Mandy and the Security Boss

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Mandy and the Security BossFirst let me start by saying this is the first time I have ever cheated on my boyfriend of seven years. My name is Mandy and I will describe myself first. I am 34 years old,5 foot 4,185lbs with 38 b tits and size 8 panties. Yes a very thick bubble ass. I worked grocery,but decided I needed to quit and I applied for this security job on the weekends,12 hour shifts. I did the usual thing and the security boss called for interview. I got myself all ready and I wore my black slacks and cute top and went for my interview. It was a small office building and when i walked in,only one lady behind the desk and I met Dave,the security boss. We went to his office and he said the usual stuff,but kept looking at my ass,which I just thought was natural. He said i passed the interview,and to try on some pants and shirt. He walked out of room while I changed in his office,I had darıca escort almost got my shirt on when he walked in seeing me in my bra. He said he was sorry,but there is when I saw his hard on in his pants. I was so confused for a boss like him,while my boyfriend was home. He pulled out his 11 inch cock and I was stun. I didn’t wanna cheat,but I just landed the job I wanted. I got on my knees and sucked Dave’s cock. Whatever got into me was the first time Ive ever cheated on my man. He kept pushing his cock inside my warm mouth and about 10 minutes later came all in my mouth,face and tits. He said he would call about taking the test and fingerprints. I was so ashamed going home,but thought maybe it was one time thing. Two weeks later he calls for the test. It was early and the morning,and I left my boyfriend in bed. I arrived and only the boss was there. We did the fingerprints and escort darıca he gave me the test answers,and I kinda forgot about the blowjob I gave,when he came up behind me and kissed me on my neck,turn me around and gave me this passionate kiss on my lips. There we was kissing like lovers. Clothes started flying off,and he went down and ate my pussy. I was in heaven and didnt care at that moment. I had got a great job for the weekends and now my boss was making love to me,ways that my bf hasn’t. We got into 69 and i sucked him till he got so hard,that he turn me over the desk and slammed his big cock up in me. I was worried about what my boyfriend would do if he knew,my boss had my pussy right now. My boyfriends cell phone rang that he let me hold,but I was in no shape to answer it,so it went to message. My boss Dave kept slamming into my tight pussy as I moan over and over. I told darıca escort bayan him to be careful and not cum,but it was too late. He slammed into me one last time and came in my pussy. Cum was pouring out of my pussy,it was so much. I got dressed and was still confused on how I could let it happen. He said thanks baby and I call with your background check. He kissed me goodbye and I got in the car and got my boyfriends message. I called and said I left phone off in the car. I was feeling guilty,but my body was feeling good. The drive home I could feel his cum dripping out of my pussy. Two weeks later the boss called and said I can start next weekend and he train me on site. He asked how I was and said I was great,and I im happy I got the job. He says are you happy you got my cock,I laughed and said yeah it was different and can’t wait to be train. I took another test that day and yes I am pregnant by my boss. I told my boss and he says he loves me ,so I am confused but I have his baby growing inside me. I know there will be more times with my baby’s daddy now,confused or not it is done,and I am pregnant with my boss.