Luci……….. My first. (Part two)

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Luci……….. My first. (Part two)About a week later I got a phone call from Luci, she told me she had a big surprise for me and I should meet her at a restaurant we knew and I should wear something sexy. Then she hung up!My mind was in a whirl, what could the surprise be?I had three hours to get ready, so I started with a shower, then I removed every hair from my body below the waist and moisturised and creamed myself all over.Then I dressed.I wasn’t the only person who was going to get a surprise.When I arrived at the restaurant I was carrying a small parcel. I was met by a radiant Luci. Her hair and make up was perfect and she was dressed in a stunning black full length figure hugging dress and high heel sandals. She kissed me warmly on the lips and said “darling I love you.” I told her I loved her, and she asked what was in the parcel? I told her this was for later and before I could say another thing she said “come and meet your surprise.” Luci took my hand and led me to a secluded corner with a single table, at which was a very stunning lady. As we approached the lady stood up, and Luci introduced us. She was called Karen, she shook my hand and said how pleased she was to meet me.Luci made a face and said “Don’t be so formal, we are all going to be very good friends.” And she told Karen to give me a kiss, so as instructed she leant forward and brushed my lips with hers. Karen was about six foot tall and with her high heels on she must have been six foot four with long straight dark brown hair and vivid slate green sparkling eyes.Introductions over, we all sat down. Soon the waiter came and took our orders and we had a very pleasant time, but I was puzzled, what was the big surprise? I had met beautiful women before, I was with Luci wasn’t I? Then it hit me! Karen was the same as Luci. A Beautiful cross-dresser.I didn’t say a thing but as I looked at Luci I softly ran my hand up the inside of her thigh and rested it on her cock. She looked at me and blew me a kiss. The meal and drinks over, Luci suggested we go back to her place for a night cap and to get better acquainted.On the way, I had my arm around Luci’s shoulders and Karen linked my other arm. When we were inside, Luci poured us all very large drinks and made a toast “To new friends and lovers” and said we had to down our drinks in one, then poured us all another very large drink and told me she and Karen would just go and make themselves more comfortable and I should relax and watch the tv. And with that they both left arm in arm for the bedroom. I didn’t watch tv, I put on some music.Later they came back into the sitting room both dressed in bath robes and both rather tipsy, the large drinks having taken effect. Karen sat in an arm chair and Luci sat next to me on the couch, she snuggled up and whispered “Isn’t Karen lovely, do you like her?” I replied “She is the second most sexy woman eskişehir escort bayan I’ve ever met, you being the first” and with that I kissed her warmly on the mouth and parted her lips with my tongue. Then I whispered I need to suck your cock so badly.Luci looked at me with a serious expression and her eyes narrowed, she said “I hope you like your surprise.” She stood up a little unsteadily and said to Karen “It’s time to give him his surprise.” She went over to Karen and held her hand as she got to her feet. I just noticed Luci was wearing six inch heels and Karen five inch heels, it wasn’t just the drinks that made them unsteady.They both turned to face me and both opened their robes and dropped them to the floor.My mouth just dropped open. Luci was wearing all black and Karen black and gold. Luci’s was crotchless fishnet pantyhose with a crotchless licra body stocking, with holes for her nipple rings with tassels.Karen had sheer hold up stockings, her legs seemed to go on forever, and an embroidered topless Basque which framed her tits, with matching long silk gloves and choker, no knickers. They both looked so stunning. But…. they both had a limp penis. I had to remedy this because mine was so hard it was fit to burst.I stood up and said “Lady’s you both look so stunning and sexy it’s hard to describe, and Luci, it’s you and Karen who now have a surprise.” I gave them instructions to face each other, put their arms around each other and kiss passionately with their eyes tight closed until I said to open them. As they kissed it was such a sexy sight. After mere seconds I told them to open their eyes and face me.They both turned and both let out a whoop of joy.Because of the music they couldn’t hear me remove my clothes. Under my suit I was wearing a full length sheer black crotchless cat suit, with white stockings over the top and a white suspender belt, the belt was attached to an under bust bra with thin straps. The black and white made my legs look dark grey, and with the white belt and bra, and black catsuit it was a very pleasing effect, and the black kitten heel knee boots finished the outfit off perfectly, but the pierce de resistance was below my very hard, very erect cock the two rings pierced through my scrotum which had a small sign hanging from them which said ‘FOR LUCI’.Karen was the first to speak, she said “Oh Luci you are so lucky. Peter you look gorgeous and your cock looks so tasty”.As I looked, both lady’s quickly began to sport lovely, hard, erect, glistening cocks. Still not saying a word Luci took hold of Karen’s cock and walked to me. We were all so close Luci had Karen’s, mine and her own cock in her hands all touching, and I could feel them both throbbing along with mine. At last Luci said “you look so good. We are all going to have so much sex together, fucking, sucking, wanking and spunk drinking.” escort eskişehir With that she kissed me hard them she kissed Karen then I kissed Karen. And with Luci still rubbing all our cocks together we all said as one “LETS GO TO BED”It was the most intense sexy time I have had in my life. I learned to do things I had never imagined before. Hours later we emerged from the bedroom sweaty, sore, completely satisfied and all so happy. As the ladies went into the bedroom I poured them yet another large drink and followed them in with a bottle.They were both standing waiting for me at the foot of the bed. I gave them both a drink and told them to down them in one, which they did. When they took their drinks, I took their cocks. I said “Ladies I want you both drunk, because it turns me on. Luci, I want you to suck my cock while I kiss Karen, I’m so horny I’ll cum in your mouth in seconds. But don’t swallow.”When Luci bent to suck my cock, I passionately kissed Karen open mouthed. Luci’s warm soft mouth had me shooting my cum in seconds.When that first orgasm had subsided. I told Luci to stand up and hug Karen. As I sank to my knees I hugged them both round their thighs and took both their cocks in my mouth and gave them a double blow job. I could hear them kissing and swapping my spunk in their mouths. Karen’s cock was not as fat as Luci’s but it was longer and incredibly straight, and neither circumcised.Whilst cock sucking I held their balls and gently pushed a finger into both of their asses. Which was a very good idea as they both shot a huge wad of cum into my mouth. I sucked them dry, and stood up with a full mouth and cum running down my chin. They both had silly grins on their faces. We all kissed and shared the salty goodness of three lots of spunk.I poured three more large drinks and said “over in one.” Which they did, and now were both good and drunk, also soft so soon after sex, but I had regained my erection. I told them to lie on the bed and I was going to give them both a good fucking. They grinned drunkenly and lay there with their legs open and cheeks parted. Luci slurred to open the bedside drawer. Inside I found a bottle of lubricant and three dildos. She said “those are for later.”I came back to them with the lubricant and said you both have to tell me how much you want to be fucked, and what you want to do with me. There followed a slurred description of all manner of erotic, sexy, pornographic and very filthy things they wanted to do with me, along with begging me to ram my cock into them. Whilst they were telling me all this I was busy licking and sucking their cocks and balls and rimming them in turn. This got them both as hard as me, so I said as they were both very naughty girls and I couldn’t choose who was the horniest, I was going to fuck you in turn. I gave both their arses a quick squirt of lubricant and rammed eskişehir escort my cock right into Luci, a few quick deep thrusts and I fucked my cock into Karen A few thrusts for her and back to Luci, then back to Karen. I was able to fuck them for an amazing length of time before Karen started to moan and breathe harder. A sure sign she was about to cum. I started to fuck her harder and wank her cock. She jumped and breathed “Oh yessssss” and started to shoot her cum into my hand. I held my cock still, and right up her, until her orgasm had finished. Then I looked into her eyes and wiped her spunk all over my face. She blew me a big drunk kiss. I pulled out of her and straight into Luci, and continued to fuck and fuck and fuck her, with Karen encouraging me between kissing Luci and sucking her nipples. Soon Luci started to cum into my hand and I held my cock right up her. Luckily she finished her orgasm just before mine started. I pulled my cock out of Luci’s arse and shot my load into my hand mixing my cum with hers and wiped it all over my face.When we had all regained ourselves I stepped back and paraded round the room and said “Well ladies what do you think? I’m dressed like your private whore, my shaved cock is on display and I’m covered in your spunk. Come and do to me everything you both said before I fucked you”They both advanced on me, and as one said “let me suck your cock.”I said, “ladies you both suggested I be the filling in a sandwich or a spit roast,” I stroked both their cocks and said “why not both?” Karen said “Luci, I love your man, and because he’s your man you fuck him first.” With that she turned around and presented me with her lovely round pink rump.I kissed Luci and fucked my cock right up Karen. I felt Luci snuggle up behind me and whispered “this is your first time, I’ll be gentle.” I felt the tip of her cock nudge me and I held still as she started to fuck into me first a tiny bit then a little deeper and a little more, and deeper still, then finally she was balls deep in me. The pleasure was far better than the pain. As she fucked me I fucked Karen. This was magical I had never felt anything like this, it was superb, it was marvellous, it was….. I suddenly notice Karen wasn’t moving and neither was Luci. But I was in between them going like a steam piston. Luci laughed, she said “Karen I love my man. Lets swap.”With that they both swapped places so I was fucking Luci and wanking her cock, and Karen was fucking me.We continued like this for a while till the waves of pleasure came over me. But I was determined to hold on for the ladies, then Karen started to breathe heavier and her fucking became more urgent. This sent me over the top, and as my cock swelled for my orgasm Karen started to pump her cum into me, I shot my cum into Luci and I felt Luci cum into my hand. The waves of pleasure just kept coming and coming. I brought my hand up, and smeared Luci’s cum all over my face, then licked my hand dry.I pulled out of Luci and Karen pulled out of me. I turned and kissed Karen, then Luci a big French kiss. I Held their cocks and said “Ladies, when we recover, its time for a spit roast”