Looking After All Their Needs Ch. 01

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May came out of the shower; she had shaved her vulva, it looked so smooth and swollen, she studied her body in the full-length bathroom mirror. She was now fifty; she was now a widow for just over five years. They had been tough years, Bill, her husband, who was older than her, had various types of cancer. They would fix one then it would spring up in another part of his body. It was a relief to her when he died; she had nursed and cared for him for years.

Before he died, she had been experimenting on dating sites; she was surprised how many young men that she was attracting. The most important male in her life was her son, Jack; he had graduated with a first-class honours degree in Economics. He had been approached by one of the major Banks and had been offered a position. He had learned that he would be seconded to a small private bank which was part of the Central Bank’s group. He would be there for three months. This had created a problem as Jack did not want to live in a hotel for three months. The Bank had offered him a weekly allowance, which would cover him for all his food and accommodation; it was a generous allowance. A colleague had told him he could make money if he could find a good bed and breakfast.

Jack had told his mum that other’s in the Bank had suggested he would be better if he could find a small lodging house that could offer him bed and breakfast and an evening meal. Mum had decided to look into this for Jack. Mum had inherited a lot of money when her parents died. She also inherited a lot when her husband died plus a substantial Insurance payment when he died.

Mum did a lot of Church and Charity work now. She knew a Pastor in a Church in the City Jack was going to. Jack, once everything was arranged, would travel to the town on a Sunday evening then stay in whatever accommodation that he had arranged until Friday morning. Jack wanted to come home for the weekends; mum was happy that he would be doing this.

Mum had her little secrets, which she was even surprised that she had not been found out. Jack had been at University; he was away from the house all day. Mum had made online friendships with two married men, both in their thirties. It had developed from online sex to them visiting mum during the day at home.

They both would message mum when they wanted to see her. Neither of them satisfied her when they were with her neither of them could give mum an orgasm. They would usually be with mum for thirty minutes. Mum loved feeling their young cocks inside her. They had been seeing mum usually a lest once a month for the last three years.

Mum had physical sex with them; she also had online sex with others she chatted online with. She always wore a masquerade mask which covered her face; she used a voice distorter which gave her an American accent. She was looking forward to being able to go online during the week escort beşevler in the evening when Jack was away.

Tom messaged her to say that he would visit her at eleven this morning. He arrived at five to eleven; he left at ten past eleven. Mum thought it must be a record. She was wearing a silk dressing gown with a beautiful bodysuit which pushed up her massive tits beautifully. She was also wearing heels and self-supporting stockings. When mum opened the door, and Tom had come into the house, she opened her dressing gown and popped her two tits out of the bodysuit. Tom just gaped in amazement as he struggled to get his hard cock out of his trousers.

Mum knew exactly what was happening; she led Tom into the lounge; usually, she would have taken him to the bedroom, but she had changed the bed this morning. Three minutes later Tom had shot his load, the most of it landing on his shirt as mum gave him a handjob as Tom played with her massive tits. This was normal for Tom, John, her other lover, would always cum inside her ever hungry pussy.

After Tom had left, mum reflected on what she had done. She had gained not very much but was pleased that she had made him cum so quickly. She was happy that she could still attract young men, she did online, Tom and John always came back for more. She had met Tom and John through Church functions. They were both married with two children. Mum had met both their wife’s on several occasions.

Tom’s wife was very good looking with an excellent body. Tom was an accountant; they were comfortably off. The last time mum had met Su, Tom’s wife; mum was sure that Su had been flirting with her. Mum had often thought about this and was thinking at the next opportunity she would get Su’s mobile number. Mum was bisexual but hadn’t had another woman since her student days. Su oozed sex where Tom had not much going for him.

After lunch, mum phoned the church and asked to speak to the Minister she knew. She was told that the Minister had retired, the current Minister was not available today but could she help in any way. Mum then introduced herself then explained the situation with Jack, saying that he didn’t want the formality of a Hotel for three months. He was looking for a bed and breakfast or a room in a house but would like breakfast and an evening meal. Mum also said that Jack would be willing to do little jobs around the house.

They chatted for ten minutes then the lady introduced herself as Dot Roberts, she was the Minister’s mum, but both the Minister and his wife would not be back until tomorrow evening. Mum explained that there was some urgency as Jack would need accommodation from a week on Sunday evening. Mum gave Dot her mobile number, then thanked her for being a good listener.

Mum then started to look on the Internet for a Hotel or a Bed and Breakfast just in case escort balgat Dot didn’t come up with anything. Mum was rejecting everything that she saw; she was starting to get a little worried then her mobile rang. It was Dot, she said, “Hi May, I was thinking that I have a spare bedroom in my cottage, I am up every morning, I cook an evening meal for myself every night, I could offer you the accommodation that your son needs. I have spoken to my painter; he does the church work; he will give the room a lick of paint, so the room is freshened up. We have to share the bathroom, is that a problem for you?”

Mum couldn’t believe her ears; this would be ideal for Jack, mum replied, “Dot, is it possible that Jack and I visit you on Friday evening? If so, what time is good for you?”

Dot replied, “Just let me know a time that suits you, and I will be there. I must do my costings as I haven’t a clue what to charge. We can talk about that on Friday evening; perhaps Jack could let me know what he can spend?”

They finished the call; mum was so happy, Dot seemed such a nice person, she was sure Jack would be in safe hands with her. Mum then tried to phone Jack; his calls were on voice mail which meant that he was in a meeting. She sent him a WhatsApp message telling him about Dot and her offer. She also asked him if he was free on Friday evening at seven for a meeting with Dot. She was no longer worried about Jack’s accommodation. She then went to her bedroom, put on her masquerade mask switched on her laptop, wondering if there were any hot young men online, she could feel her pussy getting wet thinking about it.

Jack approached Viv’s apartment on foot; he had parked in the small supermarket car park, three hundred yards from her house. Viv had been Jack’s Senior Lecturer since his first year at University. Four weeks into his first term, they were lovers. Viv had moulded Jack into a magnificent lover. Viv was in her mid-fifties; her husband was ten years older than her; he was a professor at another University.

The apartment had been fantastic for them; Viv could plan their fucks so easily. Her husband often went on lecture tours; this was coming to an end as he was retiring this Friday. Viv was not looking forward to this at all. He would be in the apartment most of the time; he hadn’t any other outside interests. Jack was moving to his new position; there was now uncertainty on when and where they could meet.

Viv opened the door before Jack had rung the doorbell, she closed the door then took him her arms, they kissed passionately and lovingly for several minutes then Viv said, “Baby, fuck me hard today, give me one that I won’t forget for a while. This could be our last rendezvous for a while. Come Friday it is going to be so difficult to meet. He wants us to go on a cruise together; we haven’t been on holiday escort batıkent together for ten years, the nightmare begins on Friday.”

For the next three hours, Jack made love to Viv in so many different ways. She had multiple orgasms; their lovemaking was so spontaneous, they both knew the other’s needs so well. As Jack pounded into Viv’s gorgeous sex slit, so many memories came flooding back to him. Their first fuck in the storeroom of her office. His first blow job in the same storeroom during a ten-minute break. Her teaching him the essentials of giving a woman oral which guaranteed her having an orgasm.

The first time Viv had cum in his mouth then cum kissing afterwards. How to give a woman the ultimate pleasure by sucking her clit, she had taught him so much. The first time she had seen Jack’s massive cock, she had fallen in love with it the first time she saw it. The worries they had initially, Viv was not on the pill when they first came together. She and her husband had separate bedrooms for years. The relief when her period came.

Their experiments with water sports and Golden Showers. The time in the shower just after Jack had shot his load, Viv gripping his cock tightly, holding him inside her dripping cunt, then him feeling the warmth of her pee as she peed on his still erect cock still inside her. Viv had taught Jack so much; he now knew how to give pleasure to any woman; he had virtually no sexual experience before he met her apart from a handjob after a Church Disco.

On their final orgasm of the day, they both orgasmed simultaneously, Viv was on top in the cowgirl position, she gripped his cock, holding him inside her. She leaned down; they kissed tenderly and lovingly for several minutes then Viv said, “Jack, that was amazing, our lives are going to change now, but please remember that I’m only a message away if we have no place to go then I’ll give you a great blow job in the car up some lane somewhere. I’ve loved every minute with you; it’s been the happiest years of my life, if I’d been younger when we met, I would have moved back into my husband’s bedroom so I could have had your baby. Thank you.”

They then showered, they had too, after a session the both smelt of sex. It was emotional their final kiss then Jack walked back to his car, he checked his phone, he had one missed call from his mum and the message from her telling him about Dot’s offer, Jack even felt a little relief when he read that. As he phoned his mum he was thinking; I’ll be sharing a house with a Minister’s mum, I’ve no chance of taking Viv there. He called mum to tell her he was happy about getting the accommodation and he would be home in ten minutes.

He arrived home; mum was in the kitchen. She asked Jack to pour them a glass of wine, which he did. As mum was preparing the meal, Jack noticed how good mum looked, she was wearing a tight-fitting top, mum had big tits, but tonight they looked huge. She was also wearing tight-fitting leggings which showed her very long sex slit to perfection; it was longer than Viv’s, she also had a perfect swollen vulva, for the first time in his life, Jack realised his mum was a beautiful and sexy woman.