Lead Me Not Into Temptation

30 Haziran 2022 0 Yazar: sexhikayeleri


I know I need to tell my wife. It is the only way to put an end to this. Yet, my hands hesitate to open the car door. We have not really crossed any lines, have we? Ms. Peterson is a new member of my congregation. Maybe I am seeing sin where there is none. After all, she bravely occupies the first pew, when most like to hide toward the middle to back.She sought a private meeting with me needing my counsel. Maybe I imagined the extra touches of her hand – on my shoulder and thigh. This beautiful woman may have dry lips, that her tongue innocently needs to lick. She does not cloak herself in almanbahis modesty like the other ladies, but I should not judge her based on her clothing choices. Surely, I am imagining her attraction to me. A member of my congregation would not be so bold as to seduce their pastor. What still troubles me is regardless of her intentions, my sin is clear. I had doubts about her motives for private time with me, yet I kept seeing her. I must admit I wanted to see where these sessions would lead. I have prayed for truth in my heart and must own my sinful thoughts surrounding Ms. Peterson. I finally almanbahis yeni giriş leave my car and walk through the front door of truth. It is not an easy conversation, but I am honest and reveal I was tempted and ask my devoted wife for her forgiveness. I assure her I will not take private meetings with Ms. Peterson anymore. “The sexiest thing you have ever done is look temptation in the face and resist, saying it isn’t worth losing me,” my wife says, moving forward to hug me reassuringly.~~~”I will meet you at home, dear. I need to grab some notes from my office for my sermon, almanbahis giriş Sunday,” I say to my wife before kissing her cheek. When I open the door to my office, imagine my surprise to find my office occupied – by her. In my chair is a scantily clad Ms. Peterson.  “No one will know, Paster Stevens,” she promises. The forbidden fruit is before me, ripe for eating. Her body calls to me. My loins immediately stir. Is this just an attraction of the flesh or is something else at play? What I know for certain is I am being tested – in my commitment to my marriage and my commitment to the Word. Her offered body speaks to my flesh, for my heart does not long for this. I am ashamed my cock betrays my teachings and strains to be freed. Temptation is a powerful weapon against the soul. No one will know keeps playing in my mind.