Lessons for Neighbor

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One night a group from my neighborhood got together for drinks, food and bonfire in my backyard. I had been dating Katie for about 6 months now and she was fitting in well with all my friends and neighbors. The drinks were flowing, and the atmosphere was fun. I am the oldest of the group at 58 years young. My girlfriend would be the second oldest at 44. The rest ranged from 28 to 42.

Lauren who lives across the street just turned 32. She has two young kids under the age of 4. Her husband is a chiropractor and an excellent golfer. Lauren is a tall 5’9″ tall. Brown hair down to the middle of her back with a nice figure. Lauren is the life of the party along with her husband Craig.

Lauren starts teasing her husband in front of everyone how she never gets enough sex. She wants another baby and he doesn’t. She is telling my girlfriend how just today she wanted a quickie, but he said he didn’t have time as he wanted to go golfing. “Who the fuck wants to play golf instead of having sex?” Lauren asked Katie.

Lauren went on about they have sex once or twice a month. “That’s what old people over 50 do.” Lauren said.

“Well actually, Brian is 58 and we do it at least 3 or 4 times a week. Sometimes 3 times in a day.” Katie tells her.

“Shut the fuck up! Really?” Lauren replied.

“Yes, we do. I am very lucky. I have only been with a few men in my life and either they didn’t know what they were doing, or Brian is wrote the book on sex. He has brought me to levels I didn’t know existed.”

This whole time I am half listing to John talk to me but more ease dropping on Lauren and Katie’s conversation. I am feeling kind of proud of myself.

After the party Katie and I didn’t even bother to clean up. I was horny and so was she. We went to bed and had some good rough sex until we were too exhausted, and we drifted off to sleep.

The next morning, I woke Katie up to kisses down her body until I got to her already wet pussy. I teased her pussy a bit with my tongue until she was moaning and rotating her hips. Then sucking her clit into my mouth, I worked it over with my tongue while I slid two fingers into her wet pussy. Katie didn’t last long before she was bucking her hips against my lips as she had a strong orgasm.

I moved up and gave her a deep kiss letting her taste her love fluids. Katie started stroking my cock slowly. Then she said, “Lauren was telling me last night how bad her sex life is. She couldn’t believe that we have an amazing sex life.”

I played dumb like I didn’t hear their conversation. “Yes, we do have our fun don’t we.”

“We sure do. I bet she would love to be fucked by you. I told her some of the things we do. I could tell she was interested and horny. She was practically rubbing her pussy in front of me.”

“Are you telling me I should fuck Lauren? You wouldn’t mind? She is married!” I said.

“I am okay with it. Her husband doesn’t need to know. I bet you would love to have a young 32-year-old woman wrapped around your big thick cock. Maybe she will even do this to you.” Katie said as she leaned over and took my cock into her mouth.

Katie stroked my cock and gave me such a great blow job as I thought of Lauren.

The rest of the week I became more subconscious about Lauren. Being a stay at home Mom she knew everything that was going on around our block. She was either in the front yard with her kids or in the one level house with a large front window where she could see everything going on. I almost felt like she was spying on me.

One day I decided to get even with her. I saw her looking at me from the window. I went inside my house and came out with binoculars. As I looked through her window from across the street, I could see her laughing at me. She stuck her tongue out at me then gave me the finger. The following day she was watching me in the yard from her house and I could see her kids eating in the kitchen. Now I was going to go the extra step in pranking her that I was watching her.

I went into the house and came out with my drone. I flew it up to her window and I could see she was laughing at me. She moved closer to the window so I could see her great by looking at my phone as it was sending me visual by Bluetooth. Lauren looked over her shoulder to see that her girls were still at the table then to my surprise she pulled up her shirt and flashed me her boobs! I was so surprised by this that my fingers fumbled a bit to where the drone jumped forward a bit and almost crashed into the window. As luck would have it, I also hit the photo button and captured a perfect picture of her.

I could tell she enjoyed the shock she gave me as I could see her laughing as she pulled her shirt back down the returned to her kids.

I went back inside the house and pulled up the picture of Lauren. I was amazed at the quality of the picture. I noticed Lauren was between a B and C cup bra. Her areolas were the size of a quarter and a light brown. But the big thing was her nipples appeared to be hard. I wonder if she istanbul escort was turned on by flashing me.

Time to push this a bit further, I decided. I sent her a text along with the picture saying, “Wow nice boobs.”

Within a few seconds I got a reply, “OMG, I can’t believe you took a picture! But you really think I have nice boobs?”

I replied back, “Yes, I am partial to darker nipples. Especially when they are erect from excitement.”

Lauren replied, “Thank you! I was a bit excited and nervous flashing you. But I wanted to shock you and see your reaction. It was priceless. I have to put the girls down for a nap. Send the drone over in half an hour. I want your opinion on something.”

I wondered what she was up to. It seemed like it took forever for half an hour to go by. In half an hour I saw Lauren come to the front window. Looked like she had a bathrobe on. I started up my drone and flew it over to her window.

My drone was now hovering at her front window. I watched the view in my phone screen. She slowly opened her robe exposing her entire naked body to me. The robe dropped to the ground. I took a picture. She cupped her breasts and pinched her nipples. I took 2 pictures. She slowly turned around until she was facing me again. I probably took a dozen pictures as she made a 360-degree turn. She bent over and picked up her robe and disappeared from the window.

I flew my drone back home and quickly went inside to look at the pictures. Damn, for having two kids she still had an amazing body. Those long legs and bubble butt looked amazing. Halfway through looking at the pictures I get a text from Lauren, “Okay, give me your honest opinion. What do you think of my Mom body?”

I finished looking at the pictures and studied them in detail. I found nothing wrong with her. She didn’t even have stretch marks. I texted her back. “Lauren you have a great body. There is nothing wrong with it. Legs that go on forever. Great ass and great boobs.”

Her text, “There is nothing you would change on me?”

My text back, “One thing. I like my woman’s pussy clean shaven. I love giving oral sex and it makes it much better with no hair in the way.”

Her text, “Thank you for the nice compliment. I wish my husband thought the same. He just doesn’t seem interested in sex anymore. He doesn’t like giving oral. Your girlfriend is one lucky lady.”

My text, “You know, I don’t tell many people this, but I do boudoir photography on the side. Maybe we should do some and you can send them to your husband to get his motor going.”

Her text, “YES!! I want to do that.”

The next day I get a text from her Laruen. “Go to your upstairs bonus room with your binoculars. Look into my window.”

I grabbed the binoculars off the kitchen counter and went upstairs to the bonus room and looked through the window of her house. As I looked through the binoculars, I saw Lauren sitting in a chair with the same robe on as the prior time. It was obvious she saw me as she looked up at me and smiled then opened her robe up.

To my surprise she shaved her pussy completely bald. I watched as one hand started to massage her breast and play with her nipple as the other hand worked its way to her pussy. She gently stroked her outer lips. I could tell she was already wet. She slowly slid a finger inside her pussy. Her lips made an O shape and she closed her eyes as she slowly began to slide her finger in and out of her wet pussy. I felt my cock getting hard. With one hand I started to rub my cock.

Then suddenly she pulled her hand away and looked at me and smiled. She got up and left the living room.

Half an hour later I got a text. “Is that how you like your pussy?”

I replied, “Yes, looks good enough to eat. Damn Lauren what are you doing to me? I am so horny I can’t stand it.”

Lauren: “It feels good to be wanted. Did you like what I just did? I finished myself off in the bedroom thinking of you eating my pussy.”

“Good idea. I think I need to go take care of myself.” I replied. I then went to my bedroom and took care of myself shooting a jet of cum all over myself and the bed. I dozed off to sleep naked on my bed.

The next morning, I got a text from Lauren. “Thank you, thank you, thank you! Craig got so turned on seeing my shaved pussy. We had amazing sex last night. He even tried giving me oral. It wasn’t great but at least he tried. I hope I got pregnant. I really want one more child.

I want to keep him interested in me. I can get my mom to watch the girls tomorrow. Can we do boudoir pictures then?”

Me: “I am happy for you Lauren. Yes, we can do pictures tomorrow. How does 1:00 work for you?”

Lauren: “Perfect, see you then.”

The next day I set up my studio and waited for her. Lauren arrived right on time. “I am so nervous doing this Brian.”

“Lauren, I think I have pretty much seen everything you have to offer. Plus, I have done this a bunch of times. Just avcılar escort relax, it will be fun.”

With that I took her to the studio. I had a bunch of lingerie on a table for her to pick form. She had brought some items herself. But she really liked what I had better. Lauren already had makeup on which is usually the longest part. I told her to pick out some items and let me know when she was ready.

When I returned she had on a red and black corset with black stockings and garters. “Good choice. One of my favorites I told her.”

Lauren did well as I started to snap pictures. She became more and more relaxed. “Okay, next outfit.” I told her. Let me know when you are ready.”

When I came back in she had chosen a dark green bra and panties. “You have great taste, another favorite of mine.” I told her.

After 20 minutes of photos I had enough in that outfit. Okay, it’s my turn to pick out something for you.” I told her. I handed her my white dress shirt with a red tie. Leave the panties on and put this shirt on and don’t button it.”

As I turned to leave Lauren said, “Brian, you don’t have to leave. As you said before, you have seen everything already.”

I stayed and watched as she took off her bra and then put on the shirt. It’s funny, I don’t get aroused when I do these photo shoots. But I do enjoy the view. Got some great pictures showing cleavage and hint of nipples. Then did some with just the tie hanging down hiding her nipples.

Next outfit was a thin wife beater style T shirt. I sprayed it down with a misting bottle, so her nipples showed through the shirt. Got some great sexy pictures.

“Okay, last set. Let’s go to the guest bedroom.” She followed me to the bedroom where I had black fitted sheet on with a red sheet on top. I had one photo lamp that was screened so the room was dark, except for the bed.

“Wow, this looks sexy as hell.” Lauren said.

“Take off all your clothes and get under the red sheet.” I told her.

I moved the red sheet around exposing parts of her body. I already knew how I was going to edit it. I would make everything black and white except the red sheet. This session took a little more time. After half an hour I announced. “Well we are done. You did great Lauren.”

“Can I ask you a question Brian?”

“Sure, go ahead.”

“Since you have seen me naked, I started to wonder either you have a small cock, or you don’t get aroused by me. Which is it?”

“Lauren, this is like work and art to me. I am concentrating on the picture not the sexuality of it. I don’t get aroused.”

“Okay, I have one request. I want some nude photos too. Will you do that?”

“Sure, I can.”

With that Lauren dropped the red bed sheet to the floor and positioned herself on the bed. I started to snap away as she started to play with her breasts. “Brian, I want you to make my nipples hard and take a close-up picture. Touch me Brian.”

I didn’t say a word. I reached up and started to massage her breasts and play with her nipples. They got hard quickly then I snapped some great close ups. You could see the wrinkles and goose bumps in her areolas.

“Now suck on them. I want wet hard nipple pictures.” She told me.

I was now getting hard. I moved up and started to lick and suck on her nipples. I wanted her bad.

I took some more pictures now of her hard-wet nipples.

“I see someone is getting hard.” She said as her hand slid up my thigh and stroked my cock through my pants. Eat my pussy Brian. I want you to eat my pussy like you have wanted to ever since you saw it shaved.”

I continued to suck and lick her nipples then slowly worked my way down to her bald pussy. I could smell the fine musk of her wetness. With my tongue flat I have her a couple of long slow licks. Her body jerked with each stroke of my tongue. Her hands reached down to my head and she ran her fingers through my hair as I continued to tease her pussy.

Sliding my tongue in I got to taste her sweet nectar. Her hips began to rotate grinding against my lips. My tongue began to circle her clit and I would occasionally give her clit a little flick. Each time her body would jump with that little bit of attention I gave it.

Sliding my middle finger and index finger into her wet pussy as I now began to gently suck her clit brought a “Oooohh fuck, that feels good.”

I started to finger fuck her pussy harder and faster as she now was holding my head tight against her. She was really enjoying herself when I decided to change things up. I pull my middle finger out and start to press it slowly into her ass. At first, I could feel her tighten up. When she did, I sucked on her clit harder and ran my tongue across it. This changed her focus to where I was able to slide my finger into her.

Lauren seemed to enjoy the new feeling as she began to moan as I finger fucked her ass and pussy. I worked the speed up with my fingers and went to town on her clit with my mouth. Lauren was a bit of a squirter as şirinevler escort she soaked my hand and face as she came with a big, “Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck oooooh fuuuuck.”

I stood up and looked at her beauty as she had her eyes closed and was completely relaxed. I couldn’t take it anymore. My cock needed to fuck that wet pussy. I pulled my pants down and my raging hardon was ready for action.

As I put the tip of my cock to her pussy Laurens eyes flashed open. “What are you doing?” She asked in a startled voice.

“I am going to fuck that beautiful pussy of yours.” I answered.

“No, no you can’t. What if I get pregnant? I want to have another child with Craig.”

“Fine, I will put a rubber on.” I replied.

“I can’t do that either. What if it breaks or leaks? I am not going to take any chances. I am will give you a blow job. I like to think I am pretty good at it.”

“All right let’s see how good you are.” I said with a smile.

As Lauren sat up she got the first good look at my cock. I saw her eyes grow wide. “Fuck, that is a thick big cock. I wish I could fuck it.” She said as she sat up and took my cock into her hand.

Laruen started of circling the head of my cock with her tongue then started to take the head of my cock into her mouth. She started to stroke my cock hard and fast while rubbing my balls. It got to the point where it was starting to hurt as she was rubbing my balls kind of hard, I could feel her teeth on my foreskin and her grip was to tight on my shaft.

“Hold up a second Lauren. I appreciate your enthusiasm. But slow down a bit. Not sure what Craig likes but be gentle on the boys and try not to use your teeth so much.”

“I am so sorry. Your cock is so thick I will try not to get my teeth on it. Thank you for the advice.” She said with a smile as she went back to taking my cock into her mouth.

This time it was a lot better. She even tried to take all 9 inches down her throat. It felt good. I was pretty worked up and it wasn’t long before I was about to cum. Lauren was kind of moaning why sucking my cock which added a little vibration. It felt good. “Uh, uh uh fuck!” I said, as I exploded into her mouth. Lauren swallowed every last drop and slowly milked me dry.

“Fuck, you even swallowed!” I said and complimented her on how good she was.

“Damn right I do. I love it.” She answered.

We got dressed. I walked her to my door, and we had a nice deep kiss before she left. I wasted no time before getting to work on her photos and editing them.

The next morning, I sent her a text. “Your photos are done.”

She replied, “I will drop my girls off at my Mom’s at 11 then come over.”

Lauren arrived at my house right on time. Was nice to see she made herself for me looking cute yet sexy.

Lauren sat next to me as we went through all the pictures. She really liked my work. I even photoshopped her picture into different backgrounds like a bar, a busy street and in a church.

“Wow Brian, you do amazing work. Thank you for making me look so sexy! I know exactly how I am going to repay you.” She said as I felt her hand slide up my thigh and started to stroke my cock.

She leaned over and kissed me deeply as she continued to get me hard. “Let’s take this to the bedroom.” I told her.

We got up and she followed me to the bedroom. Once we got into the bedroom we kissed some more. Then Lauren knelt on her knees in front of me and undid my pants and pulled them along with my underwear to the floor. My cock was hard and ready.

Lauren learned from our last time and was doing an amazing job of sucking my cock. She even added in some nice ball licking and ball sucking. With her new skills of how to give a blow job, it didn’t take long before I shot 3 hot jets of cum into her mouth.

Lauren stood up as she swallowed my seed then kissed me. “My god you suck my cock good.” I told her.

I stood behind her and started to kiss her neck and let my hands room all over her body. It didn’t take long before we both naked and I had her laying on the edge of the bed and I was eating her hot wet pussy.

This time I fingered her ass deeper as I ate her pussy. By her moaning I could tell she was getting used to this and enjoying it. “Oh fuck that feels so good. God I wish you were inside me.” She said as I worked her until she was bucking hard and reaching her orgasm.

She rested on the bed motionless enjoying the glow from her orgasm. I started to kiss and suck her nipples and was enjoying how nice and hard they were getting from my touch. “This just isn’t fair. I want you inside me so bad. But I just can’t.” She whispered.

“I have an idea. “I said as I got up from the bed and went to the bathroom and returned with a bottle of lube.

“What are you doing?” Lauren asked.

“Lube. I want to be inside you too Lauren. I am going to fuck that sexy ass of yours. Now roll over.”

“Oh my god, I have never done this. Please Brian take it really slow.”

I lubed up my finger and slid it up her ass several times. Then I added a second finger. She seemed fine with that. Then I lubed up my cock and told her to hold her ass cheeks open. She did as I told her. I ever so slowly slid my cock into her. The first 2 inches seemed pretty painful to her as she kept saying, “Ow, ow, ow go slower.”