Love Thy Neighbour Chapter Seven

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Four hours of resting, chatting and snacking had the four friends refreshed, sexy, and ready for the night ahead. Jane and Bill were used to entertaining other swingers in their house. As Tom had been, before the death of his wife Sandra. Now with his new sex partner Cathy, who had only dipped her toe in the swinger scene. He was looking forward to introducing her to the delights of group sex.Cathy, for her part, had found she was comfortable not only with a new cock sliding into her in the shape of Jane’s husband Bill. But also enjoyed her first girl on girl time with Jane, something she had never even considered before today.Tom looked across at Cathy and smiled, he had become very fond of her, she seemed to be up for any sexual advances he almanbahis şikayet or his friends made towards her. He also knew she wasn’t adverse to swallowing spunk, or a double fuck with cock and vibrator. But tonight would be her first double cock fuck.Jane knew she would be getting cock and cunt during the orgy. But her main objective was to video the action. She had already asked Cathy if she minded, she hadn’t. One of the rules of the swinger’s club was that at least one session of any get together was videoed for the others to watch.As the four went to the large bedroom Bill proudly opened what he called the sex shop. Which was, in fact, a double wardrobe full of every conceivable sex toy and device imaginable.Cathy’s eyes almanbahis canlı casino opened wide as she took in the items she saw. Some she recognised, and some she did not. “Wow, what a collection,” she gasped.“Yes, and we will be using quite a few over the weekend my lovely” Jane said with a laugh. “So come on boys, give us girls all you got!”“Time for our guest of honour to be saluted in our own special way,” Bill said, removing his clothes. “Let’s fill those sweet holes of yours Cathy girl.”“Be my guest guys, I’m all yours.” Cathy lay back naked and mauled her breasts.“Oh yes, go on fuck her, spunk up her, both holes, I want to video it,” Jane said, reaching out and stroking both of their cocks. “Make her cum.”“Get her almanbahis casino wet for us, babe,” Tom said to Jane, “use that tongue of yours.”For the next few minutes, the men were treated to the sight of Cathy on all fours, and Jane licking her from clit to arsehole and back.“Make her arsehole slippery for me babe,” Bill said to his wife, and to encourage her pushed a finger into Janes arse.Cathy gave a groan of total lust as Jane’s tongue pushed deep into her arsehole. “Oh fuck girl, yes make me ready for your old man’s cock, want to feel it deep.”“You will,” said Tom as he lay down on the bed next to her, “now get on top of me and give me that cunt.”Only too happy to oblige Cathy, straddled him and lowered herself onto the waiting cock.Bill and Jane watched as Cathy’s wet cunt swallowed Tom’s cock to the hilt. Both smiled as his hands gripped her arse cheeks, and pulled them apart.“Go on hubby dear, you can’t pass up an offer like that. Fuck that pretty arsehole, give her what she needs.” Jane said.