Ladies night out

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Ladies night out’Hey honey, i’m off out now!’I glanced around quickly, Julie had been upstairs for the past half hour after her shower, putting the finishing touches to her hair, makeup and outfit. My jaw dropped! She looked drop dead gorgeous! And her outfit was more risque than normal. She was wearing a top she had brought a couple of months ago, but so far hadn’t worn, because after buying it, she went a little shy. She obviously had more courage tonight! The top in question was a black backless halterneck top. When I say backless, there was just a thin piece of material holding the front together d****d across her lower back. Her full back was on show. And that wasn’t all that was on show, the sides of her pert 34B were just visable at the right angle. She had teamed this with a sparkly mid thigh length skirt, exposing most of her long shapely legs, accentuated by the 2 inch heels.’Dave, your jaw is open!’ she teased me and winked. ‘I’m going to go pick up Sara, then we’re off to the bar. Don’t wait up!’ and with that she was gone.I couldn’t believe she had decided to wear that top out, and I wasn’t gonna be there to make the most of her. Stuff it I thought, I knew which bar she is going too, She’ll be a while catching up with Sara, probably have a glass of red before heading out. I could quickly get changed and get to the bar before her, settle down at a table in the corner and enjoy the show.30 minutes later I walked into the bar, no sign of Julie or Sara. I grabbed a beer, and found a table in the dark corner, over looking the main bar area and small dance floor. Five minutes later, in walked Julie and Sara, arm in arm. Clearly Julie had noticed the cold, as her braless nipples were partially visable through the loose black material of her halter neck top. Sara was wearing a figure hugging dress, plunging at the front revealing a deep cleavage. I guessed she was at least a D-cup. Sara was a couple of inches shorter than Julie’s 5’7″ height, blonde, and a voluptuous size 10/12. Julie has a slender, elegant size 8 figure, slender delicate arms and hands. I find her hands and fingers very femenine, I find canlı bahis then very sensual, and they look fantastic wrapped around my thick cock, administrating one of her expert handjobs. It’s fair to say, Julie and Sara got a lot of attention as they walked in and headed to the bar. The barman immediately jump to their service, much to the dismay to the others waiting at the bar. The girls were giggling. They had clearly had a couple of glasses before arriving at the bar. They ordered a glass of red wine each, and turned around to take in the scene at the bar. As she turned, I got a clear look at outside edge of Julie’s right breast, as did the guy stood next to her at the bar. My cock twinged. This was sexy, watching my wife from afar, watching other guys checking out my sexy wife!The guy to Julie’s right, a good 6ft plus, lent over to say something in her ear, placing he’s big hand lightly on her forearm, just inches from her bare breast. She giggled at what he said, all of a sudden looking a little shy, before demurely spinning around in front of him. He had obviously complimented her on her outfit and wanted to see all of it. As she spun around, her skirt flared out a little, exposing a little more leg. With that, and the big smile on her pretty face, she looked devine! My heart raced a little.Sara took Julie by the arm and lead her onto the small dance floor, starting to sway to the dance music. They danced together for a couple of songs, close to one another, laughing and enjoying themselves. They soon had most of the male attention in the bar as they swung and gyrated together, running their hands lightly over each others bodies. Soon another guy, brave enough to try and break in, moved up to Julie, sandwiching her between Sara and himself. The girls gave each other a knowing look, and upped their teasing dance moves. The guy was getting a good look at Julie’s bare back, so sexy with a slight sheen of perspiration across her skin. Suddenly Sara grabbed Julie by her slender waist and spun her around to face the guy. They were dancing close to one another, but not quite touching. Sara still had her bahis siteleri hands, loosely on Julie’s waist, and because of her top, Sara’s finger tips were now inside the material of the top. Julie fixed her eyes on the the guy, then swaying to the music, slowing lowered herself down, spreading her legs as she went, her knee’s either side of the guys legs. Sara had remained stood upright, and as Julie lowered herself down, Sara’s hands had slipped up the inside of my wife’s backless top until she was now cupping Julie’s breasts! Julie was now eye level with the guys crotch, just inches from the front of he’s trousers. He had to be as hard as I was right now, watching my sexy wife, her breasts being cupped by her friend, her sexy pouty lips just inches from he’s cock! Julie slowly ran her hands up her leg bare legs, before quickly standing up and spinning around to face Sara again. The guys face was a picture!Julie now thrust her pert shapely arse out, swaying it as she danced. The guy took the hint and stepped a little closer. My wife was soon grinding her delectable arse against this guys groin, undoutably pushing up against he’s hard throbbing cock!This carried on for another song, before Sara leaned in to say something to Julie, and headed off to the ladies, leaving Julie on the dancefloor with the stranger. They weren’t alone for long before another guy sauntered up to my wife, matching her moves. She smiled, she was loving the attention. Her new dance companion was a handsome, dark muscular guy, but the previous dance partner wasn’t giving up, placing he’s hands on her hips, nestling he’s fingers into her top so they were on her bare skin. All of a sudden, Julie performed the same move she had done with Sara, lower herself down infront of the new guy, as the other found to he’s pleasure, he’s hand slipping up over my wifes slender waist and coming to a rest just under her breasts. The present of he’s hands just under her breasts caused them to spill out of the sides of her top a little. In fact i thought i caught a glimpse of her left areola. If i had seen that from where i was sat, i’m sure her new güvenilir bahis dance partner would of too. He certainly was looking down at her chest! She quickly stood again and pressed her chest into the new guy, her face level with he’s chest. She also thrust out her arse again, and quickly the other guy was grinding against her. she rached back with one of her long slender hands, slipping between her arse and the guys groin, and started to fumble with something. Was she toying with he’s cock?! The handsome guy infront of her now had he’s hands on her waist, bunching the material of her halterneck together, exposing more of my wifes waistline, and I don’t know how her nipples were staying covered! most of the outer edge of her breasts were on display!She broke their grips and spun around, now grinding her arse into the dark guys groin. A big smile crossed her astonished face, she looked back over her shoulder up at he’s face, and reached back and started to fumble with he’s groin. It was at the point i noticed the other guy’s flies were undone! Had my wife undone it and managed to get her hands on he’s bare cock? Is that now what she was doing with this dark handsome guy?! He certainly had a big smile on he’s face!The bell for last orders rung! As much as I wanted to stay, iknew i had to get back home before Julie. Just then Sara turned up, dragging Julie from her guy sandwich, the dark guy quickly fumbling with hes crotch as if trying to put himself back in place! I made for the door.I had just gotten into bed when I heard the front door open. Soon Julie was up in the bed room. She was clearly a little drunk, but obviously horny too. What she didn’t know was I knew she had got herself worked up teasing those two guys! We made love, frantic, passionate, Julie cumming several times, me twice!As we cuddled after, we started talking. ‘Dave, you know that photoshoot I did for you for your birthday?’ ‘Yes’ I replied. She had forfilled my fantasy posing wife a male friend, in various erotic, sensual poses, while i took hundreds of photo’s. There was just one rule, NO PENETRATION of any sort. Touch, stroke, caress as much as you like but no penetration!’Well,’ she added, ‘I was thinking it would be fun to do again, but this time with two models’I was amazed! and instantly Horny again!! I replied, ‘Sure, that could be interesting!’