lay-by watching

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lay-by watchingEnjoy this true storyThere was a lay-by (deadend road) that was situated just off a roundabout that i past everynight on my way home from work and was always good for a wank of bj from someone. Plus point was when dark you could see car lights coming but in day light you didnt get much of a warning.This night on my way home a could see a car sitting down the road so feeling randy i turned in and drove down the road, when i went past there were a couple sitting in the car, now this could be 1 of 2 things 1 they were just sitting talking or 2 maybe some “fun”, i went buca escort down to the bottom of the road and turned and drove back up and parked about 20 yds behind them and watched. After a few mins the guy in the drivers seat gets out and walks round to the passengers side and opens the door and stands looking in ( i keep watching)then he gets into the passengers side but not as you would expect he kind of went in frontwards as if he was getting on top of someone.I waited and then the door was shut then my mind went into overtime and desided to get closer and move up till i buca escort bayan was behind them, i could see in the back window and the guy looked like he was fucking someone, i next got out of the car and walked up level with the drivers window and sure enought the guy was fucking his wife / gf he had his trousers down with his underwear and was giving it to her hard they never stopped and must have known that i was there so with them not bothering i moved round to the passengers window for a better look, i was standing looking down at his hard cock going in and out of the escort buca girl and she was looking out at me and enjoying herself, i thought well there not bothered about me watching so i opened my trousers and got out my very hard cock and started to wank off while i watched this girls face he was pounding her hard and it was showing on her face every time he went in hard, next thing i know is theres a van coming round the corner i am standing next to the car window wanking but it was to late to cover up the car went and turned and parked the couple carried on and i wanked till I shot my load while the girl watched not sure if the guy in the van could see but i was to far gone to worry, i can still see her face now even after all this time i didnt see much of her tits or fanny but a great 30 mins.