Lesley part 7

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Lesley part 7Rob and Lesley’s plans were disturbed when her mobile phone rang, flashing the word ‘School’. The male voice telling a distraught Lesley that one of the boys had twisted his knee and needed to get it checked by a doctor. He suggested going to the Walk In Centre at the hospital, saying that better to go there in case it needed an X-ray. He told her not to worry..it was just a precaution. Lesley pulled on her uniform, which was still lying on the bathroom floor and was looking crumpled and the worse for wear. She had no underwear to wear and never gave it a thought. She pulled her flat work shoes on and brushed her hair with Robs brush. Rob told her to stay calm and everything would be fine. He told her to text him from the hospital and keep him informed. Two hours later she was still sitting in the waiting room at the walk in centre patiently wating there turn. Her son was in discomfort but didnt need to be here. She thought an elasticated support bandage would have sufficed. Her phone pinged. ‘How’s it going?”Waist of time. He’s ok. Still waiting….bored to tears lol”How horny are you?”Your rude haha”Answer me sexy Lesley. How horny are you'”Hold on’She stood up and went unto a toilet cubicle. Lifting her uniform she checked the condition of her pussy. It was still pretty avcilar escort slack from when Rob had shafted her and was still pretty wet. Returning to her seat she texted ‘wet’ to Rob. ‘Good girl. Ring your work and tell them you can’t work tomorrow your looking after your injured son. I’m taking you shopping. Ok”Ok. Don’t fancy seeing that Ernie anyway’. ‘Why…..he’s your mothers old boy friend”He’s a pig!”Your mother liked him….loved his cock anyway”I don’t like him”You took your clothes off for him. Showed him your pierced nipple and cunt”He made me”He’s an old man..I think you did it because your a slut now, and you like showing people your wet cunt and tits..admit it sexy Lesley. You love it’ ‘I’ll go and phone work”Admit it…”Ok. I do. Still don’t like the pig’She went outside and phoned work, telling the receptionist her problem. She told her that family was more important than work and to ring tomorrow and give them an update. ‘Ok I’m off work tomorrow’ she texted Rob. ‘Good girl. Be here early…you are going to have a lot of cock tomorrow. Do you fancy that.”Could do with some now’ she texted honestly. She was loving this text sex. ‘What a fucking slut you are Lesley. I think I’ll take half a tablet in the morning.”I just like your cock..”No….you şirinevler escort like any cock, not just mine…you should go out Saturday night and get picked up…give someone the pleasure of your blowjob skills. The let them fuck your smooth cunt all night. How does that sound. ”I’id rather you made love to me all night”No no. I can fuck you anytime…you need more than one cock to keep you happy.”No no I’m happy with just you”I’m your friend and instructor. I know best…”Yes,,you’ve been right so far”Yes I have, haven’t I…I know you better than you know yourself sexy Lesley. I know you need to be getting more notches on your bedpost. You need to be able to say in 10 years time that you’ve jumped the bones of a hundred men….not the pitiful few so far’ ‘A hundred is an awful lot”No it’s not…it’s not even one a month over 10 years’She didn’t get the chance to reply when there name was called. Forty five minutes later they were home, his knee sporting a crepe bandage. She made tea while the k**s watched TV. Ping. ‘One a month!!!”A hundreds still a lot. Rob. Your naughty”Your the one who loves the taste of cum.”Your cum, I’ve only tasted your cum.'”49 and only tasted one mans cum. That’s terrible for a dirty girl like you’ ‘I’ve led a sheltered taksim escort life”I should give Ernie one of my Viagra. I’m sure he’d like to have your arse. That would be something eh Lesley. A man fucking both mother and daughter up the arse Haha”No way. He’s not getting near me again”What happens if he asks for a repeat performance”I’ll say no”Might get you in trouble”I’ll risk it”Would you flash someone if I asked you to?’ ‘Might”’Wrong answer slut’Lesley shivered. She felt her pussy up her underwear free uniform. Dripping. Rob knew all the buttons to press. She washed her hands and served the k**s tea. ‘Yes. I would”Do you agree you are a slut”I don’t know. Really. I don’t.”Do you believe me when I say you are a slut”I’m a slut’. Lesley so needed to go and masturbate. ‘When you get dressed in the morning where stockings and suspenders. No bra. And the most see through thong you have. If you haven’t got any see through..don’t wear any. Understand slut”Yes Rob”Ok good. Now I imagine you need to use a toy eh…your cunt will be gushing I imagine”God…I’m so horny”Ok. Go run a bath and use the biggest dildo you have. While there take a small one and see how much you can get in your arse. You might need to do that on the bed using some oil. Get that hole stretched because tomorrow is anal day. Got it?’ ‘Yes rob. Thank you. I’m so horny. Heehee. Love text sex”Your a slut for any sex sexy Lesley. Tomorrow a few more people will know it too! Now go and get them fuck holes attended too. Enjoy, you dirty slut cunt!”I will. See you tomorrow..xxxx’