Manipulated By My Black Boss To Produce BBC Cuckol

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Manipulated By My Black Boss To Produce BBC CuckolManipulated By My Black Boss To Produce BBC Cuckold Videos(An adapted and re-edited favorite inspirational story)The bad economy that started several years ago was devastating for many people, including me. I had a good, ten-year career as a market researcher with a major advertising agency but was laid off as part of their cost savings measures. I had worked my way up to be a highly paid director by that time, which made me an obvious target for being fired.I looked for work for the next couple of years, but no one would hire me. I got really tired of being called ‘overqualified’. I have good technical skills and was more than happy to take a job making much less pay than in my previous position. By that time our savings were almost depleted, and I had long since run out of unemployment benefits, which weren’t enough to sustain us anyway.My name is David, and my wife, Cindy, and I were thirty-four years old by the time I finally got a job offer. A small, niche market research firm made me an offer to be a research analyst for them, however making less than half of my previous salary. Still I was grateful for the opportunity, and that new job was all that was standing between my family and bankruptcy.The owner of the firm is a black man, named Max, and the other eight employees are also black men. They specialize is doing market research, primarily for black-related products and services. I didn’t want to spoil my chances for being hired, but during the interview I asked Max why he was willing to hire me, being a white man.Max replied, “Well, David, sometimes it’s good to get a different perspective on things. And there are some situations where a white man’s point of view can be especially helpful in evaluating products and services. I have recently made a proposal to a potential client for some work that would be a good fit for you, given your age, race and background. The man you’ll be replacing is also a white man.”The first couple of months at my new job went very well. It felt good to be using my technical skills again, and I enjoyed working for Max in that much more intimate, small-firm environment. He is a smart, strong leader who commands respect from his employees. Max is a ruggedly handsome muscular black man who looked to be about ten years older than us. He has a shaved head and is six feet and three inches tall and weighs maybe two hundred and twenty pounds.One day he called me into his office to discuss a new project with me. He said, “Ed, you’ll be happy to learn that I was awarded the project that I mentioned when I first interviewed you. It is unusual and unlike anything we’ve done before. It’s just the sort of assignment that I had in mind for you when I brought you on board.”“The client’s name is Samuel, and he’s a black entrepreneur who owns a small pornography production company. He produces a wide variety of porn videos and has a group of writers who write porn stories for him. His focus is on videos and stories that feature interracial sex involving either white couples or white men and women individually with black men. He wants to expand his business and has hired us to do market research to determine the most popular types of videos and stories to produce to broaden their sales. Samuel also wants to learn which of the thousands of porn websites would be best for him to advertise his specialized product’s on. He was excited when he learned that I had you on staff to do the work.”I was flattered that Max wanted me to do the project for him, but I was concerned that I wouldn’t be able to do a good job on it. So, I responded, “This is an unusual assignment, Max, and I’m not so sure that I can do it effectively. I have never even seen or read any kind of porn, and my wife, Cindy, and I have certainly never been involved in any kind of extramarital sex, much less interracial sex.”Max smiled and replied, “From what Samuel told me, that‘s exactly why you will be perfect for this assignment. He said that in his experience, typically white married couples from their thirties and older have been some of his best customers. He wants us to do the research to validate his thinking, but he believes that once white women get to their thirties and on in to middle age, for some reason they either develop higher libidos or they totally stop wanting sex.”“In either case, that encourages different kinds of behaviors in the women and their husbands, which affects the demand for his various products. He wants you on the project because you are white and the right age. From the pictures on your desk, I know that your wife is very pretty. He partly wants to better understand how his products can powerfully convince white men and women like you guys to seek out interracial sexual experiences. He will even pay a bonus if you include Sarah in your research, as I’ll explain.”I replied, “Okay, Max, I guess I understand why you want me on the project, but I have no idea how to start. And I have no idea how Cindy could be involved, or even if she would agree to be.”Max pulled out a scratch pad with some notes scribbled on it and said, “Part of the assignment will be the typical types of statistical analyses that we perform for our other clients. Samuel has narrowed down his list from thousands of porn sites to the twenty that he thinks are best. We will analyze those sites and come up with our list of the top three, based on quantitative analysis. For example, you will count the number of videos and stories of different types on each site, record the number of views for each one, and correlate that information with the ratings given by the users.”“This is where Cindy comes in. You will then need to go beyond those quantitative measures and relate your findings to the qualitative factors. In other words, you need to subjectively determine which specific aspects of the various videos and stories elicit the most viewership and positive ratings. You will need to view and read a significant number of the most viewed and highest rated videos and stories to come up with your personal feelings about why they are so popular. You can also learn a great deal from the users’ comments on the videos and stories, as well as the websites’ forums. Cindy would help complete the picture by answering why white women enjoy the various videos and stories.”Max saw that I was still a little nervous about the assignment, so he put his hand on my shoulder and said, “Trust me, David. Once you get started, I think you’ll see that you’re the perfect person for this assignment. Our deadline is in five weeks, so let’s plan to meet again in a week to go over your preliminary findings. I can then help redirect your efforts if you’re on the wrong path. There’s a bonus of eight thousand dollars in it for you if Cindy contributes in a meaningful way to the research. And remember that the focus is on interracial sex of any kind.”I started doing the statistical analysis on three random sites before I started watching or reading the content in depth. I didn’t want to get Cindy involved until I had a better understanding of the material. It would be difficult to even tell her that I was exposing myself to that kind of pornographic material, much less asking my virtuous wife to participate with me.The first thing I learned was that it was going to be hard to develop comparable statistics on material involving interracial sex. Each site categorizes their stories a little differently. I had to do a little reading to discover that interracial sex data could be found in many categories other than interracial, including; wife lovers, hot wife, cuckold, bisexual, gay male, cheaters, slut wife, straight, and reluctance, as well as others. It was up to the authors to categorize their material, and it was helpful when they included codes to let the users know which aspects of sex were included in their work.After gathering the basic data on those three sites, I started watching and reading the highest rated videos and stories, beginning with the ones involving straight sex. There was generally much more material on straight sex than any of the other categories. I could hardly believe how turned on I was getting, and soon realized what a truly sheltered life I had been living. It was getting difficult even sitting at my desk looking at all this erotic material and not being able show how it was affecting me. My little, four-and-a-half-inch dick was constantly hard.I’m not in a private office, and the black men in the cubicles surrounding me were always making what they thought were funny comments. For example, a coworker, named Lionel, who sits in the cubical behind me and has a clear view of my computer screen, was always making suggestive comments. The first day he saw a black man fucking a white girl on my screen he came over to my cube and stood next to me rubbing his crotch.He whispered with an arrogant laugh, “Damn, Dave. If you like looking at big, black cocks fucking white girls, I’ve got a big one right here you can see up close and even touch, if you want to.”Lionel’s comments were embarrassing and demeaning to me, but I didn’t want to let him know that. I just smiled, ignored him, and didn’t dare admit to him that I now really was enjoying seeing all those hard, big black cocks. The black men in those videos have such long and thick cocks, and I liked seeing the way they hung in front of them. My dick is so little that it never hangs. Those men also have big, low hanging balls, and their black, genital packages are very appealing to the women too.After watching the straight, interracial videos for two days, I started exploring the ones labeled as interracial, cuckold and hot wife. I noticed right away that those are generally raunchier, and the comments from the viewers are much more enthusiastic and disgusting. I had never heard of the word ‘cuckold’ before and was amazed at the scenarios in those videos. The husbands were eagerly giving their wives to the black studs for them to fuck, and then sucking the Negro cum from their pussies and even sucking their cocks. The plots weren’t very good, but there was sure a lot of sexual action going on.The cuckold videos were surprisingly arousing to me, they really had an impact on how I was starting to view black men and interracial sex, and I could hardly believe that I liked them so much. I liked seeing the contrasts in skin color, and those large thick cocks stretching the once tight pussies of the white wives. It was also arousing watching both the wives and husbands sucking those big cocks and balls. Beyond the visual elements, I also focused on the psychological tension. The whole concept of a man openly giving his wife to a black man to fuck is an interesting study in primal human urges.I certainly don’t know all the technical aspects of those primal urges, but I had a couple of psychology courses in college that gave me a little insight. From what I read, women are instinctively wired to seek out the most dominant men to have sex with. The theory is that the continuance of our species relies on those primitive urges that result in women being impregnated by the most virile and dominant sperm. Men, on the other hand, are wired to spread their seed to as many women as possible, thereby fulfilling their instincts to propagate the species.In those videos, the black studs are displaying obvious dominant traits, starting with their huge cocks, especially when compared to the husbands’ little dicks. I found myself wanting to understand more about the mindset and motivation of the white husbands, in freely giving their monogamous wives to other men to have sex with or even breed. The motivations of the studs and wives are clearer, since they’re following their basest primal instincts.I started focusing more on the cuckold scenarios and began reading cuckold stories to give me a better understanding of the genre. At that point I only had a day and a half before I met with Max to give him my initial impressions on the project. I found that I liked the cuckold stories even more than the videos. Some of the authors were able to construct realistic plots and develop the characters in arousing detail. The stories I like the most are the ones that explore the psychological journeys the white couples take to exploit their primal urges.The wives learned that they desired to be fucked by strong, dominant men. Many of them want to fuck black men because they seem forbidden, strong, are believed to have bigger cocks, and considered to be more aggressive and highly skilled lovers. The husbands usually discover that they hved previously unknown urges to be somewhat submissive to dominant black men and suck them and let them breed their wives.Many of the stories emphasize how both the wives and husbands looked forward to the moment when the black studs unload their sperm into the wives, for the husbands to eat out afterwards. I have to admit that the stories that aroused me the most bahis şirketleri are the ones with the most dialogue concerning the black men’s desires to shoot their virile cum loads into the wives. I also like it when the white couples talk about wanting to take the black cum, both for her in her cunt, and for him to watch and eat afterwards. It’s strangely arousing to me the way the black studs are indifferent to the white couples. They just consider the whites to be weak, submissive receptacles for their cum. That seemed to make the white couples want to be used by them even more.Max met with me late Friday afternoon, and I excitedly gave him a summary of my statistical findings, as well as my feelings on everything that I had learned. I was concerned that he would be upset with me for focusing so much on the psychological aspects of white cuckolds.I was relieved when he said, “It sounds to me like your focus is perfect, David. Samuel has always felt that his cuckold videos and stories are the most popular. It’s good to know that you’re not only validating his beliefs, but that you seem to be getting aroused and emotionally involved in the assignment. Have you included Cindy in your work yet?”I was afraid that he would ask that and felt guilty that I had not included her yet. So, I fearfully explained, “Sorry, Max, I wanted to make sure that I was on the right path before I tried to involve her. I will explain everything to her this weekend and hope that she doesn’t get too angry with me about it.”Max smiled and replied, “I think it’s very important for you to get her involved. From what you told me during our first interview, you could sure use that bonus money, and her perspectives will be important to Samuel. Continue like you have been. Just make sure that you also research scenarios where black men are using white men for their pleasure, without the wives being involved. That area should be strongly correlated with the whole cuckold thing, and it’s also a big part of Samuel’s current business. Let’s meet again next Friday afternoon to see if you have any new perspectives. We can then plan your work for the fifth week leading up to our presentation to Samuel.”During dinner Friday night, I explained the project to Cindy. She was at first shocked and irritated with me for looking at and reading that kind of filth. Her demeanor became a little more positive when I told her about the eight thousand dollars in bonus money that we’d earn if she looked at the material with me and gave her opinion on it.She was still reluctant to look at any of the material, so I said, “Come on, honey, just look at one of the short videos with me to get a better idea of what I’m working with. After that, if you don’t want to be involved, I’ll tell Max that you aren’t interested in participating.”She agreed to look at just one video, and I selected a five-minute clip that I knew is especially well made. It has high resolution close-ups of the white woman’s pussy, just as a monster, black, ten-inch cock is pushing into her. I was watching Cindy as she watched the clip. Even though she was blushing, her face was transfixed on the action, she barely blinked staring wide-eyed at their lustful coupling.When the clip was over she grabbed my arm and said, “My goodness, David, I can hardly believe that there are cocks that large, and that women can take them all inside of them. And her husband just sat there stroking his little dick, watching a big, black man fuck his wife. I had no idea that people did things like this, and that they would make videos of it.”I said, “Well, honey, based on my research so far, there are many thousands and thousands of those types of videos online, and even more stories about those cuckold and hotwife relationships. I really don’t yet understand what motivates a man to give away his wife to another man to fuck, but there sure seems to be a lot of white couples who do it today. What do you think, honey? Will you look at some more videos and read some stories with me? That’s a lot money for just a little of your time.”Knowing Cindy to be so reserved and prudish, I was surprised when she unhesitatingly responded, “I think this stuff is pretty sick, but I’ll be involved, so long as we do it together.”We watched more videos, and she seemed more turned on and less uptight as we saw more of them. We talked about the actors, and Cindy was so impressed by the athletic, masculine black men, their big cocks, and how aggressively they fucked the white wives. She made many comments about the wimpy, cuckold husbands, and wondered how they could sit close by and watch their wives possibly being inseminated by big, black men. Then we read several long stories together, and she was really getting into the plots as the couples discovered their new desires to be cuckold couples.We had obviously never talked about anything like that in the past, but she had the same questions I originally had about the psychological journeys of the couples. She was especially interested in exploring the mental conversions that previously normal, reserved people took as they surrendered themselves to those black men. We stayed up reading together until the sunlight came streaming into our window on Saturday morning. We were both exhausted, but she was more eager to have sex with me than she had been in years. I fucked her twice before we both fell asleep and didn’t wake up until 2:00 pm that afternoon. I hadn’t expected that this would turn her on so much nor would it increase her desire to have sex with me as we had.After a quick, late lunch Cindy wanted to see more videos and especially read more stories. We read stories until the wee hours of the morning again and continued after we woke up at about noon on Sunday. We talked openly about what turned us on most about the stories and agreed on most facets of them. We both like the detailed descriptions and views of those moments when the black men ejaculate into the white wives, or even into the mouths of the cuckold husbands. That imagery is so powerful and plays right into the primal urges issues that I mentioned earlier.We looked at many other genres over the weekend, but the interracial cuckold stories turned us on the most. By late Sunday night we were starting to fantasize about black men when we fucked. I could hardly believe that Cindy had become so licentious in her desires, just from reading the stories and viewing the videos. I was totally exhausted and fucked out by the time I left for work on Monday morning, but Sarah was still eager for sex. We agreed that she would continue reading stories and viewing videos on the entire list of sites while I’m at work. Plus, she went online to order herself a couple of large, lifelike black dildos, one was eight inches and the other over eleven inches, to aid in her own in-depth research during the day. It was good to know that she would be able to give plenty of input on the project and help us earn the bonus money.Since Cindy was focusing on the cuckold hotwife material, I continued gathering the raw statistics on all twenty sites. Then I did as Max directed and started researching the gay male and bisexual material. I soon learned that there are significant differences between men who are gay and those that are bisexual.The gay men have a tendency to develop emotional attachments to the men they’re with, and usually engaged in hugging, kissing and anal activities. They think in terms of a man being good looking and approach the encounters in a romantic way. The bisexual men seem to be more like the cuckold men, and engage in sex, with no romantic attraction to the men per se, but with strong desires to suck their cocks and swallow their cum. From the way I enjoyed and fantasized about the cuckold material, it was only natural that I identify more with the bisexual men. And I have a surprising attraction to oversized, black genitalia.My black coworkers had a good time frequently razzing me when they saw me looking at videos of white men sucking big, black cocks, or saw me reading stories with titles like ‘White Man Sucks Black Boss’ Cock”. I have to admit to being very aroused by that material, and I sometimes caught myself subconsciously rubbing my dick. Sometimes I got so turned on that I had to shove tissues down into my underwear to soak up all the precum. I started to emotionally identify with the white characters who were submitting themselves to the desires and sexual pleasures of the black men.One day I almost acted on my building, submissive desires, when Lionel came into my cubicle. I was reading one of the boss-themed, cock sucker stories, and was so engrossed in the dialogue between the characters that I didn’t realize that he was standing right next to me.I was aggressively and openly rubbing my crotch, when he leaned down and whispered, “Damn, white boy, I can see that story really turns you on. You don’t need the boss to fulfill your needs though. I’ve got plenty of black meat for you to study right here.”I was startled and looked around to see his soft cock and balls literally hanging only inches from my face. His cock is long, uncircumcised and thick, just like in the videos and stories, and I couldn’t believe how big and low-hanging his balls are. I smelled his musky crotch and was oddly distracted by it all. I sat there with my mouth open and staring, as he gripped his thick meat and waved in front of me, almost brushing it against my lips. It looked so sexy. I was in such a receptive mindset from reading so many stories and envisioning myself as the cock sucker, that I almost leaned in to take his thick meat into my mouth. I wondered what he tasted like and how it would feel to have a cock in my mouth.He taunted me again saying, “That’s it, white boy, keep your sweet mouth open and you’ll have what you seem to be craving.”His voice jolted me out of my reverie. I quickly backed away and said, “Sorry, Lionel, I didn’t mean to stare. That was awkward, and rude of me. But you shouldn’t be hanging that big thing out like that anyway. You know that I’m doing research on this project, and I don’t have any interest in your cock.” I totally lied to him.Lionel stuffed his cock and balls back into his pants as he said, “Sure, sure, Dave, if you say so, man. If you do change your mind and get hungry, I’m just a few feet away.”My emotions were then running wild. I realized that I had a very strong urge to actually suck Lionel’s cock. It was becoming clear what Max was saying about the power of interracial porn to dramarically influence white people’s attitudes about becoming submissive to black men and willing to have interracial sex with them.I went through the rest of the week compiling data on all the sites and reading more of the bisexual stories. It was also fun getting Cindy’s detailed feedback when I got home at night. She was becoming ever more in tune with the cuckold scenarios and she fucked me to the point of collapse as she enhanced our fantasy scenarios. She also talked a lot about her insights into the cuckold husbands and how it turned her on to see them become subservient to both their wives and to the black studs.We agreed that it was important for us to be brutally honest with one another on our developing feelings about what we were viewing and reading. When I told her about what happened when Lionel surprised me with his cock and balls hanging out, she got very excited. I admitted my attraction to his big cock, and the strong urge churning inside me to want to suck him off. My admission then played directly into our bedtime fantasies, and she more enthusiastically cast me in the role of the cock sucking, cuckold husband. She liked the thought of me being thoroughly abused by our black, fantasy lovers.By Friday of that second week, I had developed a massive amount of quantitative data to support my recommendations on the sites. And with Cindy’s avid help, we had also come to some meaningful conclusions on the qualitative data, which I believe is more important to Samuel anyway.I met with Max late on Friday after all the other employees had left for the weekend. The nature of the assignment required that I tell him all the details involved in my research and Sarah’s opinions on her viewing and reading. I was very nervous, and it was embarrassing to honestly admit to my black boss how aroused Cindy and I got from the material, and how it affected our sex lives by stimulating us to the point that we’re fantasizing about it in bed. I even confessed the strong attraction I felt to the genitals of the black men in those bisexual and gay stories and videos, and my submissive feelings.Max listened intently to my half hour presentation, as he sat behind his big desk with a pleased look on his face.From the way he was moving his arm, I knew that he must have been rubbing his cock.When I was finished he said, “Congratulations, David, it sounds like you and Cindy have zeroed in on the essence of what Samuel was looking for. Viewing bahis firmaları and reading that interracial material has helped you two to so intimately understand why so many white folks enjoy sexually serving black men. I want to explore some of your findings in greater depth, so let’s go sit on the couch where we’ll be more comfortable.”We moved over to sit on his cushioned, leather couch. I was just beginning to go over my conclusions in more detail when Max interrupted, smiled and said, “You know, David, I was pleasantly surprised that you and Cindy got so fully into the spirit of the project, and that the cuckold material affected you both so profoundly. Samuel will be very happy with your work and her involvement.”“I’m also pleased that you did so much work on the bisexual and gay scenarios. Lionel told me that you were really enjoying a black-boss story you were reading and were even rubbing yourself. Tell me the truth, David. Did those black-boss stories really turn you on that much? Did you identify with those strong emotions the characters experienced while being docile and obedient to strong black men who had control over their livelihood?”It was obvious that Max was going to try to take my research to a whole new level, and I thought that it could be bad for my career in the long run if I submitted to him. The simple fact, though, is that I was becoming strongly attracted to black cocks and could easily see myself in the place of the characters with those subservient feelings. That was especially true since Max is such a big, strong, and dominant black man. I also desperately needed my job and knew that it would be even harder to find a job again if he fired me and then refused to give me a good recommendation.I was very apprehensive, though becoming sexually aroused, knowing that my response would embolden Max. I smiled at him and admitted, “Cindy and I, surprisingly to us, have really come around to enjoy many of the cuckold scenarios where black men exercise control of various kinds over the white couples. We both find the boss-related cuckold stories to be especially arousing. And yes, it’s true I’ll admit, that black-boss story I was reading when Lionel interrupted me as he did, affected me in ways that I still don’t fully understand. I never previously had an attraction to men’s’ genitals in that way and had never seen or even heard about black men having such huge cocks and big cum loads.”Max began openly rubbing the cock lump in his pants as he said, “I strongly believe that it will help you to complete the documentation on your research if you experience a black cock first-hand. Come on, David, give it a taste. From the way you described your feelings about the cuckold and cock sucking stories, I know deep inside that you must want to try it. So just come and let yourself go, do it white boy. Just get on your knees over here and get a close look and taste of my big, black fuck meat. The white guy you replaced would probably still be here if he had better followed my orders to do the same thing.”Then everything was out in the open. I was at risk of losing my badly-needed job if I didn’t obey Max. It wasn’t like he even needed to force me though, and his strong, forceful approach played into my feelings of wanting to be compliant to his desires. Max could tell by the resigned look on my face that I would do his bidding. He stood up and removed his shoes, pants and underwear, before leaning back on the couch with his ass right on the edge of the seat.I moved over onto my knees between his legs and could hardly believe the size of his genitals. His uncircumcised, vein covered, black cock was still soft and looked to be eight inches long and very thick. His balls are the size of eggs and hung down over the edge of the couch in his hairy, black scrotum. He smiled down at me as I gawked at his big cock and then took it into my hand. My fingers just barely fit around his thick shaft and it felt hot and heavy in my hand. I had never seen an uncircumcised cock close up before and I like the way that extra skin covers his cock head and is so moist as I slowly stroked him.It seemed like it took less than a minute before his cock hardened to its full eleven inches. Max leaned down to place his hand behind my head, and as he pulled my face towards his cock he said, “That’s it, our newest cock sucker, go ahead and get a taste of my meat. I haven’t ejaculated in a week and really need to unload into your cunt mouth.”I liked having Max talk to me that way, and I leaned in to take his cock into my mouth. I love the taste, wetness and texture of his foreskin and cock head. It was almost like I had experienced it before from reading those very descriptive stories. But sucking a real cock and smelling his musky crotch made it so much better than reading the stories. I loved the feeling of being between his legs and being used by him. It was even better when he lifted his thighs over my shoulders and pulled me tightly against him with his legs.His copious precum tasted salty and just a little sweet, and I could hardly wait until I got his full load of Negro cum, which would be my first ever. I was able to take a little over half of his cock before it started pressing into my throat, and I was surprised that I don’t have much of a gag reflex. He was soon thrusting his hips and fucking my mouth deeply as he held me in place with his strong legs, and I was taking at least ten inches of his thick cock into my mouth and throat.After sucking his massive cock for only about ten solid minutes, Max quickened his strokes until his cock began to jump and pulse in my mouth. He pulled back a little, so his load would shoot into my mouth and not down my throat. He must have ejaculated eight or nine big ropes of his thick cum into me, and I moved it around with my tongue and tasted it before swallowing it all down.I continued sucking him as his cock softened, and just loved having my mouth full of his thick, black meat. Then Max said, “Holy fuck, David, that was a great blowjob for your first time. Now get that sweet mouth down there to suck my balls while I churn up another load of cum for you.His hairy scrotum smelled and tasted musky as I took first one and then the other of his huge testicles into my mouth. I looked up past his soft cock that was lying across my face and saw him staring down at me and smiling with a look of conquest on his face. He had that same look of indifference that I had read about and seen in the videos. It was obvious that I was just another white mouth to be used for his pleasure, and I liked being used that way.After sucking and slobbering on his balls for maybe twenty minutes, I felt his cock hardening on my face as he reached down to pull me up. Then he said, “Get up here and suck me again, white boy. It will take you a while to work up this second load. From the way you’ve done everything so far, I know that you’ll love sucking me again and taking your time to enjoy my thick cock.”It took me twenty minutes to suck out his second load, and after that he got dressed. Then he said, “You and Cindy are going to make your presentation to Samuel on the Friday night when the time comes. I’ll be reserving a private dining room at a nice downtown hotel, as well as rooms for all of us. I expect the dinner and meeting to take a long time, and with us drinking, I don’t want anyone driving home afterwards.”“Now that you’ve been introduced to the freedom of being used for sex by a black man, I’ll let the other men here in our office know about it. You’ll be expected to take care of your coworkers and me whenever we desire it. You can either suck them in your cubicles, or in the bathroom if you feel better that way. I mean, what’s the use of having a white boy trained to suck black cock if he doesn’t take care of us when we want it? And I expect you to at least try anything new that we ask of you, without any argument.”I got home two hours later than my usual time due to making my presentation to Max and of course, sucking him off two times. I told Cindy about everything that happened with Max. She was so turned on by what I did, that we had the best sex ever that weekend. She even encouraged me about sucking all my coworkers in the future. We also talked about the upcoming meeting at the hotel and were both suspicious about what they were really planning. It was becoming clear to me that I was hired and given that porn assignment as a way to acclimate both Cindy and me to the interracial lifestyle, for their benefit.It’s a good thing that I had the project mostly completed, because the next week at work was very hectic. Max, Lionel and my other six black coworkers wanted their big cocks sucked at least once every day, sometimes twice even. I had changed so much by this point in time that I absolutely loved taking all of their cum loads and was amazed at the volume of it they ejaculated, even though I was keeping them drained. I was not much more than a cum dump for those men. All of them wanted their balls sucked too. They all liked sitting on my face while feeding me their balls, perinea, and asses. I enjoyed being held under them, struggling to breathe as they dominated and used me. I soon found myself giving up to sixty blowjobs a week and swallowing every load of cum they fed me. It was insane, yet the more I did it, the more I craved it as well.By the time the next Friday night came, I was an experienced and compliant cock, balls and ass sucker for the black men I worked with and did anything they told me to. All of them have cocks that are at least eight to ten nches long, with Max’s being the longest at eleven inches. This was how my new role at work changed and continued over the next two weeks leading up to the big meeting finally with the client. I was the company’s cocksucking white boy now.When the presentation night finally arrived, Cindy and I met with Max and Samuel at the hotel on Friday night and had a fabulous dinner. Samuel is also a handsome black man about the same size as Max. I made my presentation to Samuel during dinner, with Sarah chiming in sparingly with her perspectives, as appropriate. I was so proud of the way she looked in her little black minidress that did little to hide her braless, firm and large cantaloupe sized breasts, her sexy legs on full display and her new five inch black stiletto heels. She is five feet and six inches tall, weighs one hundred and twenty-five pounds, and is in very good shape from frequent yoga and Pilates workouts and jogging. She wasn’t wearing panties either, to avoid having an unsightly panty line.I knew from all the stories we read that black men especially like white women with blonde hair. Cindy’s natural, blonde, shoulder-length hair and bright-blue eyes contrasted so beautifully against the black dress. Those men kept their eyes on her almost the whole time, even when I was making my presentation. After the first hour, I had given them most of my statistical conclusions, and was just starting to go into the subjective factors. We had all been drinking wine and mixed drinks, and I could tell that Max and Samuel were feeling no pain.During the pause when I was getting my material reorganized, Samuel chimed in and said, “You’ve really done excellent work on this project, David, and it shows that Max was right. You guys took the work seriously and got into everything in detail. Now I’d like to ask your beautiful wife, Cindy, a few questions to make sure that I understand her womanly point of view.”He looked at Cindy, not even trying to hide that he was gazing at her ample cleavage, and said, “David told us all how much you two enjoyed the cuckold videos and the plot and character development in the cuckold stories. Now I’d like you to tell me specifically what turned David and you on so much about them.”We hadn’t planned on Cindy taking a major role in the presentation, but I knew that she could handle it. She smiled at the men and said, “The videos and stories affected us in different ways. 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I really like the way you personalized your comments as being your feelings, and not just a commentary on the characters you encountered. This is all so wonderful, and I’d like to invite everyone up to my suite. The restaurant manager gave me a sign that they are closing, and I’d like to pursue this presentation further.”The suite has a large entertainment area with a cozy, semi-circular, cushy leather couch and a round ottoman in front of it also upholstered in leather. There was also a highend video camera on a tripod off to the side of the couch. Samuel fixed us fresh drinks, although we were already inebriated from the drinks we had at dinner. Samuel was sitting the closest to Cindy, as we sat pretty much facing one another on the couch.Samuel reached out and placed his hand on Cindy’s bare knee, as if to more-fully gain her attention as he said, “I just wanted to thank you again for getting so involved in David’s work, and actually immersing yourself in it. 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You would be able to make enough money doing that to solve all of your financial problems and have fun while you’re at it.”I could tell by Cindy’s reaction and the position of Samuel’s arm that he was close to touching her bare pussy. He turned his upper torso to face her. Just before he leaned in to kiss her he said, “You can consider this your audition for the parts.”He was kissing my wife passionately, with no resistance from her, as he pushed up her dress and began finger-fucking her wet pussy. I was in such a mellow mood from drinking and thinking about all the seduction scenes I had read about in the cuckold stories and didn’t try or want to intervene. At the same time Max stood up, turned on, and aimed the video camera, before saying to me, “Get down there on knees and show our client some respect. Take his pants down and get his cock ready to fuck your new hotwife.”I fell to my knees between Samuel’s legs, and unfastened his belt, button and zipper. 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I hope we can take your willingness to suck and be fucked as a yes to our generous offer.”Cindy spoke up right away and said, “I never imagined that being fucked by huge cocks like yours would be so much better than being fucked with David’s little dick. But I now know that size definitely does matter. You pounded places inside me that he has never reached, and I can hardly believe the amount of cum you pumped into me. Bigger is so much better. So, just how many different actors will I be fucking, and do they all have beautiful cocks as big as yours?”Samuel laughed and said, “First of all, you’ve got such a nice cunt and fantastic tits, that I plan to be fucking you quite a bit myself, whether on camera or not. We have a current stable of over thirty, young, black actors that help our viewers fulfill the fantasy of a white wife fucking young, hung black men. 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And if you really get into that nasty stuff and enjoy it, we can use you to make some fetish flicks perhaps too.”After we finished the video, we went into Samuel’s king-size bed and stayed the night. There was very sleeping, though, except for a few cat caps, as those men fucked Cindy on and off until the wee hours of the morning. I was busy most of the time, sucking their cocks, balls and assholes, when I wasn’t cleaning my sexy hotwife’s slutty pussy.In the morning they ordered room service and we had a great breakfast. During the conversation, Max admitted that Samuel isn’t really a client. Max is a partner in Samuel’s porn business, and they planned the whole thing to find a new couple for their videos. He knew that we would be eager to please and susceptible to falling under the influence of the porn we were reviewing, since our financial situation was so desperate.As for my career, I was able to work at the marketing job part time, whenever I wasn’t making cuckold videos with Cindy. She also made dozens of other fuck videos on her own, sometimes using other actors for the husband parts. Cindy is now used to a steady diet of big, black cocks fucking her, and we haven’t fucked in almost a year. However, I always have the immense pleasure of sucking her hot pussy, whether she has just been fucked or not.As it turns out, this new career and lifestyle was the very best thing to ever happen to us, and we’re both so thankful and feel blessed to have been given this rewarding opportunity. Other white couples who may be considering making a change and opening up their marriage ar some point, should definitely look into involving black men in their relationship. 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