Louise’s Christmas Bonus

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Another old story, this one dates back to 2005.

A little after four, James emerged from his office with a glint in his eye. He smiled as he approached his secretary Louise.

“I have to go out for a little while, about… an hour I should say. If anyone wants me, tell them I’ll ring them back tomorrow.”

“Ok James,” smiled Louise.

“You’re a good girl. I won’t forget your Christmas bonus…”

She laughed as he headed out the door, remembering her last Christmas bonus. She had got a little drunk at the office party and then he had persuaded her to go back to his office with her. Louise was dealing with her 40th birthday at the time and James had kind of taken advantage of her insecurities. A few well placed compliments and a ‘couple’ of vodkas had soon worked their magic and by the time they had entered the room Louise’s pussy was wet with anticipation.

James had lifted her onto his desk as he kissed her and forced his hand up her skirt to rub her through her sodden panties. Louise loved it when men were rough with her, she had tried to persuade her own husband to be more forceful in the bedroom, but he just didn’t get it.

James was pretty drunk too and he was in no mood to mess about, not now he’d got this far. He pulled his secretary’s knickers to one side and his fingers slid effortlessly into her dripping cunt. He then lifted his fingers to Louise’s mouth and told her to lick them clean. Without hesitation Louise’s tongue lapped at James’s digits and he pushed them into her mouth so she could suck on them. Louise groaned deeply and opened her legs wider, rocking her pelvis towards him and forcing her short skirt up around her waist.

“Yeah, you like that don’t you… you like the taste of your juicy cunt?”

“Mmm,” moaned the woman.

“You’re a dirty little slut aren’t you?”

“Yes,” she breathed, heavily.

“Do you want a thick, hard cock inside your tight little hole?”



“Please,” begged Louise.

James flipped her over on the desk until she was on her front. Then he pulled her backwards until her feet were on the ground. Louise moaned as her large tits dragged across the desk. James put his hands on her thighs and spread her legs, pushing her skirt up completely around her waist and exposing her stockings and sexy black knickers.

He rubbed her through her knickers again and bent over to whisper to her.

“Expecting some action tonight were we?”

Louise’s face flushed with shame.

“I bet these weren’t for your husband’s benefit, were they slut?”

Louise almanbahis şikayet slowly shook her head, her eyes closed as she revelled in the abuse.

“What a naughty girl you are.”

He straightened up again and then slapped his hand down on her arse. It didn’t hurt so much but Louise was caught by surprise and jerked away. James grabbed her and held her still,

“Naughty girls have to take their punishment if they want to get fucked.”

Louise groaned again and James knew the bitch would do anything he said. He roughly pulled her knickers down her legs so that they were stretched between her beautiful, fleshy thighs. As he did so he noticed that Louise had put her suspenders on under her knickers — what a whore!

He forced two fingers into her pussy and shortly added a third, stretching her out for his thick cock. As Louise started panting as he fingered her aching hole, he began slapping her ass with his free hand.

“Dirty little bitch, I bet your husband doesn’t treat you like this, does he?”

Louise managed to croak out a response.


“No, but I bet you wish he did. Jesus your cunt is so fucking wet!”

James pumped his fingers deeper into the woman’s hole.

“You want it don’t you slut?”


“Beg me for it then.”

“Please… oh, please fuck me!”

James yanked her knickers down, temporarily closing her legs so that he could pull them off completely. Then he pushed her legs apart again and gazed down at the woman’s soaking wet hole.

“Your pussy is gorgeous; I’m going to fuck it so hard…”

Then he moved between her legs and unzipped his trousers, hooked his cock out and squeezed it in his fist before rubbing the tip against her slippery, pink slit.

Louise tried to push back against his cock and was rewarded with another hard slap to her ass. He continued to torment her for a few more seconds before finally giving in to his own desire and forcing his rod inside her.

Louise gasped as he pushed it balls deep in one hard stroke, the tighter, deeper part of her pussy contracting round his cockhead as it speared into her.

“Aaaay, yeah!” Spat James as he felt the tightness engulf him.

He pulled out and wiped the tip around her entrance, then plunged it back inside her, building his stroke quickly. Louise gripped the desk to hold herself steady as he pounded her, but James had other ideas. He grabbed her hands and placed them on her ass cheeks.

“Pull your cheeks apart; I want to see your asshole while I’m fucking you.”

Louise gently pulled almanbahis canlı casino her cheeks apart a little way, earning her a slap on the thigh.

“Wider, pull them wider; I want to see everything you’ve got.”

Louise pulled her ass cheeks wide open, offering James a perfect view of her tight, puckered hole. He was fucking her with a steady rhythm now, keeping his cock just the right side of exploding inside her.

James pulled his cock out and wiped her dripping juices between her cheeks and Louise gasped as she felt the tip of his meat brush over her asshole. Then he slid his prick back inside her and pressed his thumb against her tight hole. Louise tensed as she felt the intrusion, but didn’t resist.

James was pleased; she’d obviously done this before… he wondered if it was with her husband, or maybe someone else? He pushed his thumb deeper, circling it around to stretch her ass. Louise moaned into the polished desk until he removed his thumb and quickly dragged his cock back out of her and pressed the tip against her ass.

“No, please… don’t,” begged Louise as she felt the head press home and start to stretch her.

“I told you, sluts have to take their punishment…”

Once inside, he batted away her hands and grabbed her cheeks himself, alternating between squeezing them roughly and slapping them as he worked his length deeper inside.

Louise managed to push her arm down between her body and the desktop and her fingers found her clit. The pain is her ass was intense but at the same time made her wetter than ever.

James pulled his cock clear and spat into the groove of her ass, watching as his saliva ran down and into her stretched asshole. Then he pressed his meat back into her, his patience wearing thin.

Louise’s finger was a blur on her clit as she felt James’s thick prick force its way back inside her. Her teeth clenched as she felt him hit home, his balls slapping against her slick cunt lips. Now he was bottoming out and pistoning hard into her poor ass.

He slapped and scratched her ass as he fucked her, calling her names and belittling her husband. Telling her that she needed someone like him who would treat her like a whore and use her as he wished.

Louise bucked underneath him and her ass squeezed around his stalk as her body clenched and twisted as she came.

She cried out, spurring James to his own end. His cum flooding her ass as he finally lost control. When he was spent he pulled his cock out of her and dragged her off the desk onto the floor, he pulled her up onto her knees and almanbahis casino then addressed her, his still half hard cock dripping with their combined juices just inches from her face.

“Now,” he said, pulling her head towards his sticky length. “When you’ve finished cleaning my cock, you’re going to go back to the party and you’re going to walk around the room in your short little skirt, with no knickers, talking to everyone with my cum dripping down your legs… just like the horny little slut you know you are.”

Louise groaned again as she took his cock into her mouth, she had never been treated so badly in her life and she loved every second of it.

Louise snapped out of her daydream as the phone rang. She took a deep breath and licked her lips before picking up the phone.

“Good afternoon, Mr Freeman’s office…”

Once inside his Jaguar, James headed out of the car park and down the road towards his house. He was confident his wife would be out and so he wouldn’t have to answer any difficult questions about why he was home in the middle of the day.

He pulled into his drive and turned off the engine. The coast was clear and his wife’s car was nowhere to be seen. He opened the door and stepped out onto the path, walked briskly to the front door and turned the key.

Once inside he headed for the spare room and after a short rummage through some boxes he found what he was looking for and slapped it against his hand, smiling as he remembered the last time he’d used it.

He arrived back at the office at just after 4:50, leaving him a little tight on time.

“Hi Louise, I’m expecting an employee at about 5. I might not be ready to see her straight away, just ask her to wait for me… and er, have a good night.”

James knew that Louise wouldn’t be hanging around tonight as it was her husband’s birthday and they would be going out for dinner. That was fine; let him have her to himself on his birthday, he thought, even though he clearly didn’t have a clue what to do with her.

Jenny arrived promptly at 5:00, telling Louise that she was expected.

“Oh yes, Mr Freeman said if you could just wait for him here… he’s in his office but he’s a bit snowed under at the moment, I’m sure he won’t be long. I’m afraid I have to go now, but help yourself to some coffee if you like.”

Louise pointed at the percolator on the far side of the office as she threaded her arm into her coat sleeve, and then Jenny was left alone.

She looked out of the window, it looked bitter outside and it was almost dark. She noticed her reflection in the glass, she’d looked better…

A quarter of an hour passed and she slumped into her chair, the longer she had to wait the worse she felt. Couldn’t he just put her out of her misery — how long did it take to fire someone anyway?