Long Legged Lucy

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Long Legged LucyWhat a beauty Lucy was. She served me drinks all night at the casino, while I was playing the slot machines.As long as I was gambling, the drinks were free.Lucy kept asking me if I wanted a drink, but I kept ignoring her. My bets were low and the winnings were small.Lucy finally asked me if I were thirsty and explained that the drinks were on the house.When I looked up at her, her buxom breasts and cleavage got me all wet and hot…Mind you, I had never thought about making love to a woman, at least, in real life. I had imagined it many times while masturbating and fucking myself.She was lovely and shapely..There were no bones sticking out on her.. All of Lucy was well proportioned and natural.She convinced me and I was drinking a vodka-lime.So pretty was the drink, a minty green concoction that had the right amount of vodka in it..As Lucy served me drinks, the sweet fragrance of her perfume lingered in the air. As Lucy walked away I could see her well developed backside and imagined how it looked naked, naked in my face, as I was licking and eating her out. Lucy’s leg were long; her stride was graceful, feminine, not lanky and boyish. I made low bets, so low, just to see Lucy and her beautiful face.The casino hall was getting noisy and loud. The sound of the slot machines and the winning bells were starting to give me a headache. I wanted to return to my room, but not alone. I was fantasizing about Lucy.. I wanted her in my bed that night.. I had wondered if she wanted the same? Was she already taken? Had she noticed me looking at her and desiring her? Had she ever been sucked and fucked by a woman? Lucy hiltonbet giriş had delivered my last drink and my cunt was lusting for her.. I looked at her with desire in my eyes.Lucy responded back with the same look in her eyes..It was an open invitation to have her in my bed as her said yes, I desire you too..Lucy hesitated to leave with my last finished drink. I could sense her wanting me to say more to her.I was sure she wanted me, so, I asked when she got off of her shift.Her eyes lit up beautiful and wide. I wanted her right then in my mouth.She was off her shift within the half hour.I asked if she would not mind coming to room for a late supper.She responded with a quick yes and I had given her my room and cell phone number..I gave her a wink of delight as I left the slot machine.I could feel Lucy’s eyes on me as I walked passed her beautiful smile.I had wondered if Lucy had done this before?Was I her first lesbian lover?Did Lucy have some crazy ass fetish? I mean, like fisting me up the ass.. I was becoming wet and hot in the elevator, I almost began masturbating.While entering my room, I could see that the maid service had changed the bed linens and left a beautiful flower arrangement on the night stand.The jacuzzi was luxurious and ready for us to take a nice hot soak…I was imagining Lucy’s beautiful breasts and nipples bouncing up and down, making lovely waves on the water…I was anxious to have her in my arms; caressing every inch of her cunt with my fingers, while I was sucking her erected and hard nipples.. I could feel her hands playing with my hair and her sweet moaning bathing hiltonbet yeni giriş my ears…I looked for the prettiest dress and shoes that were in the closet… My stockings and garter belt were there along with them.The strap on and twelve inch cock was all clean and ready to give my Lucy the best fuck she ever had.. I wanted her to suck it, while I watched her hot and juicy mouth go down on it… Her silhouette was lovely and her ass was shaped like the heart of Venus.. The thought of her ass humping the air, while she was eating me out, gave me a gentle, warm squirt that ran down my trembling legs… The half hour had passed and Lucy would be coming here for me…As I was in total abandon just thinking about her, Lucy was at my door…I walked slowly so as not to appear to excited… When I opened the door , Lucy was standing there with a sleek, almost see through, body suit… Her long, sexy legs looked beautiful . I could see her beautiful erected nipples…Lucy walked in all calm and collected as if she had done this many times before, but it was her elegance, her real feminine charm, that made her so sophisticated… “I never did get your name?” Lucy sweetly asked.”Claudette” … Lucy looked at me and repeated my name exactly as I spoke it, ” Claudette”My sister’s name is Claudine , Lucy replied.. She has two k**s and a wonderful husband..Lucy found a chair that was next to the bed, she began to rub her clit and cunt..I was hungry for some supper, but Lucy seemed hungry for me.. She drank her water slowly and played gently with her breast and nipples.. I went in the welcoming jacuzzi hiltonbet güvenilirmi and invited her to join me…Lucy was still playing with her breasts and I could see she wanted me over there with her wet cunt and all.I wanted her in the tub… I wanted to feel her all over in the hot essence of the water..She pulled down her body suit and as she was walking over to the tub, she was licking her breasts… Her body was beautifully symmetric..The thought of her beautiful cunt in my mouth had me squirting in the tub… Lucy’s long legs had immersed themselves in the tub and she was right beside me with a kiss… I opened my mouth to receive her tongue and had my hand all the ay down her cunt caressing it… There was a place to sit alongside the tub and Lucy was resting her arm on it..I began to kiss her all over, especially her parts that were exposed to my side of the tub…I could feel her warm mouth all over me… We decided it was enough hot tub and stretched out on the bed… Her legs and cunt were beautiful as was her face and eyes…I began to stroke every inch of her inner thighs, as she was humping the bed… I wanted toe eat her out, but I also wanted this to last.Lucy begged me to lie on top her so, I decided to let her have her way with me..We both began to suck and fuck with our tongues…I had a clear, glass didlo on the bedside table and Lucy fucked me with that, while I ate her ever delicious cunt out…I just humped and humped the fucking didlo and her cunt was juicing as I was milking it to an orgasmic crescendo…Lucy was humming and moaning.. I could feel my juices bathing every inch of that clear, glass rod… We lasted like this for about forty-five minutes, just before our late night supper arrived.. Lucy and I were starving and the main course looked good and hearty after that rush of lust and lovemaking… We laughed over the chilled wine and lobster thermidor…My long legged Lucy…