Latex And A Public Ogasm, True Story

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Latex And A Public Ogasm, True StoryIt was Friday afternoon on a cold and snowy winter day about two years ago and I thought the work day would never end. My boyfriend was coming for the weekend and I was really looking forward to having some fun together with him! He lives about fifty miles away and we only get to see each other once or twice a week. He had been away for a couple of weeks and I was just full up with pent up sexual energy!When I got home I didn’t even eat. I jumped in the shower, got cleaned up, (and out),, shaved my face and body, then dusted myself with powder. We both have a huge latex fetish and the powder helps the latex slip on. First though, I wanted to be ready to accept him the second he arrived and he had slipped into his rubber catsuit. I got the lube I had set out and slipped a nice size anal plug into myself. I went to the bedroom and and slid into a new thin, shiny black latex catsuit that my friend had not yet seen. It has a back zip that goes from the small of the back to the neck with just a small slit in the crotch for access so I don’t have to unzip anything and can stay fully covered in latex. I has a two inch collar but no hood and is footed with attached gloves and an attached C/B sheath.I had just zipped up when I remembered that, in my excitement, I had forgotten to stop at the Post Office to check on a package that I had been hoping would arrive before the visit. Oh man, I didn’t want to have to get canlı bahis undressed! I decided that a turtle neck pull over sweater I had would cover up the short neck of the catsuit, so I pulled it over the catsuit, put on some socks, jeans , shoes and a coat and headed out to the car. As it was cold, I figured my wool driving gloves wouldn’t look out of place to hide my rubber gloved hands. I’m not shy and have no hangups about wearing rubber in public in the right settings, but I don’t flaunt in places like the Post Office.It had been long enough that the engine had cooled off, the Post Office is less than a five minute drive and as a result the latex was very cool against my freshly shaved skin. This resulted in my being even more aware of my body being fully covered in latex and I had developed quite an erection! When I got to my box and opened it, there was the yellow slip that said my package was there. I had hoped it would be there, but what now? I’ll have to stand in a line with a huge bulge in my pants made even more prominent from the pouch of the C/B sheath holding my testicles out and away from my body. I though, “What the H” my coat covers it and no one can see that I’m totally covered in rubber under my clothes. Still, it was a little disconcerting!So, now I’m standing toe to heel in a line during the holiday season, dressed in latex, the viagra has fully kicked in and every movement I made with my rubber covered stuff trapped bahis siteleri snugly inside my jeans and the plug moving inside me as I walked just made me harder. At one point the lady standing in front of me (she wasn’t even that good looking), OMG, bumps her butt directly into me. She never acted like she noticed, and I’m sure she didn’t, but I felt like I was standing there naked! Now I’m starting to get that feeling in my loins, you know the one. It feels like if I make one more movement something is going to happen and I was only about two people from the front of the line. For the life of me, I don’t know why I didn’t have the sense to just step out of line and walk away before it ever got that far.I was standing nest to one of those writing tables, the ones that are about belly button high, when it started, You know, that feeling of a powerful one that, while you are standing, starts down toward your feet and moves up your body in a wave? I put my arm on the table, gritted my teeth and tried to hold every muscle in my body rigid, from my toes to my jaws in an effort to keep my body still and my hips from jerking. I started to do that little gray out thing that happens with a really strong one and supported myself with my arm on the table and filled my latex C/B sheath with hot fluid!. I think a little moan escaped and I tried to hide it and any telltale movements of my body with a few coughs. I felt like the next couple of people güvenilir bahis in line took an hour to do their business and that everyone there knew what had just happened! When I got to the window I’m sure I must have looked a little funny yet or been a little pale or something. The lady that got my package didn’t say anything, and looking back out of the corner of my eye as I left, everything looked normal. Looking back, I’m sure no one suspected a thing.The irony of the situation was, that when I got home, I had to pull down my suit to clean up anyway! I was still able to get suited up again before my partner arrived and also had my package, which just happened to be a pull on latex hood to complete my suit. When I told my buddy what had happened he seemed to think it was really hot and it made him really horny. Now I know the viagra was still working hard in me but I wonder if I don’t have a little bit of the exhibitionist in me and maybe the thought of having that happen to me in public and the feeling that someone might have recognized what was going on was a turn on for me because of how the rest of the night went. I gave my boyfriend a viagra, got him suited up in latex, slipped my anal plug out and we went at it like rabbits for the rest of the night!, For that matter, the whole weekend was pretty active. I’m surprised I didn’t wear blisters on his cock! We do it bare back and I know I swallowed his load twice while sucking him and he filled my butt deep at least four times before Sunday night. I have never had so much sex in such a short time. The last time I couldn’t even get hard and I don’t think he had much of a load for me, but it still felt great!