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Subject: Little-Alex-Gets-Plugged This story contains graphic sexual scenes between males under 18. If material of this nature offends you then you should not read this story. Additionally, if you are under 18 years of age in most states, the state may have forbidden you from reading this story by law. Please understand this is a work of fiction. The actions described in the story are not real nor encouraged or condoned in real life. It’s fiction, folks, and remember that, please. While most of the locations are real places in the real world, all the characters are absolutely fictional and any reference or resemblance to real people, living or dead, is purely coincidental or just functional to the plot. From time to time, you will see words in all caps: if you “select” and “right click”, you could start a Google search for additional information or visual clues. For example, you may wish to look at Jim’s (Little Alex’s dad) bike, a 1950 HARLEY DAVIDSON HYDRA-GLIDE FL PAN HEAD … just try it! There will never be porn, only things or locations. Feedbacks welcome at ota. I’m not native English speaker, so please be kind to me! Thank you! *** Characters starring in this episode, in no particular order: — JIM CLINTON, Little Alex’s father – 40 y.o. � 6’4″ / 250 – Ex Navy and a horse breeder, he has deep blu eyes and black hairs cut short, no beard; he is quite hairy, muscular but with a beer belly. His dick is 8″ long and 6″ around. — LITTLE ALEX, son of Jim, almost 12 y.o – 4’5″/70 � Neck long blond hairs, deep blue eyes – He is completelt hairless, and his dick is just a little over 3″ long when hard, shoots watery cum, has a nice, round ass and a very white complexion – He is a 5th grader at Primary / Elementary School *** *** Little Alex *** Part 3 – Little Alex Gets Plugged (M/b11, incest, toys) June 2020, in a farmland just a few miles east of LONOKE, ARKANSAS A month before his first sex session with his 11-year-old son Alex, Jim had seen an internet site that specialized in women and men having sex with mechanical machines fitted with rubber dildoes. The idea of men with machines excited him for some reason, and being pretty handy with tools he decided to make a fuck machine himself, although at the time he had no real plans for the machine. Looking back, Jim had been watching his developing son for over a year and fantasized about sexually dominating little Alex during that time, and now that he was in his control, he had a use for his fuck machine. Jim loved his son with all his heart, truly, and, although he would never openly admit it, he loved little angelic Alex even more than his younger, plump assed brother Johnny and wife Brenda put together. However, he had a deep urge to dominate him and sexually submit the boy to his depraved wishes. Jim knew that over time Alex would be looking forward to his sex, or love, session with Daddy and could only hope that time would come soon. It took only a couple of weeks for Jim to enjoy the raunchy sex with his dad, late Grampa Will, a winter of so many years ago when he was even younger than Alex, and the silver and onyx ring on his left mid-finger was a fond memory of the everlasting love they shared. Untill he died back in 2005, crushed by a flipped tractor together with Granma Thelma, that’s it… Knowing nobody would be home for a while, Jim left Alex lying on the couch and retired to his workshop beside the house. He kept the door to the shop dead-bolted to keep out any nosey people, wifey first, and to hide his newly finished fuck machine from his family. The machine he built was of the up-and-down variety, meaning it simulated intercourse with a realistic verical motion. The machine was fully adjustable, with a drive range from two up to seven inches, and had a variable speed motor that could make the machine pump up and down from 15 all the way up to 120 times a minute. The machine also could be fitted with an almost infinite variety of dildoes to fit the session, and Jim had several rubber dongs in ascending size that he would soon use on his young son to fully stretch his anus, training it for “future” use. Although Jim was now slightly concerned about the damage he must have done to Alex’s butt hole, he still felt determined to sexually mold him to his liking. He figured the first step in his plan would be to put an anal plug in him, thus having today’s abuse work for him. Therefore, Jim opened up a padlocked drawer in his shop and found a medium sized plug for his little son. Jim locked up, left the shop and headed back to his son, still passed out in the living room. When he arrived, the little blond angel was lying in the same position he left him in, so he rolled Alex onto his stomach bringing his round butt toward him. The fifth grader still had his briefs scrunched in his crack like a thong, exposing his pale butt cheeks to him. Jim sat for a second and admired his soft butt, rubbing his rough hands up and down the smooth flesh, before pulling the briefs istanbul travesti out of his crack. Little Alex’s anus was puffy, red and looked well used but not damaged in any way; there was still a small amount of lube outlining the gaping hole, but Jim wanted to make this a little more comfortable for his son. He used the lube he had previously put in the drawer beside the couch to grease up the butt plug. After putting a copious amount of lubricant on the plug, he used his left hand to pull his young son’s briefs aside and spread his butt cheeks open, while holding the plug against the boy’s anus in his right hand. He then pushed the anal plug forward and it slowly sank into Alex’s ravaged butt hole until just the end knob held it from completely sinking into his rectum. Alex just emmitted a low moan, more a grunt in fact, during the whole process. With the plug now in place, Jim fixed his little boy’s briefs to their original position and put on his denim shorts that had been lying on the floor. Then, with Alex still out, he picked him up and took him up to his room, lying the schoolboy on his back on the bed. Next, Jim took his son’s cum-soaked shirt off and, for the first time in a long while, he saw his little boy’s nipples. Jim bent down and gave each of the little nipples a kiss, then he pulled off Alex’s socks and shoes. Putting his socks and shirt in the clothes hamper, Jim noticed his school dress that was drenched in horse semen, and laughed at the absurd amount of horse cum that Fury had shot onto his little boy. Before leaving his son, Jim grabbed a wet washcloth and cleaned off little Alex’s cum covered face and chest. Then he put him in a clean T-shirt and went downstairs to watch TV, leaving him sleeping in bed, now clothed but with the plug firmly lodged up his anus, workin to loose his anal ring for later abuse. A few hours later, his wife Brenda returned from the doctor with his youngest son Johnny, who was 10: he kid wore a pair of green spandex shorts and a white tank top that barely covered his soft boy-boobs. Even though Johnny was more than a year younger than Alex, they were the same height and Jenny’s body was slightly overweight, with A cup sized boy-titties, and a plump butt that always caught Jim’s eye. “Hi babe, how did everything go?” Jim said to his wife. “All ok, Doc said my leg is healing better than expected and I should be out of the tutor in a month or so.” “That’s great,” he said smiling. Then directing his attention to his younger son, “And how is my little angel today?” “I’m good daddy, where’s Alex?” Jim answered, ruffling the brunette boy’s curly hairs, “Oh, he’s upstairs sleeping; he helped me rotate some of the hay, and was beat when we finished. Why don’t you give your Dad a hug, I hardly get to see you anymore…” It was true, Johnny was far more social than his older brother was, not allowing his father much time with him. “Of course daddy,” Johnny said smiling, hopping into his big arms. Jim easily picked his little boy up off his feet, grasping a soft butt cheek in each hand and pulling him into his hairy chest. He often lightly fondled Johnny, slapping or pinching his soft butt every chance he could get, and he was gladly accepting of his touches and attentions, never once questioning his daddy’s intentions. He particularly liked it when he sat on his lap while watching TV or something, because his butt had much more flesh than Alex’s, and he could really grind his cock into his plump butt cheeks. Many times Brenda had almost caught him in this act with Johnny, but it was worth the risk for the wonderful feelings he got while dry humping his naive youngest offspring. When Jim was through fondling Johnny’s spandex covered butt, he set him to the ground and watched him scamper into the bathroom, his ass cheeks rubbing against each other as he walked. Then he helped his wife get dinner ready. Johnny entered the bathroom and locked the door behind him. She dropped his spandex short and pants and sat on the toilet, carefully examining his smooth, and very hard, little dick. “I don’t know what’s going on with me” he thought, “everytime Dad touches me, my pee pee gets sooo hard…”. Not even knowing what he was doing, she gave a quick rub to his throbbing dicklet, letting a deep moan out when his index finger touched the little, helmet-shaped glans partialli covered with a wet skin hood. He peed, hastly dried himself with some toilet paper, washed his hands and went back to his room to carry out some school assignment. A little while later, little Alex came into the kitchen; he was a little groggy like he had just woken from a full night’s sleep. Jim’s wife said, “Hey hon’, how are you doing? I heard you had a hard day’s work and just zonked out afterwards”, a slight note of concern in her voice. Alex blushed and glanced at his Dad before answering, “Yeah, I was just a little… stretched, Mommy.” “Why don’t you sit down, dinner’s almost ready,” said Brenda. kadıköy travesti Little Alex pulled out a chair at the dining table and slowly sat down, showing obvious discomfort. “Are you ok baby, does your back hurt or something?” said his mom, with increasing concern now. Jim answered for him, “Nah, he overstretched it a little bit. I gave him a couple of aspirin earlier, he said he felt too full…” With her own physical ailments in mind, Brenda showed more concern, “I don’t know… baby do you think you need to see a doctor?” Jim answered, “No way, he’s a tough guy, ain’t that right, sweet pea?” The moment of truth came and passed as Alex simply nodded his head and replied, “I’m fine Mommy. Just a little hungry, I guess…”, he said with a sweet grin pasted on his angel face. Brenda accepted it. “Okay sweetheart, and tell me if it gets worse.” Then he turned to Jim, “Please, go ahead and put the food on the table Jim, I’ll go tell Johnny that dinner is ready,” and she left the kitchen. Jim quickly set the table and then talked to Alex about the prior happenings, as well as to see if he still had the butt plug in him. “That ‘ little… stretched’ part was very smart of ya’ sweetie, ya’ did good.” He kissed him on the forehead and continued, now more quietly, “Did ya’ find something in your butt hole when you woke up?” The boy cheeks turned crimson and he nodded his head yes. “And where is that thing now?”, Jim asked with a smile. Little Alex didn’t answer, suddenly finding an interest in his empty dish. “Did you take it out?” Alex didn’t move and kept staring into his empty dish. “Is it still in your butt?” Blushing furiously, he finally replied with a nod of yes. “That’s good sweet pea. That thing is called an anal plug, and it’s going to stretch ya’ out so that it doesn’t hurt so much when ya’ get your butt hole fucked. Soon, you’ll actually like it. Ya’ understand?” His son gave a slight nod; in the other room his wife and Johnny could be heard coming to the kitchen. Jim whispered one last thing to Alex, “After dinner, I’m going to take you out to my shop and show you something I think you’ll like. I love you babe” and quickly kissed him again on the lips before sitting across from him at the table. After dinner, Johnny helped Brenda on the dishes, which gave time for Jim to take little Alex to his shop and show him what he had planned for his little boy. He gingerly walked behind him, his anus now felt the pain in full and, deep inside, his guts were still burning from the earlier anal pounding. Jim brought the boy into his shop, dead-bolted the door, then set him down on a stool across from his covered machine, the rubber plug digging into his burning butt. Alex absently gave a tug to his dicklet that was starting to fill up with hot blood. “Okay sweetie, what I’m about to show ya’ is going to be your new toy. I made it just for ya’, and you’re going to learn to love it.” The fifth grader just sat and whimpered, scared to think about what his Daddy was going to do to him. “Here it is hon’,” Jim said and pulled off the sheet that covered the machine. He had attached to the fuck machine a gigantic 10-inch, black rubber dildo that was much thicker than his own 8-inch was, and little Alex just stared in shock. “You’re going to have a lot of fun.” He said to himself, “Oh my God no! NO! That thing is HUUUGEEE!!” Then Jim flipped the machine on, with its full drive of 7″ selected, at a rate of 80 thrusts per minute. The motor whirred as the giant cock pumped up and down. The little boy sat petrified, then Jim turned the machine off. “Don’t worry sweetie, we won’t use that dong first. Ya’ will work up to it, eventually”. Jim continued holding up a six-inch long dildo that was fairly thick. “We’ll use this one first, it isn’t all that big, but the machine will be turned up so that it will pump into your butt very fast. Ya’ understand?” Alex was now so scared that he couldn’t move a muscle. Only his willy was standing to full attention within is briefs, the little traitor! Jim noted his state. “Listen babe, if ya’ don’t start answering me I’m going to put ya’ on this machine right now, hear me?” “Yes, Daddy” Alex replied weakly. “Ok then, I do want ya’ do something right now though. Sit on top of this machine and put this big dildo between your skinny little legs. Come on now, get a move on.” Alex hesitantly stood up and tiptoed to the machine. “Ok, now sit down on the padding with the dildo between your legs.” The boy did as he was told and straddled the machine that was about the size and shape of a horse saddle, with the giant dildo now resting between his coltish white thighs. “Scoot up till the cock is pressing against your tummy.” He obeyed him and moved forward a bit. “There we go, that’s my little boy.” Jim picked up his phone and took a few pictures of the scene, to be later shared with his perverted friends at the Bikers’ Club. Little Alex was sitting on the saddle-shaped fuck machine, with bakırköy travesti his legs on either side; the thick dong that was the size of his forearm was resting against his stomach. Jim snapped a couple of pictures then spoke, “That’s good baby, now why don’t you pull your T-shirt off, I wanna see how far it would go up into you.” “INTO ME? WHERE??” thought the frightened little guy. Anyway, the preteen slowly yanked his shirt off and tossed it to the ground, then he positioned his half-naked body with his arms hanging at his sides. The enormous dildo pressed against his soft tummy, and it rose up a good five inches past his belly button. Alex being only eleven and very small for his age, would have his insides wrecked if the dildo were ever used on him. Jim did notice how obscenely large the dong looked compared to his little boy. So large in fact, that if he ever would use it, the head of the dong would fill all of his colon. And that excited him all that much more that he had to adjust is full blown erection. “Yes, that’s good sweetie. Now give me a shot with your mouth around the head of the dildo.” “Daddy, I guess I can’t.” Alex was wide-eyed now and his face was beet red, the tips of his ears almost purple and a little perspiration on his upper lip. “You can and you will, my little boy! Now get your head down there” Jim finished, forcing his little boy to move back and bend his face onto the huge rubber cock. Alex bent down, his face hovering right above the cock for a second before opening his mouth, but then he complained, “I can’t Daddy, I just can’t! It smells awful!” Getting tired of his attitude, Jim moved behind his little boy and smacked him hard on his butt. “Owie!” the little boy yelped in pain, both from Jim’s hand hitting his flesh and bumping hard against the anal plug still inside him. Alex looked over his shoulder at his dad, who simply stood behind him with his hand ready to spank him again. “Okay… Okay Daddy, I’ll do it. I will do…” the preteeen boy said. Jim went back to the front and held the phone as the 11 year old dropped his mouth to the giant cock head. The head was so large that Alex had a hard time just opening his mouth wide enough to accompany it. He stretched his mouth open as far as he could and perched his lips on the tip of the dildo. Then he pushed his face down hard and the cock head started disappearing in his tiny mouth, his jaw stretched to the limit. The cock sank past his lips, and the ridges of the head were outlined on his hollowed cheeks. After a minute, Alex stopped cramming the dong past his tightly stretched lips, the head of the monster completely filling his tiny mouth, his squinted eyes watering. Jim took a few pictures, then put his hand on the back of his boy’s head and gave a mandatory shove, trying to jam more of the dildo into his little son’s mouth. But Alex simply gagged, his throat not able to open enough for the rubber penis. Jim briefly thought about turning the machine on at that point, but he realized the kid would probably choke on the fake cock. Therefore, Jim raised his hand up and Alex quickly pulled his face off the cock, coughing and leaving a trail of spit linking his chin to the dong. “Ok sweetheart, that’s enough for now. Ya’ can go back home, but before that, we have to go over some things. I know ya’ might want to tell some people about what happened today, but if ya’ do, I’m telling now that I will give ya’ the worst punishment I can think of. Ya’ can’t tell anyone, even your lil’ bro. Now, ya’ have to leave that butt plug in your ass for the full night, keep it in you even when ya’ go to sleep. If ya’ take it out I’ll punish ya’, and to insure that ya’ don’t take it out before ya’ go to sleep I’m going to come up to your room and check at some point during the night, ya’ hear me?” Alex cleaned is mouth with the back of his hand and nodded yes. He did notice, with some surprise, his little willy was rock hard and stretching all of its 3-inches of pink boy meat. Go guess … “Ok, and I don’t want ya’ to wear your pajamas, wear one of my old shirts without any briefs on so I don’t have to wake ya’ when I check tonight. Ok? So leave it in tonight, and I’ll let you take it out before ya’ go to school tomorrow.” “Ok Daddy, I’ll do what you say” “That’s my good boy,” Jim replied, “Now put your shirt back on and go home, sweetie.” Alex put on his T-shirt and scampered out of the shop and into the house while Jim put the dildoes away and locked up his shop. That night, Jim kept his promise and checked in on little Alex at around 2 AM. He had obeyed him and still had the plug embedded in his anus. He left his room, satisfied that his kiddy-slut son would soon be ready for some hot action with the rest of the gang. ********* Now that I’m a “junior” author I understand how important it is for a writer to receive your feedbacks, kind reader. So, everytime I read something on Nifty that I like, now I take my time to reach out for a “thank you” to the author: please do the same, emails are for free and we live (almost) for your appreciation. 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