that I”ll know it”s you, and you”ll know that it”s me?” Jacko tells me.

“You”re getting too smart!” I say to him. “More like my brother every day! Hey! Are you sure that you two haven”t swapped places to fool me?”

He laughs! And we head off in different directions.


I come across Karl parked beside the second swimming hole. I thought that he might double back! He”s not totally unpredictable!

“How did it go?” he asks. “Did he catch on?”

“Not the faintest idea!” I reply. “In fact, we even joked about him being clueless to tell us apart.”

“What exactly did you do?” Karl asks. It”s a reasonable question.

“Peed together, got naked, then he sucked me while I was standing. I did it to him while he was lying on one of the beds.”

“What do you think?” Karl puts to me. “Any good?”

I don”t want to tell him that Ron is better, so I say, “Yeah. Apart from the fact that he seemed to be in a bit of a hurry.”

“He doesn”t waste any time, does he?” Karl smirks.

“No,” I reply. “And, by the way, there”s a couple of extra things that I need to teach you.”

I explain what I did.

Karl replies, “And he still didn”t catch on that it wasn”t me?”

“No,” I tell him. “He just thought that you”d learnt a few new tricks.”

Karl laughs. “Well, I”m not going to complain about whatever you want to show me. Maybe tonight at Jintabudjaree.”

“You gonna practise on William tomorrow night?” I ask.

“Nah. He only likes to play with my dick and balls and then jack me off and then have me do him.” Karl says.

Interesting! William thinks that”s all Karl wants to do too! If the day comes when one of them suggests doing more, they”re both going to be in for a surprise! I just hope that William doesn”t try to do to Karl what I know that he and Mr Grant do together; what Andy and I do!

“Hey,” I say. “I think that we should swap back clothes while we izmit otele gelen escort have the chance.”

Then, back to our real selves, I suggest that I will go back to the workers” hut, pretending that I gave them both the slip and doubled back, and I explain about the three revs so that Jacko and Karl can meet and then `give up” searching before heading back to `find” me waiting.


When Karl and Jacko appear in the doorway, I open the conversation with, “Looks like this fox was way too smart for you pair of hounds!” Then I add, “And I don”t need to ask what you did for ten minutes while you were waiting!”

Jacko looks worried, and immediately checks the bed for any tell-tale signs.

I continue, “Because you left the cards out on the table!”

Jacko”s worry turns to relief, but, in a bit of overacting, he turns to my brother and asks, “Didn”t you put the cards back in the drawer?”

“No,” Karl answers. “I thought that you were going to.”

“Let”s get back and see if Helen needs any help,” I tell them, reverting to my usual desire to be helpful. Maybe we can set the table if the others aren”t back yet.”

Indicating me with a thumb, Karl chuckles to Jacko, “You can tell that it”s him, can”t you?”

Mission accomplished, Karl and I exchange winks on the way out of the door, and he leaves it for me to close behind us. Of course!


After dinner on the drive back to Jintabudjaree, I”m in the front with Mr Grant. Karl is behind Mr Grant and William is behind me.

Karl asks him, “Was that a bruise that I saw on the side of your face today? What happened?

Mr Grant suddenly looks at William in the rear-view mirror. Not just a glance; it”s a `look”! Not quite a stare. One of those looks that Mr Grumpy used to give William in class when he was not happy about William”s work.

Something”s going on! I can feel it.

William answers Karl”s question with, “I fell out of bed.”

“What?” Karl blurts out. “How did you fall out of bed?”

“I turned over in the middle of the night, and must have been too close to the edge and
I rolled out,” William says, sounding unconvincing. To me that sounds very fishy!

Mr Grant, seeming a little uncomfortable, spends as much time eyeing William in the mirror as he does watching the road.

I recall my dream about William and Mr Grant having sex, and the bed collapsing and William rolling off, hitting the bedside table and knocking the lamp onto the floor.

“I can”t imagine you rolling out of bed,” I tell William, “Unless the bed broke, or something!”

Mr Grant”s look into the mirror takes on a squinty frown.

“And, if that happened,” I continue, you would have hit the table with your head. “Is that what happened?”

“Yes. That”s it!” William answers, very briefly.

“And did the lamp fall and break?” I put to him. “I remember the bed and the table and the lamp up in Mr Grant”s room when Karl and I visited during the last holidays.”

“How did you know that?” William asks.

“Yes,” my brother echoes. “How would you know that?”

And Mr Grant joins in. “Yes, Kurt. How on earth could you possibly know that?”

I half turn in my seat and catch the death stares between Mr Grant and William. It”s almost as if each of them is accusing the other of telling a secret that nobody was supposed to know.

“Only logical, I guess,” I reply to all of them. “I remember the way that the room was set up, and if anyone had rolled out of the bed, they would have knocked the table which would have tipped over the nice lamp and, because it was made of glass, it could have broken.”

There is a very tense silence.

“Why? Is that what happened?” I ask. “Is that what caused the bruise on your face? And did the lamp smash?”

“Or did you really get into a fight and somebody punched you?” Karl asks. He continues,
“I had a bruise which looked like that once. Kurt hit me with a cricket bat.”

“Hey! That was an accident!” I tell him. “I didn”t know that you were right behind me when I swung and missed the ball. Even Dad said that you shouldn”t have been standing so close!”

“Can we talk about something more pleasant, please?” Mr Grant asks. “How was the horse riding this morning?”

They both seem very uncomfortable. Is it possible that what I dreamed about them could have actually happened?

Karl does all of the talking about the races, especially telling how he managed to beat Ron. He goes into a lot of detail, during which Mr Grant and William are silent, still exchanging `looks” and squints at each other.


We remove our boots at the door and, as Karl and I head up to our room with our backpacks, I notice that Mr Grant and William `disappear” into the library.

Karl opens our door, goes in and tosses his backpack onto the bed.

I”m about to follow him when I hear voices. Raised voices. Not quite yelling, but louder than I”m accustomed to hearing between Mr Grant and William.

I put my bag down and catch Karl”s attention. “Psst!”

When he looks at me, I put my finger to my lips, and point along the landing.

We tiptoe until we are above the library, and lean over the railing. Listening.

“You must have told him!” I hear Mr Grant tell William. “Because I sure didn”t!”

“How could I tell him?” William replies. “They were off with Jacko on the bikes when we all went riding.”

“Well, how else would he know? Did you send him a text message after it happened?”


“What about to Karl then?”

“NO!” William raises his voice a little more. “I reckon it must have been you! Who did YOU tell about it?”

There is a sudden silence.

We hear the library door open. Karl and I dash back to our room as quietly as we can.

“What do you reckon is going on?” Karl asks me. “I”ve never heard them have an argument before.”

I reply, “I”ve only ever heard William raise his voice when he was talking about his mother. Except, of course, when we are playing soccer and he”s calling out directions or encouraging the little kids.”

“It had to do with one of them telling us something,” Karl says. “I think it started in the car after I asked William about the bruise on darıca escort his face.” “Do you reckon Mr Grant hit him, or something?”

“No. I wouldn”t think so. But I need to talk to Mr Grant,” I tell my brother. “And, at the moment I think that neither of us should ask William what happened, or what is going on. OK?”

Karl agrees.

As I open the door, I hear the door to William”s room slam. Mr Grant”s door closes firmly, but not as loudly.

I wait at his door for what seems like ages before I knock.

“Yes?” I hear. It”s not the friendly tone that he uses at school.

I push his door open and ask, “May I please come in, Mr Grant?”

“It”s not a good time, Kurt,” he tells me in a softer voice.

“But I want to apologise,” I tell him.

“For what, Kurt?” he replies. “I should really be apologising to you and Karl for what you saw and heard.”

“No. It”s all my fault,” I say. “And I”m really sorry.”

“What are you saying?” he asks

“I saw everything in a dream,” I tell him. “And I shouldn”t have made those stupid comments. I need to learn to keep my mouth shut.”

“I still have no idea what you are talking about!” he tells me.

He sits on the bed, and pats the space next to him.

I explain about having that dream, and tell him EVERYTHING that I saw. All of it. I even try to joke about not knowing that you could do it so many different ways.

He is silent, but at least he smirks at my last comment.

“So, William didn”t say anything to you or Karl about it?” he asks, turning to look directly at me.

“That would be too embarrassing for him to admit, wouldn”t it?” I answer.

“I don”t understand,” he replies. “But, what I will say is that your dream was totally accurate! The different things that we did. The bed. The table. The lamp. All of it! When did you have this dream?”

I tell him. However, when I do, he goes as white as a …

“Are you sure?” he asks. “Are you absolutely certain that was the night?”

“Positive!” I tell him and explain why. “It was the night before Andy”s driving lesson. Definitely Monday night. Why?”

“Are you absolutely, 100% certain? Could you be confused about the day?”

“No way!” I tell him, and repeat, “Why?”

“Because that was two nights before it actually happened. That”s why!” he tells me.

Now, I”m the one who is stunned!

“Are you absolutely sure?” I ask, using his words, unsure whether to grin or to be serious.

“I”m positive,” he replies. “Wednesday was the night that my dad took us all to dinner at an Italian restaurant. He was only in town that one day. It was absolutely on Wednesday.”

“I don”t understand any of it,” I tell him. “I”m really sorry that I mentioned it.”

“I don”t understand it either,” he tells me. “I need to apologise to Will. So, can you and Karl stay in your own room tonight? Please?”

I know exactly what that means! LOL.

Anyway, I have a couple of things that I need to show Karl tonight. Jacko will be pleased!


After demonstrating on my brother what he needs to know because it”s what I did to Jacko, Karl practises on me. Jacko was right: he”s getting good at it! The result is inevitable.

Exhausted, I drop off into a deep sleep.

`You are as blood of my blood,” I hear. `Do not be afraid”.

Uncle is here!

`You have some questions?” I hear him ask me.

I think that I don”t need to say anything because he starts to answer them anyway.

`The thief who pretends to be a woman will continue to suffer until he confesses to his crime and all of his previous crimes.”

A thought runs through my mind, which Uncle answers.

`Only confession and restitution will prevent his early death.”

I need to look up `restitution”, but think that it means something like `restoring” something or paying for it. Mr Grant will know.

In my mind I ask Uncle how I was able to see something even before it happened, meaning Mr Grant and William `giving themselves to each other completely” and the bed / table / lamp accident.

`You have been given a gift,” he tells me. `Use it wisely.” And when he says, `Blood of my blood has chosen well,” he fades away.

I turn onto my side and snuggle towards my brother, and enjoy the heat of his body against my back. He wraps his arm over me and pulls us tightly together.


Monday. I”d almost forgotten about school! I guess that good holidays can do that for you!

Karl and I wash each other”s body in the shower, just like we have always done, and it”s pretty obvious that we”re not little kids anymore!

While he”s giving Junior and my balls some extra soapy attention he asks me, “What did you think of Jacko”s hairy canary?”

“What?” I ask. “Where did that come from?”

“That”s what Jacko calls it,” Karl says. “You know � canary � bird � dicky bird � dick!”

“Oh, yeah!” I laugh. “He does have a hairy dick, doesn”t he? But more like a parrot than a canary!”

“Do you think that our chicken feathers will spread down there too?” he asks, rubbing mine.

“Maybe not as much as Jacko”s,” I tell him. “Probably just like our Dad”s. More like a bald eagle sitting in a bird”s nest.”

We both laugh at the talk about birds, whether they are canaries, parrots, chickens or eagles, and continue to enjoy the feeling of each other”s firm, wet and soapy bodies. No need to jack off this morning. We did enough last night!


It”s wonderful to see William and Mr Grant so happy with each other at breakfast! LOL. Their expressions aren”t as `goofy” and Karl”s and mine and Jacko”s, but I can tell what they have been doing during the night. Without broken beds or lamps. Haha.


(to be continued)




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