Making Gramps’ Dream Cum True

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Making Gramps’ Dream Cum Trueabout his granddaughter and himself.The story Grandpa John and Granddaughter Marie. They are very close and have a very special relationship.John is seventy. He is five-feet-ten, slightly overweight, with gray hair and a thick, 7.5 inch love tool.Marie is a nineteen year old college student. She has shoulder length blond hair. Marie is five-foot seven-inches tall; her boobs are 36D and as she says, “shaves in all her nice bits.” John’s View: Well how do I start this true story? I have lived alone for the past three years. My granddaughter came to stay with me to be close to her college for the term. I had made her very comfortable in the spare bedroom. Marie is the only daughter of my daughter. She is 19 years old and extremely pretty. Over the past two years she has blossomed into a really beautiful young lady.One night, about five weeks after she came to stay, we watched TV until rather late. Marie said she was going to bed after showering. I sat downstairs finishing my drink. Listening to the shower cascading, I got a hard-on picturing her washing all over her beautiful body.I went to bed at about 12:15AM. Walking past her room to use the toilet I noticed her door ajar. Hearing a slight humming noise, I peeked in and saw Marie lying naked on her bed, using a very long, pink jelly vibrator. Stroked my hard, throbbing cock I rushed to my room with the vision of Marie fucking herself with that vibrator and shot my load into a tissue. I fell asleep fantasizing what it would be like to fuck my granddaughter.The same night, Marie’s View: I got out of bed around 2:30AM artemisbet yeni giriş and went to the bathroom. A few minutes later I opened Gramps’ bedroom door and whispered “Are you asleep Gramps?” He pretended to be sleeping. There was a slight bounce as I sat on the bed and drew the covers back. Gramps was naked, laying on his side, back to me. I was wearing a striped rugby shirt that just partially covered the cheeks of my ass. He kept still and pretended to snore lightly. My hands glided over Gramps’ strong back and chest. After a few minutes of gently rubbing his shoulders and back, my hand slid to his waist around and down to his groin.Taking a sharp intake of breath, I slid my hand over his cock and began to gently massage his large balls. Gramps’ cock was rock hard. I lifted my shirt pressing and rubbing my tits and hard nipples on his back. He started to stir so I moved back. Pretending to still be asleep, he moaned and turned on to his back. As he turned, he pulled the covers over himself. I waited a minute and pulled back the bed covers. I stared at Gramps’ thick erect cock which was illuminated by the light streaming through the open door from the hallway.I bent forward and took his stiff shaft between my moist lips. He heaved a big sigh. My licking and sucking brought him to shoot his cum into my mouth, nearly gagging me. I swallowed his sweet cream. It tasted lovely, just as I had imagined. Gramps continued to pretend to be asleep as I climbed out of his bed and made my way back to my bedroom. I fell asleep with my vibrator in my cunt.John’s View:The next artemisbet giriş morning I arose and showered. As it was Saturday, I made breakfast for Marie and called her from the bottom of the stairs. She came down looking lovely in her rugby shirt and tousled hair. She made a great show of bending and showing me her lovely ass. “Did you sleep well Gramps?” “I assure you… I slept really well and had lovely dreams about you, sweetheart!” She smiled and rubbing her large tits against me said, “I can make your dreams come true later… I know you were only pretending to be asleep last night.” She whispered in my ear. “We need not pretend in the future…”Later that night, watching a DVD. Marie said, “Don’t we have anything more exciting than James Bond?” She went through my collection and found one of my soft porn tapes. After watching, and getting excited, she said “I’ll go and shower.” She left me watching “In bed with Lindsey.”When the movie finished, I went straight to the shower room noticing that Marie’s door was closed. I thought she had forgotten what she said earlier, about making my dreams come true. After my shower I went to my bedroom… Imagine my surprise when I opened the door and saw Marie in my bed.She threw back the covers and said, “Your dreams are about to cum true, Gramps!” She was naked, and pulled me down to the bed. “Marie I’m your Gramps ….. This is so wrong!””It can’t be wrong if we both want it Gramps…. I’m not a c***d. Anyway, I’m on the pill and it won’t be my first time.”She reached out and took hold of my already hard cock. “I want you artemisbet güvenilirmi to fuck me with you large fat cock first, then we’ll see what happens next.” I stroked her large breasts, sucking and pinching her erect nipples, made her moan for more. My hand slowly made its way to her thighs, which she opened to accept my fingers. Breathlessly, she said, “Let’s do a 69 Grandpa.” Marie took my rock hard dick in her soft mouth. My tongue slid between her lovely pink cunt lips. I then realized she had shaved her pubic hair. I rubbed my face on her smooth, bald pussy, rolling my tongue, sliding it into her soft, hot honey hole. She took my cock down her throat until she gagged.I could wait no longer. I turned her on her back and straddled my granddaughter, opening her wet pussy with my fingers. Placing the purple head of my tool on her labial lips, I slowly slid my big cock into her tight cunt. Marie moaned. As she lifted her thighs, she lifted me as well. “Oh Gramps… fuck me… fuck your naughty little granddaughter…””Marie… take my cock.. take it all… fuck your granddaddy…”We increased the pace of our love dance until it reached a state of frenzy. We both climaxed at the same time. How sweet it was. Marie insisted she suck the cum from my cock. “You taste lovely Gramps, just like last night… now you clean me.” Marie lay back and spread her legs. I knelt before her cum dripping, inviting opening. I bent down to her swollen pussy lips, licking and sucking the mixture of our love juices until her cunt was clean.As we drifted off to sleep, Marie whispered, “I can’t wait until tomorrow night. I’ll make all your dreams come true again.”Every night was a new adventure. Unfortunately, Marie went home four weeks later. Yesterday I received a phone call from her. Using her sweet, sexy voice she asked, “Gramps, could you put me up for a couple of weeks starting on Saturday?”