Like Daddy. Joy’s Tale. Pt. 02

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Like Daddy. Joy’s tale. Part 2

Joy dominates daddy and prepares to submit to Mistress Dee

Chapter four

Daddy’s confession

“It all started with your mother, Joy. When I met her, I was immediately head over heels in love with her. She was recently divorced and absolutely beautiful. She was very angry with her ex, your biological father and divorced him. He was sometimes rather violent with both her and you. When we married, your mother made me promise never to hurt you, ever, in any way either physically or mentally. You were the sweetest, cutest child I had ever known and I promised happily. But, sometimes you were very naughty, and I thought it would do you some good to be disciplined so I spanked you a few times. When I told your mother, she was furious. She said that if you were naughty it was because I had let you be, and in fact it should be me, and not you who must take the punishment. Your mother decided to buy a cane and to give me three strokes every time you were naughty. This wasn’t too often at first, but as you grew older, you behaved badly more often and I was being caned quite regularly by your mother. She bought quite a few canes, of different lengths and thicknesses, and even a nylon one which was really tough. I still have them. As things developed, I had to report to her once a month with a list of your misdemeanours, apologise to her for your bad behaviour and ask her to punish me. It was quite a ritual, and I began to enjoy it. Your mother was a strict woman and she enjoyed it too. I told you she believed in discipline. I was often marked for more than a week. We both began to look forward to my punishment sessions. Then your mother got sick. She did some research on the internet and decided that she would send me to someone who would be willing to continue with our ritual after she was gone. She really did want to protect you, she loved you so much.”

Daddy took a huge gulp of his wine and continued. “Your mother took me to meet this person. She was a lady about our age who worked in education but on weekends she took up her alternative role as a ‘disciplinarian’ who would provide punishment for those who needed it. She had a fully equipped cellar in her house and several years of experience of playing ‘Mistress’ to both men and women. Your mother explained our arrangement and asked the lady what she thought we should do. This lady was a lecturer in Psychology and Behavioural Science and complimented your mother on her excellent idea of punishing me for her daughter’s misbehavior. She found the notion quite amusing. She said she would be willing to take over your mother’s role, on her own terms of course. The new rules were that until you turned 18, I would report to her on the first Saturday of each month with a list of your misdemeanours — and I would be punished for each one. The punishments would be at her discretion and would be as severe as she felt necessary. When the punishments earned the cane, she called them Red Stripes, each one costing me six strokes of the cane.”

“You did this for me, daddy? So that I wouldn’t be punished for being naughty? You must have loved me very much.”

“I still do, darling girl, I still do.” He looked at me and smiled. “Your mother wanted to attend my first appointment, to give her approval and pass on the reins, as it were, before she died. It was an amazing act of love for you on her part. The entire session was video recorded and Mistress kept the video as a form of blackmail to ensure I never missed an appointment. Let’s just say that your mother was very pleased when I attended my introduction session. I had to endure a wide range of treatments and punishments and your mother immediately appointed this Mistress as my new dominatrix. There were some new rules to follow. You saw me a few weeks ago when my towel fell off. Old habits die hard they say and I spent the years between your mothers passing until you were 18 with no pubic hair. I had to shave it every month and if I arrived for my monthly session with one hair in place, the Mistress would have been very displeased. As you saw, I usually keep myself shaved, even now. I have to confess to you now that I did that deliberately when my towel fell off. I tucked it in loosely so when I sucked my belly in, I knew it would fall off. I wanted to see your reaction to me being naked and unable to cover myself, and also to give myself a bit of a thrill. I noticed that you didn’t look away, but rather you pointed out the lack of hair, and you kept staring at it as my erection grew. I get the impression you aren’t just submissive — I think you might enjoy a dominant role too.”

“Yes, daddy, I was beginning to wonder that too. I have quite enjoyed teasing you recently and watching your erection inside your shorts. Now I can see this is something you are enjoying too. However, please, zonguldak escort tell me more about your Mistress.”

“Well, another rule was that I was forbidden from having sex with anyone but myself. I was permitted to relieve myself just once a week, but only on Mondays. Then, by the time I ‘reported for punishment’, I would not only find the session painful, but also highly arousing. You see, Joy, I also find it thrilling to be naked in front of a woman, more especially one who will soon be punishing me. However, I had to wait until the Monday after my punishment session before I could relieve my sexual needs.”

“This is amazing, daddy. I had no idea you went through all this. I was too young for mummy to have told me. I am so glad you are telling me now. You went to this lady every month for six years and willingly submitted to all sorts of punishments for things you didn’t do? And, you enjoyed it!”

“Ah,” he said “actually, there comes a time when you are doing this that you actually want it to happen and you begin to challenge the disciplinarian. I found myself wanting more and if you had been a good girl that month, I would deliberately make up lies about what you had done, or even what I had done, so that she would have reason to discipline me.”

He took a sip of his wine and continued, “When a caning is awarded, it is always carried out to the full.” he said. I recognized that expression. Dee had used it on me. “The rules changed over the years, but I quickly learned that when a person is caned properly, they must be completely naked to show their submission to the caner. For me I felt a deeply sexual, submissive thrill to have to remove my clothing and present myself naked to a strong lady who actually enjoyed hurting me. Inevitably, the sexual thrill made its way to my cock and as she pronounced the punishments I was to endure, and the number of strokes of the cane I was to receive, I’m ashamed to say I wasn’t able to prevent myself from getting an erection. Even the thought of it is still enough to make it hard, as you have noticed. She had a caning bench to which I was bound with strong leather straps and once I was in position, there was no escaping the punishment I had earned. Or should I say the punishment you had earned me.”

By this time, I could see that daddy was ready to confess everything — I guess the wine had loosened his tongue. “You have your mother to thank for so much. That is why I am telling you all this now. She made me promise that I would give you a full confession and a description of my submission to Mistress Diana, and other dominatrices I have submitted to, if you ever asked. She could see that you had a submissive streak in you. She wondered if you would ever switch to becoming more dominant as you grew older, like herself. In fact, she told me that she wanted you to take over her role as my dominatrix when you got old enough. She ordered me to offer myself to you if the opportunity presented itself. Maybe you have a cruel streak in you too, and you just haven’t found out yet. So, darling, if you ever feel like taking a leading, dominant role over me regarding discipline and punishment, I will to submit to that.”

This was all a bit too much for me right now, especially as it was I who was currently ‘reporting for punishment’ with Miss Dee. I reminded daddy of this, and he said “Yes, you are quite right — and clearly your Miss Dee is the same lady as my Mistress Diana. Perhaps I deserve a caning for not having worked that out long ago. I guess she moved to your college after we moved here two years ago when you turned 18 and I stopped attending her monthly sessions.”

“One day, I will ask you to describe in detail a typical visit to your Mistress Diana, daddy, but first I have to learn to submit to her myself, in the way that she demands of me.” I told him. “But,” I added, “I will think hard about your offer to submit to me, because I have actually enjoyed teasing you into erections that I now know you can do nothing about until Mondays, and I think I might enjoy taking it much further than that! Is it possible for someone to enjoy submitting as well as taking the dominant role, daddy? Maybe that’s me.”


Chapter five

Joy dominates daddy but submits to Mistress Dee

“How are you feeling now, Joy? I see that you have no trouble sitting at your desk.” said Miss Dee at the start to our class on Wednesday. She looked very domineering in a classy trouser suit and her three students gazed up at her as she stood at the front of the class. “Joy received her caning very well, ladies,” she told my classmates, “but I believe she will be reporting for more in due course. I am sure you two are also looking forward to the next phase of your training and Joy will no doubt give you a detailed description of what to expect when you do if you ask her nicely. But now, to studies!”

After zonguldak escort bayan class I was asked to remain behind and Miss Dee asked me about Monday evening at home. “Tell me about your father now, Joy. Was he keeping secrets from you, as I told you he was when we first talked about him?”

“Oh, Miss Dee! I think you know perfectly well who he is and possibly you know more about him than I do. As instructed, I showed him the pictures of you. He went white, then red, then he opened a bottle of wine and we had a very long and interesting talk, late into the night on Monday. There is so much I never really knew about him. The things he has done, out of love for me, are way beyond normal. And he told me about your part in that, a little. I asked him how many Red Stripes he should receive for getting me caned and he told me that I should decide on that. He told me that I can punish him any time I choose to and he will submit to me. He also suggested that he deserved to be caned for not realizing who my new teacher was. I could see he was quite excited by the thought.”

“Excited? In what way excited?”

“Well, Miss, he got a huge hard on inside his shorts and it stayed hard through most of our discussion. He didn’t apologise to me for that, but I eventually learned about Monday nights and what he is allowed to do then and I understood how turned on he must have been after a whole week of abstinence. He still follows your rules, you know.”

“I can imagine. But for now we are going to concentrate on just you, Joy. How did you feel about your caning on Monday?” I told her how I had wanted to cry at the beginning, but as the heat of each stroke burned my ass, I found myself wanting the next one to be a little harder, and by the end I would have happily accepted more. This obviously came as no surprise to Miss Dee and she warned me to beware of what I wished for.

“We will address the situation of your father in due course. In the meantime, please do not let this affect your studies. Your classwork is getting a bit sloppy and that is not good enough. I want you to focus on that over the next several weeks.”

I followed her advice and my studies improved a lot over the next couple of months. However, it didn’t take me too long to build myself up for another event. I wasn’t sure how to go about it best. Then the mistress caught my eye one afternoon as I was heading back home, and she reminded me that tomorrow was the day the class was going on a morning outing and everyone had to be ready half an hour earlier than usual to take the bus to the museum. “Don’t be late!” she told me, “You know the consequences if you are, and I will be neither mild nor gentle with you if you need to be caned again!” Strange words to have chosen. I looked at her questioningly and she just smiled, almost knowingly. A very dominating woman. I found myself absolutely mesmerised by her. “Yes, Mistress,” I said to her, “I’m sure if you need to cane me again, you will give me what I deserve. I know I will thank you for disciplining me, knowing that you do it for my own good.”

She looked at me, “You call me ‘Mistress’? Do you know what that means? Most students call their teacher ‘Miss’. What does it mean to you to call me ‘Mistress’?”

After daddy’s revelations, I had been doing some research on the internet, trying to work out what was happening to me and my sexuality and this was the word I had found to describe how I felt about her relationship with me. I told her, “You have power and authority over me as my college lecturer, and it seems you have a further mission to improve my behavior. To this end, you have chosen to discipline and punish me. You have already introduced me to some mild discipline across my jeans with your cane which I have submitted to, and then I removed my skirt to receive six strokes from your cane for another transgression. I have not refused to obey you so far, and nor will I, because I want you to do these things to me. Your domination over me thrills me. I am guessing soon I will have to take my caning with my panties down, and I would not be surprised if you have me completely naked for punishment one day. Yes, Mistress, I know exactly what I am calling you, and I am willing to submit to you for corrective therapy, whenever, and wherever you want me to.”

As I was speaking, I could see a thousand emotions pass across her face, and as I finished, I lip-read her saying to herself, “Like father, like daughter.”

“Yes, Mistress, like father, like daughter. I know how he reported to you to atone for my misbehaviour, and that you punished him for it, sometimes quite severely, and now it is my turn to submit to you to instead. Now you are Mistress to us both.”

Unbelievably, I was on time the following day, a Tuesday, but as we toured the museum, Mistress walked up beside me and said “That was quite a speech you made yesterday. Did you mean it? Every word? Or, escort zonguldak were you playing a game with me? Because if you were, or if you weren’t, we had better have a clear understanding of where things can go from here.” I stopped and turned and looked up into her eyes. “Mistress, I do not have a lot of experience, but I am sure you will teach me to submit to you and your punishments, and I willingly give you complete authority to do so.”

She looked at me. “Yes, I thought that would be the case. I think you are in need of a stronger force than your father to ensure your better behaviour, and that you are in need of stricter disciplinary measures than you have experienced until now. Are you are willing to come to my house for more challenging punishments, rather than just creating silly reasons for mild discipline in my classroom? Would you submit to Special Training from me?”

My heart leapt. Mild discipline? Challenging punishment? Special Training? I took hold of her hands and said “Yes, Mistress, I am. Absolutely. I want to submit to you, to obey your every command and to have no control over what happens, and I am willing to take whatever form of discipline you choose for me.” I released her hands and she looked down at me. “Come to my house on Saturday afternoon at 5.00 exactly. Do not be late or you will regret it. Feel free to tell your father that you are ‘reporting for punishment’. He will know what that means. And, you are right in several of your thoughts — you will be ordered to strip completely naked and you will obey every command I give you. You will beg for your punishments, and be in no doubt that you will be subjected to more than six strokes of the cane. You will be with me until 7.00, after which you may return home for dinner.”

“Did you enjoy the museum visit, Joy” asked daddy when I got home that evening. I told him a bit about the museum and some of the exhibits that had interested me, but I just had to tell daddy about my conversation with Mistress Dee.

“Daddy — I have been invited to Mistress’s house on Saturday for ‘special training’. I am to tell you that I will be ‘reporting for punishment’. She has warned me that I will have to submit to her totally naked, and daddy, the thought really works for me. I think I have found out that, like you, I crave the humiliation of being naked in front of someone who has power over me. I confess to having a thrill when you looked at my pussy a few weeks ago. But I was still wearing my bra so I wasn’t fully naked. When you ordered me to remove it, so that I would be completely naked and exposed for you, I really loved it. I feel that I need humiliation and strong discipline and I think I’m going to get that on Saturday evening. That is why I have accepted her invitation. I want her to cane me hard.”

“Well, darling. I confess that it was a massive turn on for me to see you naked the other day, but I would advise you to have even less hair on your pussy. I noticed that you had shaved it recently, but even then, if I had ever presented myself with any hair at all, I would have endured severe punishment. I suggest you get busy with the razor. As you know, even now, I generally keep myself totally hairless, so if you would like me to inspect your work once you have finished, I know what to look for. Even though I stopped attending her punishment chambers, I have always kept myself ready to submit to Mistress Dee, or another disciplinarian. That includes you now. It’s just my little fantasy — I have never stopped wanting to be caned every now and again, but it hasn’t happened for a long time now. I do miss it, the anticipation, the fear, the humiliation of being naked and exposed to my mistress, knowing that pain is to follow.”

“Wow, daddy. That’s a major confession from you. I had no idea while I was growing up. I did wonder why I never got disciplined by you. Maybe that’s why I am so curious now. Like father, like daughter, eh? We’re both into being punished. How about the other way? Have you ever caned anyone?” I wanted to know. I was hoping he would say yes, as that might open up some interesting new ideas.

“I still have your mother’s canes, and I keep them in good condition. I knew a lady a few years ago who enjoyed submitting to a gentle caning and we tried that a few times. I never told Mistress Dee, but I learned a lot from her on how to act the dominant partner. I am happy with the idea of giving as well as receiving. Now that you are 20, and all this is in the open, maybe you will ask me to punish you sometimes and I will happily do so for you. But before that, you have your appointment with Mistress Dee. Would you like to discuss that?”

“Actually daddy, no. Not yet. I was wondering if I should give you that caning you confessed to wanting. In fact, I think I will cane you, as a way of thanking you for what you did when I was a kid but also so that I can try to understand the dominant thrill the Mistress will get when she has me under her command. Tell me a little about her rules for when you had to submit to her.” It was an order and I could see he was beginning to go along with this. The whole thing was turning me on like crazy. I listened carefully as he gave me a few pointers on how to behave in the presence of one’s Mistress.