Mandy likes an Older Man Pt. 02

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My husband, Dan, finally came home from working away. As predicted, he dragged me straight to the bedroom. He left my bra, panties, suspenders and stockings on. (I know what underwear will welcome him home).

He had already started sucking on my swollen titties when I told him in a supposedly crestfallen voice “Dan, I’ve been a naughty girl.”

He twisted his features into what he hoped was an angry face and demanded to know what I had been up to. I noticed his cock had already become rock hard and was digging into me in a way that made me so wet, I could barely stand it. Needless to say, my vibrator and dildo collection had already been well used in the lead up to his homecoming.

“I….I let another man have his way with me”, I stammered. Academy award performance.

“What man? What did he do to you? I want to know every little detail, you young slut. Can’t I leave you alone for a few days without you going looking for cock?”

His dick was digging into my pubic area. I knew that if I shifted position slightly, that lovely steel rod of man meat would have been straight up my overflowing twat and I would have been getting a proper seeing to but I wanted to tell him in detail what I had been up to as I knew how much it would turn him on.

I slowly told him how I had met up with Rob and how I had gone to the pub wearing a tight top with no bra, a mini skirt, fishnet stockings and thigh high boots. When I described in detail how I had invited Rob home and let him paw those big, bra-less melons on the way, Dan pulled my bra cups right down and began suckling on those pups in earnest. It was driving me out of my mind. The sound of his tit guzzling and the feel of my swollen teats being pulled rhythmically into his hungry mouth left me unable to speak for a few seconds. I was whimpering like a kitten and my panty-clad pussy was soaked with my creamy juices.

I recovered enough to tell him that I had taken Rob into an alley, unzipped his straining pants and feasted on his schlong while he milked my mammaries.

Dan’s big flag pole was purple and he struggled to pretend to be angry. I was dying to be spanked though I knew he was wondering if his dick could take me wriggling on top of his lap. Thankfully he decided it could and he pulled me over his hard thighs and even harder manhood.

He peeled down my skimpy pants, struggling to separate them from my sticky quim lips, and proceeded to spank my large, round, quivering arse cheeks. I cried out dutifully at each stroke and wriggled against that iron bar of a cock, digging into my tummy. Between strokes, I “confessed” that I had invited Rob back ankara sınırsız escortlar to our place and had enjoyed his big cock in both my cunt and my tight bum hole.

Dan declared himself to be outraged. I offered to suck his lovely swollen length of meat to make up for my lapses but we both knew that that would be game over far too quickly. Instead he ordered me to kneel in front of him as he sat on the sofa, iron rod pointing skywards. He put a porn channel on then lubed both his dick and my winking arse.

The porn channel showed a pretty young girl being fucked by several men and loving it. Dan rammed himself to the hilt in my squelchingly-wet honey pot at first and got himself well coated in my girl goo. He then eased himself into my aching arse hole and began to pick up speed. The girl on the screen happened to be having her dirty hole stretched to its limits with a big black cock and her screams were very similar to my won.

Dan was bigger than I’d ever felt him before and I was glad that I had used my largest dildo on my arse not long before he came home. Even so there was definitely pain mixed with the pleasure but soon I was begging him to fill my back cavern with his gorgeous, creamy spunk. He groaned that he couldn’t hold it and I gasped that I wanted every drop from his big hairy balls.

He dutifully obliged and when I finally left the bed, I was dripping salty spunk from my bum hole which he ordered me to lick up. I also did my wifely duties and cleaned every inch of his pussy pleaser with my tongue, savouring the taste of my well used arse. He told me, with a twinkle in his eye, that he trusted I would not stray again.

Dan’s week at home was filled with many long sessions in bed. He asked to hear the story of Rob a few times more and it always ended in a satisfying fucking. He also told me how a couple of ladies of the night had propositioned him in the truck stop rest rooms and he had felt unable to resist unzipping his trousers and enjoying both a good sucking and fucking.

I declared myself horrified, demanded to know every last detail and insisted he demonstrated everything he had done to them. They must have left two very satisfied ladies is all I can say.

Finally, Dan needed to work away again. He told me he had arranged for two guys we both know to pop round and sort out the leaks in the bathroom. Both men were in their 50s, balding and out of shape. I didn’t feel anything kinky would be happening there.

However, once Dan had been gone a few days, again I was restless for a really good, hard fucking. I’m 25 years old with a healthy appetite and I like an ankara suriyeli escortlar older man, especially one who does manual work. I like men who are good with their hands…

By the time Rick and Rog were due, I was already dipping into my vibrator collection on a regular basis. A girl has needs. Even if I decided they were too old for me, I still fancied having a bit of fun with them. A nice hard on pressing against a boiler suit was my idea of fun.

I decided to wear a very short, skimpy dressing gown of satin with nothing underneath when I opened the door to them. My big young tits were pressing against the thin material and my swollen teats were nicely on show. Both Rick and Rog tried to keep their eyes on my face but I was delighted that they both kept sneaking a peak at the young tittie flesh on show.

I invited them in and explained that the bath taps were both leaking. I decided they needed a demonstration so I parted my legs and bent right over, holding onto the taps and giving a long description of the issue. I knew they both had a perfect view of my young hairy muff and possibly my winking rosebud. And believe me, the taps weren’t the only things that were leaking.

When I finally straightened up and turned back towards them, I saw with glee that both men were very red in the face and the front of both sets of overalls showed a nice, straining package. Possibly the fact that my robe had slipped further apart and my big breasts were now on show almost to their big, suckable nipples contributed to this.

“I just don’t know what to do! Is there any way you could help me?” I simpered.

Rick was speechless with lust. Ron stammered that, with the right tools, they could soon sort me out. I abandoned the coy act.

“You both seem to have brought your tools with you”, I purred, sinking to my knees. “I think these tools might be just what I need.”

I unzipped both overall zips at the same time, reached in and retrieved what I wanted. Hmmmmmm! Two good sized hairy cocks! Rick was longer, Rog was thicker. I was in heaven.

I love the smell of a working man’s tool. Musky and earthy. My mouth was watering. I took Rick into my hungry mouth but spat on my hand first and began to massage Rog’s big, thick fuck stick. Neither of them could believe their luck.

Rick gasped that it felt so good.

“I can’t believe a young lass like you would…ah, yes…would want men of our…Jesus, that is fucking unbelievable…men of our age.”

I swapped to sucking Rog’s lovely thick pussy pleaser and massaging Rick’s knob which was slick with my saliva.

Rog sincan türbanlı escortlar was struggling to control himself.

“That is fucking lovely but it’s too good. I haven’t had a young girl on my cock for many a year and I am going to disgrace myself and fill your mouth with spunk.”

I told them I wanted to taste both of their spunk loads (they both groaned and played with themselves) but said I needed them to fill my other holes first. I bent over the bath again and both men took it in turns to drink from my furry, gushing pussy. The more they tongued my juices, the wetter I became.

“Fuck me, I had forgotten what a tight young twat tasted like”, said Rick, licking his lips.

“I could lick that cunt all day,” said Rog.

“Wouldn’t you rather stick your lovely big cock in it?”, I asked. I discarded the robe so my big, quivering arse cheeks were inviting them and my huge melons were dangling down.

Rick got there first and filled my swollen, hairy slit with his rock hard man meat. God, I love a big, hairy real man’s dick in my cunt. I was so wet, no preliminaries were required and he pumped away, his full balls slapping against my bum.

Rog told him he needed a go and his shorter but thicker pole replaced the first and rammed away at my well stretched honey pot.

Finally I told Rick to sit on the edge of the bath and I lowered my arse hole onto his cock.

“Oh fuck, yes. Get that tight, young arse on my cock. Jesus, I can’t take it. I’m going to explode. Awww, Rog, I’m balls deep in her arse. I must be dreaming.”

Meanwhile I lifted both my legs and held them by the ankles, leaving my gaping pussy on display, inviting Rog’s attention.

His cock was probably harder than it had been since he was a teenager and his bell end was purple and swollen.

“Come on, Rog,” I groaned. “Stick that great big stiffie in my cunt. I want to feel you both at the same time.”

Girl goo was dripping from my snatch, I was so turned on. I was already imagining the spanking and the fucking Dan was going to give me when I whispered sorrowfully that I had been naughty again.

“Fucking get it in there, Rog,” said Rick. “Let’s give the slut something to remember before we shoot our loads. I am not going to last long buried in this tight young arse.”

Rog aimed his big mushroom head at my splayed cunt lips and pushed it home. I cried out at the sensation of two big men’s cocks filling both my holes. Rog slowly moved his man meat in and out of my cunt while Rick lifted my arse up and down on his length. I shuddered and called out that I was coming. Soon Rick pushed me to the floor, his cock emerging from my back passage with a plop.

I knelt while they emptied the considerable contents of their big hairy balls into my mouth and onto my jugs which I held up and jiggled to encourage extra helpings.

The taps are still leaking and I suppose I shall have to explain to Dan why.