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Subject: Mark the Teacher 1.0 – Mark and Silva. Mark teaches Maths at Killarney High School. He struggles as a teacher but loves where he finds himself. many hours of the working day, in a testosterone-fuelled classroom. Openly Gay, but not at school and definitely not to his students. Boy, how they would love that little bit of personal information. Still only in his early 30’s, he finds it very easy to converse with most teenage boys. There are exceptions, of course, such as that Latin heartthrob sitting towards the rear of the class. The boy unnerves him. It is normal for teachers to be always watching their pupils, but this boy is always watching him. As result, Mark tries to not look at him, but that is like keeping your tongue away from an aching tooth. Silvester is his name, but the kids call him Silva. Olive skinned, with mournful eyes under a lush crop of pitch-black hair his looks can only be referred to as sultry. Today is no exception, any time Mark looks in the kid’s direction he finds himself being stared back at. Sometimes he detects, or imagines, a little wicked smile hovering around the boy’s lips. An Italian, or maybe Spanish, background Mark assumes. Mark’s attention is suddenly diverted to the other, left, rear corner of the classroom. All the attention appears to be on McDonald, the school sporting hero, no doubt bored with Mark’s teaching and wanking off in class again. Mark knows that nothing can be gained by calling him out, he just wishes he could have a closer look himself. He recalls from Gym class, which he sometimes supervises, trying not to dally in the shower room, that the boy is hung like the proverbial horse. At the crucial moment, or maybe just before it, the period buzzer goes. Mark’s call of ‘class dismissed’ was greeted with the usual noise and rush for the door. McDonald is slow to stand up and without any seeming embarrassment re-adjusts his clothing and walks down the aisle with his large tumescence in the front of his school greys fully on show. He nods to Mark, and departs the room. Only one boy remains, Silva. He had obviously been watching Mark ogle McDonald as he left and once again a cheeky little smile hovers around his lips. “Nowhere to go Silvester?” Mark asks. “I wanted to ask you something,” he replied overly politely. Mark walks down the aisle towards Silva’s desk, waiting for he knows not what? “As you know, I struggle with Maths. I’ve talked about it with my father and we both realize just how important Maths is with what I want to do after school, We were wondering how much you would charge for private tutoring after school or at weekends?” “I do that from time to time but never before for someone in one of my classes. If I can not teach you in class, what chance do I have of getting through to you out of class.” The boy smiled a full smile. “I am sure that one-on-one, it would work perfectly.” “I am not sure, but usually when I do it I charge $50 for a four-hour block, provided that it is off the record, so to speak” The teacher should always be in control, but Mark feels as if he is being manipulated. Danger signs and bells are ringing in his head, but he is actively seeking some extra cash and it certainly would be an interesting challenge. “I’ll talk to my father and let you know.” With more than a few misgivings, Mark leaves it at that. and nods a goodbye to Silva as he finally leaves the classroom. 2.0 Mr. Rossini. The next day Silva told Mark that his father would like to meet up with him at his office in the city. He agrees to go after school that day. The office turns out to be for Rossini Engineers. He is ushered into Mr. Rossini’s office with much reverence. After the welcoming handshakes, Mr Rossini begins. “My boy, Silvester, has the utmost regard for you as a teacher and as a sympathetic man, both attributes we prize in my country. Hence our approach to you to help Silvester with his Maths, an essential subject for him if he is to ever to progress with his education, and eventually join with us here in our firm of engineers.” “I very much appreciate your comments and the offer, but, as I have already told Silvester I have doubts as to the outcome as he is already struggling with my teaching in class.” “Yes, we have discussed that but he feels confident that on a one-on-one basis it would be different.” There is no way that Mark can tell Mr Rossini that his greatest fear is that his son is Gay, and has a fixation on him, Mark, and that is why he wants the one-on-one so dearly! After weighing up the pros and cons, he is resigned to the basic fact that he needs the extra cash and can see no way out, so he gratefully çankaya escort accepts the offer. “The most suitable time for us would be either Saturday morning or afternoon if that is convenient for you? I am here at the office at that time and there would be no distractions in the house.” “The afternoon would suit me fine.” “Very good, then let us settle things on a monthly basis. In anticipation of your agreement today, I have prepared a payment of $200 to cover the first 4 weeks,” said Mr. Rossini, as he handed Mark an envelope, stuffed with banknotes. They shook hands again and Mark departed, still with many misgivings. ———– At school the next day he was approached by an excited Silva, who handed him a slip of paper with his address on it, and a phone number for any emergency. It was then agreed one o’clock; Saturday afternoon for the first lesson. 3.0 – The bedroom. At the agreed time Mark rang the doorbell at number 88 Mission Road. He was as nervous as a kitten, scared of what may develop during the afternoon but determined to stay completely in control of the situation. When the front door opened he was hit with his first shock! In the open doorway stood a bare-chested Silva, wearing just a pair of very skimpy shorts that look as if they would fall off him if he moves. “Is that the way that you normally dress for school?” asks a startled Mark. “No, but it is the normal way I dress at my study,” replied the doe-eyed Silva. Shakily, Mark followed Silva into the house, and up the stairs to what was Silva’s bedroom/study. A large unmade double bed filled the left half of the room, a desk and computer console filled the right-hand corner. Two chairs had been placed in front of the desk. Silva took the left chair and motioned for Mark to take the right one. Mark was very uncomfortable, the day was not progressing as he had hoped. Not in the house five minutes and he was already in the boy’s bedroom, The unmade bed only added to the sense of intimacy. However it was a large room, pleasantly air-conditioned and obviously where the boy did his study and homework, so it was impossible to suggest that they move elsewhere. He would just have to make the best of it. “Let us divide the session into two two-hour periods We will take a 15-minute break in between when you can maybe make me a coffee?” Mark took out his pre-prepared papers and began the lesson. Right from the start, he was surprisingly impressed with the intelligent questions Silva was asking. Questions that meant he was actually understanding the lesson. The only problem was that Silva was continually resting his right hand on Mark’s left thigh. He had brushed it off a few times but it always returned. Worse still he was feeling a tingle down below as the contact was sending little shock waves through his body. Any discovery by Silva of what was happening would be a disaster. The clock showed 3.00, so Mark said,”Let’s take a break, do you think that you could make me a cup of coffee, I am getting quite hoarse from so much talking?” “No problem,” said Silva, jumping up? “How do you like your coffee?” “I like a Long Black.” said Mark, innocently. Silva smiled, lightly grabbed his own genitals, and said.”: I have a long black!” “Silva!” Mark screamed as the grinning boy scampered out of the room. Five minutes later he was back with two cups of steaming hot coffee in his hands. Mark’s Long Black coffee even had a perfect crema on top, Mark was impressed. “You have a real espresso machine?” “When you have money, you have all of the material things but not always everything that you really want.” Mark let that one fly over his head without comment. Quietness followed as they both sipped their coffees, then Silva looked at Mark, in a rather subdued manner, and asked.”When we are here can I call you Mark?” “That is not very appropriate, you might slip up one day and do it at school.” “Never, I promise I won’t, please” then he added shyly, “Mark?” The boy had tried so hard during his lesson so far that Mark gave in. “I will probably regret it, but OK, but only here in this room!” “Then you can call me Silva.” the cheeky boy countered to which he got a pretend swipe across the ears. They then proceeded with the 2nd period of the tutoring, which progressed as well as the first. It was 5.00 and time for Mark to depart. He had prepared an assignment for Silva to complete to gauge how well he had absorbed his lessons today. The boy asked. “What is the prize?” “No prize, do you need one?” “Tell me what mark you think I will get?” “Before today I would have said that you would struggle to get 50%. çankırı escort But after today, I hope you may get 60 or even 65%.” “If I do, then you will also wear shorts next week?” “No way! I am the teacher, not the student.” :But many of the teachers at school wear shorts with long socks.” Mark could already see that he was about to lose this one, so he just set the bar higher. “You get 70% and I will wear shorts.” “And if I do not get 70% I will have to do the session naked!” “Then you will have to find another teacher.” Silva looked serious for a few minutes then asked. “You really do not like me, do you Mark?” “Of course, I like you, if I didn’t I would not be here now. It is just that I am uncomfortable with some of your behavior.” This received a pout from the boy, but one that was quickly replaced with a smile. “I look forward to seeing you next week in your sexy shorts!” “They will be the unsexiest shorts I can find.” With that Mark picked up his things and stood to depart. Silva led him downstairs and they shook hands at the door. Silva would have held on forever so Mark had to break the contact, rather forcefully. He had escaped the first tutoring session without any major disaster but still had trepidations about the future. 4.0 – Dreams and school. After the stress of the afternoon, a quiet night at home was all Mark desired. Some friends called around and a few drinks were consumed, and an early night ensued. Normally a heavy sleeper, tonight was no exception except that he had a weird and scary dream. He was being tried in a courtroom and he was addressing the judge. “But, with respect your honor, the boy kept throwing himself at me. I don’t know how I resisted for so long.” Then he is being sentenced. The judge was addressing the court. “I find the defendant guilty, as charged. Not only did you abuse your privilege as a teacher but you corrupted an innocent boy who had been entrusted to you and was under your control. Furthermore, you shamefully tried to switch the blame onto the victim. I sentence you to 12 years jail, with a non-parole period of 9 years! At this point Mark awoke, shivering and sweating profusely. He went for a quick shower before returning to bed, quite shaken by the graphic dream. —————– Monday morning at school and it was the first period with Silva’s class. Siva was waiting for him and proudly handed in his assignment. “That was quick, I will check it tonight.” “I spent most of Sunday doing it, I think it is good, so get your shorts ready.” Today’s lesson progressed without any drama, even Silva seemed to be paying attention to the extent of answering the occasional question Mark threw at him, correctly. In the afternoon Mark was scheduled to supervise a gym class, and he dreaded to check, but yes it was Silva’s class. This extra duty was one that Mark usually looked forward to, not minding the eye candy of thirty hot horny teens running naked in the changerooms, playing their towel stinging games on the unsuspecting. As usual, McDonald insisted on walking around the change room totally naked, for all to see just how well hung he was. Worse still he would often stand directly in front of Mark to ask some stupid unnecessary question, making no attempt to cover up. He did that again today and Silva was standing a few feet away watching them. Silva then also stripped off and walked closely past Mark on his way to the showers, also giving the full-frontal view to Mark, at the same time as McDonald did so. Mark had to admit that Silva had an incredible lithe sexy body, which solved no problems at all. Minutes later much laughing and mock screams emanated from the shower area but no way was Mark going there to investigate. Oh, to be a fly on the wall! ——————- That night Mark checked Silva’s assignment. There was something wrong, as most of it was correct. Too much of it, in fact, Mark added up the scores and was amazed and horrified, 78%. A long and detailed re-check only confirmed the initial mark. He felt as if he was being sucked into quicksand. This time a dreamless night ensued. ============ School the next day and he had to tell Silva his assignment score. The boy was elated. “Now I will have to think up an even better reward for the next assignment.” The boy was all smiles, but Mark did not feel like smiling rather fearing what may lie ahead. Remnants of that horrible dream never far away. He had been with 17 and 18-year-old boys countless times but never with a current pupil of his. He would have to find the baggiest, daggiest shorts in his wardrobe to wear next Saturday, maybe with a couple çayyolu escort of pairs of jocks underneath for padding. 5.0 – The day of the shorts. Like Christmas, the next Saturday came around. time never stands still. He had intended to buy a pair of suitable shorts during the week but never got around to it. All he could find in his cupboard were an old pair of squash shorts, way too small and far too revealing. noway was he going to arrive in them so he put them on but pulled his tracksuit pants on over them? Arriving at Silva’s he was greeted with a frown. “You promised?” Silva wailed. Mark placed his thumbs inside his trackies and pulled them down an inch or two to show his shorts underneath. Silva was appeased. When they got to his bedroom, he said with a sly grin. “This is even better, now for the striptease! Do it slowly, do it good.” Mark ignored him and just began to drag his tracksuit pants down but Silva stopped him, grabbing his hands. “No. let me do it!” as he began edging Marks’ trousers up a little then down a little. It was Mark’s turn to grab Silva’s hands. “Don’t be stupid.” he said as he finally removed his pants to reveal his skimpy shorts. Silva was sulking. ‘You called me stupid, can’t I have any fun?” “Let’s get started, it is already one-fifteen.” They sat as of the previous week, Mark on the right, Silva left, their two now bare legs just touching. It did not take long and Silva’s right hand was again resting on Mark’s left thigh, but this time with intent, as he kept moving his hand across the leg, saying, “You have beautiful legs, Mark,” “Don;t be stupid?” “There you go again, calling me stupid.” “Only if you do stupid things.” “What if I don’t think they are stupid?” “Are we going to study Maths, or not?” Mark was really in trouble now, whilst he had constantly been removing Silva’s hand from his leg, the delicate touching was having an effect, and he felt the initial stirring of the monster. Worse still Silva’s hand was only a couple of inches away from it. If Silva discovers that, simple self-control will not be enough. Thinking quickly, in survival mode, he asks. “Before we start, could you possibly get me a glass of cold water? My throat is rather dry.” Any request from Mark was treated as an immediate command by Silva and he jumped up and ran downstairs to comply. As soon as he was out of the door Mark re-arranged himself so it was now pointing to his right side well away from Silva’s prying fingers. When the boy returned he gave the glass of water, with two ice cubes floating in it, to Mark, who sipped it appreciatingly. Instead of returning to his chair beside Mark, Silva sat on the end of his bed and lay back, cradling his genitals in such a way that they almost dropped out of the right-hand leg of his small shorts, definitely meaning it to be a show for Mark. It was obvious that he wore no underpants underneath. “I like it better here, climb up beside me and do the lesson here, it is much more comfortable.” “You are being silly again.” “My muscles are sore, why don’t you give me a massage.” “I know which muscle is sore.” “You can massage that if you want?” “Silva, this s getting us nowhere.” “But I want to have sex with you, Mark.” “I am a teacher, and you are my pupil, it is not allowed.”\ With that Silva got up and stood at Mark’s right shoulder. He leaned forward and placed his hand on the exact spot where Mark had moved it to. The gentle caress caused it to sit up for attention whereupon Siva grabbed it more firmly. “See, you want it all the time!” Mark stood up and faced Silva holding his hands. “Silva, this is not right.” “But I want it, and you want it, so why not?” Silva broke free of Mark’s grip and placed his arms around Mark in a bear hug. Their bodies were clamped together, both could clearly feel the other’s erections. There was no going back, Mark let his arms loosely drape around Silva, which was all the encouragement the boy needed. He was now groping Mark ferociously, whilst trying to kiss him. Now he yanked Mark’s flimsy shorts down to his knees and took hold of hot flesh, stroking and fondling him, furiously. Not satisfied with that, Silva sank to his knees and took Mark in his mouth with a technique that proved he had much previous experience. Mark gave in. He dragged Silva back to his feet, pushed him back onto the bed, removing his mini shorts at the same time. The beautiful body that lay before him just screamed out for attention, which is what it got. All Mark’s pent-up tension was expunged. They serviced each other in turn, as best they could. Two exhausted bodies collapsed in a cuddle, both breathing heavily, till their breath slowly came back to normal. “What are we going to do?” whispered Mark. “How about three hours of tutoring followed by one hour of sexing, every Saturday.” replied the impish boy. Mark just hugged him, knowing he was helpless to disagree.