Lockdown Lovers

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Lockdown LoversLife in viral lockdown isn’t all bad, I’m thinking as I lie in the half light of the morning sun filtering through the bedroom curtains. There are no planes rumbling overhead straight out of London Heathrow, and no traffic on the road outside. I’ve still got a job, I’m working from home and instead of standing on the station platform I’m here in bed naked with an iron bar of a morning woody sticking out between my legs. I reach down and run my fingertip slowly up my straining shaft and across the base ridge of my penis head. I believe its called the “corona ridge”: ironic. I think of masturbating, but there’s better still to come.There’s a movement beside me. I turn my head. From the pillow next to mine blue eyes are looking at me from under tousled blonde hair. She smiles and purses her lips for a kiss. Our lips gently meet.“It’s so nice waking up next to my husband now we’re both working from home,” she says softly, as if trying not to disturb the morning stillness. She snuggles against me. Her big soft breasts squeeze against my arm. Her long warm leg slides smoothly across mine. I feel her hand on my thigh, creeping slowly to my groin, ruffling my thick pubic hair, so gently caressing my balls, sliding up my penis shaft to close around it with her thumb and finger in a ring just below my knob, just like mine when I masturbate. My penis feels tight enough to snap!“Mmmmmm! Its so stiff! … Its like that, is it?”My hand begins to explore too, starting in her hair, crossing her bare shoulders, down her naked back, fondling her smooth round bum cheeks, tickling her along the valley between her buttocks the way she likes. She spreads her legs wider for my exploring hand to reach under her from behind. Her pendik escort vagina lips and her bush of cunt hair are wet with her juice. She quivers and gives a little gasp as I run my fingertips lightly along her juice sodden labia.“I’m hot too. I was playing before you woke.” She suddenly presses her naked body hard against mine. “Want you!” she says softly but with excitement in her voice. A moment later we’ve kicked the bedclothes off. We’re wrapped round each other kissing, fondling, romping, exploring as franticly as a pair of teenagers, running our hands over every inch of each other’s naked body. She kisses me down my naked front from my nipples, across my belly button till she’s kissing my shaft, with the nipples of her swinging breasts brushing my hairy belly. She takes the head of my penis into her mouth, sucks it and rolls her tongue across it. As she takes me to the brink of spurting into her mouth my hand enjoys her legs, her bottom and her juice wetted hungry pussy. She rolls off me onto her back. Her legs spread wide and fold up so her knees are near her shoulders. The action pulls her fur ringed love slit wide so her pink labia peep out. Her hand slides down between her legs. Her fingers slip through her bush and into her slit. She looks at me and pulls my hand to her cunt.“Pleasure me!” she says softly.I know what my woman likes and I like it too! I love to bring her to orgasm, see her writhe with sex pleasure and hear her orgasm cry, the most erotic sound I know! I like her hot and wild under me, her vagina still throbbing from her orgasm afterglow, sensitive with arousal, frantic for my hard hungry penis to take her to another one!My hand starts on her thighs, kartal escort slowly working its way to her love slit, gently and rhythmically caressing her inner thighs, her groins, that juice soaked spot between her arse and her vagina that’s so sensitive. Moving to her vagina lips as her excitement rises, feeling her labia swell with arousal, enjoying her little cries, watching her breasts wobble with the rhythm of my hand. As I pleasure her I bend over her to kiss her breasts and lick her nipples. My penis head brushes against her thigh as my fingers work her pussy, her hand reaches between my legs, cups under me and her fingers gently play with my penis and balls.“Ah!” she suddenly gasps. Her body tenses, her head flops back on the pillow as her back arches to involuntarily thrust her hips. Her legs kick spasmodically and her breasts bounce with the pulses of her orgasm. She gives that so erotic orgasm cry, part a****l like grunt, part sob, part shriek. I hold my hand cupped over her furry mound, a finger resting in her slit as she flops back, eyes closed and panting.“Was that good?” I ask, gently massaging her mound.“Ohhhh!” she sighs. Her eyes open and her face blazes lust. Her hands reach up to me. “Come into me!”I kneel between her folded up spread thighs. She watches eagerly as I finger my cock, gently masturbating my shaft to the peak of stiffness and sensitivity. My spare hand plays with her cunt, her bum cheeks and her deliciously smooth thighs spread for me. She whimpers with excitement. I move in between the V of her spread thighs.I feel her cunt hair against my cock head, then the soft pressure of her vagina lips. They part for me and in that always delicious moment maltepe escort my shaft slides in full length till my pubic hair entwines with hers. I lean over her so my belly’s against hers. I kiss her on her lips, savouring the warm tightness of her vagina around my shaft. A last feel of her thighs then I begin to thrust.She grunts softly with pleasure under me. Her legs wrap behind my thighs. Thrusting, thrusting, thrusting … She’s tight, warm and smooth round my iron hard shaft. There’s no pleasure on earth like sex with my woman. Rising! Pleasure swells in my penis. She feels my body tense and hears my grunt. Her arms wrap over me, her legs wrapped round my thighs try to pull my penis even deeper into her body than my final deep frantic thrust can ram it.“Fill me darling! Fill me!” She cries as her own body quivers under me in a second orgasm.I come! I grunt out her name. In my orgasm thrust as I spurt my load I push her up the bed. I flop on top of her panting, with her arms and legs still wrapped round me. We hold each other tight for a long time. Her body’s warm and soft under me and her legs are so smooth against my hands.I roll off her. My still half erect penis flops onto my belly oozing semen that trickles down my side. Always so neat and tidy she takes a tissue, wipes my semen away and tosses the tissue aside. She leans over me, her big soft breasts against my chest her legs astride mine. We enjoy a long, tongue to tongue kiss as my hands enjoy her naked back, bottom and thighs.“Coffee?” she says. She climbs off the bed and wraps a gown around herself to head downstairs.“Then after that I guess it’s down to work” I say.Just before she opens the bedroom door she grins. “Time for a shower together?” As she speaks she closes her thumb and forefinger in a ring and bobs her hand smoothly up and down the exact length and angle of my erect penis. She knows what I like in the shower. I glance at the bedside clock. Plenty of time. No need to run for the train today. Life in lockdown isn’t so bad after all.