Making Her Moan

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“Be a good girl and touch yourself for me while I watch.”

She was already beyond horny and couldn’t think clearly, but she would do whatever he said. Indy knew that he owned every inch of her, but wanted to be slightly bratty.

“What if I think you should do it instead?” she said confidently. A small smile appeared on Ethan’s face.

“Oh really? Well I guess I’ll have to show you just how good my touch feels. No matter how much you twitch or moan I’m not gonna stop.” Her breathing hitched when he said it along with a small, familiar tingle in her clit, but she didn’t have much time to react.

Almost instantly, he was on top of her with her hands pinned tightly above her head. She would’ve agreed to this if his tongue hadn’t already slid into her mouth, along with a finger into her tight pussy.

She moaned loudly at the sudden pleasure and surprise, but noticed that he was teasing her by just going in slightly and rubbing her clit with the lightest touch.

“Please baby, more I want more,” she moaned as his light touch made her whole body quiver.

“Are you forgetting who has the power here?” he laughed as he pushed harder against her wrists. She let out a subtle groan as he slid his tongue all over her neck, down to her canlı bahis nipples as he began to lick and suck her perfect tits.

Ethan loved having control over her pleasure, so he continued to grab her wrists tight as he slid his tongue all the way down to her dripping wet pussy.

“Is there something you want me to do?” he asked as his tongue hovered just above her clit.

She began to respond but was quickly cut off as he dragged his tongue over her clit.

“I’m sorry baby what was that?” he asked again.

She started to respond and again was cut off when he licked all over her pussy, making small circles on her clit with his tongue.

“I’m not gonna do anything unless you tell me what you want baby.”

This time she was finally able to moan out, “Please go down on me Ethan, please just go down on me.”

Ethan was happy with the answer. Before he started making her twitch, he told her “I really like making you beg, knowing how much you want me.”

He didn’t need her to tell him to know how much she wanted him though, he could easily feel her hips trying to buck against his tongue as he teased her. However, he’d had enough of teasing her by now, and his tongue made long sweeps all over her pussy.

She began to moan louder bahis siteleri and louder as he increased his pace and moved slowly towards her clit. The more she tried to move her hips up toward his mouth the harder he pushed on her wrists. He was alternating between long strokes of his tongue and quick circles on her clit.

She couldn’t control herself at all, completely giving into his pleasure. She attempted to get words out between her cute little moans, but most of it was incoherent.

Ethan couldn’t have responded anyway, he was much too focused on making her cum. Her body twitched uncontrollably, her breathing was rushed, and her moans only became louder as she got closer to orgasm. Suddenly he stopped.

“You’re my little slut aren’t you girl?” he snarled quickly as he went back to licking her clit rapidly.

Through moans Indy was able to get out a response.

“Oh god yes Ethan yes I’m your slut you make me feel so good every time!”

Caught up in the absolute pleasure and how kinky they were, she almost didn’t feel one of the hands let go of her wrist. Before she knew it, one of his fingers was deep inside her now dripping pussy as he continued licking her clit in a methodical pattern.

He pushed it in, deep. Hard.

She bahis şirketleri squealed at the new sensation and let out quick moans. He could tell that she was close by the way her body started to twitch more and more. He began to focus on her clit more as he increased the speed of his tongue with his finger still pumping deep inside her.

Her breathing became moans and she was unable to think about anything else except the pleasure she was being given. They both knew she was close, but the familiar feeling of orgasm came quickly,

“Ethan I’m gonna, I’m gonna-” Indy’s body gave in to the pleasure as the orgasm took over. She came. Hard. She began to twitch violently as Ethan kept the finger inside her, but left his tongue stationary. The more she twitched, the more his tongue glided over her clit, heightening her orgasm. She let out moans and sounds neither of them knew she could make.

As Ethan pulled his mouth away to lick his lips and the surrounding skin (she was very wet, and he loved having her wetness all over his face) he slowly fingered her G spot so he could hear her whimper and watch her squirm for him.

Finally he pulled his finger out to lick all of the witness off as he released her other wrist. Both wrists were bruised, but she didn’t care.

“How was that baby?”

She was light headed, but still began to respond. However, just as before she was cut off by his tongue on her pussy as he went down to do it all over again.