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Subject: Last of the Line Chapter 21 Last of the Line by badboi666 =============================================================================== If sex with boys isn’t your thing, go away. If, as is much more likely, you’ve come to this site precisely to get your rocks off reading about sex with 14-year-olds then make yourself comfortable – you’re in the right place. Don’t leave, however, without doing this: Donate to Nifty – these buggers may do it for love but they still have to eat. fty/donate.html =============================================================================== Chapter 21 It’s two weeks since I sat down to write this saga, and I haven’t even reached Cambridge yet. I must speed up, or I shall run out of time. Re-reading what I’ve already set down, however, I see that I have omitted several important things which will, I hope, fill in some of the details. Much of what follows happened when I was still a child, and thus the events largely passed me by. I have consulted what reliable sources I can find, but these are few and it’s impossible to know now how biased they might have been. There was a General Election in 2019 at which the voters endorsed the country’s leaving what was then called the European Union. Decades before there had been sectarian violence in Ireland between different religious groups, and the Rupture rekindled that with a vengeance. After two years of increasing mayhem in Ireland and here in Britain a group of Irish jillies blew up a boat on a fishing trip carrying the King and Prince George (his grandson, aged only 9) and five other people. The King was 74 and had been on the throne for only a few months – the Coronation was postponed a year and William V was duly crowned in 2023. My father, the Fourth Earl, had been summoned to attend, and it was his last public appearance before his swift and sudden removal to his Arab boys in Marrakech. I was too young to know any of this, of course. It seemed that the late King’s great-uncle had similarly been murdered, and the public backlash on this second occasion was terrible. Civil war broke out in the north of Ireland, which – I hadn’t known this – was then still part of the UK, and over 2000 people were killed there, with almost 100 here in what the newspapers called “the Mainland”. Without any maps of the time it took a degree of effort to picture where all this was happening. A new country – Erin – was born in a bloody delivery room. I was just 5 years old. Here in Britain the effects of “Brexit” (the name given to the Rupture at the time) were terrible. Unemployment rose inexorably throughout the 2020s, reaching over 8 million souls by 2028. The 2023 and 2026 General Elections had been fought on a tissue of lies (nothing new there, I thought) but had done nothing to improve things, or even to attempt a change of direction. The General Strike of 2026 – exactly 100 years after the only other such strike, as the leaders were keen to point out – lasted nine weeks and resulted in the collapse of the Government and widespread food riots. These were still going on while I was a boy, and indeed didn’t peter out until much later – but that’s a dark story indeed. Bradley had been an MP before 2026, but had wisely (or luckily) kept out of government, making trenchant criticism from the back benches (as they were called). William called on him to form an Emergency Government, based in Winchester. Until then, of course, Parliament had sat in London for centuries, but apparently Winchester had been England’s capital centuries earlier. With London far too dangerous by late 2026 somewhere else had to be found, and the King – or his advisers – chose a historical city. Bradley and William concocted an appointed Parliament of 248 people (that was the number who could be accommodated in the building chosen, apparently) which would govern for 10 years. If public order had been restored by then, with men back in work and rioting eliminated, elections would be held in 2037. The Act of Agreement setting this out is interesting, because while public order, employment and rioting are all mentioned, it is completely silent on starvation. Perhaps in 2026 that spectre wasn’t sufficiently widespread for it to be thought worth mentioning. There was certainly malnutrition in many parts of the country, but Bradley dealt with that very quickly by imposing stringent food rationing, similar to what had apparently happened during World War II in the 20th Century. (It is astonishing how little of this was taught when I was at school – even to boys already 16, and thus able to vote – had there still been voting. As I have mentioned, National Military Service was imposed in Bradley’s first few months, and that, together with rationing, caused such a social upheaval that a corner was turned, although it took some years before any benefits were widely felt. “Things aren’t getting any worse” seemed to be a view widely expressed.) By the time I have reached in my story – Christmas 2035 – unemployment was down to less than 3 million, all of them men, of course. Women were largely removed from the workforce as a result of the General Strike, called because the leaders resented women being able to earn money when their menfolk were idle. By 2035 the only women with jobs were in domestic service, land-service or specialised areas like nursing. It is astonishing now to think that only 100 years ago in 1999 women in Britain could hold any job in the land. Perhaps if the Rupture had never happened things would have been different, at least until far bigger and more disastrous things happened. Before I describe some of them I must return to Christmas 2035. Rivers had winked to tell me he wanted a word; Billy and I are about to entertain Jack and Dodo in kırklareli escort our bed for only the second time; Jack is about to celebrate his 15th birthday; Amos and Seth are lying in each other’s arms in a seedy flop-house in San Francisco in early 1850. ***** “What’s up?” I asked Rivers. “Nothing’s ‘up’, Dab, but I thought you ought to know what happened with those two. They’d obviously never been in shops like these – they had no idea how shops worked – choosing things, trying them on, even paying. I know they’ve been living rough for a while, but before that they didn’t go shopping. There may well be other things – everyday things that you or I do without even thinking about it – that may be completely new to them. Just be careful, that’s all.” “Careful? What about? They’re not going to nick stuff and run off, not now they’ve found a secure place.” “I didn’t mean it like that, Dab. I meant be careful what you ask them to do. Don’t assume that they’ll understand something simple like ‘go and buy a screwdriver’. You may have to treat them gently – and before you burst out into one of your famous grins, I don’t mean it like that.” “I understand,” I said, “and I’m glad you told me. Now, I need a favour from you, and one I think you’ll be happy to give me.” “Oh?” “I need you to visit Dodo tomorrow evening and shave him. Jack one day too, but not for a year or two. Billy and I will visit you one evening before Christmas.” “And what do I get out of it, your lordship?” “I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you. Just look forward to earning your fee. I’ll brief Dodo during a quiet spell in bed tonight.” Rivers’s laugh carries a long way. I’d told Dodo I’d collect the two of them, and when I went up to their room a few minutes before 9 that evening I was greeted by two very excited boys. Jack was bouncing around on their bed, and as soon as he heard me coming up the stairs he called out, “here he is! At last!” Dodo was laughing when I went in. “The silly bugger can’t wait, Dab. He’s been counting the hours since he last came.” “61,” said Jack, “we did it together before we got out of bed two days ago. He’s the same,” pointing to Dodo. “Is this true?” I said, and both of them nodded. “In that case the sooner we get the two of you in beside Billy and me the sooner your balls will stop being in danger of exploding. Come on,” and an eager procession, the balls of all of whose members were soon to be on duty, made its swift way across the 200 yards from Jorrocks’s lair (and the steamy bedroom above it) to my – our – bedroom. Billy was there, and while I’d been away for ten minutes he had managed to hang a sprig of mistletoe above the bed. Handymen have ready access to ladders. Billy, warm, naked, welcomed the two visitors as though he hadn’t seen them for ages. “Come on, you two, come and get warm.” “You two?” I said, “what about me?” “You’re warm already, Dab, anyway, you live here, so I can’t welcome you, can I?” I had to agree that it made sense. Billy soon wasn’t the only naked one. “Fuck, you’re cold!” he exclaimed as Jack cuddled him. “Mmm, but not for long, Billy … my! your cock’s hot tonight.” “It might need cooling down somewhere moist.” Jack needed no further invitation, and Billy’s cock was in Jack’s mouth even before Dodo and I had climbed in beside them. “Randy bugger, your Billy, isn’t he,” said Dodo, snuggling in between me and the other two. “No more than we are, Dodo.” Dodo chuckled. “Me and Jack have missed this,” he whispered. “The two of us are at it every night, and once or twice Billy’s come visiting, but four’s much better – no-one’s out if there’s four.” “Let’s get on with it then, or we’ll both be left out,” I whispered, “on your back, big boy, I need to fuck you.” Dodo hummed happily. “Yes, your lordship.” Dodo’s arse was treated to a thorough Dab-style investigation – after all, I hadn’t been there for a few weeks. As soon as I began to trace a path with my tongue I was glad that Rivers would be attending to it the next day. Dodo’s arse wasn’t all that hairy: just not baby’s-bottom smooth as it would be next time I visited down there. Jack delivered for Billy while I was still some way from getting fingers into Dodo, and Billy, looking over to our side of the bed, knew that I would be busy there for some time. “Come on, Jack,” I heard him murmur, “we’ve got half an hour just to ourselves. Dab will be safe up your brother. It’s time I fucked you.” “Mmm, that sounds fun, Billy, can you do what Dab’s doing to Dodo? It looks hot.” Dodo muttered that it felt hot too. Billy is pretty good at getting me warmed up, so I smiled. The two of us fucking our two new boys! And all thanks to an idiot jilly and a shotgun. My mind briefly turned to Lessing – I hadn’t thought to ask Jock how he was doing before Rivers bore me away to a month of sin and whatever else might befall me over Christmas. But Lessing flowed out of my mind as rapidly as he had appeared, blown away by the musky delights of Dodo’s arse. Billy was good, but his balls drove him to his own reward sooner than mine did me, and I saw (and heard) him filling Jack after only 20 minutes or so. I was well into Dodo by then, but journey’s end was still some way off. Jack had come again, the evidence of which glistened on his chest in the candlelight. “Dab,” he said quietly, “how come you last so long? Will you teach us?” I said nothing: I was too busy. It was Billy who moved up to Jack’s chest and whispered that of course I would teach them. Jack drew Billy to his lips, but Billy broke off briefly. “Gotta get this to share, Jack.” And share they did. The kiss was still going on when I began to accelerate, stimulated into doing so by the tightening of Dodo’s arse on my cock kırşehir escort as his cock pulsed five … six times and a fountain of gorgeous spunk flew out onto him. “Oh fuck, yes,” he moaned, “come on Dab, do it now, hard, please … fuck me … hard.” As a good employer I always seek to deal kindly with the staff, so I was happy to do as he asked. A minute after Dodo unloaded I filled his arse with mine. “Oh Christ, Dab, I can feel every time your cock squirts, it’s so fucking hot.” It’s always nice to get feedback, isn’t it. Billy and I needed time to recover, so he climbed over Dodo and the two of us embraced. “You’ve never shaved me,” Billy reminded me, and I whispered that I’d seen Rivers only that afternoon. “He’ll do Dodo tomorrow and us the next day.” Billy squeezed me. “I can’t wait.” Dodo slid over to Jack. “I love the way they don’t mind us seeing how much they love each other,” he whispered. “It’s like us, Dodo.” “No it’s not, Jack. We love each other because we’re brothers and because neither of us has anyone else in the world. You’re a pain in the arse sometimes, and maybe I am as well, but we’ve known each other all our lives. But these two have chosen to love each other.” I was going to say something, but Billy best me to it. “That’s not how it works, Dodo, or it’s not how it worked for me. There was no `choosing’ about how I feel for Dab. It was like running smack into a brick wall. One minute I was me, the Billy I’d always been. The next minute I knew I was only half a person, and that the other half of me was Dab. And I had no idea what that was called – being only half a person.” “Me too,” I said, “but I found the words to make the half whole again.” “The magic words,” said Billy, “that each of you have said to each other, and meant them, that one day you’ll say to someone else when you hit the brick wall.” I grinned. “He makes it sound so complicated, but it isn’t. It’s the easiest thing in the world.” All this philosophising was nice, but warm naked boy-flesh, and boy-flesh that I’d told it I loved it about a million times, was beginning to be important again. “I want to make love to you, Billy, but these two are more refreshed than we are. Go on, one of you, get stuck in to your brother.” After I’d said it I felt I might have been more delicate, but neither Jack nor Dodo seemed to be bothered. “I need you to do me tonight,” murmured Jack, “do me deep and long. Make it last as long as Dab does.” Dodo grinned, “I’ll try, li’l bro, but I may need lessons.” Jack smiled happily and raised his legs. “Come and get it, big D.” Billy and I watched as Dodo nuzzled Jack’s arse, licking hungrily and what was leaking gently from it. “Your spunk is tasty, Billy,” he murmured. I bent to kiss Billy. “It’s true, you know,” I whispered. I wondered whether their fucking technique had changed in the weeks since they’d got here. Certainly Jack was making noises implying that what was happening to him was pleasing. Not for the first time I was glad that the staff bedrooms were on the other side of the house. Only my mother was in this wing, and she would have been past hearing for hours by now. If her maid heard the sounds of rutting she would doubtless keep quiet about it. Sooner than Jack would have wished Dodo gave a great heave, pressing further into his brother and jetting hot spunk into him. “Oh, Dodo, that’s so … ” and at that moment speech deserted him as his cock made further comment superfluous. For the third time in less than two hours he came, groaning as he did so. “Oh, Dodo,” he whispered as his orgasm subsided. “Yeah, kid, `oh’ just about says it,” muttered an exhausted Dodo. Then I made love to Billy and the two of them, Jack still cummy in Dodo’s arms, lay together to watch. When I’d finally come after half an hour or so Dodo smiled. “I am so happy being here beside the two of you like that. You don’t need words when you are so obviously devoted to each other. Isn’t that right, Jack?” “Yeah. It’s magic. The rest of the world just doesn’t matter, does it. I’m so happy you found me, Dab,” and he wriggled over to have a big smooch. I don’t know who taught him to kiss, but he was bloody good at it. “I’m not going to be left out,” said Dodo, “and although Billy didn’t find us he made us welcome,” and he fastened his lips on Billy’s. All that fucking meant that we slept where we were, cummy-bellied and cummy-arsed. The bed would be a wreck, but I couldn’t have cared less. ***** That was the first time Jack and Dodo had spent the night in our bed, but it wasn’t the last. It was crazy that in my own house I effectively had to tiptoe about, and worry about what the staff might think about who I slept with. On my way down to breakfast I decided on a direct approach. I knew Weelkes would be in my room while she knew I was in the dining room, so I gave her 15 minutes and cut my meal short. As I expected, she was there when I appeared in my room. “Oh, Sir, I’m so sorry,” she began, “I didn’t know you would be back so soon.” I was pleased to see no sign of censure on her face about the state of the place. “Please don’t worry, Weelkes, I came up deliberately because I wanted to have a word with you.” She looked alarmed. “Is my work not good enough, Sir?” she began. “Weelkes, it’s nothing like that.” I knew if I asked her to sit down she’d be even more distressed, so I sat at my dressing table facing her. “How long have you been here, Weelkes?” I said. “21 years, Sir. I came here straight from school in 2014 when I was 16. I remember you being born, Sir.” I smiled. “You will have looked after my father’s room before he left then.” “Yes, Sir, under another maid until I was 19, and she left to get married.” “What do you know about kızılay escort my father leaving so suddenly, Weelkes? Please don’t be embarrassed – I know what happened, but I need to know whether you and the other staff knew the circumstances.” She paused. “Please tell me,” I said quietly. “There was talk below stairs,” she said eventually, “boys and …” She stopped, embarrassed. “Yes, you’re right. But he was a married man, and my mother is still alive.” I paused. The next bit needed great care. “Weelkes, I’m going to trust you with something personal. You must have noticed the state this room was in this morning, and often on other mornings.” “It’s not my business,” she began, but I stopped her. “I’m 16, and I’m not married. I’m never likely to marry, because like my father my fondness is for boys. I’m not deceiving anyone, and I don’t suppose I could deceive the person who cleans up and makes my bed either. If you are willing to continue to act as my maid, and to deal with things here I would think it an act of kindness on your part. And since the clearing up is more than it used to be when I was just a boy I think it right to increase your wages for the extra work.” She said nothing, but that in itself was encouraging. “It’s my intention to pay you double what you are being paid now if you will stay, and keep quiet about my personal arrangements.” Her hand flew to her mouth – an action about which I had read in works of fiction many times, but never actually seen happening. “Oh Sir!” was the extent of her reaction. “Is ‘Oh Sir!’ an agreement?” I said with as broad a hinting smile as I could manage. She nodded. “Good, that’s settled then. Is there anything you want to ask? Anything at all?” She spent a few moments thinking then decided that if she had any questions she preferred not to ask them. “No, Sir.” “Thank you, Weelkes, I believe we understand each other. I shall make sure there is a little Christmas bonus for you,” and without waiting to see her reaction I set off back downstairs for some more breakfast. I made a mental note to talk to her before the end of the holidays to see whether she had encountered any comment from anyone else about our little secret. After breakfast I told Dunstable about the new arrangement. “Ah,” he said, “that’s wise, Sir. Now if her imagination leads her to anywhere undesirable she will find the highly desirable higher wages sitting there as well. Does she know … who might be sharing with you?” I told him that she had been spared such information, not least because I didn’t think she could treat Billy in the same way – as a fellow servant, and one lower in their pecking order – if she knew him as someone adding to her laundry duties. “Besides,” I added, “if all three of my bedfellows -” (his eyebrows rose – “not always all of them,” I added with a grin) “- are eating with the rest of the indoor staff then their appearance at breakfast will not raise any questions.” “Are you concerned about anyone apart from Weelkes becoming aware of their visiting you?” “No, why should I be? It’s not illegal, or it won’t be in two days’ time when Jack is 15, and I’m not interested in anyone else’s morals. By the same token they shouldn’t be interested in mine.” All this pussy-footing around was going to become a problem, I foresaw, but it wasn’t one I needed to tackle there and then. Anyway, I had Jack’s birthday to think about. I went in search of Dodo and, to my relief, found him working on his own in the orchard. “I need to talk,” I said. He stood up, hesitant about how to greet me. “I’m Dab when there’s just two of us, or Billy or Jack,” I reminded him. “Right, Dab, that was some night, wasn’t it.” I nodded, “yes, but that’s not it. Jack will be 15 the day after tomorrow, won’t he?” Dodo nodded. “Yeah. We don’t have much time for birthdays though. Not any more.” “No, Dodo, ‘not any more’ stopped the day you both came here. That’s past – it happened; it can’t be changed; but today is now and all the better things for both of you. Just pretend you had a magic wand – what would you get Jack for his birthday?” As soon as I’d said it I could have kicked myself, because in his shoes I’d have said ‘parents’, but luckily Dodo was more prosaic.” “Dunno, Dab. You’ve given us a home, and warm clothes. Maybe … Dab, do you have any books?” I hadn’t expected that kind of question. “Yes, lots. All the ones I had as a kid, and there’s a Library in the House. What kind of books are you thinking of?” He hesitated. “Come on Dodo, out with it. If you’ve had my cock up your arse I’m not going to be bothered by a question.” He grinned. “Jack loves books – all kinds – stories, big books full of science and stuff, you know.” I didn’t, but I could guess. “I think you should come and have a look at what I’ve got, and then you and I can work out what might be good books to get him for his birthday.” “But I haven’t got any money, Dab.” “Dodo, that doesn’t matter. We will work out what to get him and I’ll get Rivers to take me into town tomorrow. The books will be a joint present from you, Billy and me. But keep it a secret, OK?” He nodded. “Come into my Office after you’ve had your lunch. If Jack asks why tell him I wanted somebody tall to reach something.” ***** The result of our searches was that I had a clear idea of Jack’s interests. Talking about them I’d also learned a lot about Dodo, not least that his birthday was in April. Plenty of time to work something out for him then. Rivers and I would go shopping in the morning. Before then a night with Billy – just the two of us – beckoned. He needed to be in on all kinds of new things – Weelkes as well as the birthday presents. =============================================================================== The fun continues in Chapter 22 as I go shopping and Jack celebrates his birthday. The story is, of course, fiction. Drop me a line at net – that is after you’ve dropped a few quid. ===============================================================================