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Subject: Little Steven discovers what he likes part 1 Hello Nifty. I hope it’s okay to include a story in the body of email. This one will fit best in GAY – ADULT/YOUTH. The usual disclaimers apply: there is some underage sexual activity in this story. If it’s illegal where you are or if you’re under eighteen please turn back now. Drop me a line if you have any comments unclebill84@protonmail and please donate to Nifty. LITTLE STEVEN DISCOVERS WHAT HE LIKES While it took me a long time to learn to wank properly, I learned very young that playing with my dick felt nice – I don’t even remember how young. I would rub it and flick it stroke it gently with a finger, soap it enthusiastically in the bath. I might have been seven or eight when I found out from a boy at school that dicks were meant to be pushed inside girls to inject sperm. It sounded absurd to me at the time but the idea stuck with me and thinking about it made my tiny willy stand up and go hard. I tried to imagine what it would feel like sliding inside a girl and it never occurred to me that it would be wet. I made a hole with my hand and pushed my stiff little dick inside it; I opened the zip on my muppets pyjama case and fed it into the slot; I tried shoving my boyhood between two cushions on the sofa, then realised I could recreate that with two pillows held tightly together in the privacy of my own bedroom; I held the legs of a teddy bear tightly closed and forced my little dick in; I would loosely roll up a towel so there was a hole in the middle. Really, anything that had a hole or a slit in it was fair game. Obviously, I thought you were meant to put it in the girl’s bum – I couldn’t see how else it could be done. I continued that for years, not really understanding what I was doing but enjoying the sensations, but there was a complication: I looked for girls to fancy but kept being drawn to the boys instead. If I looked lustfully (or the nine-year-old equivalent) at a school friend’s bottom, it was always a boy, and if I fantasised about kissing somebody it was always a boy. My childhood crushes were too many to mention but most of the boys in my class and some of the older ones I saw in the playground were objects of sexual fantasy for me. I remember my first real orgasm well. I was in primary seven, so probably ten years old or maybe just turned eleven and in the final year of primary school. I had gone to bed in the dark and lain on my belly, rubbing my dick against the sheet and imagining I was fucking David, a blond footballer from my class I whispered his name and imagined what his slim body would feel like beneath me and how my penis would feel sliding into his bum. I turned over and put a sock over my dick and slid it in and out, and finally, quite by accident, I stumbled into the classic wanking technique, making a loose fist and running my hand up and down my bare penis. This was better than anything else I had tried, and kept getting better and I rubbed faster and tighter feeling the sensation build until I felt the most amazing thing: shivers ran though my whole body, all my muscles tightened and I felt something explode from the tip of my penis, then the greatest sense of well-being etiler escort imaginable. I lay for a few minutes savouring the feeling and returning to normal. I was completely frazzled, but I knew I had shot sperm for the first time and was excited. At last I was a man and could make babies. I turned on the bedside lamp and puled back the covers to reveal a tiny amount of pale, sticky liquid and my dick already shrunk to a two inch slug. I touched the tip of my finger to the liquid and brought it to my nose and smelled it – it didn’t smell of anything much. It never occurred to me to taste it – it had come out my willy like pee so that would be disgusting. Eventually I wiped it up with a sock and fell into a deep and satisfied sleep. The next day I had to go to school, and it was torture. I looked at all the boys and wondered who could make sperm like me, and what they would look like naked and rubbing their dicks like I did. I wanted to see somebody else spurt, and I wanted to see my own sperm. I wondered if I could get a boy pregnant by squirting inside his bum. This was a while ago when sex education was not delivered in primary school. The sad thing was, I had nobody I could tell. I really didn’t have any friends apart from wee Ian in the year below me, and I couldn’t tell him in case I ended up with no friends at all. I was not popular. I preferred the company of adults to that of kids my age, and preferred reading to either. I enjoyed seeing Ian because he was similar and we would both sit on his bed and read and not talk much. Picture me: small for my age, unhealthily thin, blond, bespectacled, awkward at most things and especially bad at all sports. In the playground hierarchy I was at the bottom. If I told anyone I pulled on my dick until it shot spunk I would be ostracised and bullied even more than before, and if they found out I was a homo my life would be hell. That night I locked myself in the bathroom, pulled my trousers and pants down and sat on the toilet seat. My little willy sprung immediately to its full five inches and I began to rub it. I had no need to think of other boys – my own dick and the memory of the previous night had me rock hard and desperate. I tried it as quickly as when I had squirted the night before but it wasn’t really nice so I slowed down, each stroke pulling the foreskin back but never fully exposing the whole head. The purple tip disappeared under a luxuriation of wonderful skin with each upstroke and the little eye peeped outwith every downstroke. I had never before appreciated how sexy my own penis was, and I thought briefly that every other boy probably had a willy just like mine, and that made me even hornier. It didn’t take long before I recognised the feeling, the build towards ecstasy, and sure enough a minute later I felt it and saw it. It was a single squirt of pale milky liquid that I caught in a little pool where my foreskin made a shape like the tip of a volcano. It was a long time before I could take my eyes off it, even as my breathing slowed and my dick shrunk back to insignificance. I don’t need to describe the next few months – I went to school, etimesgut escort spoke to my parents when necessary and wanked myself every time I got the chance. I started getting erections in school just looking at the other boys and imagining them stroking their little dicks and squirting sperm just like I did. My first real experience began on the last week of primary school. It was the school leaving disco and I really didn’t want to go – I would be too shy to dance with anyone and nobody would ask me. I would just sit and feel awkward until it was time to go home. So I decided to miss it and spend the afternoon in the park by myself. We had a big park that I often walked through to or from school, rather than get on the bus with the bullies. I knew it well and as it was a nice day I could spend a pleasant couple of hours entertaining myself. I wandered aimlessly and met a couple of people who looked at me or smiled, then I saw a man with a big German Shepherd dog. It was beautiful with a black and tan coat, a wagging tail and that friendly look that some dogs have. The man smiled when he saw me looking and spoke to me. “You can stroke him if you want He’s friendly.” “Thanks.” I squatted down and began to run my fingers through the dog’s shaggy pelt. The tail got more enthusiastic. “What’s is name?” “Bruce, and I’m Bill. Pleased to meet you.” He held out a hand which I took and he pumped my little hand firmly. Bill was a moderately handsome man, slim, not very tall with sandy hair. “My name’s Steven,” I replied, not really looking up from the dog who had my full attention. “Listen Steven – I need to go to the toilet block. Will you come and hold Bruce for me?” “Yeah, that’ll be great.” I followed him to the little brick building that one of the park’s public toilets. I mostly avoided using it because it was a bit smelly but I knew where it was. I kept hold of Bruce’s lead while he went inside but he popped his head out a moment later and beckoned me over. “Bring him in, there’s nobody else here.” I followed obediently. Inside there was a row of urinals against the long wall, two cubicles and a couple of sinks. Bill stood at a urinal while I continued to stroke the dog. Bill was taking a long time. He had his back to me and I could see his hand moving quickly, so I thought he liked to shake himself dry very thoroughly after doing a pee – it’s a thing my dad used to nag me about, and he liked to watch to make sure I did it properly. Bill was looking at me over his shoulder though “Do you do this?” he asked. “What?” “Wank.” “Ehhh, no. I’m too young.” “How old are you?” His hand was still moving. I was scared I but wanted to see, and my dick was getting hard. “Eleven.” “That’s old enough. Try it – it’s amazing. you’ll love it. Let me show you.” He turned round and I saw my first hard adult cock. I remember that I didn’t actually like it. It was big, thick and veiny, and damp at the top, and emerging from a thick bush of dark hair; the balls were huge and flapped back and forth as he stroked himself. It didn’t look clean to me. I thought about my smaller, hairless dick and my tight little scrotum and decided etlik escort mine was sexier. (Even now, decades later, I concur with my younger self.) My dick, on the other hand, must have enjoyed the spectacle because it was now rock-hard. Bill was looking at my crotch and still going at it. He smiled and said, “You’re getting hard. Get it out and try wanking. I promise you’ll love it. Just make a loose fist and run it up and down your cock like this.” He didn’t realise he was talking to an expert, and I hard an urge to show him. In a moment I pulled my trousers down to my knees and my cock sprung free, pointing like an arrow straight at Bill. “wow,” he said, and licked his lips. “That’s a big cock for your age. Come and stand beside me and copy what I do.” I stood at the urinal next to him and watched him continue to stroke his big cock, still reluctant to touch mine, perhaps thinking that I hadn’t done anything wrong yet, and he let go of his own cock and wrapped his fingers round mine. I gasped, in shock or pleasure I don’t even know. “Wow, it’s so hard, and big. I bet you can come.” I hadn’t heard the word in that context before but I knew immediately what it meant. “Yeah I can. You want to see?” He actually shivered when I said that – I felt his hand judder on my cock. “Yeah,” he said. I pushed his hand away and started wanking myself in earnest. Bill stood stock still for a moment staring at my hand moving on my cock, then he began to stroke his own again. “Wow Steven, you’re gorgeous. What a cock.” Being watched and seeing him pulling on his big man cock was so sexy and it must only have been a minute later when I felt it start. “Here it comes.” I said breathlessly, still pumping my cock furiously. He got on his knees beside me as I spurted my biggest ever load into the urinal, but he must have thought that was a waste and he planted his hands on my bum, fixed his mouth on my cock and started sucking the rest out. I cried out at the intensity, which was so strong I couldn’t tell if I was in ecstasy or in pain. His warm wet tongue washed all over my cock and it felt like another orgasm. He sucked on it like a lollipop and I squirmed under his touch until he stopped, stood up and went back to his own cock. He rubbed it for a few seconds and shot several strings of thick white spunk into the urinal. He’s shown me what to do – I got to my knees and put my mouth round the head of his cock and sucked out the rest of his juice, swallowing the salty liquid and relishing his moans of pleasure. When I looked up, his cock still in my mouth and still leaking trickles of cum, he was staring at me wide-eyed like I was an alien. He smiled again though. “Wow,” he said. “What a boy.” We pulled our trousers up quickly and I went back to stroking the dog as if nothing had happened, but my mind was buzzing and I think my cock was getting hard again already.Bruce licked my hand and I realised he was licking off the last drops of spunk. Even dogs love it, I thought. Bil came over to me and put a hand on my untidy hair. “That was amazing. Would you like to do it again sometime?” “Yeah, why not?” “I walk Bruce here most days about this time. Come and look for me whenever you want.” “Sure,” I said. Then the most shocking thing of all, he leaned down and kissed me on the mouth. “You’re beautiful,” he said. That is only the beginning of Steven’s journey of discovery. Feel free to get in touch if you like to chat about things like ail And please donate to – we all love it.