Massage For The Bitch

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Public Sex

“Shit, I gotta go,” I whined, rushing to my locker.I opened it and put my books away, although, then it suddenly shut.”What the fuck, Veronica?” I bitched, looking at her.”How much longer do I have to put up with your lesbian ass?””Well,” I said, grabbing the combination knob again. “You could drop out, then neither of us will have to see each other ever again,” I explained, opening it. “What the fuck’s your problem anyway? Can’t you stop being such a homophobe?” I asked, taking out my other clothes.”Oh, you’re a masseuse? You’re one lucky bitch if you get to see naked women professionally? Wow, I’d be jealous if I was a lesbian.””Well, too bad,” I added, shutting the door.I stood there expecting her to speak, but I only noticed she checked my breasts out a bit.”I don’t know what the hell is wrong with you, but I gotta go,” I made clear, before leaving.I went straight to work and strolled into my massage room. “Seriously, what the hell is wrong with her? I mean, is she fucked in her brain? I already barely had any time to do a damn thing, but shit, I hate that cunt,” I groaned, undressing.I quickly changed into my uniform and let out a deep breath. “Fuck Veronica, she can screw anyone she wants, but why the hell if I like ladies? It doesn’t affect her; it’s not like I even kiss anyone in front of her.””Hey, Joan, I’m sending a customer back now!” I heard my boss Hanna yell.”Okay, at least I’ll have someone else to take my mind off that skank. I just wish I knew what her malfunction was. Shit, maybe I should drop out if that’s what’s best. It’d be a shame to change schools just because of one floozy, but shit, I don’t know what else to do. I do not think anyone’s gonna do anything just for bitchy words, so crap,” I groaned before I peeked at the door. “You’ve got to be fucking kidding me; what the hell are you doing here, Veronica?” I fussed as she walked in there with me.”Well, I’m stressed and could use a massage. Do you have a problem massaging me? I can go tell your boss you have a problem.””How did you even know where I worked?””It says it right on your uniform, I saw at least for a couple of seconds, and I thought I could use a massage. I didn’t know I’d get you, though. Seriously, I’ll go tell your boss if this is gonna be a problem, Joan.””Really, you’re asking me that, when just a little while ago you asked me how long you’d have to put up with my lesbian ass? Is this a joke?””Do I need to go to your boss or not?””No, fuck it, just let me leave and get undressed.”Although, before I could move my foot, she stripped out of her top.’And you’re not waiting, or even wearing a bra,’ I thought, checking her out. ‘And, shit, you’re fucking beautiful,’ I thought, prior to her pushing her shorts down too.”It’s fine; you can look, you damn hussy. I knew I’d have to be ogled,” she whined, before lying down on the table on her stomach.I bit down on my bottom lip and took a deep breath.Even as she had her thong on, I still put a towel over her butt. ‘I have to be professional, but shit, just as I thought, she is gorgeous. Maybe she already knew I’d think so; if so, fuck you, Veronica, you suck.'”Would you like me to use massage oil, Veronica?””Yes, if you don’t mind.”I clenched my fists and acted as professionally as possible. Then I opened my hands and doused my hands with oil. I scanned her body a lot and licked my lips as I knew she couldn’t see me. I twitched a bit too but managed to keep my attraction hidden.’Damn it, what the hell is wrong with me?’ I thought, feeling her back. ‘Well, like most cunts that are that way for no reason, she is dazzling on the outside, and now I feel my brain and cherry fighting each other. My brain is just asking my pussy why it’s leaking,’ I thought, massaging her.”Well, I’ll give you points for being a good masseuse so far, Joan,” she complimented me.”Thanks, I guess.””You’re welcome, tart.””What the hell, Veronica?” I carped, yanking my hands away. “Why are you like this? What did I do to you? Can’t you just be civil and not say such shit? I’m a lesbian, and I know how to do my job; that’s all you need to say or think. Now shut the fuck up,” I grumbled, before massaging her more.I still couldn’t stop my slit from leaking or being upset with her. I still knew I needed to be professional, so I kept going. As I got to her butt, I shook quite a bit. I felt like someone had an air conditioner on me on full blast.So, I shivered and bit down on my bottom lip too. Although, Veronica did take my order seriously and kept her lips zipped. I knew she had to notice me shaking at least a tad, but I heard nothing from her. I moved my hands all over the bottom half of her body too.Nevertheless, even with her thong covering her snatch, I still couldn’t take my eyes away from her down there. I sighed and took deep breaths numerous times and held myself together as much as possible, but it wasn’t easy.I couldn’t help it because she seemed to be putting herself on display for me, and she knew I’d like what I saw, but of course, she made it no secret she didn’t like me for being a lesbian. I wanted to slap her, but I resisted.I performed my duty the best I could and didn’t squeeze her legs or anything like that, even though I was quite tempted. I breathed quite heavily too, and I was all in, but certain she knew about it, but she didn’t speak to that again.”Well, you are a professional, Joan, that’s for sure. Do you need me to flip over now?” she asked, glancing at me. I stayed silent for a few seconds. “Yes, Veronica.”She did that and brought her hands to her thong. “Should I take this off too?”I vibrated almanbahis like a vibrator for a short time. “If you want, I guess.”She grinned a tad and pushed it off herself. “Can you put this with the rest of my clothes?” she pondered, handing it to me.I calmly took it and dropped it off as I glared at it and her twat. ‘And you have a sexy bush too.’ I wasn’t sure if she noticed, but I didn’t care. I swallowed and tried to keep myself under control, but then she had her entire body to show off at that moment. I felt hot as hell on the outside but frozen solid on the inside. She lay down flat on her back with her jugs and cherry eyeballing me.”Come on, they’re just tits; you’ve felt some before, so just massage them already.”I sighed and calmly came to her to do just that. I surely jiggled, and she giggled too. I was all, but certain she was screwing with me, but I couldn’t prove it. It could’ve been purely consequential, but because she was her, I knew it couldn’t be.’I’m feeling her boobs and love it, but I even considered hitting myself to turn myself off even a little bit. Nevertheless, I still can’t put my finger on her motives. She doesn’t like me because I’m gay, but she’s willingly showing me her body and letting me touch her melons? What sense does that make?'”Oh, that’s good, Joan. You definitely have the touch; no wonder you became a masseuse. I’ve never had a single boyfriend making my hooters feel this good. Wow, I may have to come back here; you’re that good, I swear.”Although, I yanked my hands away. “Why the hell are you such a bitch, and why did you have me massage you? You hate me because I’m gay, so why wouldn’t you ask for someone else before you wondered if I’d have a problem? Now you’re paying me compliments like that, what the hell is going on with you? Are you just fucking with me? I can’t even tell, and you’re freaking me out now.”Veronica rose with me and got off the table. “Isn’t it obvious?””What are you talking about?” “I’m a popular cheerleader in college, and I think I’m in the closet. So, I’m mean to you to deal with it, I guess. I’m sorry, but I had no idea how to tell you, and you never seemed to figure it out yourself,” she said, before viewing her clothes. “I’m just going to go,” she whined, before grabbing them.I swallowed and felt my face for a minute as she slipped into her thong and put her bra back on too. “You’re in the closet?””Yes, again, I’m sorry, I’ll leave you the hell alone now, Joan. I’m a hussy, there’s no doubt about that, but I told you what was going on, period.”I let out another deep breath. “Veronica, take off your bra and thong; let me finish the massage for you. I’m still a professional.”She looked at me again and swallowed. “Okay, thanks,” she added, before taking those off again.I took an extra-long look at her nude body and licked my lips too.”You can eyefuck me if you want since you know now,” she offered, lying back down.I didn’t respond to that but came back to her to finish the massage. Then I had a much better picture of what was going on with her. She wanted some pussy for herself, but it still didn’t come out what she really wanted from me.”So, really, I gotta ask, why did you need to tell me? Nevermind all the bullshit you’ve put me through, what am I supposed to do for you?” “I have no idea, Joan, I just needed to tell you, that’s all. Maybe we can be friends, or you can tell me to get lost, it’s your call, but you know the truth now. If you want me to leave, just tell me, okay?”I didn’t speak and kept going too. A moment later, I needed to get down towards Veronica’s crotch.She spread her legs a bit. “It’s just a pussy, Joan. Massage it too if you want.”I licked my lips as my hands came close to it. I rubbed her thighs first and, of course, shook nonstop too. I massaged everywhere around it and even had her vibrating a bit as well. I didn’t know what to make of that, but it happened.I glanced at her and saw her slathering her lips. I could only guess she figured out that I wasn’t just attracted to her, but wanted to jump her bones right there, right then. Although, neither of us said a word for the time being.After a few more minutes, she gently grabbed my right hand and transported it to her cherry. “You may feel it, Joan; it won’t bite. You’ve been eyeing it enough.”I looked over at her and saw her shooting me a lusty look. Without me viewing her beaver, she pushed my hand on it a bit and made me feel her juice and it all over too.”You’re vibrating more now than you have any this time. I take it you like it, but hate that you do?””No kidding, Veronica?” I asked, yanking my hand away.”So, are you done then?” She asked, getting up on her butt.”Yes, I think it’s best if you just leave. Good for you for coming out to me anyway, but maybe it’s for the best that you leave now,” I explained, backing away.Then she calmly got off the bed and glanced back at her clothes. Although, she didn’t grab them and calmly came to me.”What are you doing?” I inquired, backing away.I mistakenly came onto the wall, and she came right to me, still naked. Although, she still knew my weakness and used it against me. She stole my hands and moved them to her hooters. She didn’t say a word, but certainly knew I liked feeling those bundles of joy hanging off her chest.”If you want to think I’m just a total wench, that’s your right,” she whispered, before leaning towards me. “I just ask that you let yourself have me because we both know you want me,” she let out, before kissing me.”What the hell is wrong with you, Veronica,” I complained, pushing her away. “I’m not getting involved almanbahis yeni giriş with you.””Fine, Joan. Maybe I’m not perfect, but if you can’t take what’s served to you on a silver platter, then something’s wrong with you,” she said, slipping into her thong yet again. “I’ll stop being a bitch, and let you be, but you like girls, and so do I. So if you want a piece of me, then you know where to find me. I applaud you for not letting me have it so many times before,” she added, grabbing her bra too. “If the roles were reversed, I’d slap the shit out myself,” she said, putting her arms in the straps.”Wait,” I said, stepping towards her. “Don’t fucking tell my boss about this,” I told her, before pushing my lips onto hers and wrapping my arms around her too.She encased her arms around me too and kissed me right back. I didn’t know what to make of my actions, but I just did them. She accepted it, and I couldn’t be sure if she was, in fact, for real or just screwing with me, but if she wasn’t serious, she sold it well.She demonstrated she could kiss a woman quite passionately, and she rubbed my butt and lowered back the whole time. I didn’t know what to really think of her either, but I took the situation minute by minute then. I only felt her mid-back, but her hands moved slowly up and down.After two minutes, she calmly parted her lips from mine. “Does this mean you want me?””Yes, Veronica.””Call me a slut.””Okay, slut,” I branded her, pushing her back to the bed.I kissed her again and felt her pussy yet also. That time, I had much different intentions. I kissed her and fingered her too, and she put her hand back on mine too. I also helped myself to feel her right tit with my other hand. She brought her hands to my shoulders and held them tight.She had me guessing about everything. I found myself in a bind and just took a leap of faith that this wouldn’t blow up in my face. I couldn’t be sure of that, but I waited to find out. I let my hand go all over her slit and clutched her jug too.She kept her hands on the bed and let me do the work for the time being. She knew I loved what I saw on her and let me have access to her. So, whatever her real intentions were, I had my fun to start with indeed.”Oh, that’s good, Joan, keep doing that,” she moaned with our lips together.Although, I had to yank my lips back to ask, “Are you fucking telling my boss about this?””No, are you ashamed to fuck me?””That’s a question for you, or is your whole anti-lesbian persona a crock of shit?””The second one,” she made clear, before grabbing the bottom of my uniform top. “Although, I can keep a secret,” she mentioned, taking it off right before she pressed her lips on mine again.She enveloped her arms around me again, bringing us both down. We made out and seemed to love it too. I had my head and twat fighting one another also. I let my private parts win again right then and let the make-out session go on too.Her hands went down to my butt and fondled it a bit as we kept kissing. She proved herself to be one hot chick, even if she didn’t have experience kissing a woman. It indeed felt different kissing women from men, but she certainly seemed more than into it.I felt our tits coming together, too, even though I was wearing a bra. She didn’t touch it for the time being and enjoyed one thing at a time. I also did the same and didn’t try to feel her boobs and just kept my hands on her arms.I kept my eyes closed the whole time, and I was sure she did the same thing. Either way, we made out for ten minutes without taking a break. We both leaned up while keeping our lips together. She turned her body to mine, had me get on her lap, and then had her legs hang off the bed.Then she finally let her lips off mine. Although, she didn’t speak, but brought her hands to my back. She wasted no time undoing my bra and taking it off me too. Even though my boobs were smaller than hers, she was still ogling them and felt them both.I jiggled back and forth and kept my eyes on hers too. Veronica grabbed onto both of them without speaking a word, let her eyes on mine, and gave my right nipple a single lick. I jolted a bit and hoped she’d keep us both up there too.”Well, hate is working in your favor; my hatred is making you hotter now, woman. I hate you, but you were making my pussy drip nonstop when I massaged you.””I know,” she admitted, bringing her lips to mine and before she kissed me for a few seconds. “I could tell,” she added, before heading back down.Although, I held her head back and hauled it back to mine. I made out with her yet again, and I wrapped my arms around her head too. I made it more than evident that I had a thing for her, and it was growing minute by minute.I pressed my lips onto hers harder and harder because I found her to be smoking hot by then. She at least gave me a real glimpse at her true colors, and I had to love it too. After a moment, I released her head, and she went back to my tits.She grabbed onto both of them and began licking my other nipple as we eyeballed each other. I grabbed the bed the best I could to give myself a little bit better leverage, but, of course, all bets were off if I’d fall off her or not.”Judging from how good you’re making me feel, you better take it slow, or we might go down.”She didn’t respond to that and kept going on me too. She slathered both of my small red nipples and indeed made me tingle all over. I couldn’t help but focus on the hatred, it just made the sex hotter, and I didn’t even know why.After a couple more minutes, I put one hand on her head. “Oh, yes, skank, lick my nipple as almanbahis giriş you come out. Fuck you so very much for being such a cunt, and I’m not sorry about that. You suck in more ways than one because that was not a good way to deal with your shit. I went through a lot of shit because of your fucking mouth. Granted, I love it right now, but you still suck.”She didn’t reply to that and kept fucking my nipples. I attacked her with my breath and held it together as much as possible, but doused her snatch with mine. I was sure she liked it, but she was too busy pleasing me to comment on it.I had no proof one way or the other if she ever did anything with another woman before. I had no reason to think she was full of shit, but of course, she was still one giant floozy and had me utterly unsure what to make of her exactly.For the time being, I just relished her making me feel good, and I fed off the hatred and lust colliding like two trains. I knew right from the get-go, which was more prominent, and because the desire was bigger by then, the hatred just transformed into lust, making me more than attracted to her.I tried to keep myself calm again, but I surely wanted to scream. With every passing second, I wanted to fuck her more and more. Regardless of where that took us in the future, I wanted it to happen. So, I put my other hand on her head too and pushed her head even further on my tit.I made us both go back and forth a few times, but she held tight and made sure we both stayed on the bed. I massaged her head and kept the most eye contact possible. I had to break it from time to time, but I never broke it completely.”You like those small tits?”She nodded and brought her lips back to mine. “I think your whole body is sexy, Joan,” she stated, before kissing me. “I’d be lying if I told you I hadn’t eyefucked you before,” she made clear, before pushing me down to my back.She got on top of me again and kissed me yet again too. Then she calmly crawled her way down to my melons and began licking them again. Although, at that time, I didn’t have to worry about falling off then.She sucked on my nipples and made the bed shake, but we both seemed secured. Although, a minute later, she climbed down to my twat, and let a hand on it too. She didn’t let her head towards it yet, but she scrubbed it right away.I saw her slathering her lips and eye-fucking me too. I wasn’t sure what she was waiting for, because I knew she wanted to fuck me, but I waited for her. I wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt if she was truly going through the coming out process.After a minute, she slowed down her hand. “Joan, what if I can’t please you?””Are you shitting me? Who’s the bitch between us?””I am, but I never ate out a woman before. I think licking nipples is much simpler, but even I’ve given shit to every guy that’s gone down on me. You’ve had ladies eat your pussy, and I just want to please you.””Again, are you shitting me? I’ve not seen you this vulnerable; you’ve always been like Neo from The Matrix, just ready to beat the shit out of anyone.”She couldn’t look back at me, but I had to giggle somewhat. She astonished me because she caught me completely off guard.”I’m sorry, Joan,” she said, getting off the bed. “I can’t do this.””What, that’s all I get?” I pondered, getting off the bed too. “You are rubbing my pussy a little bit, but you are not licking it?””I guess not; I didn’t come out to you the way I intended,” she said, grabbing her thong yet again. “Maybe because I am the tart you think I am.”I grabbed her right arm as she was getting up to put it back on. “You are a gigantic fucking cunt, Veronica; there’s no defending that,” I made clear, angling her head back up and before kissing her.Then I took her hand and escorted her back to the bed.I sat down and spread out my legs for her too. “If you’re going to be a lesbo, Veronica, you’re gonna have to learn to lick a twat. Now get on your knees, put your hands on my thighs, and start licking it.”She peeked at it for a moment and slathered her lips too.”Get over here, floozy!””Fuck you too, Joan,” she attacked me back, coming to me. “I’m glad I brought the ‘bitch’ out of you,” she said, before kissing me and lowering herself to her knees.She felt my cherry again and jolted a bit too. Once again, it seemed she needed to get used to it before she tasted it. Even though she did make me mean, I waited for her and still made her feel good too.I placed my hands on her head and caressed it. “You want some pussy, then get it, Veronica. You’re a harlot, but I’ll let that slide for now.”Then she let out her tongue, and she licked it once. I twitched and laughed again, but didn’t throw her off her game. She licked it a few more times lightly, and I kept petting her head too. I looked right at her, but she couldn’t do the same.She began her lesbian journey with me and got the taste of my juice. Even with such small licks, she certainly made me feel good, but of course, she still had the hot ‘bitch’ thing working for her.Then she placed her hands on my thighs and grasped them hard. She couldn’t view my face, but she didn’t need to because she managed to put her tongue to work. I felt it come onto the bottom of my lips several times and go most of the way up too.   I moaned, and jiggled, and loved it so far. I didn’t let my hands off her head but pressured it quite a bit. That only made her want more, so she did move her head around a bit more and made me feel better too.”Yes, go in slow if you need to, Veronica, starting with your toes, but just know, I’ll push your own body in the pool.”She calmly rose to me but kept her hands on my thighs. She kissed me slowly, and I tasted my juice off her lips, but still cut the kiss short before I could feel her tits. She shot me a lusty look before she calmly went down to my cherry.