Love n the Library #3 Learning a lot.

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Love n the Library #3 Learning a lot.About two hours later Mike’s eyes fluttered as he responded to the sensation between his legs. “What wwwhat is going on?” he stammers. He looked down only to see Claire’s long dark locks flowing over his thighs. His head fell back and his eyes rolled back in his head. It was round two for the sex starved student and her stud. Mike wrapped his hand around Claire’s hair and rotated his cock inside of her hungry hot mouth. The sound of her slurping and enjoying his cock felt so fucking good. Claire lifted up her head and gave Mike a long sensual kiss and continued to suck on his cock. She felt it grow inside her mouth as she stroked the length and fondled his balls. “Oh Claire your mouth is magic baby! Pure magic!” Mike’s shifted from left to right as she continued to turn him on with pouty young mouth. Sasha was clueless to what was happening. She was a deep slumber as Claire had her boyfriend’s dick for dessert. Soon the two began to moan as Claire was slurping so loud and Mike was moaning with arousal. Mike held Claire’s gorgeous face in place and began to furiously pump it like a hot tight pussy. The sexual sounds of her gagging turned him on so much, and the sight of her saliva drowning his cock with each thrust he gave. “How does it feel to have your cock sucked, while your woman sleeps? Do you love how I make love to your beautiful dick Daddy?” Mike cringed and went back to pumping Claire’s jaws. Sasha’s eyes opened wide to see her man getting the royal treatment from Claire’s young mouth. She smiled as she watched the young woman work her hands up and down his shaft and suck and tongue the tip and length of his rod. What a delicious sight for her to see. She could feel her own clit grow as she watched the two get it bartın escort on. “Mmm that looks so inviting Claire. Do you think you can lick my pussy like that?” “Wait your turn my nasty little whore!” he raved in a jealous tone. Sasha gave him a smirk and continued to pleasure herself. She then planted her cunt on Mike’s face and grinded into his mouth as hard as she could. Her juice flooded his mouth and ran down the sides of his lips. Damn she was horny and she wanted her cunt eaten right now. Soon she had her hips humping like a locomotive on a track. She just couldn’t help herself. The feeling of Mike darting his tongue deep inside her was more than she could stand. She looked back to see Claire dining on his cock! Then she watched as Claire stood up and straddled his rock hard cock. “Oh that’s what I want Daddy! I want the entire dick you have to offer!” His cock cut into her cunt like butter, as she slid her cunt up and down and rotated it to meet his rhythm. Sasha watched Claire’s juices wash down Mike’s cock as she fucked him. She was rotating and rolling her hips like only a young bitch could. “This cunt is so fucking good Sasha! I love fucking her young inviting cunt! You love it too don’t you Claire? You love fucking Daddy’s cock!” Mike screamed. His voice echoed through the townhouse as he kept voicing about how great Claire was fucking his middle aged cock.Sasha looked like a caterpillar as she inched her ass up and down on his face she loved how he kept digging deeper inside her steamy hot pussy. He was her lover and they always talked about adding someone else to the equation. Now they both thought about Claire being the perfect one for the job. They wanted the opportunity to be at their disposal anytime they wanted a great fuck.Mike escort bartın grabbed the base of his cock and gave it a squeeze. He watched as Claire’s cunt bumped up against his fist as she fucked him. “Yes baby girl, fuck my cock! Fuck Daddy like he has never been fucked before. Her hair and face were plastered with sweat. She didn’t give a rat’s ass. She just wanted Mike to drive that cock deeper and deeper inside her, as his woman looked on. Mike smacked Claire and Sasha on the ass and told them it was time to take this to another destination. Claire pulled him by his hand and leads him into the bathroom. “I think we all could use a shower, don’t you?” Claire asked. Sasha stood in the doorway as Claire turned on the water. Mike stood beside the sink stroking his cock to keep it from going limp. He watched Claire as she bent over to feel how hot the water was getting. He loved how her big breast tapered to her slim waist and her big phat juicy ass. She made his cock jump right to attention and he got behind her and started stroking his dick. He spat on his hand and rubbed it up and down the shaft. He then ran his hands up and over Claire’s sexy ass and poked her with his cock. She was a little startled at first but she was all for it. He held on to her little waist and began to pump into her pussy. “Daddy loves the way you move your ass baby girl.” She looked over her shoulder and gave him a wink and a moan and continued to fuck him. Sasha entered the room and sat on the sink. She spread her legs open and began to finger her pussy. She looked over to the side and found a back scrubber. The long handle will do the trick to satisfy her cunt for now. She took her time and slid the plastic handle inside her pussy. The thick top opened up her walls bartın escort bayan and she kept on fucking her cunt in a faster motion. “Oh shit! This is so good baby! Fuck that whore! Fuck her good so I can suck her juice off your cock!” Sasha made a great cheerleader for Mike as he fucked Claire with such force that she fell into the tub. They both laughed it off and turned to see Sasha fucking her cunt with the back scrubber. Mike licked his lips and told Claire to join Sasha on the sink. There they were two hot cunts side by side. They began to kiss and caress each other and trace their lips with each others tongues. The bathroom mirror became misty as the two made love to each other. Mike stood back and stroked his dick as he looked at the sexy females. He scratched his forehead and got a sudden brain fart.” I want you to rub each others pussies as I fuck the both of you. Sasha and Claire did exactly what they were told. Mike leaned over Claire and kissed her up and down her body. He gave her clit a big lick and then placed his cock deep inside her cunt. She flexed her pussy muscles and fed his cock deep inside of her. Sasha could tell by Claire’s facial expressions that she was enjoying her man’s dick. It made her tight pussy twitch with anticipation. Mike pulled out of Claire and stabbed at Sasha’s waiting hole. He pounded her like he always did. She loved how he fucked her and she wanted to share his great cock with someone else for a change. The three of them switched positions all through the night. Fucking one beautiful full figured sexy kitten after the other. “OMG! You both have the most incredible pussies I have ever felt!” He couldn’t get enough of fucking them and he decided it was time to unload his love juice on the both of them. He gave a few pumps and showered their ass with his cum. “ “Daaammmn! I can’t believe this night!” Mike then collapsed on top of the two beauties. They all retreated into the living room and drank wine all night long. Well between the fucking, that is.