Lil One – 4

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Lil One – 4Chapter OneWe are driving down the secluded four wheel drive only beach. I’m taking a new submissive that I’m training to be a pain slut for her Master. She’s 24yo and her name is Candy, but I call her lil one, because she’s only 4’11”. She has been mainly a pleasure slave but her Master wants her to be able to enjoy more pain play. I have been training her about 4 days now. Today is more of a reward for her hard work.We should have the beach to ourselves, except for the stray fisherman or two. I’m not worried about intrusions, as most people you meet down here are non-intrusive, and mind their own business.I have her remove her blindfold. She’s from Canada and has never been to the beach before. I have the windows down so that she can get the smell of the salty air. Its thick with the warm moisture from the Gulf of Mexico. I find a nice area to park the truck and we get out. I let her go get her toes wet while I set up our camp for the night. I pitch a canopy to provide us shade. I set of the tent for my Avalanche pickup. It fits in the bed of my truck with a nice mattress in the back. Near the canopy, I dug a 3’ hole and placed a 8”x8” square post in the sand. It has an O-rings on the side. We will use this later for some training. When I’m finished with the setup, I head out to lil one. I take her hand and we walk out into the surf. The waves are gentle today. They’re about 1-3” with a gentle break. The water is warm and the wind is calm. When we get to about chest deep for lil one, I take her in my arms, her back to my front. Our bodies roll on the salty waves. The high salinity gives us more buoyancy than fresh water and float gently with each incoming wave.Our naked bodies rub gently with each passing wave. I cup her large breasts in each hand and kiss the sensitive area of her neck. She reaches above her head and runs her fingers through my hair. I run one hand down her side, teasing her wet skin. My erection presses into her soft behind. She feel this and starts to grind against me. I cup her sex and this elicits a moan. My finger slip between her folds and I feel the warm wetness of her arousal. I tell her we need to get out of the sun as I don’t want her skin to burn. She is fair skinned. She pouts and I give her a stern look. She concedes. We wade back to shore.I hand her a bottle of water and sit back in my beach chair. She kneels under the canopy by my side. I tell her about the post and that I intend to use the flogger on her later. She squirms on her heels.She tells me she needs to go the bathroom. I tell her to go about 20 paces up the beach and squat. She pouts again. I tell her that it will be time for the flogger when she’s finished. She goes down the beach as instructed.When she returns, I grab her by the collar and look her in the eye. I ask her why she is going to receive the flogger. At first she is lost for the answer. Then she lowers her eyes and says that she is being flogged for pouting.I tell her that she is correct, but it could have been because I wanted to without reason. I pull her by the collar and bend her over the post. I strap her leg and arms together at the base of the post. I run my hand up her leg, over her back and down her arms.I check the binds to see if they are too tight. I head to the truck. In the saddlebags of my truck I remove the floggers. When I return, I tell her that I am going to warm her up.I start with dragging the tips over her back and down her legs. I flick the tips to slap her thighs gently. I move up to strike her ass, just a light thud. I work her back, alternating between floggers. The strikes are still gentle and caressing, I work to bring the blood to the skin surface.I stop and run my hand on her back, I hear her soft moan. I step back and begin again. These strikes are a little harder. They thud and I hear her start to pant. I move the strikes down to her ass.Her back is starting to color well. Her ass jiggles with each strike. I know that she can take more here, so I increase the force of the lashes. She tries to wiggle away from them but the restraint hold her in place. I stop and rub her cheeks. Her skin is warm to the touch. When I check between her legs she is soaking wet.“Is someone enjoying their punishment?”“No Sir.”“Your body says otherwise lil one.”I begin again on her back. I speed up and soften the blows. When she gets into the rhythm, I send a stray flogger to her hanging breasts. She sounds out because of the strike. Then I return to her back. I spread them across her back so I don’t get a hot spot.Alternating the floggers, I make sure that her canlı bahis entire back area is covered with my stripes. The blood has engorged and risen to the surface. I work down to her ass, given her a nice even red tone. Again, I strike her hanging breasts again and watch them sway to my ministrations. She moans with each strike.When I feel she has had enough, I return to her ass. I bring the floggers down hard, alternating between cheeks. After about 4 stroke each, I switch to an upswing. This catches the tender spot where her ass meets her thighs. With her legs tied together, her wet pussy is protected.I stop and let her catch her breath. I rub her cheeks, and find them hot to the touch. I reach down between her legs and feel her fluids leaking down her legs. I use her wetness to lube my finger before I push them into her sopping folds. They spread and let me in. Using two fingers, I enter her channel.She groans loudly, again trying to push back but is held still because of the post. I work my finger in and out of sloshing slit. When I feel her pussy tighten on my finger, I pull them and slap my wet fingers on her red ass. This elicited a moan. I grasp my hardened cock, and rub it up and down her slit. Again she tries to wiggle her behind. The head of cock is glistening from her. I slap my meaty cock on her reddened ass. Rubbing it over her hot skin. She whimpers.I press the head to her opening. Slowly, inch my shaft inside. Just the tip at first. I let her adjust to my size. Then push further before stopping. I giver her the first half of my cock and still again. She is wiggling and trying to push back. I give the sore ass several quick slaps and tell her that she is here for her punishment and my pleasure. This gets her attention. I work my cock in and out a few strokes. I start to pull my cock all the way, then slowly re-enter her to about half way down my cock. With a very slow pace, I continue this.Her pussy is gaping each time I re-enter her. When I’m inside her, I feel her flex her kegel’s, milking my cock. She is a well trained pleasure slut without a doubt. Now if I could get her to crave the pain as well, my job will be done. I finally seat my swollen cock into the depths of her channel. The elicits a guttural moan. I want to fill her with my seed, I have other ideas for later so I remove myself. I remove her restraints. I tell her that I want to lay out and get some sun. But first I rub some lotion on her, partly to protect her skin from the sun but also to prevent any bruising.When I’m finished I send her off to wash herself off in the cool waters, then I want her to look for shells. I instruct her to find several shells that have holes in them. But I also want her to find some for her Master too. She scurries off. I sure that the waters will cool her backside.When she finally comes back, I’ve started a nice fire as its getting late in the evening. She drops to her knees at my feet to show me all of her shells. She seems excited, almost c***dlike. Lil one seems to relish in completing tasks She smiles and hands me several pretty shells with the holes in them. She asks how the hole got there. I tell that this kind of shell is a bivalve, Meaning that at one time had two halves joined by a hinge. But a predator mollusk came along with a tooth like tongue and pecked away the hole and devoured the clam’s meat. She frowns. I tell her that even whelks and clams have a natural order of dominance to them. She shows me the shells she retrieved for her Master. They are the more typical ones you’d find of the beach. She seems proud of her finds and I give a a box to keep them in and take the ones she collected for me. We spend the rest of the evening, eating and warming by the fire. I’m laying back in my beach chair with her on top of me on her back. I run my hands down her body, softly stroking her. I feel her hum to this easy play.The gentle breeze and warm fire are the perfect combination. Before long we turn into bed in the tent in the back of my truck. I still continue to tease her body. Her nipples are pebbled as I softly roll them in each hand. She grabs for my cock. Her small hands barely wrap around my girth.I grab her hips and pull her on top of me. She grinds her slit against the hardness of my cock. With my hands on her hips, I lift and seat my throbbing shaft into the folds of her pussy. Her head goes back as my cock fills her. At first, I only let her hips move slowly back and forth. My pubic bone is rubbing sensually against her erect clit as my cock works in and out with the movement of her hips. Her hands are bahis siteleri on my chest for balance. Her soft moans meet with my grunts as we work ourselves into a nice rhythm.I tell her to squat, and she starts to go up and down on my turgid root. I’m still controlling her speed and depth with her hips. Her hanging breast sway with her motion. I reach up and pull her down on top of me. My arms wrap around her and pull her tightly.Her movement are stilled. I start to drive upward and fuck her in earnest. My shaft is filling her with every thrust. At first its a slow pace, but soon I am pistoning in and out rapidly. I hear her ragged breath. I feel the clenching of her tight hole on my cock. The sloshing sound of her sex lets me know that she’s enjoying our play.Her head is in the crook of neck and shoulder. Her breast are tight to my chest. I hold her tightly as I pound her slit. Her moans grow louder. In a raspy voice she asks for permission to cum. I hesitate but allow her release. My cock feels her milking me as she is lost in the the throes of her climax. I follow her and release my cum deep inside her. Still holding her tight as our breathing calms. Our heart beats slowly become one again. When I do finally release my grip on her, she thanks me and slips down and starts to gently clean or mixed juices from my cock. Her expert tongue laves my still hard cock from the root to the tip. Then down to my balls, where she gently takes each into her mouth and tongues them until all of our juices are licked clean.She then moves to the crook of my arm and nuzzles my neck with her arm d****d over my chest. We lay there silently until I hear her soft breathing and know that she is asleep.Chapter TwoWhen I wake up in the morning, I leave lil one sleeping. She has had a busy day. I get the fire going and start some breakfast. I’m about finished when she peeks her head out of the tent. She comes and gives me a hug, and drops to her knees. She asks if I need her to service me this morning and apologized for not waking before me and making breakfast. I give her a pat of the head and tell her that I was the one who let her sleep in and I am perfectly able to make breakfast on the beach. I thank her for her offer but politely decline. She seems sad at my response. I have been noticing these periods of sadness with her. She always seems so eager to please and open to learning. This is what this weekend is all about. This is a reward for her hard work. I will look for an appropriate time to sit down and ask her about my concerns.After breakfast, lil one cleans the utensils and puts them away. We decide to go for a swim this morning. I rub lotion on her skin to protect her from the sun. She has very fair skin and she did get some sun yesterday. She asks to put some on me, but I tell her that I already have protection with my naturally dark skin tone. We swim and float in the waves. She wants to be held, so I hold her while the waves gently break over us. Again, I am seeing a needy side of her and this concerns me. I’m afraid that she is getting too close to me. This can be a problem when it is time for her to go back to her Master. Her warm body feels good next to mine. My cock is a hard as a rock. I lean in and place a soft kiss on her neck. She practically jumps into my arms. Her hands move down and take hold of my cock. She is stroking me and kissing my chest. Taking my nipple into her mouth, she suckles it, gently biting. As much as I should be setting some firmer boundaries, we end up coupling. I hold her up and bring her up and down on my cock. I take it slow, enjoying her warm pussy milking my shaft. I lay back in the water and we float. I am deep into her channel as the waves gently rock us up and down. My rigid shaft slipping in and out of her wet pussy. She leans back and has her eyes closed. Its like she is impaled on my rod, riding me as the waves provide our motion. I haven’t felt this way about a submissive in years. I too may be getting to close to her.I have not had a sub since I lost mine years ago to cancer. I never really got over her, and have relegated myself to training. These trainees come and go. I stay my distance and don’t get involved, but there is something about lil one that is different.We are floating, the waves washing us closer to the beach. When we end up beached, I roll on top of her and speed up my thrusts. She is moaning and has her legs spread, offering herself to me. I take long strokes in and out of her. I can feel her squeezing tight on my shaft. I pull her leg on my shoulder and kneel up. This let me into güvenilir bahis the depth of soft channel.She is looking into my eye as I drive into her. Her hands are on my chest, her breast sway with my every stroke. The waves continue to spill into us as we move closer to climax. We’re sharing a moment eye to eye.I feel my balls tighten and her pussy squeeze my cock. She is asking for release and I grant it. Her spasms are all that it takes for me to follow her into bliss. She reaches up and squeezes her breasts as her spasms take control of her body, washing over her like the waves on the beach. I spill mine into her depths.We lay there for a long time until our breathing is more even. Then we both get up and I send her to wash off in the water. I tell her that I want her smell on me for a little while longer. She gets on the tips of her toes and kisses me softly before running into the water.We relax under the canopy for the next few hours. I catch her staring at me a few times. My cock seems to stay semi erect and filled with blood. She licking her lips seductively. I know what she wants but I make her wait. Our weekend at the beach is almost over.Chapter Three(From Lil One’s perspective)I have had a wonderful time at the beach with SIr. He is nothing like my Master, he cares for me, makes sure that I am OK after a scene. I wish that I could stay with him. I am beginning to realize that my Master is cruel to me. I want to say something to Sir, but I don’t know how. I’m afraid that he will get mad at me for trying to split them and he will send me back.He always greets me with his smile and offers me insights into myself. I know our weekend is almost up. We talked about yesterday, and today. When we’re finished talking and eating lunch, I clean up and put things away. After lunch, Sir calls me over to the truck. He has a gift for me. It is a long leather strip with the shells I collected for him yesterday with the holes in them. He has arranged them every few inches and secured them to the leather strip. Its kind of a necklace but it is made to go around my waist, like a belly chain.I thank him for his gift and I tell him I will treasure it always. It looks good on me. The shells circle around my belly and hang down from the leather. I start to cry and ask if I can walking on the beach. He says we could go for a walk, but I really want to go by myself to cry.He takes my hand and we start walking down the beach. It is so beautiful. The birds are flying about and searching for food. There is a soft breeze from off the water. The waves gently lick the shore.I am still crying but trying to hide it. When he turns to ask me about how I slept, he notices my tears. He asks me why I am crying and I tell him that its about his gift. I lie. I know I shouldn’t but I am afraid to tell him the truth. That I am afraid of my Master.He holds my hand and tells me that his gift is nothing, just a small token for my working really hard to become a pain slut for my Master. When he mentions this I cry even more.He must know something is wrong because he stops and turns towards me. He takes my face in his hands, looking straight into my eyes. He tells me that I need to let him know what’s wrong. I can’t keep my eye contact.His finger lifts my chin and forces me to look into his eyes. I hesitate and take a big breath and blow it out. I tell him that I’m afraid of my Master. That he is cruel to me sometimes. He asks how he is cruel to me.I tell him that Master keeps me a gage alone for hours and sometimes days without food or water. That he lets other men beat me and use me in exchange for money. When I have done something to offend him, he beats me even more.Sir sits down on the sand and pulls me into his lap. He holds me tight and I really start to cry now. He runs his fingers through my hair. I wrap my arms around his strong neck. The tears streaming down my face. He just holds me while I purge my soul with my tears.When I’m done, he lifts my face to his and asks me if I trust him. I nod. He asks again and tells me to use my words, that he needs to hear me say the words. I tell tell him I trust him with all my heart, body and soul. I do, that is no lie.Sir tells me that he will make this right. He will talk to my Master and everything will be right. I bury my face into his chest and start to cry again. I know that Master will be angry for telling his secret and he will act like he is understanding when Sir is around then he will beat me or even kill me. Sir asks what I am cry about now. I hesitate then tell him my fears. Sir tells me that I will never serve my Master again. That he will make sure of that. That he will find my true Master. I only want him. I want so badly to tell him this. One day I will have the courage to let him know my true feelings.To be continued…..